June 12th, 2021
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Jodi Linton | There’s nothing like a Cowboy!


"Courage is being scared to death, and still saddling up anyways"-John Wayne

This is such good advice, and not just for cowboys. It applies to the ups and downs of being a writer. Tired minds, sore fingers won’t stop a writer. We put our chins up and we venture down a long, twisted road in order to meet the character that will ignite a fire.

Two years ago I was lucky enough to find my muse in Laney Briggs—a smart-mouth Texas deputy who can duke it out with the big boys while tangling one sexy good-timing Texas Ranger around her finger. I was saddled up, nose-deep at my laptop, listening to Miranda Lambert’s “Gunpowder and Lead” when Laney popped into my head. I wanted a heroine that women could relate too, but I also wanted her to kick ass.

Welcome to Pistol Rock, Texas where everyone knows the one rule of thumb, secrets only last about as long as the sporadic west Texas rain showers.

Laney Briggs has a pretty sweet job as a deputy in her sleepy hometown of Pistol Rock, Texas. Everything’s fine and dandy until her ex, Texas Ranger Gunner Wilson, decides to stick his boots in Pistol Rock’s first murder case. The troublesome cowboy’s rugged good looks and T-shirt straining muscles have always left Laney in hot water. As the body count starts to rise in her small town, Laney is forced to ask the lethal bad boy for help.

Like Laney, I grew up in a small Texas town. I married a small town boy who occasionally is known to strut a pair of cowboys boots while hitting the open road with the other love of his life—his Jeep. Like I said, there’s nothing like a cowboy!

I will be releasing with Ignite an Entangled Imprint in March 2014.

The Laney Briggs Series
WATCHA GONNA DO WITH A COWBOY (a Laney Briggs novella) July 2014

Jodi Linton grew up across the street from a cow pasture, where she was more likely to been seen selling Kool-Aid in a Dixie cup at ten cents a pop, or inviting neighbors over to watch one of her plays staged on her father’s Bass boat. Even though she never owned one of the bovines, she’ll admit that the smell of cow manure had a lasting effect, making it easy to spot a cow a mile away.

In 2001, she traded in the rednecks, cowboys, and mesquite trees of her hometown to chase destiny out west. After a few years of mucking it around with the roughnecks, dust storms, and droughts, she decided to dust off her boots and head home. With a History degree in one hand and a marriage license in the other, she followed her husband in 2006 to the Texas heartland, fabulous Austin.

Somewhere down the line, she started writing. Maybe it was the boring job search, or maybe it was the crazy characters dancing inside her head that help put pen to paper. Whatever the case, writing sure beat the heck out of working for a temp agency. The first story was about a boy lookalike Indian Jones who chased after vampires in small town Texas. The second story was a YA contemporary about the Grim Reaper, and well half-way through she decided to shuck them both, partly due to the birth of her son, and mostly because she wasn’t awe struck with the premises.

Taking a break from writing to raise her son, she filled the time by reading, and insistently fell in love with mysteries, especially ones with witty, spunky heroines. Four months later, she had a manuscript about a smart-mouthed deputy and her rotten ex-boyfriend dueling it out in small town Texas.

After settling into the Texas Hill Country with her husband and two kids, she joined the Austin Romance Writers of America, and signed with The Belcastro Agency. Today she can be found cozied up to the computer escaping into a quirky world of tall tales, sexy, tight jean wearing cowboys, and a protagonist with a sharp-tongue quick enough to hang any man out to dry.

There’s a good chance she’s brushed paths with a few of her characters, but she’ll never tell, those lips are sealed.

Comment to win a set of cowboy books from Jodi!




74 comments posted.

Re: Jodi Linton | There’s nothing like a Cowboy!

