October 27th, 2021
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Shana Galen | The Best Thing about Writing Romance

The Rogue Pirate's Bride
Shana Galen




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He'll never be the same again, after crossing swords with her...

Sons of the Revolution Trilogy #3

February 2012
On Sale: February 7, 2012
Featuring: Bastien; Raeven
352 pages
ISBN: 1402265557
EAN: 9781402265556
Kindle: B006IBFWPI
Paperback / e-Book
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Also by Shana Galen:
Bachelors Of Bond Street, October 2019
A Duke A Dozen, September 2019
The Claiming Of The Shrew, April 2019
To Tempt a Rebel, March 2019


First of all, thank you so much to Fresh Fiction for hosting me today. This is one of my favorite sites. I especially love the contests. In fact, while you're here, check out mine listed on the contest page!

If someone had told me, when I was eighteen and going into my first year of college, that I would be a romance writer, I would have laughed. I didn't even know writing was a career. I mean, I knew Stephen King and Anne Rice wrote books for a living, but I didn't think of them as real people. To me, they were like Mark Twain or John Steinbeck—very far removed from my real life.

Of course, this was in a different time. The internet was only just beginning to become widely available and lots of people didn't even have computers. I didn't. If I wanted to use the computer, I went to the computer lab. And if I wanted to surf the ‘Net, I used Netscape and didn't have a clue what to search for because I didn't know what kind of stuff was even out there. Oh, and email. You pretty much had to know programming code to email.

Now it's so easy to get in touch with your favorite writer. They have a webpage and a Facebook page and may even be on Twitter. It isn't hard to imagine being a writer in 2012. But being a romance writer? There's still a stigma attached to that label. When people ask me what I do, I always sigh before I answer. I know they are going to take a step back and raise their eyebrows and say, "Really?" Sometimes they think it's a cool job. Sometimes they tell me they never read that smut. And sometimes they ask me how I got started.

I always say Julie Garwood gave me my start. I didn't start reading romance until I was in college. I'd run out of Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte and picked up an historical romance at the drug store. I loved it so much, I picked up another and another. And then I found Julie Garwood. When I'd read all of her books, I didn't know what else to read, so I decided to write one of my own.

And I found I loved it. I realized all I really wanted to do was to write. I'd always liked writing, but writing a romance was different somehow. It made me...happy.

Romance is different from so many other types of fiction because the writer and the reader know the ending. We know there is going to be a happily ever after. The reader may not know how the author will get her there (the author may not know either!), but with all the problems in the world and all the sadness, it's nice to know there is something happy to look forward to at the end of a book. For me, as a writer, it's nice to know no matter what hell I put my characters through, they are going to end up happy. You can't always say that about real life.

In my new book, THE ROGUE PIRATE'S BRIDE, I definitely put Bastien and Raeven through some tough moments. There are sword fights, traitors, ship battles, and carriage chases. Sometimes I wasn't even clear as to how they were going to get out of one mess or another, much less how they were going to get out of it together! But I knew somehow, in some way, they would. And I knew I'd be smiling when I wrote the very last words. That great happy feeling makes all the hours of hard work worth it.

Why do you read romance? Is it the happy ending or something else? I'll be checking in all day to read and respond to comments. Two readers leaving comments will each win a copy of THE ROGUE PIRATE'S BRIDE (US / Canada only)


Revenge should be sweet, but it may cost him everything...

Out to avenge the death of his mentor, Bastien discovers himself astonishingly out of his depth when confronted with a beautiful, daring young woman who is out for his blood...

Forgiveness is unthinkable, but may be her only hope...

British Admiral's daughter Raeven Russell believes Bastien responsible for her fiancé's death. But once the fiery beauty crosses swords with Bastien, she's not so sure she really wants him to change his wicked ways...


