January 27th, 2021
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Amelia Grey | How History Inspires Me

A Marquis To Marry
Amelia Grey




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A Rogue's Dynasty #2

October 2009
On Sale: October 1, 2009
Featuring: Susannah Brookfield; Lord Raceworth
384 pages
ISBN: 1402217609
EAN: 9781402217609
Kindle: B00348UN2U
Paperback / e-Book
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Thank you for having me today at Fresh Fiction to talk about my current book A Marquis To Marry. I’m happy to tell you that this book is the second of in series called The Rogues’ Dynasty. The first book of the series, A Duke To Die For, came out in April 2009 and is still available at your favorite local or online bookstore, and the third book is An Earl to Enchant will be published in April 2010.

I started the Rogues’ Dynasty series with this premise: Everyone in the ton knew that Lady Elder had tried many times by fair and foul means to force her grandsons to marry. After all, she had been happily married . . . four times. Decades earlier she had successfully married off each of her three daughters to titled gentlemen. And in turn, each daughter had given her a grandson all in the same year.

The Grandsons turned out to be Rogues of the highest order, notorious for many reasons including their titles, handsome faces and rumored debauchery. But nothing made them more popular than the fact that all three still remained bachelors in their thirtieth year. Not even vast fortunes had tempted any of them to propose to any of the young ladies who fancied them.

In A Marquis To Marry, Alexander Raceworth, the fourth Marquis of Raceworth was not looking for love when Susannah Brookfield, the Dowager Duchess of Blooming arrived unannounced at his door. He had a card party going on at his house and serving tea to a temperamental old dowager was not in his plans. Let the servants take care of her. But when Race finally puts his cards on the table and goes to meet the duchess he finds that she’s not old and she’s not unattractive. She’s a young, stunning beauty. And what’s more, she claims his grandmother’s pearls belong to her family. She intends to get them back, but Race doesn’t plan to be bluffed out of them.

Before the true ownerships of the pearls can be determined they are stolen from Race’s home. Race puts Susannah at the top of the thief list, but she wasn’t the only one after the pearls. A sweet-talking buccaneer who was buying up pearls from all over the world, a master-jeweler popinjay who secured jewels for the Crown, and a seedy, one-armed antiquities dealer, all wanting possession of the famous pearls, are also under suspicion.

I enjoyed writing this book for a number of reasons. First, the pearls were taken right out of the pages of history. The Talbot pearls were five strands, each measuring 32 inches. That is a lot of pearls. I did quite a bit of research trying to find out what eventually happened to the real Talbot pearls, but their final fate has so far eluded me.

Another reason this book was especially enjoyable for me is because the heroine was a widow. Over the years, most of my heroines have been young innocents so I had let the love story develop at a slower pace. Since Susannah was no stranger to the touch of a man, it was fun to let her take the lead and have the first love scene much sooner in the book than I usually do.

And lastly, I enjoyed this book tremendously because I could continue with characters that I, and my fans, had come to love from the first book. The redoubtable Sir Randolph Gibson is back and in full form along with the very efficient Mrs. Constance Pepperfield and the most intolerable Lord Snellingly.

I hope I’ve piqued your interest with this little snippet into the pages of A Marquis To Marry, and I’m happy to answer any question you might have.

A Marquis to Marry, Book Two in the Rogues’ Dynasty Trilogy, In Stores October 2009 Alexander Mitchell Raceworth, the dashing fourth Marquis of Raceworth, is shocked when the alluring young Duchess of Brookfield accuses him of stealing priceless pearls belonging to her family. Susannah Brookfield is the most beautiful, enchanting woman he has ever met, but despite his attraction, he's not about to hand over the pearls.

Though suspicion and mistrust drive them apart when the pearls are stolen, Race suggests they pool their resources to recover them. If they do find them, will they finally be able to give in to love, or will the truth of the elusive necklace tear them apart once and for all?

About the Author Amelia Grey’s awards include the Booksellers Best and the Aspen Gold, and as Gloria Dale Skinner, the coveted Romantic Times Award for Love and Laughter and the prestigious Maggie Award. Her books have been featured in Doubleday and Rhapsody Book Clubs. Happily married for twenty-five years, she lives in Panama City Beach, Florida




38 comments posted.

