July 17th, 2018
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Terry Spear | Realistic Urban Fantasies


It seems that if a world is a fantasy, anything could go. It’s fantastical after all. But the fun in creating an urban fantasy for me is in making it seem real enough that readers will feel as though werewolves, or vampires, live among us. Just think, the hunky guy who lives in the apartment next door, who helped shovel snow out of your path, could be a werewolf. Or a vampire. He dances, and drinks, and eats, and acts just like a regular guy. With a few exceptions. In both cases, the hero has bite. Either as a wolf-my, what very big teeth you have... Or as a vampire-make my day.

They’re both very adept at fighting the good fight and they stick with a woman in the long run. Both are extremely protective of their kind and of those who come under their protection, can be a bit possessive and bossy, but the heroines have enough starch to get what they want also. I’ve been asked which I prefer-a vampire or a werewolf. And the truth is I love both.

Vampires are more suave. I think of a vampire who might attend the opera. A werewolf? No. He’s more likely to join a bunch of friends for a beer at a tavern. This might be stereotyping, but then again, for realism, a wolf probably wouldn’t like the songs sung in an opera and would end up howling in pain. Or if he liked the song, howl along. But a vampire? He’s bred for such things.

I grew up with vampires and werewolves-the vampires being sexy and just way too hot. Werewolves were more horror creatures, yet, even so, the man who could not control his wolf urges, didn’t want to be the creature he turned into at the sign of the full moon. I sympathized with him, wanted him to be happy to be who he was, just like vampires were content to be themselves. And I loved the wolves in Jack London’s tales, White Fang and Call of the Wild. He gave the viewpoint not only of the humans, but from the standpoint of wolves. And so, my werewolves were born. A man with wolfish tendencies, but loveable, too. And vampires? Yep, they’re to die for.

If you want a new breed of werewolf tales, check out the series, starting with Heart of the Wolf. Destiny of the Wolf and To Tempt the Wolf are now out and Legend of the White Wolf is coming in February. Seduced by the Wolf will be out in August, and Wolf Fever, sometime in the fall. Deadly Liaisons is the vampire tale that is coming in January.

So what do you like best....guys with bite? Or without?

Red Room




19 comments posted.

Re: Terry Spear | Realistic Urban Fantasies

Thanks so much for having me, Fresh Fiction!! And I've got a special treat! My book came in, so some lucky person will win a book. The winner will be announced a week from today! Happy New Year's Eve!
(Terry Spear 8:43am December 31, 2009)

Hmmm... vamp or werewolf... suave or rugged... I think I will choose the manly man of nature... here him howl! ;)
Wishing you a wonderful and safe New Year!
(Colleen Conklin 2:11pm December 31, 2009)

I want guys with bite. Both werewolves & vampires are on my list of HOT!!!! I would choose werewolves for pure, raw energy.
(Mary Preston 4:58pm December 31, 2009)

Since I definitely am averse to seeing blood--makes me go green and...--I don't like vampire tales, since blood-letting seems to be obligatory in those. I don't mind werewolf stories as long as they're not too gory. Even vivid descriptions of crime scenes, as well as operating-room scenes, real or fake--make me avert my head. So no CSI dramas either, I don't know why I'm such a chicken, but it may go back to when I was about 6 and "saw" a man covered in blood from where it came from his head coming towards me just outside our house. My parents have always tried to convince me it was a dream. Was it???
(Sigrun Schulz 5:51pm December 31, 2009)

Hard! choice you gave us; but I like them all. I've read your previous books and already have Legend of the whit wolf on my wish list, now I will add the next two to my wish list. Thanks for the stories, they are believable and very good.
(Diane Sadler 6:50pm December 31, 2009)

As in so many things, it depends on your mood. I can see myself with either one since they both have qualities that I love.I could never make the choice.
(Rosemary Krejsa 7:25pm December 31, 2009)

Definitely an alpha male with bite!!
(Armenia Fox 11:01pm December 31, 2009)

Colleen, yeah, wolves are
pretty sexy, even when they
come in the manly variety!

Mary, hmm, pure, raw energy, I
like that! :)

Sigrun, I totally understand!

Thanks so much, Diane, I'm
thrilled you're enjoying them!

I feel the same way, Rosemary!
I'd think it would depend on
the guy, truly. I mean, if
he's a hunk of a wolf, but
also just the kind of man you
need in your life, he's the
one. But if he's a vampire and
sets your blood afire, and is
there for you every step of
the way, then he's the right
kind of guy for you!

Armenia, totally agree!
(Terry Spear 12:54pm January 1, 2010)

Werewolves are the best, but put a werewolf and a vampire together - WOW. There you have the best of both worlds (the rough and outdoorsy, plus the smooth and suave). Can't go wrong with that combination.
(Pamela Purcell 1:37pm January 1, 2010)

Hmmm... seems to me like they both have bite! Can we just roll 'em up into one? :)
(Michelle K 2:04pm January 1, 2010)

I love vampire and shifter stories. They each have their unique storylines and make up most of my favorite's bookshelf. Congrats on your cover away, Terry and happy new year.
(Cathy MacDonald 4:23pm January 1, 2010)

I like a guy who has a good bite but sometimes their bark is worse than their bite! LOL Happy New Year!
(Lisa Glidewell 9:47pm January 1, 2010)

Absolutely, Pamela, and that's
what I've done in Deadly
Liaisons! :)

Yes, Michelle! In Deadly
Liaisons, the vampires shift
into wolves when the need
arises. :)

Thanks so much, Cathy! Happy
New Year to you also!!!

Lisa, too funny! And you're so
right! Happy New Year!
(Terry Spear 7:35am January 2, 2010)

Agree with you that vampires seem more the opera-type and wolves the beer/tavern type. With or without bite - either, as long as they are sexy as h*ll :)
(Susan Davco 7:16pm January 2, 2010)

Absolutely, Susan! :)
(Terry Spear 7:10am January 3, 2010)

I love werewolves. A combination of werewolf and vampire would be fantastic. :)
(Crystal Broyles 10:54am January 4, 2010)

I have read the first 3 Werewolf books and loved them. Can't wait for Legend of the White Wolf to hit the shelves. I just know that Deadly Liaisons will have the same "bite" to keep me glued to the pages. Your writing is a joy to read, thanks for the stories!
(Cathy Decker 7:09pm January 4, 2010)

With bite for sure. All your books sound great. I love both vampire and werewolf stories.
(Donna Simmonds 3:16pm January 6, 2010)

Yes, both make for the perfect hunk, Crystal!

Thanks so much, Cathy! I can't wait for Legend of the White Wolf to come out too! :) I'm thrilled you're enjoying the stories!!!

Thanks, Donna! Hope you have a chance to read them some day! :)
(Terry Spear 7:49pm January 6, 2010)

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