I love your attitude, which means I'm going to love your books as well!! Since you grew up in the area, I'm sure the flavor of Texas is going to shine through in the storylines of your books!! I can't wait to cozy up with one of your books this Fall, and enjoy a great read!! Having a sassy character in your stories is going to be quite a change from what I've been reading lately. Congratulations on your latest book!!
(Peggy Roberson 10:11am November 18, 2013)

Your sassy heroine sounds like a blast to read about! Thanks for the fun contest!!
(Tracey Reid 10:23am November 18, 2013)

I love Miranda Lambert & a bunch of her songs would make good inspiration for romance novels. I am a fan of cowboy books, too!
(Sharlene Wegner 10:31am November 18, 2013)

I grew up in small town Virginia, so no cowboy boots. However
there were lots of pickups and camo.
(Karin Anderson 10:34am November 18, 2013)

I cannot wait to get started on your books. I love all of the cowboy books where we gals give as good as we get with our sassy selves. Congrats on your latest book!
(Melissa Taylor 10:37am November 18, 2013)

Who doesn't love a cowboy? And cowboy books takes the mind to a different place and lets you leave all the present day troubles behind. Love the cover of this book. Thanks for the contest.
(Vennie Martinisi 10:39am November 18, 2013)

They look like great books!
(Richard Proctor 10:41am November 18, 2013)

Jodi I enjoyed your blog. I have not had the pleasure to read one of your
novels. I apologize, I will most definitely will now. I like a sassy heroine,
love cowboys & Texas.
I'm thrill my dear friend Carolyn Brown Facebook your blog!
(Cathy Genna 10:43am November 18, 2013)

Oh boy I think I've found a new author I will grow to love! If Carolyn brown
recommends you, I'm sure to love your books! Can't wait
To get started! Thanks for the chance to win!
(Kim Cornwell 10:53am November 18, 2013)

I would love to read the Cowboy Books. I got started reading them with Carolyn Brown' and will have to read yours
(Robyn Moody 11:04am November 18, 2013)

Thanks, y'all. I'm glad to hear that so many of you enjoy cowboys as much as me. I can't wait for all you to get to read about Laney in March 2014. It's going to be one wild ride.
(Jodi Linton 11:06am November 18, 2013)

Thank you, Peggy R. Aren't sassy heroines the best! And yes, I have filled my stories with a few tall tales of my upbringing. : )
(Jodi Linton 11:13am November 18, 2013)

Tracey R., Laney's a blast to write, so I know you'll have fun reading her smart- mouth comments.
(Jodi Linton 11:15am November 18, 2013)

Well, Sharlene W., you'll definitely fall in love with Laney's cowboys.
(Jodi Linton 11:16am November 18, 2013)

I am new to Lainey's cowboys.. but I hope not for long..
(Kathleen O'Donnell 11:18am November 18, 2013)

Karin A., All my dad drove was a pickup, and he still does today. I guess, the post should've included: nothing beats a truck. : )
(Jodi Linton 11:18am November 18, 2013)

I'd love to experience a Cowboy Christmas!
(Maria Proctor 11:20am November 18, 2013)

Melissa T., The best part about being from the south is that it gives you a pass to be sassy. Well, that's what my husband always tells me. I can't wait for you to get to read!
(Jodi Linton 11:24am November 18, 2013)

Cathy G, Carolyn is the best! The funny thing is my in-laws and her husband grew up in the same area. Such a small place we live in. Well, March 2014 you'll get to start reading all about Laney and her cowboys!!!
(Jodi Linton 11:26am November 18, 2013)

Vennie M., Thanks for stopping by the blog. Good Luck on wrangling yourself a cowboy read.
(Jodi Linton 11:28am November 18, 2013)

Love Cowboys... always enjoy adding more to my reading list!
(Colleen Conklin 11:38am November 18, 2013)

Cathy G., Couldn't get the comment to edit, but my in-laws grew up in the area where her husband taught. Lol!
(Jodi Linton 11:40am November 18, 2013)

Kathleen O., Laney will love to hear that. She makes her debut March 2014!
(Jodi Linton 11:41am November 18, 2013)

Kim C., Thank you! I can't wait for you to get to read Laney too.
(Jodi Linton 11:42am November 18, 2013)