Re: Amelia Grey | How History Inspires Me

I love your books...you really inspire me :)
(Katie Smith 8:47pm October 5, 2009)

Thanks for the little snippet into the pages of A Marquis To Marry. This book (as do all your books) sounds just perfect for a day on the couch!!
Question ~ Do you as the Author get to choose the cover art for your books? Do you get to see it before it comes out?
Thanks for this review & small interview!!
May this Holiday Season bring you Good Tidings of Joy & Love!! Smiles, Shawna
(Shawna Lewis 1:53am October 14, 2009)

I've always been insppired by Amelia Earhart and Princess Diana

dancealert at aol dot com
(Brenda Rupp 1:59am October 14, 2009)

At first I wasn't too sure about a plot based on pearls (I thought it might be he said/she said chasing each other around the room; but this sounds much more interesting. Thanks so much for the snippet.
(Susan Driskill 2:17am October 14, 2009)

Sounds great can't wait to get all three books I like to read books in a set so I always wait to get them all before read but I'm definitely going to get them butting them on my list to get as son as I can list of book that I need You should see my list it takes a hole tablet there is so many books out there to get I just no there is know way to read every thing in my life time I just hope there is a big library in haven.
(Stacey Smith 3:36am October 14, 2009)

I'm looking forward in reading A Marquis To Marry. It has intrigue, romance, suspense; what a great combination.

(Tracey Dent 4:26am October 14, 2009)

Looking forward to your British historical, my favorite subject.
(Marjorie Carmony 7:56am October 14, 2009)

Hope I have a chance to win the book and read all of the others also! Thank you!
(Joanne Reynolds 8:45am October 14, 2009)

This trilogy looks great. I also have learned to wait for all books to be released or I tend to be frustrated waiting for the next one but you are added to my wish list!
(Sharla Long 8:58am October 14, 2009)

Thanks for this snippet, I have not read any of your books (yet!) I certainly will do now.
(Barbara Hanson 9:12am October 14, 2009)

I love historical series. I will. I can not wait to start this series.
(Annetta Stolpmann 9:49am October 14, 2009)

Good morning everyone! I'm so happy to be here at Fresh Fiction today! Thank you for having me. You have a fabulous site.
Hi Katie, I'm glad you love my books. What a comment to wake up to!
Shawna, my publisher's art department designs the cover but I do get to see it and make suggestions if the color of hair isn't right or small things like that.
Susan, more time is spent on the romane than the pearls! Give it a try.
Stacy and Sharla An Earl To Enchant will be out in April 2010. I just got a peek at the cover and it's another winner!
I'll be checking in all day if anyone else has questions. Thank you everyone for stopping by!
(Amelia Grey 10:21am October 14, 2009)

Hi Amelia wonderful to see you here on fresh fiction, Great blog today, I love reading your books. The covers are great!
(Penney Wilfort 10:28am October 14, 2009)

I am so happy to be a member of Fresh Fiction! It has helped me to find some amazing authors that are new to me! Your books sound amazing, and I will definitely be checking them out!
(Stefanie Finn 10:28am October 14, 2009)

I came on to Fresh Fiction today looking for some new reads. I'm glad I saw your blog, your books sound interesting and I've added them to my reading list.
(Deanna Mancuso 12:03pm October 14, 2009)

Penny thank you. I love hearing that people love my books! Stefanie and Deanna thank you for saying your going to check out my rogues. Stay in touch!
(Amelia Grey 12:11pm October 14, 2009)

Amelia--Thanks for the book synopsis. I haven't started your series yet, but it is now officially on my TBR list.
(G S Moch 1:21pm October 14, 2009)

CS Moch, you made my day! Thank you for putting it on your TBR list!
(Amelia Grey 1:41pm October 14, 2009)

Thanks for the preview, this series sounds like a good read and they go on my TBR list. Have to have all three tho. I really hate to start in the middle/end and miss the others.
(Elizabeth Parzino 1:48pm October 14, 2009)

