April 24th, 2014
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April showers = Book Reading time!

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Can he come home again to the Plain life?

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Is sacrificing herself the only way to stop this evil?

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Is Homecoming turns out more than new dresses…murdersacrificing herself the only way to stop this evil?

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Vampires aren't real...or are they?

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Is your first love worth a second chance?

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Win it all, or lose it all


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And Then She Fell
by Stephanie Laurens
"When The Match Breakers becomes a Matchmaker Sparks Fly"
Posted April 7, 2013

Henrietta Cynster's talent lies with ferreting out the truth underneath the folderols of impending engagement. Those who request her skills can then make an informed decision rather than be chivvied into marriage under false pretenses. As she has no strong desire for the married state herself, the impact of Read more...

Wish Upon a Matchmaker
by Marie Ferrarella
"Four Year Old is Determined to Find Love For Her Dad in This Frothy Romance"
Posted March 30, 2013

Four-year-old Ginny is determined to find happiness for her dad in this light and frothy Harlequin Special Edition.

When the bottom fell out of the aeronautics and space industry, Stone Scarborough did what he did best, rolled with the new circumstances and dusted off his construction skills Read more...

by Lynn Viehl
"Lords of the Darkyn Trilogy Reaches a Stunning Conclusion"
Posted March 30, 2013

Beaumaris of York owes allegiance to Lady Jayr mac Byrne, suzeraina of Knight's Realm Stronghold, a tourist attraction which serves as a shield to its true inhabitants, the immortal Darkyn. When the High Lord gives him a mission beyond the walls of the stronghold he is duty-bound to Read more...

What A Ghoul Wants
by Victoria Laurie
"Spine-Tingling Ghostly Mystery In a Welsh Castle"
Posted March 27, 2013

M. J. Holliday and her Ghoul Getters crew are in Wales investigating ancient Kidwella Castle with a lot on the line. Gopher the producer is under incredible pressure from the network. After their most recent rather tame investigation, the team has to come up with some solid, filmed evidence or Read more...

Keeper of the Moon
by Harley Jane Kozak
"Kozak's Experience Brings a Glitzy, Glittery Reality To the Second in The Paranormal Series"
Posted March 19, 2013

Sailor Gryffald and her cousins have been thrust into unexpected responsibility. Their fathers have been called to serve on the International Council of Others, leaving their Keeper districts in the Los Angeles area to be governed by their daughters. Sailor may have inherited the position of Elven Keeper but earning Read more...

Never Love A Lord
by Heather Grothaus
"Grothaus Writes a Smashing Conclusion to Her Medieval Foxe Sisters Trilogy"
Posted March 18, 2013

Having gotten her two sisters safely married, Sybilla Foxe is the lone impediment standing between King Edward and Fallstowe, her family home. Bound by a vow given to a dying woman, she refuses to yield against accusations of treason, though it may very well cost her life. The king has Read more...

Keeper Of The Night
by Heather Graham
"Taut New Paranormal Series Starts With Great Promise"
Posted March 10, 2013

Rhiannon Gryffald understands the concepts of duty and responsibility. When her father and his siblings are called to serve on the new international Others Council, she leaves a budding career as lead guitarist with her band to take up the mantle of Keeper of the Vampires for Los Angeles. She Read more...

Written In Red
by Anne Bishop
"Master of Fantasy Anne Bishop Shines in Her New Urban Fantasy Series"
Posted March 5, 2013

In the alternate reality created by Anne Bishop in her new Others series, humans are a weak yet dangerously clever minority in a world governed by wild creatures, the terra indigene, through their control of natural resources and territory. Within each wilderness-surrounded human territory exists a Courtyard Read more...

A Most Improper Rumor
by Emma Wildes
"Mystery Nestled Within Mystery, Romance within Romance Makes This Historical a Winner"
Posted February 23, 2013

Benjamin Wallace, the Earl of Heathton and his clever and beautiful wife Alicia are embroiled again with the enemy they met in Ruined by Moonlight, the first in the Whispers of Scandal series.

Lady Angelina DeBrooke is in love. What to others might be a joyous circumstance Read more...

Beeline To Trouble
by Hannah Reed
"The Suspicion of Murder Buzzes Around Story, and Her Family"
Posted February 2, 2013

Story Fischer and her hunky cop boyfriend, Hunter are shacking up together in Story's house. It makes sense considering it is much easier to move Hunter and his police dog Ben than to convince Story's hives to move. Three days into their new lifestyle things become a bit Read more...

