August 9th, 2022
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Danger and Mistletoe are a Deadly Combination

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Jade Lee | The Best Part About Cinco de Mayo

50 Ways to Ruin a Rake
Jade Lee




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Rakes and Rogues #1

May 2015
On Sale: May 5, 2015
Featuring: Trevor Anaedsley; Mellie Smithson
384 pages
ISBN: 1492604992
EAN: 9781492604990
Kindle: B00R37SQQS
Paperback / e-Book
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Lady Scot, April 2022
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Lord Scot, November 2021
Lyon Hearted, October 2021
Lord Ares, June 2021


Let’s start right in.

What’s the best part about Cinco de Mayo?

A. Margaritas! Tequila! What’s not to love?

B. Celebrate your Mexican pride! Doesn’t matter if you’ve never been south of the Mason-Dixon line or, as in my case, your ethnicity is Chinese, put on a sombrero and get a drink!

C. It’s my birthday! Isn’t it amazing that the entire country of Mexico celebrates my birth?

D. Are you kidding? It’s May. It’s spring. Every day that it doesn’t snow is a miracle.

Answer: C. Although I’ll accept any answer at all because there’s lots to celebrate on May 5th. Not just cool mixed drinks and the lack of snow. I actually do appreciate any country’s independence day because I’m all for standing on your own two feet and being strong! (Tell me again when adult children STOP getting support from their parents? Oh wait...did I digress?) And YES, it is my birthday!

What’s special about this Cinco de Mayo?

A. I’m turning 21. Don’t laugh. I really am. I just look like I’m 52.

B. Absolutely nothing. Sadly, the truth is I’m terribly boring.

C. Boas and Tiaras. See you all in 10 minutes!

D. It’s release day for the funniest book I’ve ever written. Seriously. It’s that good!

Answer: D I’m turning 52, so clearly I look my age. And if you think I’m boring, I must not be doing my job–or this blog–right. I will be at Boas and Tiaras., but that’s not until June 13. So it must be release day for (drumroll please) 50 WAYS TO RUIN RAKE.

Woo hoo! It really is the funniest book I’ve written so far. Every character in the book has a Clever Plan (cunning plan for you Black Adder fans) that goes horribly awry. The reviews have been fabulous.

Booklist says: With its wonderfully whimsical characters and fanciful plot, Lee’s latest…is tailor-made for readers who like their Regency-set historicals served up with plenty of frothy fun.

RT Book reviews says: Lee creates a wonderful read full of madness and mayhem — as well as serious issues. She plays the genre’s standard marriage-game plotline with ease; adding the nature of class and the problems it creates makes a complex tale that will please readers.


As of the moment I’m writing this blog, Fresh Fiction hasn’t reviewed it yet, but I’m sure they will soon! So who wants a copy??? I’ll give away a copy – e or print, your choice–to one lucky commenter!


Mellie has a plan

Mellie Smithson is trapped in the country with no suitors and no prospects on the horizon except, perhaps, the exasperating—although admittedly handsome—guest of her father. She's looking for any excuse to go to London to meet more eligible men.

Trevor has a problem

Trevor Anaedsley's grandfather has cut off his funds until such time as he gets engaged. Trevor escapes to the country—ostensibly to visit his old tutor Mr. Smithson but actually to duck his creditors—where he meets Smithson's lovely daughter Mellie. The obvious solution is suddenly before him—but the lady has ideas of her own, and Trevor's going to have to measure up...




43 comments posted.

Re: Jade Lee | The Best Part About Cinco de Mayo

Happy B-day, Happy Release Day & Happy Cinco de Mayo!
(Colleen Conklin 1:12pm May 5, 2015)

I've just learned a very close friend is going to be
(Deb Philippon 1:31pm May 5, 2015)

Happy Birthday Jade, You are a year younger than me and
you DO NOT look your age. I don't either, my kids only
admit that I am 21 so that I pay the bar tab when we
leave. With this being CINCO DE MAYO, being in AZ it is
celebrated WILDLY. So I will have the Margarita,
Tequila Kamikaze, and the nachos party for you tonight.
I may even make the fish tacos (don't like them but you
(Tina Ullrich 3:24pm May 5, 2015)

I almost forgot... shame on me.. the TEQUILA JELLO SHOTS..
(Tina Ullrich 3:25pm May 5, 2015)

Happy Birthday Jade! I adore the excerpt... so sassy!
(Kelly Braun 5:55pm May 5, 2015)

Loved the excerpt Fresh Fiction posted. Can't wait to read
the whole book.
(Samantha Tennant 11:48pm May 5, 2015)

Happy Birthday, Jade! Also, Happy Cinco de Mayo! Hope you
were able to get some good Mexican food and some excellent
celebratory drinks!
(Glenda Martillotti 1:16am May 6, 2015)

Happy Birthday Jade.
(Toni Whitmire 1:36am May 6, 2015)

First, Happy Birthday Jade.You sure don't look 52. God Bless !
A Happy Cinco de Mayo to everyone. The book sounds wonderful.
Carol L
Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com
(Carol Luciano 6:11am May 6, 2015)

Happy Birthday! :) What a great birthday gift- the release of a new
Your book sounds quite funny- I love a witty heroine and lots of
snappy dialogue.
Cinco de Mayo is also my wedding anniversary. (27 years!) My hubby &
I laugh and say that there's always a party going on somewhere on our
(Debbie Burdeen 8:47am May 6, 2015)