Shana Galen is the author of five Regency historicals, including the Rita-nominated Blackthorne's Bride. Her books have been sold in Brazil, Russia, and the Netherlands and featured in the Rhapsody and Doubleday Book Clubs. A former English teacher in Houston's inner city, Shana now writes full time. She is a happily married wife and mother of a daughter and a spoiled cat and lives in Houston, Texas, where she is working on her next regency romance series! For more information please visit www.shanagalen.com, like her on Facebook, or follow her on Twitter. 

Sons of the Revolution series

A trilogy of three brothers struggling to reconnect and restore their noble heritage in the aftermath of the French Revolution, each losing his heart along the way.

The Making Of A Duchess
Sons of the Revolution
June 2010
Special e-book price

The Making of a Gentleman
Sons of the Revolution
October 2010

The Rogue Pirate's Bride
Sons of the Revolution
February 2012




107 comments posted.

Re: Shana Galen | The Best Thing about Writing Romance

I actually thought I'd already written something on this blog. I guess not.
Why do I read romance? I read especially historical novels and romances. Early in high school I came across Elswyth Thane's Williamsburg series. Those are history, family relationships and romance all in one--and the romance was how I mostly prefer it: sweet. Oh, I've read my share of the other ones over the years, but I love history. I also like learning something new about the world, a job, or a person. I loved THE INVENTION OF HUGO CABRET (see my comments on the book on that page, if interested). It let me relive some of my time in Paris and gave me more of an insight into the beginnings of cinema. I love the old film classics--history again, I guess.
But this book sounds like fun with historic aspects included. And I haven't read a pirate story in some time.
(Sigrun Schulz 2:24am February 24, 2012)

I read romance because I want to see two people actually fall in love with each other and try to make a relationship work. There are so many ups and downs in real life that even my prince charming can act like a troll sometimes.
(Kathleen Yohanna 3:27am February 24, 2012)

I read romance because I love reading about the relationships of the characters, watching how it develops, and then seeing how they reach their happy ending.
(Chelsea Knestrick 5:50am February 24, 2012)

I read romance because it's my connection to my Grandma. She would give me her Harlequin romances to read when I was around 10 years old and I've been hooked ever since!
(Renee Pajda 8:13am February 24, 2012)

Sigrun, I always like to learn something new when I read too. One of my
friends said she recently knew all the answers on Jeopardy because of all
her reading of historical novels.
(Shana Galen 8:31am February 24, 2012)

Kathleen, I think all of our Prince Charmings have their not-so-charming
days. That's real life. It's nice to escape it for a little while!
(Shana Galen 8:32am February 24, 2012)

Chelsea, people sometimes ask me how I write fresh stories since it's
always a romance. Every romance develops differently, though, so every
book is fresh.
(Shana Galen 8:33am February 24, 2012)

Renee, I love that! I'm sure that makes romance especially sweet for you.
(Shana Galen 8:34am February 24, 2012)

I love to read these because I put myself in the place of the woman in the story and just imagine having such a romantic life!!
(Dawn Staniszeski 9:34am February 24, 2012)

Congrats on the release Shana. I love reading romance because it takes me to a happy place. I hope to find someone special to share my two kids and my life with one day, until then I read or listen or watch stories. Not for the HEA but for the connection, feelings and hope it can happen.
(Christine Arcidiacono 9:44am February 24, 2012)

I read romance because I enjoy seeing how the characters meet--what attracts them to each other--the obstacles that they overcome during the story. I love history and I have learned quite a bit about the French revolution, Regency era and Edwardian era. I love the descriptions of the parties and the clothes....it's fun to read a book and escape from your own every day drama!
(Susan Gorman 9:51am February 24, 2012)

I read romance to escape the more unpleasant things in real life. It is a struggle nowadays to stay afloat so spending time with a wonderful book is just the thing to regroup and push on. I value my reading time very much and am thrilled when I am able to find a book that transports me to another time and another place!
(Susan Davco 9:58am February 24, 2012)