Robyn M., Aren't cowboys the best!!! It has to be the hat, right? No, the tight ass jeans, oh heck, there's just too much to choose from.
(Jodi Linton 11:47am November 18, 2013)

Colleen C., There can never be too many cowboys!!!
(Jodi Linton 11:49am November 18, 2013)

We all want a cowboy, especially sassy type gals! Thank you very much for the new book
(C Culp 11:50am November 18, 2013)

Carletta C., I'm just getting started. There's a lot more sass to come! ; )
(Jodi Linton 11:53am November 18, 2013)

Okay, how hot are those cowboy covers!!! Thank you, Carolyn Brown, Melissa Cutler, and Katie Lane for hooking everyone up with a cowboy for Christmas.
(Jodi Linton 12:07pm November 18, 2013)

Thanks for the great giveaway. I'm sure I am going to enjoy reading about Laney Briggs.
(Margie Hager 12:46pm November 18, 2013)

Margie H., Laney's a blast, and so are her troublesome cowboys! I know. Isn't the giveaway just great! Carolyn, Melissa, and Katie are so sweet.
(Jodi Linton 1:27pm November 18, 2013)

I have not read Laney's book...But I have added to my tbr list. I loved the blog, and look forward to a long reading relationship with Laney!
(Kimberley Coover 1:54pm November 18, 2013)

I haven't had a chance to read your books yet, but they sound great. I love cowboy stories.
(Wilma Frana 2:07pm November 18, 2013)

You are definitely right, there is nothing like a cowboy! The swagger, the
boots, the whole package!
(Melanie Backus 2:11pm November 18, 2013)

Kimberley C, Wilma F., and Melanie B., Thank you so much! Laney will make her debut March 2014 with Entangled. I can't wait for y'all to get to read!!
(Jodi Linton 2:19pm November 18, 2013)

Love them cowboys!!!!!!!! Save a horse, ride a cowboy! Hee Haw
(Suzanne Bischoff 2:39pm November 18, 2013)

Looks interesting
(Tina Lechuga 2:54pm November 18, 2013)

Love cowboy romances! We now live in TX and I love them even more! Lol
(Michelle Schafer 3:20pm November 18, 2013)

(Sally Gass 4:23pm November 18, 2013)

Cowboy hats, big buckles and tight jeans Oh and maybe a horse or two- what's
not to like? I really like reading books with them in it. Looking forward to
reading one by this author.
(Joy Isley 4:35pm November 18, 2013)

Glad y'all made it to the cowboy party! : )
(Jodi Linton 5:53pm November 18, 2013)

Hi, Jodi! I love your attitude and the sound of your new book. I really enjoy sassy heroines, and Laney sounds fantastic. Loved your comment about your DH, his cowboy boots, and his other love, his Jeep. Can't beat a handsome cowboy in boots, a cowboy hat, and tight jeans. Yummy!
(Cathy Phillips 7:26pm November 18, 2013)

There is something about Texas and something about a cowboy
that make life perfect! People pay more attention out here
when you're wearing your well worn boots. :-)

Thanks for sharing today!
(Glenda Martillotti 7:28pm November 18, 2013)

Hi Jodi! I can't wait to read your books since I love cowboy romance books so much. I've read just about every one that Carolyn Brown has written. Gotta find out what kind of trouble Laney can get into with those fine cowboys! So glad I found you today!
(Linda Luinstra 7:45pm November 18, 2013)

I do enjoy a good Texas cowboy romance.
(Sue Farrell 7:50pm November 18, 2013)

Hi Cathy P., Thanks a bunch. Laney is pretty darn ballsy. She sure knows how to two-step around her cowboys. Also, my husband loved the shout-out!
(Jodi Linton 7:51pm November 18, 2013)

Sassy, take charge females, my kinda read. Enjoyed your blog.
(Sheila True 7:54pm November 18, 2013)