Happy Birthday. My daughetr has a friend that shares the date
with you and he is 50 now. Congrats on the new book.
(Leona Olson 10:30am May 6, 2015)

Happy birthday, Jade! I always enjoy your posts, and the book sounds like a lot of fun.
(Janie McGaugh 10:48am May 6, 2015)

Love the post, the book sounds wonderful! Happy belated birthday - hope the celebration was spectacular - and congratulations on the new release!
(Kim Giardina 12:41pm May 6, 2015)

Awesomely amazing! A very happy belated birthday to you! I
hope you had a MARVELOUS May 5th birthday and celebrated in
style! I absolutely LOVE historical fiction and have since
I was in Junior High, hmm , forty years ago, that is so
(Patrice Eannucci 1:05pm May 6, 2015)

Your posts are always amusing, but then again, anyone who is
born in May is forever youthful, witty, smart, and charming,
for starters. I know of what I speak, being born in May as
well. Happy Birthday de Mayo!! lol I hope you had a
wonderful Birthday, and know that your book is going to be a
smash hit!! Never in a million years would I have guessed
your age, and would have guessed that you had a daughter old
enough to be married!! But then again, people get my age
wrong all the time, even though my Husband wants to shout it
out all the time, and I tell him to keep his mouth shut!!
All I'll tell you is that I happen to be slightly older than
you, and I prefer to keep my age a secret!! lol Enjoy both
your Birthday and book release, and your station should be
bombarded at Boas and Tiaras, too!!
(Peggy Roberson 1:06pm May 6, 2015)

Happy Birthday Jade! Enjoy each and everyday to the fullest , go , do, and see all that you can while you are still young . Yes , you are still young. I love your books , you have so much talent and imagination . Thanks for this chance to win .
(Joan Thrasher 1:19pm May 6, 2015)

Happy Birthday! =) Can´t wait for my chance to meet your
(Linda Larsson 2:29pm May 6, 2015)

Happy Birthday. I have 50 ways on my wish list.
(Cecilia Rodriguez 2:35pm May 6, 2015)

Would be nice to read about a rake!
(Joddy Lantigua 2:50pm May 6, 2015)

Happy blessed birthday, Can't wait to meet the new rake love them
(Lois Pomeroy 3:05pm May 6, 2015)

Happy Birthday and thank you for the chance to win!
(Heather Hardy 3:30pm May 6, 2015)

Happy Birthday Jade! I'm looking forward to seeing who
ends up with Mellie's heart!
(Michelle Tweedy 3:44pm May 6, 2015)

Happy Birthday! I can't wait to read your book!
(Ann Unger 3:48pm May 6, 2015)

Happy Birthday Jade. I love your books.
(Lena Lee 4:05pm May 6, 2015)

sounds quite interesting!
(Julie Touchstone 4:56pm May 6, 2015)

Happy birthday and you don't look 52. Everything sounds great
(Judy Ferguson 5:16pm May 6, 2015)

Happy belated birthday! It was my brother's 56th birthday
on the 5th! Can't wait to read the book!
(Sharlene Wegner 9:59pm May 6, 2015)

Yay! Happy Birthday, Jade. I'd love to try the book.
(Karin Anderson 11:04pm May 6, 2015)

Happy birthday to the great authoress Jade Lee! I love you
books....And yes, Cinco de Mayo was awesome :)
(Hylla Jackson 12:39pm May 7, 2015)

Happy birthday!! You don't look 52!! I love your
books and can't wait to read this one
(Beverly Ross 11:31am May 7, 2015)

Happy Birthday! I can't wait to read this one!
(Rachel Collings 1:03pm May 7, 2015)

Happy Belated Birthday!

Hope you enjoyed your day with your family and friends!

I love marriage of convenience stories! Mischief and mayhem and humor sounds like Mellie will give Trevor a run for his money and her hand!

I'd love to win a print copy of your book, 50 WAYS TO RUIN A RAKE!
(Laurie Gommermann 1:10pm May 7, 2015)

Hope you birthday was a fabulous one with much celebration.
(Dean Young 6:37pm May 7, 2015)

Hope you had a Happy birthday!
(Kelly Powell 11:11pm May 7, 2015)

Happy BDay ! Thanks for the chance
(Susan Gannon 8:55am May 8, 2015)

I would love to win a print copy.
(Angela Parrish 11:02am May 8, 2015)

I've enjoyed reading your books and would love to win this one. Happy birthday! Have a wonderful time.
(Anna Speed 1:08pm May 8, 2015)

Can't wait to get my hands on a copy of this!
(Laura Gullickson 1:22pm May 8, 2015)

Happy Birthday! The books sounds awesome!
(Denise Austin 3:00pm May 8, 2015)

Marilyn Collins
(Marilyn Collins 5:52pm May 8, 2015)

Your post gave me a great many chuckles. Hope your
birthday was a blast. Love the excerpt. Sounds like
another wonderful book.
(Irene Menge 8:11pm May 8, 2015)

love your books!
(Doris Losey 8:20pm May 8, 2015)

I'm with you - Margarittas for everyone! Those Regency folks
didn't know what they missed!
(Diane Sallans 9:13pm May 8, 2015)

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