June 22nd, 2018
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Lacy Williams | Thoughts on Single Dads


I don't know about you, but I love a good book with a single dad for the hero. What is it about single dads that we love so much? I've got a couple of theories I'd like to share.

The clueless dad—this dad is often new to parenthood and has no idea what he's doing. We think he's cute because he means well but will try to feed a toddler baby formula, or can't figure out how to handle his teenage daughter. True inspiration from my husband: when my daughter was an infant, he tried to put the jumper on the inside of her shirt.

The good dad—this dad is pretty close to perfect. He monitors homework, cooks, even makes sure his kids have a family dog. We adore him because what's not to like about a dad who puts his kid's needs over his? One of my favorite memories of my dad (not a single dad) was when I was about 10. I was sick and my mom was gone and he could've left me indoors to watch tv, but instead, he stayed with me and played board games and THEN he stayed up into the middle of the night working on a job that he had to have done by the next day. He put my needs ahead of his.

The adoptive dad—this dad has taken on kids who aren't his own. Maybe they're related (niece or nephew) or maybe he's just decided to make them a part of his family. We love this dad for his compassionate heart and the love he is willing to share with the children who need him.

I hope that the hero of my book THE HOMESTEADER'S SWEETHEART embodies all three of these types of dad. He's an adoptive dad, attempts to be a good dad, but sometimes is a little clueless about what his only daughter needs (the rest of the kids are boys).

I'd love to know what is your favorite book featuring a single dad. One commenter will win THE HOMESTEADER'S SWEETHEART

Lacy Williams

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27 comments posted.

Re: Lacy Williams | Thoughts on Single Dads

I have never read a book about a single Dad, so I really have no favorites here. I remember the TV shows My Three Sons and Bonanza. This book sounds great, something new and different for me.
(Kathleen Yohanna 8:33am May 29, 2012)

I love storys like this it reminds me of little house on the
prairie. which was my favorite tv show when i was a kid also
the christian drama christie i would love to read this
(Denise Smith 8:39am May 29, 2012)

It would be Larkspur Road by Jill Gregory...I liked that book because it showed a strong and living Dad who would do anything for his child. Thanks for the chance to win this one too!!
(Bonnie Capuano 9:00am May 29, 2012)

I like the single dads who are struggling a bit but are trying hard to be a good parent.
(Pam Howell 9:11am May 29, 2012)

I have read many books about single dads, but I don't have any favorites. This book sound great and I'd love to read it.
(Wilma Frana 10:26am May 29, 2012)

I haven't read a story about a single Dad in a while, but it's
always fun when he needs the assistance of a woman for some
task, especially if he's so good with everything else.
(Diane Sallans 10:41am May 29, 2012)

Its interesting to find out how each single Dad handles things.
I admire a man that is willing to take care of things by himself
(Ann Hengst 11:03am May 29, 2012)

I don't remember reading any stories about single dads before. I like the great mix you mentioned.
(Cathy Phillips 11:24am May 29, 2012)

I remember seeing My Dad, My Hero and loving it! I honestly cannot remember reading a book about a single dad. I have the book $h#t, My Dad Says...but I haven't read it yet.
(Sandy Fielder 12:10pm May 29, 2012)

I've read books with the hero as a single dad, but never one about a single dad with such a large number of adopted children. He must extra special.
(Anna Speed 12:26pm May 29, 2012)

I am a fan of the single dad hero. The way a man can balance being a man and dealing with kids is always touching. I can't name titles but there have been lots that I have enjoyed over the years. I can remember one that I read recently that I was very uncomfortable with how "soft" the father was. I like a little grit and gruff underneath. I guess it's a fine balance I'm looking for.
Good luck and happy writing!
(Tracie Travis 3:02pm May 29, 2012)

The only books I read with a single father were the Nancy Drew books - I would wish that I was Nancy's sister and that Carson was my father - LOL - but I do love the whole premise of your story!
(Felicia Ciaudelli 3:04pm May 29, 2012)

Oh I can not think of a title, but I know I have enjoyed a bunch of single dad stories... I love that he wants someone in his life and to be there for his kids.
(Colleen Conklin 3:07pm May 29, 2012)

I've read a few books with a memorable single father in them. One I remember in particular, Honky Tonk Christmas by Carolyn Brown. He adopts his sister's two small children, after she's killed in a car accident and raises them. It's a cute cowboy romance story, which I enjoyed reading. I think this adds depth to the story and the main characters. Your book sounds great and I'd love to read it!
(Linda Luinstra 3:40pm May 29, 2012)