Linda L., Laney's hunky cowboys are definitely packed plum full of trouble. Can't wait for you to get to read in March 2014!!
(Jodi Linton 7:55pm November 18, 2013)

Sheila T., Great minds think a like. ;)
(Jodi Linton 7:56pm November 18, 2013)

Sue F., You'll really love Laney.
(Jodi Linton 7:56pm November 18, 2013)

Laney Briggs sounds like a spitfire so that means the book will be a lot of fun. ;)
(Marcy Shuler 7:57pm November 18, 2013)

Marcelyn S., Laney's definitely a spitfire.
(Jodi Linton 8:14pm November 18, 2013)

I love a lady who can kick some booty!
(Diane Sallans 9:37pm November 18, 2013)

Yummy cowboys!
(Callie Stuck 9:42pm November 18, 2013)

Diane S., Kicking cowboy tail is Laney's specialty. :)
(Jodi Linton 10:13pm November 18, 2013)

I enjoyed reading your blog, and I would love to read about your sexy
cowboys! Thanks for the chance to win!!!
(Linda Brennan 10:14pm November 18, 2013)

Callie S., Yummy in deed!
(Jodi Linton 10:14pm November 18, 2013)

Thanks, Linda B. I can't wait for you to read about my sexy cowboys!!!
(Jodi Linton 10:15pm November 18, 2013)

I grew up next door to a farm, so I know what you mean about the cows :) Can't wait to try out the Laney Briggs series!
(Jennifer Richardson 10:18pm November 18, 2013)

Jennifer R., Well, cows play a big part in Laney's first adventure, so you'll have a good 'ol time reading. Looking forward to you reading the Laney Briggs Series!
(Jodi Linton 10:30pm November 18, 2013)

Okay Folks, There's only 2hrs left to win a cowboy for Christmas from authors Carolyn Brown, Melissa Cutler, and Katie Lane. Let's keep the comments coming!
(Jodi Linton 10:35pm November 18, 2013)

I love reading cowboy stories. Book sounds great. Thanks for a chance to win.
(Linda Hall 10:40pm November 18, 2013)

Linda H., Thank you! I'm glad you stopped by.
(Jodi Linton 10:49pm November 18, 2013)

Also, thank you Sara, Gwen, and Fresh Fiction bloggers for hosting me today. It's been a blast.

And I'd like to invite all y'all to swing on by my Author FB page, so you can keep up to date on all things Laney, romance recommendations, and oh yeah, COWBOYS!!!
(Jodi Linton 11:26pm November 18, 2013)

It sounds like you had a great inspiration. Two kids & writing you must have mad time management skills.
(Laura Gullickson 11:38pm November 18, 2013)

I agree with you. Christmas is just not the same without a cowboy
(Tamara Ferguson 11:41pm November 18, 2013)

Boy do I wish I had mad time management skills, Laura G. I'm lucky to have a great hubby who watches the kiddos for me.
(Jodi Linton 11:51pm November 18, 2013)

I know, Tamara F. It just wouldn't be Christmas without a sexy, tight jeans wearing cowboy! ;) But hey, we're lucky that Carolyn, Melissa, and Katie were so generous to offer us theirs. ;)
(Jodi Linton 11:53pm November 18, 2013)

Your books sound great. Who doesn't love a sassy heroine and her sexy cowboy. Hope I win the set you're offering as a prize.
(Carol Woodruff 11:32am November 19, 2013)

I think I love mystery as much as I love cowboys. Laney sounds like a great
character. Can't wait to read your novels!!
(Amy Hughes 9:06pm November 19, 2013)

I do love cowboys.
(Mary Preston 4:56am November 20, 2013)

sounds like great characters
(Patricia Lambert 9:45am November 20, 2013)

I like Laney already. First she is a deputy and second, she hangs around with the Texas Rangers. Like her and the people she friends with.
(Kai Wong 11:20pm November 20, 2013)

Can't go wrong with a hot cowboy!
Looking forward to reading your books.
(Rhonda Brittingham 5:39pm November 23, 2013)

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