I want to read it! I love history! You have to know where you've been to know where you are going!
(Jeanette Huston 2:06pm October 14, 2009)

Hello, The 2nd book sounds wonderful, I can't wait to read it. I like when there's a jump start to the passion. Instead of a innocent girl, you have a knowing woman who knows what she wants.
(Theresa Buckholtz 2:55pm October 14, 2009)

Congrats on this wonderful series. This next book looks yummy!!! Can wait to read it.
(Mitzi Hinkey 3:19pm October 14, 2009)

Elizabeth, Jeanette, Theresa, and Mitzi thank you for stopping by and putting A Marquis To Marry on your list. An Earl To Enchant will be out next April. Morgan is a planner who plays by the rules and he doesn't know what to do with an impulsive young lady who wants to learn all about love from him.
(Amelia Grey 4:09pm October 14, 2009)

Sounds interesting!!
(Kelli Jo Calvert 4:12pm October 14, 2009)

Another fabulous book to add to my wish list. So many books so little time. If that's my biggest problem today then life is grand.
(Mary Preston 4:30pm October 14, 2009)

This series sounds so good. I am hoping to get "A Duke To Die For" and "A Marquis To Marry" as soon as I can. It will be a long wait for April to get here(for "An Earl To Enchant" to come out.
(Patsy Hagen 4:38pm October 14, 2009)

Sounds like a wonderful series. I aappreciated the snippet.
(Cherie Japp 5:38pm October 14, 2009)

Kelli, Mary, Patsy and Cherrie, thank you for stopping by and for your interest in my books! And I want to thank Fresh Fiction again. I hope they will ask me back next April!
(Amelia Grey 6:07pm October 14, 2009)

I like the idea of grandsons all born in the same year.
(Maureen Emmons 6:20pm October 14, 2009)

I love the idea behind this series. I love the history that is alread intwined with the grandmother, daughters and now grandsons. You are a new author to me and hope to have the good fortune to be able to read your work soon.
(Sara Hurt 6:56pm October 14, 2009)

A Marquis to Marry sounds great, the widow herione is a refreshing change. I'll be sure to watch out for it next time I'm book shopping (which is pretty often).
(Barbara Elness 7:38pm October 14, 2009)

I can't wait to get to my local bookstore. This sounds great. Seriues books used to drive me up a wall because I buy so many books, but I've solved the problem. I carry a little note book in my pocketbook with all the names of the books I want and the next book in a series for that month. Your books go in as soon as I end this plog. It sounds GREAT and good luck with it.
(Evelyn Day 9:19pm October 14, 2009)

I think Historical Novels always inspire to learn more about the location/setting and the people of that time. I look forward to the Rogues’ Dynasty series.
(Barbara Ryan 12:28pm October 15, 2009)

I've just recently begun reading romance novels. I usually read mysteries and suspense. My first romance was one I bought at a yard sale, "A Taste of Seduction"! I read this blog because I wanted to hear what you had to say. Thanks or the introduction into a new genre. This looks like a series I will enjoy. I look forward to reading it.
(Sandra Dickey 1:22am October 15, 2009)

Maureen,Sara,Barbara,Evelyn, Barbara, Sandra
Thank you all for stopping by and I'll look forward to hearing from each of you in the future! Sandra, how cool is it that your first romance was one of mine! I'm thrilled! Thank you! I hope all of you enjoy the Rogues' Dyansty and once again a big thank you to Fresh Fiction for having me here today!
(Amelia Grey 1:23pm October 15, 2009)

Your book sounds like a fabulous read! I haven't ready any of yours. I would definately like to!
(Brenda Rupp 4:07pm October 15, 2009)

Sounds like a good trilogy. I enjoy
historicals that have a family link and a
link to real events. Will be looking for
your Duke and Marquis and waiting for
the Earl in April.
(Patricia Barraclough 11:03pm October 15, 2009)

I loved A Duke To Die For and have read the excerpt for A Marquis To Marry a few times and cannot wait to read it. Having to wait till April will be a killer. lol
Carol L.
(Carol Luciano 8:22am October 16, 2009)

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