One Good Earl Deserves A Lover
by Sarah MacLean
""I Require Ruination""
Posted January 22, 2013

Lady Philippa Marbury, eminently logical, decidedly odd in the view of her peers has a mission. Before she can wholeheartedly agree to become a wife, she must first understand the duties required of her in the marriage vows, particularly the bit about honoring one's husband with one's body Read more...

Kodiak Chained
by Doranna Durgin
"Durgin's Entertaining Paranormal Romances Continue With Book Five In the Series"
Posted December 21, 2012

When Mariska spots Ruger at the Celtic festival she knows she has just one night to be with him, to be with a man who does not fear her strength, with whom she can be herself, no holds barred. She neglects to tell him she is scheduled to join his Read more...

True Love at Silver Creek Ranch
by Emma Cane
"Heartwarming Christmas Tale in Book Two Of This Soon-To-Be Classic Series"
Posted December 12, 2012

Wounded inside and out, Adam Desantis is back home from the war. He tried to keep himself far from the hometown that knows his murky past but when his grandmother at the Widow's Boarding House needs him he comes to visit. When he sees how frail his quirky grandma Read more...

Have Monster Will Travel
by Lila DuBois
"Who Knew Monsters Could Be So Incredibly Sexy?"
Posted December 1, 2012

The monsters are real, and they need a change in public image before their presence is outed to an unprepared humanity. The solution? The hype of a summer action film detailing their plight, followed by the revelation that they exist cheek by jowl with humans, hopefully minimizing the 'villagers carrying Read more...

Dark in the Woods
by Rosemary Laurey
"Paranormal Romance Tinged with Horror"
Posted December 1, 2012

Cassie Jackson reluctantly sells her Boston business and follows her husband Alan Harrington to his backwoods Virginia hometown of Andrews Meadows. His plan to abandon corporate law to start an alpaca farm with his brothers seems strange, but is of little interest to her in the big scheme of things Read more...

The Ravenous Dead
by Natasha Hoar
"Rescue Medium Faces Off Against a Soul Eater in the Unusual Urban Fantasy"
Posted December 1, 2012

Rachel Miller is a rescue medium, a member in good standing of the Order of Rescue Mediums, her purpose to cross over those stubborn spirits who hang around being a nuisance, or worse, a danger to those still living. A recent job for The Order has resulted in a new Read more...

Two Sinful Secrets
by Laurel McKee
"Laurel McKee Skillfully Colors Outside the Lines in This Unusual Historical Romance Series"
Posted November 25, 2012

Mrs. Sophia Westman neé Huntington is alone in Baden-Baden, near the end of her resources and close to desperate. Her wastral of a husband died, leaving her with little recourse except her skill at cards to keep the wolf from the door. A last ditch gamble with a dangerous Read more...

The Moonstone and Miss Jones
by Jillian Stone
"Gutsy Energizing Steampunk Fantasy"
Posted November 25, 2012

Book two in the Phaeton Black, Paranormal Investigator series opens with America Jones in search of Phaeton Black who has been shanghaied.. in Shanghai of all places. They arrive separately in London within a day of each other, faced with what might just work up to be a Read more...

by Shawntelle Madison
"An Excellent Urban Fantasy Ride"
Posted November 24, 2012

Natalya Stravinsky barely survived being hunted by the Long Island pack (in Coveted, book one of the series.) Now facing the Trials that will be the gateway to acceptance back into her pack she is slowly rebuilding her relationship with her slightly dysfunctional and only partially welcoming family Read more...

Blood By Moonlight
by Terri Garey, Jocelynn Drake, Caris Roane
"Three Masters of Urban Fantasy Offer Up Stories Perfect for All Hallow's Eve"
Posted November 19, 2012

Jocelynn Drake presents a glimpse of her new urban fantasy series, The Asylum Stories in 'Of Monsters and Men'. What's a lone wizard and gifted tattoo artist to do when the local wolf pack seeks his aid against the Winter Court's Wild Hunt on Samhain? It Read more...

Diana Troldahl


Diana has had a profound love affair with books since she was 4 years old and learned to read the word 'door'. Never fewer than three books going at one time makes for a happy, fulfilled life. In the time not spent reading and writing, she designs knitting and crochet patterns under the name Otterwise Designs. She is married to a modern Viking. They are owned by 2 cats, and she is working on getting a dog (the Viking is a cat person). She will read almost anything, but doesn't really like horror or general non-genre fiction unless it was written more than a century ago.

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