I can't think of any books, but this one sounds wonderful.
(Theresa Norris 4:56pm May 29, 2012)

Not read a book with a single Dad. But loved the Laura Ingall's
Little House of the prairie series.
Thanks for the great giveaway, sounds like my kind of book.
(Dayle Butler 5:19pm May 29, 2012)

I like angst in a book, so I like the ones where dad needs to be reminded to be a husband/boyfriend too.
(Lisa Elwood 5:21pm May 29, 2012)

I would say an Adoptive Dad. He shows that blood does not have to be the strongest bond to love someone. This book sounds great. Congrats on the release Lacy!
(Christine Arcidiacono 5:23pm May 29, 2012)

I have read several books with single dads, that I enjoyed,
but can't remember the name of them. I read so many books its
hard to remember them all.
(Alisha Woods 5:47pm May 29, 2012)

I did just finish a book that had a divorced father in it. His daughter was mentioned but didn't show up in the book. It was a mystery called Till Death Do Us Purl by Anne Canadeo. I've read others in the series. I can't think of any other books with single fathers in them.
(Michelle Fidler 6:52pm May 29, 2012)

I can't remember any names for the books about single dads, but I've read several. It's fine to have a dad character who has redeeming qualities along with being single.
(Alyson Widen 8:50pm May 29, 2012)

I can't think of any but I am sure I must have read at least one. I read all the time!
(Jennifer Beyer 9:54pm May 29, 2012)

I've been wracking my brain, and for the life of me, I can't recall, out of the hundreds of books that I've read over the years, of a single title of a book that has to do with a single Dad!! I'm hoping that perhaps I'll have the chance to read one of your books, and get the chance to find out for myself the joy of all three of the Dads that you have described. I've the chance of having a Dad like the second one, although I lived in a two-parent household, but you described him to a tee, and at 90 years young, he still tries to help in his own way when he can. For the most part, it's my job to turn the tables on him!! I'm looking forward to reading your book very much, and think the cover is so quaint!! It reminds me of the countryside, which I have recently moved to and have learned to love and respect. Thank you for a lovely posting today!!
(Peggy Roberson 10:34pm May 29, 2012)

I don't recall reading a book about a single Dad but the concept sounds very interesting to me.
(Leanna Morris 12:18pm May 30, 2012)

I don't know that I do have a favorite book with a single Dad. Interesting though.
(Mary Preston 5:50am May 30, 2012)

There are some really good Dads out there both single and married. No
books featuring a single Dad come to mind. All three Dads you've mentioned
are good ones. I have a son whom I would absolutely say is the Good Dad to
his four children. He is totally involved in his children's lives and all of their
activities. In addition to his busy job, he has a small side business. My
daughter-in-law is a terrific mother but hates to cook so this chore falls to
my son. They wait until Dad gets home to fix them some dinner. He's the
first one up in the morning and the last to bed.

My father passed away when I was a baby leaving my mother with three small
children all a year apart. Mom never remarried but did all she could to be
both Mom and Dad to us and she brought us up very well. I get such a warm
feeling in my heart when I see children with their fathers. How lucky they are
to have them.

If your Dad is still around, take a minute to call him and tell him how special
he is and count your blessings, one of which is your Dad!
(Connie Fischer 3:53pm May 30, 2012)

The obvious tale which most people will have read, but don't think of it as a book about a single dad, is To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Scout and Jem Finch are being raised by their father Atticus, the town lawyer. We remember this book vividly for being a tale of growing up, of the South, of racial prejudice, of courtroom drama. Despite exposing his children to possible danger Atticus defends a black man accused of raping a white woman, because he sees it as the right thing to do. He spends a lot of time with his children, and overall is a great father.
My modern favourite then, would be How To Talk To A Widower by Jonathan Tropper. Doug has married a beautiful, smart lady called Hailey, who has a young teenaged son. But Hailey is killed in an air accident. Doug tells the story and he has a very hard time coming to terms with his changed life, so the start of the book is peppered with expletives, but as he adapts his language improves. Russ, the teenaged boy, is having his own troubles and runs riot initially, but the two young men come closer and start to support each other. There is not a great age difference so the stepfather feels at times more like a big brother, but still has to be responsible for Russ's life - knowing he can only do this with the boy's co-operation. This is not a subject I would normally choose to read, but the quirky title and quality of the writing kept me hooked.
I think it is quite brave of you to tackle this topic and not enough has been written on the subject. As we know, happy families are all alike, but every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. Plenty of scope for you then!
(Clare O'Beara 6:20am May 31, 2012)

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