I started reading romance because it made me feel good. The stories gave me hope that like the flawed people in the stories I could find love too. Now that I am older (lots) I find I read them to remind me of the first spark of love. I have been with my dear husband for over 20 yrs now and although love endures that initial heart pounding can't get you off my mind feeling does not. I read to remind me of those days so I don't forget them.
(Patti Paonessa 10:03am February 24, 2012)

I do love the HEA. I also enjoy the historical tidbits I pick up reading about past eras and different locales. Thanks for visiting today.
(G S Moch 10:17am February 24, 2012)

My favorite romances are the ones where the reader can't
imagine how the couple is going to end up together, but then
the magic happens and they do. Love The Rogue Pirate's Bride,
and everything that I've read from Shana.
(Gayle Cochrane 10:41am February 24, 2012)

I have read romances as far back as I can
remember. Afterall, isn't Cinderella and Sleeping
Beauty a child's version of romance and happily
ever after. I love the sparks, the connection, the
banter, the trials that will be overcome, and the
end filled with promise and hope.
I love pirates. Whatever happened to them?
There used to be months of pirates to choose
from. I hope you are creating a trend, I can't
wait to read yours.
(Carla Carlson 10:50am February 24, 2012)

Awww romance. How can you not love something with a guaranteed HEA?? The passion and even the drama just pull me in. Other then in soap operas, when do relationships like this really exist? Don't get me wrong, I love my husband and he's romantic, but we didn't have to go through hell and back to be together. Romance will always be my favorite, because I'm a super sap at heart and as girly hearts in my eyes as I can get.

Shana, loved Making of a Duchess and Gentleman. Can't wait to get to Rogue Pirates Bride on my to be read list. :)
(Sharon D 11:12am February 24, 2012)

It's simply a way to escape. Dealing with real men all day long leaves something to be desired. ;)
(Holly Sanders 11:13am February 24, 2012)

Dawn, think how much fun it is to write these books--some days, anyway. I get to become the characters for a little while too.
(Shana Galen 11:52am February 24, 2012)

Christine, I hope it happens for you too. It's so hard to find the right person.
(Shana Galen 11:52am February 24, 2012)

Susan, that's so true. I have a lot of drama in my life (created by my 2-year-old). I prefer my drama all in a book!
(Shana Galen 11:53am February 24, 2012)

Susan, I find giving myself reading time is a nice reward for me. It's something calorie-free and relatively inexpensive to indulge in.
(Shana Galen 11:54am February 24, 2012)

Patti, I love your post!Twenty years is quite an accomplishment. That's a real love story.
(Shana Galen 11:54am February 24, 2012)

GS Moch, I don't know how people read books without HEAs all the time. I couldn't do it. I don't mind them once in a while, but I need my HEA fix!
(Shana Galen 11:55am February 24, 2012)

Gayle, I love those too, especially if the author can pull it off at the end. I know you just won Joan Swan's FEVER. That book really made me wonder how the hero and heroine would ever end up together.
(Shana Galen 11:56am February 24, 2012)

Carla, it would be nice to be a trend-setter! Maybe everyone got tired of pirates for a while? And you're right. Almost all of those fairy tales are romances.
(Shana Galen 11:57am February 24, 2012)

Thanks, Sharon. In real life, going through hell to be together often breaks the relationship up. It's a strong couple who can stay together after something like that. That's why we admire those romance heroes so much!
(Shana Galen 11:58am February 24, 2012)

Holly, I've always had jobs where I worked mainly with women, so i can't imagine what it would be like to deal with men so much. I'm sure I'd chalk it all up to research!
(Shana Galen 11:59am February 24, 2012)

I love meeting so many characters, visiting so many places and eras... but for me it is the journey the characters take to find their HEAs...
(Colleen Conklin 12:02pm February 24, 2012)

