July 23rd, 2014
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Hot romance, blistering suspense in July

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From Shadow Warrior...to hostage

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A win-win negotiation?

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Sometimes falling in love means going through the worst kind hell

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Her lifelong search for home might be closer than she thinks!

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An Inside Out Novella in Mark's POV

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Texas Hot Zone Boxed set

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The guy from the wrong side of the tracks...

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She's going to break all of his rules...

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Is she a victim or a terrorist?


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That Touch Of Ink
by Diane Vallere
"Clever and Enjoyable...Especially if You are a Doris Day Fan"
Posted August 10, 2013

Madison Night shares a birthday with Doris Day and that, combined with her love of mid-century design inspired her Dallas-based business, Mad for Mod. She sees a lot of herself in the characters Doris played in her romantic comedies but her attitude when it comes to business and Read more...

The Lost
by Vicki Pettersson
"Rockabilly Sweetheart and Her Fallen Angel Lover Fight the Big Fight"
Posted August 4, 2013

The second in Vicki Petterson's Celestial Blues series has at its core a love story, although it is far from a typically formulaic romance. Like book one, The Taken, THE LOST has as its background the mystery of who killed fallen angel Grif and his beautiful blonde Read more...

The Red Plague Affair
by Lilith Saintcrow
"Book Two in the Bannon and Clare Steampunk Series Follows Through With a Dark and Dangerous Ride."
Posted August 3, 2013

As book two in Lilith Saintcrow's Bannon and Clare series opens Archibold Clare, mentath in service to Queen and Empire has settled into a somewhat complacent state, pursuing his arch nemesis and fellow mentath, the thief Francis Vance, sometimes at the expense of his duty to the Read more...

Sweet Revenge
by Zoe Archer
"Power, Passion and Suspense Sing Throughout This Unusual Historical Romance"
Posted July 11, 2013

Jack Dalton is an escaped convict with one singular mission, to complete the act that sent him to Dunmoor Prison in the first place. When a group of mostly toffs forcibly enlists him to their cause, his one thought is to use them to get close enough to his target Read more...

The Good, The Bad And The Witchy
by Heather Blake
"A Pleasure to Read, Another Solid Entry in the Wishcraft Series"
Posted July 6, 2013

In book three of her Wishcraft series, Heather Blake's spunky yet vulnerable heroine Darcy Merriweather is plunged into another murder investigation. This time the victim is loved by (almost) everyone, a side benefit of his particular witchy craft. In a case tangled in the thorns of a Read more...

Tarnished And Torn
by Juliet Blackwell
"The Fifth Entry in the Witchcraft Mystery Series May Be the Best Yet!"
Posted July 5, 2013

Lily Ivory's visit to a local Gem Faire is disrupted by fire, murder and a runaway Vietnamese pot-bellied pig. Before the brouhaha settles Lily will be entangled in an investigation where her estranged father may be the prime suspect. In a maelstrom of fire dancing, ancient methods of Read more...

Bled and Breakfast
by Michelle Rowen
"Delightfully Twisty Plotlines and Plenty of Vampire Romance"
Posted June 29, 2013

Sarah Dearly and brand new husband Theirry de Bennicoer are in Salem, Massachusetts only days after their Las Vegas wedding. It's not their first choice of vacation destination by any means but when the Ring, (the official vampire council) calls on Theirry in his position as consultant to investigate Read more...

Kiss and Spell
by Shanna Swendson
"Book Seven in the Enchanted, Inc Series is Another Enjoyable Romp"
Posted June 1, 2013

Katie Chandler is flexing her bright and shiny new magical muscles (only in a secret room at work, to avoid outing her boyfriend Owen's recovery of his powers that happened at the same time) when elves start disappearing. Could the power- hungry Sylvester, disputed leader of the elves and Read more...

Blood Trade
by Faith Hunter
"Jane Yellowrock is Back, Kicking Vampire Ass and Revealing More of Her Past"
Posted May 27, 2013

Although Jane did a lot to clean up the Naturaleza problem in Natchez (Death's Rival) , the problem is still there, and getting worse. Naturaleza vamps immune to silver are slaughtering and kidnapping people at will and spreading the vamp plague as they go. When asked by Hieronymous, the Master Read more...

Hot Blooded
by Amanda Carlson
"The Second in the Series is Even Better. Werewolf P.I. With a Very Full Schedule"
Posted May 27, 2013

Jessica McClain, P.I. and only female werewolf on the planet has been caught up in a maelstrom of events. Currently her primary focus is to track down and rescue her mate Roarke who has been captured by a sadistic bitch of a witch goddess. She is accompanied on her Read more...