There is nothing like getting lost in a good story with swoon worthy men,
adventure, romance and a happy ending. I love a strong heroine who holds her
own against the hero. Course, the damsel in distress with rescuing hero makes
me read well into the night also. Lol.
(Jane Limback 12:06pm February 24, 2012)

Colleen, I have really learned so much from romances. I remember when I was in Scotland years ago, and all I wanted to do was see Culloden. I knew as much about it as the guide. Okay, almost as much.
(Shana Galen 12:21pm February 24, 2012)

Jane, I'm with you. Love it when the damsel rescues the hero!
(Shana Galen 12:21pm February 24, 2012)

love escape reading after a hectic week
(Debbi Shaw 12:26pm February 24, 2012)

I love romance stories mainly because of the happy ending and the fact that in real life falling in love is never as good of a story as in the books, lol. Reading when two people meet and watching how the relationship grows and developes is always exciting!
(Heather Chamblin 12:34pm February 24, 2012)

I love romance novels for the HEA, for the emotion and romance, and the history and escape.
(Jennifer Langford 12:48pm February 24, 2012)

I love romance so I do read for the HEA. But I also like a little mystery or suspense that has the H&H fighting for truth and justice but also for their love and realizing it is the forever kind of love.
Love your books and Lord and Lady Spy was great. Keep em' coming.
(Brenda Hill 1:02pm February 24, 2012)

I love romance novels because it let's me escape to a place more exciting
than my real life. I love happy endings.
(Dawn Sollitto 1:15pm February 24, 2012)

(Linda Bass 1:28pm February 24, 2012)

Debbie, me too. It's so nice to pick up a good book at the end of the day.
(Shana Galen 1:28pm February 24, 2012)

Heather, I have to say that it's much easier to write a romance when you're falling in love than when you've just broken up with a boyfriend. But it still provides a much-needed distraction.
(Shana Galen 1:30pm February 24, 2012)

Jennifer, I'm so glad you mentioned the romance part of romance novels. Sometimes I read romance that aren't all that romantic. Lately, I've been trying to make sure my own books are high on the romance scale.
(Shana Galen 1:32pm February 24, 2012)

Brenda, I was going to say, I bet you'd like Lord and lady Spy. I always write some adventure in my books. I can't seem to make a "drawing room" novel work. My hat is off to those awesome writers who do!
(Shana Galen 1:33pm February 24, 2012)

I love romance novels for the complexity of the " Love Conquers All", type effect. So many of us would love these stories to be a part of our life. The writer takes you there and then let's the passion of the story give you a sweet and warm feeling inside to bring thoughts of what love really feels like. Then you take it from there.
(Cheryl English 1:33pm February 24, 2012)

Dawn, I couldn't agree more! My life is so not exciting--and that's probably good. I would not want to have to fight a pirate with my sword. I do like reading about such adventures, though!
(Shana Galen 1:34pm February 24, 2012)

Me, too, Linda. Sometimes I buy a book just because I'm interested in the hero's profession or the time period.
(Shana Galen 1:35pm February 24, 2012)

I read romance because these stories are usually fun, and about people you would like to meet and have as your neighbors.
(Marjorie Carmony 1:38pm February 24, 2012)

I love the happy endings!
(Tara Smith 1:49pm February 24, 2012)

I read romance because it gives me an escape into another
world that is much more exciting than the one I live in.
(Mary Hay 2:26pm February 24, 2012)

I read romance because of the great stories and HEA's.
(Cheryl McEwen 2:30pm February 24, 2012)

I prefer the positive instead of the negative outlook on life. Romantic fiction takes me on a trip into a different and more exciting place and, most important, there is a happy ending.
(Anna Speed 3:26pm February 24, 2012)

I love to read...romance, historical romance, romantic suspense. I like a book that has the main characters go through a bit if adversity before getting the prize at the end of the book, the "happily ever after". Just like in real life, I believe a challange faced by characters in a book allows you to know and understand the person...it either brings out the best or the worst in that character. I think a challange well met will get the reading audience to cheer on the couple.
(Robin McKay 3:49pm February 24, 2012)

I read romance to get a respite from lifes hectic pace. I also like to read about different places and times I will never be able to visit. Of course the hero and heroine need to overcome some obstacles to get their HEA to make a good story too.
(Earlene Gillespie 3:53pm February 24, 2012)

I read romance novels because they make me happy. I started reading them 3 years ago, while I was pregnant of my son. I had trouble sleeping at that time, so romance reading was a fun thing to do at night. Now I'm still reading romance at night... while I'm feeding my baby girl!
Thanks for the giveaway, Shana!
(Kanya Chhet 4:29pm February 24, 2012)

I read romances strictly for escape. They can take me to a whole other world which gets me away from the boring day to day life.
(Sue Farrell 4:39pm February 24, 2012)

Cheryl, your post was spot on. It's definitely that warm fuzzy feeling I love
as a reader--and a writer!
(Shana Galen 4:55pm February 24, 2012)

Marjorie, if you think about it, you usually have the characters floating
around in your head while you're reading the story and then sometimes
after, so it's nice to read about characters you like.
(Shana Galen 4:56pm February 24, 2012)

Me, too, Tara!
(Shana Galen 4:56pm February 24, 2012)

Mary, your life sounds like mine. But maybe it's a good thing our lives aren't
as exciting as those of some of the characters in books.
(Shana Galen 4:57pm February 24, 2012)

Cheryl, me too! I think all the media types disparaging romance as fluff
should read one. There are some really great writers writing romances.
(Shana Galen 4:58pm February 24, 2012)

I read romance novels because they're uplifting. I love reading about how the characters meet, where, what takes place when they're finally attracted to each other, problems they're faced with and reasons why it shouldn't work for them, and how it then starts to develop into a relationship that leaves you wishing you could have that, if you could trade places with the characters, to have the romantic, better life with those enjoyable adventures filled with desire, passion and romance, and of course, the happy ending. Thanks for the giveaway, Shana. Love this blog today!
(Linda Luinstra 5:19pm February 24, 2012)

I am a romantic at heart, so I am a sucker for the happy
ending. Plus, I just love reading about the build up to the
characters finding - and admitting to - love.
(Margay Roberge 5:27pm February 24, 2012)

I like the comfort of knowing there will be a HEA. I can become engrossed in the story without worrying if everything will work out or not.
(Stacie Deramo 5:48pm February 24, 2012)

Why do I read romance? To escape from the real world.It's also relaxing.
(Deb Pelletier 6:13pm February 24, 2012)

When I read a romance, I love to be transported to a different place, and away from my worries for the length of time it takes me to read the book. If it's really good, the memories stay with me for a long time afterwards. Usually, I like to put myself in the place of the woman character, even if it sounds a little weird, and imagine what it would be like to go through her experiences. I like to really "feel" the book, not just turn the pages and read it. The cover of your book is strong, yet romantic, the title interesting, and I would adore having the chance to read it.
(Peggy Roberson 6:41pm February 24, 2012)

Hi Shana, I read romance for the couple's story. I want to experience their journey to HEA with all its ups and downs. I want to feel every emotions they feel, root for them and see them develop. Of course the HEA is an added bonus :)
(Na S 7:09pm February 24, 2012)

I was always so busy with my kids that I never took the time to read. My oldest daughter became terminally ill and almost 4 years in and out of hospitals (mostly in, 11 months the longest stretch) is when it began. My 2nd grader wanted to read Harry Potter for class assignment and her teacher said no. I got the book and read it and couldn't see why she couldn't. Well it helped me pass the time instead of magazines. Later while sitting in a hospice room (for my husband this time) there was a romance novel on the table and I picked it up and well... the rest is history. It really helped me escape for a while and I found I really enjoyed them. Now it's what I seem to do a lot and my youngest daughter asks me where I traveled today..HAHA. It's time for me to kinda start over again but in the mean time I crave my books to take me away. Maybe someday I will find my own pirate to sweep me away and I will find my HEA. Thanks for the great books.
(Margie Gagarin 7:16pm February 24, 2012)