One Day in Apple Grove
by C.H. Admirand
"Sweet and Passionate, Poignant and Rich"
Posted May 26, 2013

Jack Gannon has returned to Apple Grove to take over his father's family practice and recover from the physical and emotional injuries incurred during his time as a medical corpsman in the Navy, seven years before. He is just barely getting settled when a fuzzy black pup and a Read more...

The Taming of Ryder Cavanaugh
by Stephanie Laurens
"Stephanie Laurens Pens a Love Letter to the Strength of Family"
Posted May 19, 2013

Mary Cynster, the youngest and last of the sisters to wed has been biding her time, waiting for the necklace of the Lady to become hers. She has her 'one and only hero' all picked out, she only needs confirmation from the rose quartz stone to move forward with her Read more...

by Nina Bangs, Alexandra Ivy, Dianne Duvall, Hannah Jayne
"Predatory, Romance With Plenty of Bite, and Worth Every Penny"
Posted May 18, 2013

Out of Control by Alexandra Ivy Angela Locke is being used as bait to catch a psychotic High Blood female bent on the impossible. Her only hope is to trust her life to the mysterious (and HOT) man who has been keeping secrets at the risk of her life. Ties Read more...

Binding The Shadows
by Jenn Bennett
"Another Entry In a Most Intriguing Urban Fantasy Series"
Posted May 9, 2013

Blackmailed once more into helping Dare, the demonic head of the Hellfire club, Cady runs into a demon with incredible powers, vastly ramped up from the last time she met him. Before she can discover the source of his enhanced gifts the creep is dead. Cady is not at all Read more...

And Then She Fell
by Stephanie Laurens
"When The Match Breakers becomes a Matchmaker Sparks Fly"
Posted April 7, 2013

Henrietta Cynster's talent lies with ferreting out the truth underneath the folderols of impending engagement. Those who request her skills can then make an informed decision rather than be chivvied into marriage under false pretenses. As she has no strong desire for the married state herself, the impact of Read more...

Wish Upon a Matchmaker
by Marie Ferrarella
"Four Year Old is Determined to Find Love For Her Dad in This Frothy Romance"
Posted March 30, 2013

Four-year-old Ginny is determined to find happiness for her dad in this light and frothy Harlequin Special Edition.

When the bottom fell out of the aeronautics and space industry, Stone Scarborough did what he did best, rolled with the new circumstances and dusted off his construction skills Read more...

by Lynn Viehl
"Lords of the Darkyn Trilogy Reaches a Stunning Conclusion"
Posted March 30, 2013

Beaumaris of York owes allegiance to Lady Jayr mac Byrne, suzeraina of Knight's Realm Stronghold, a tourist attraction which serves as a shield to its true inhabitants, the immortal Darkyn. When the High Lord gives him a mission beyond the walls of the stronghold he is duty-bound to Read more...

What A Ghoul Wants
by Victoria Laurie
"Spine-Tingling Ghostly Mystery In a Welsh Castle"
Posted March 27, 2013

M. J. Holliday and her Ghoul Getters crew are in Wales investigating ancient Kidwella Castle with a lot on the line. Gopher the producer is under incredible pressure from the network. After their most recent rather tame investigation, the team has to come up with some solid, filmed evidence or Read more...

Keeper of the Moon
by Harley Jane Kozak
"Kozak's Experience Brings a Glitzy, Glittery Reality To the Second in The Paranormal Series"
Posted March 19, 2013

Sailor Gryffald and her cousins have been thrust into unexpected responsibility. Their fathers have been called to serve on the International Council of Others, leaving their Keeper districts in the Los Angeles area to be governed by their daughters. Sailor may have inherited the position of Elven Keeper but earning Read more...

Never Love A Lord
by Heather Grothaus
"Grothaus Writes a Smashing Conclusion to Her Medieval Foxe Sisters Trilogy"
Posted March 18, 2013

Having gotten her two sisters safely married, Sybilla Foxe is the lone impediment standing between King Edward and Fallstowe, her family home. Bound by a vow given to a dying woman, she refuses to yield against accusations of treason, though it may very well cost her life. The king has Read more...

Diana Troldahl


Diana has had a profound love affair with books since she was 4 years old and learned to read the word 'door'. Never fewer than three books going at one time makes for a happy, fulfilled life. In the time not spent reading and writing, she designs knitting and crochet patterns under the name Otterwise Designs. She is married to a modern Viking. They are owned by 2 cats, and she is working on getting a dog (the Viking is a cat person). She will read almost anything, but doesn't really like horror or general non-genre fiction unless it was written more than a century ago.

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