It is great that you ran out of books to read so decided to write your own =)
I read romances for the HEA, oh and the sexy heroes that brave all kinds of evil
and overcome incredible odds to win their heroine. What more could a girl ask
(Lexi Hansen 7:23pm February 24, 2012)

It's not really the HEA but it is nice to know there is such a thing. I just enjoy being taken to other times and places, different worlds and historicals seem to do it best! I have the first two books and am looking forward to this third!
(Jeanne Sheats 7:54pm February 24, 2012)

I think in a world where we struggle constantly, it's nice to see that things do work out. I think the HEA is what we seek, and it is affirming to see it in a book even when we can't see it in our own lives. Many women are hopeless romantics and want to experience that first moment of love over and over to rekindle what they really want in their own lives. I'm waxing philosophical.
(Renee Brown 7:56pm February 24, 2012)

I enjoy romance novels but never questioned myself as why? Guess maybe it's the "take me away" aspect of the story...and of course I like happy endings!
(Leanna Morris 8:03pm February 24, 2012)

Anna, I feel like there's so much negativity around all the time. It's nice to pick up a romance and know you're getting something that ends well.
(Shana Galen 8:53pm February 24, 2012)

Robin, I agree completely. There's nothing worse than a story where the characters don't have any problems.
(Shana Galen 8:53pm February 24, 2012)

Earlene, I'm the same way. There are a lot of places I don't want to visit or can't, and I feel like I know something about them if I read about them.
(Shana Galen 8:54pm February 24, 2012)

Kanya, I have definitely held a sleeping baby in one arm and a romance novel with my free hand. There's nothing like a good book to make those long hours in the middle of the night go by more quickly.
(Shana Galen 8:55pm February 24, 2012)

Sue, I think romance novels are a really healthy form of escape. thanks for stopping by.
(Shana Galen 8:56pm February 24, 2012)

Linda, that's a great comment. Romance novels can be uplifting. We all need that some days.
(Shana Galen 8:57pm February 24, 2012)

Margay, you've hit on one of my favorite things about romance--that build up to the declaration of love. There's just something so fun about it!
(Shana Galen 8:58pm February 24, 2012)

Stacie, I completely agree. Sometimes I reading literary fiction, and I have no idea if at the end I'm going to be happy or sad or annoyed. I like knowing the ending is going to make me sigh.
(Shana Galen 8:59pm February 24, 2012)

Me, too, LL. Thanks for stopping by.
(Shana Galen 8:59pm February 24, 2012)

Deb, I was thinking today about ways I can relax, and reading definitely came to mind.
(Shana Galen 9:00pm February 24, 2012)

Peggy, I don't think that's weird at all. I imagine most readers put themselves in the heroine's shoes. I know I do when I read.
(Shana Galen 9:01pm February 24, 2012)

Na, you brought up something that's so important. I want to be able to root for the hero and heroine too. Sometimes when I'm writing a book that's not going well, I realize it's because one character isn't coming across how I want.
(Shana Galen 9:02pm February 24, 2012)

Margie, when I hear stories like yours it makes me so happy I am an author. There have been many times in my life when things were going badly. What got me through them, more often than not, was a good book.
(Shana Galen 9:04pm February 24, 2012)

Lexi, I certainly couldn't ask for more! Thanks for chiming in.
(Shana Galen 9:04pm February 24, 2012)

the hea is a big part of why I enjoy reading romances but the getting to that point is also a big part of the enjoyment.
(d Kenney 9:04pm February 24, 2012)

I may be biased, Jeanne, but I think historicals transport us to other worlds the best too. I just love the manners, the clothing, the carriages. It's so...romantic!
(Shana Galen 9:05pm February 24, 2012)

Renee, I like some philosophy once in a while! I agree with you completely. Thanks!
(Shana Galen 9:06pm February 24, 2012)

Leanna, I guess I never thought about it until I started writing them, and then I tried to think about what it was I enjoyed and to write books that conveyed that. The "take-me-away" factor is really important to me.
(Shana Galen 9:07pm February 24, 2012)

D Kenny, I definitely like being able to wonder how the characters will ever find their HEA. I want to be kept guessing!
(Shana Galen 9:08pm February 24, 2012)

I just love this series. It is so much fun! Ok, now to your question. I read romance novels for the love, humor, action, and, yes, the HEA. Although, I don't think every romance novel must be HEA. I can be happy with a HFN. In fact, I love Karen Marie Monings Fever series and she didn't give a HEA for a LONG time!
(Jennifer Beyer 9:08pm February 24, 2012)

Jennifer, I love the HFN. I think I sort of did that with Lord and Lady Spy, but readers know it's coming!
(Shana Galen 9:36pm February 24, 2012)

Thanks again to everyone who stopped by and said hello. I always love blogging with Fresh Fiction!
(Shana Galen 9:45pm February 24, 2012)

I love reading romance novels,I love to do and go to places in my mind. Gives me a chance to get away from real life.Thanks for giving me a chance to win your book.
(Linda Hall 10:15pm February 24, 2012)

I have two of your books and I've love to win this one. Keep 'em coming!
(Molly Wilsbacher 10:56pm February 24, 2012)

I read it for the happy ending, but also for the travel and adventure.
(Lisa Kendall 2:54am February 25, 2012)

I read Romance novels specifically for the happy ending and the feeling of
first of love. Life doesn't always have happy endings (check the local news
each night) so Romance novels make me feel good about the world. I read
Historical Romances to learn something about how life was like in the past.
I almost always learn something I didn't know before in these books.
(Sharyn Lewis 10:24am February 25, 2012)

Thanks for stopping back and replying to everyone Shana. I know it takes your
time, but it really speaks a lot about you as an author. Makes me a fan even
more than I already was!
(Lexi Hansen 2:35pm February 25, 2012)

Linda, thanks for stopping by!
(Shana Galen 2:42pm February 25, 2012)

Molly, that's awesome. I hope you enjoyed the ones you have.
(Shana Galen 2:42pm February 25, 2012)

Lisa, obviously I love books with an adventure element. I also like lots of action in my books.
(Shana Galen 2:43pm February 25, 2012)

Sharyn, I try to stay away from the news. It seems every time I watch it I hear another sad story.
(Shana Galen 2:44pm February 25, 2012)

Thanks for coming back again, Lexi! Of course I stop by and reply. I read all of the comments on my blogs because I know it takes your time to stop and submit a comment.
(Shana Galen 2:45pm February 25, 2012)

This book sounds wonderful. I'd love to read it.
(MaryAnne Banks 3:59pm February 25, 2012)

I read romance because it's fun and lively and couldn't we all use a little romance in our everyday lives? I like the drama and intrigue in your stories.
(Alyson Widen 5:19pm February 25, 2012)

I love to read about Romance. Especially after a long day at work. Helps me to relax .
(Kiki Winn 5:42pm February 25, 2012)

Escape! I like to put my husband and myself into the book as the hero and heroine. I also use books to escape the daily stuff, like the kids being sick, looking for a job, cleaning the bathroom... Thanks so much for the "escapes".
(Debra Simning-Chapman 9:52pm February 25, 2012)

I read romance for many reasons. The HEA is definitely #1. I
love the adventure along the way, I live it with them. I
love to escape and be someone else. I love the romance and
sex. I love having history come to life before my eyes. I
love visualizing the castles and horses and landscape and
clothing... I LOVE ROMANCE BOOKS :-)
(Lenna Hendershott 12:11pm February 27, 2012)

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