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Sandi Shilhanek | Ch-ch-ch-changes...

2011 has been a year of changes for me. I realize we’re not very far in, but I’ve had a rollercoaster ride already! I didn’t set any resolutions and tried to set goals instead. Am I moving towards my goals? HMMM…good question. Professionally I would say yes. I got a promotion and going back to school for a few business courses so that I can be better at my job, and earn a professional childcare director certificate. I’ve increased enrollment at my center, but still have a way to go. So yes, I think things are on track professionally. (Especially if I learn to conquer my new version of word!)

Personally my goals are not quite within sight, but I’m confident I’ll get back on track! I want to do some things to my house, and I’m determined that even though I’ve said that for years, this is the year! I’d like to lose some weight, and It’s been a long time since I’ve written a blog. I had a blog written, but because I have a new computer with a new version of Word (that I’ve not a clue how to use) I lost the whole thing! I wish I knew how to get it back, but alas that’s a technical skill well above me! When I realized that the blog was lost I really wanted to bang my head against the computer and have a good old fashioned temper tantrum. Oh to be two again and have that be allowed! Oh well….onward and upward.

while I started great, I’ve slipped without a doubt! I did recently go to the Doctor and his scale had me down from the last visit, so that was again encouraging.

The biggest changes…I’ve had to learn to get through my problems and my joys without my mom. I’ve been really proud of how I’ve handled that with few setbacks. Thankfully I have a wonderful sister who is willing to take mom’s place for my rants and my shots of glee. Even to the point of saying do you need money when I call to complain about something breaking down and what it’s going to cost! My answer (just like it was to mom) No, I don’t need money…just want to rant.

Soon the biggest change of all will be here. I’m expecting a grandchild, and if people are correct it’s a boy, and he should be here in the next week or so.

So as you see my rollercoaster of life has no plans on stopping soon. What about you? How is 2011 going for you? What has been the best thing or the worst thing?

Sandi ShilhanekSandi Shilhanek

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17 comments posted.

Re: Sandi Shilhanek | Ch-ch-ch-changes...

Since I wrote this the 1st grandchild has been born. His name is Elijah, and he
was born on 3/13/11.
(Sandi Shilhanek 2:09pm March 20, 2011)

Congratulations on your new grandson!!!
(Danielle DeBuono 2:12pm March 20, 2011)


The year has been going just fine for me.
(Debbie Beverley 2:40pm March 20, 2011)

Congrats Sandi on ALL of your accomplishments especially Elijah It does take some time to get over not talking to Mom about everyday life but you never stop missing her. Glad to hear your sister is a good friend in place of your mom.

The new computer will come around before too long - you'll learn to use and maybe even retrieve what you lose LOL

Hope '11 continues to be good for you.

As for me '11 seems to be OK. We watch our almost 3 y.o. grandson 4 afternoons a week--look forward to his arriving but always glad to see him leave knowing he'll be back soon LOL I'm sure Elijah will bring you great happiness too.
(Barbs Ferris 3:04pm March 20, 2011)

Sandi, Glad you are back, you have been missed.

Congrats with your new grandson.

Grandchildren are such a joy.
(Joyce Mandle 4:04pm March 20, 2011)

Congrats on your grandchild! Post a picture when possible, please?

Actually, I have found that the banging of one's head against the computer when Word eats your work does help! Or at least, it lowers your frustration level, and calms you enough to re-write what was just lost. I've also found that drop-kicking the stupid thing works too.

In my state, politics is/are tearing us apart. No one knows what will happen were in Wisconsin during the next year. Job-hunting is extremely difficult, even when looking for a part-time position.

On the plus side here (sort of), according to the scale in the locker room where my swimming class is held, I haven't gained any weight! I haven't lost any either, but I'm just going to be grateful for small favours!!

All the best to the new grand and his mom!!


(Lynn Rettig 4:13pm March 20, 2011)

OK, that SHOULD read "No one knows what will happen here in Wisconsin during the next year."

Sorry! Typo fingers alert!!


(Lynn Rettig 4:14pm March 20, 2011)

Yep, Life is a roller coaster and right now I'm in an "Up" phase, going uphill and reaching for new levels.
(Alyson Widen 4:40pm March 20, 2011)

Mine has been somewhat like yours; after almost loosing my Dad to double pneumonia, he's on the mend Thank God!, my Hubby had surgery and I've been running myself ragged. It's getting better: Dad is home and improving quickly, he just turned 88 this past Thursday, and Hubby is back to work though a little slower and a bit tired.
(Diane Sadler 6:32pm March 20, 2011)

I had a car accident last November - fractured c-6. Surgery on it Jan 12. Still wearing brace, have to wear it 2 months longer than usual, can't do anything. Have to rely on my husband for everything, can't drive. Very frustrating.
(Brenda Rupp 6:39pm March 20, 2011)

Let me extend my condolences for the loss of your Mother. I lost my Mother 9 years ago, and it feels like it happened yesterday. Yours will always be there with you in spirit. If you have an open mind, she'll be sending you signals to let you know that she's there and she's fine. As for your 1st grandchild -- Major congratulations are in order!! I'm sure he will bring you a lot of happiness, and you'll have fun spoiling him!! As for my year, it's been like yours. Just when I thought I was seeing the light of day financially, something would raise its' ugly head and slide me back big time. I'm still recovering from losing my house and belongings a couple of years ago after my husband lost his job. Now our vehicle is getting a little old and needs attention. Like they say - "When it rains, it pours."
I'm taking it in stride, and taking it a day at a time. I hope your year gets better and will keep you in my prayers. Sorry I got a little long-winded in my answer.
(Peggy Roberson 8:35pm March 20, 2011)

been retired a year and just cannot seem to get it on the upswing. BUT I am working on it. Have new grandbabies, too. They make everything worthwhile:)
(Barbara Studer 9:06pm March 20, 2011)

Congrats on your grandbaby! And I'm still so very sorry for the struggles you've had to face.

As for me, changes, dealing more with the business, still trying to figure out how do all the office stuff, meaning keeping things right for taxes..........dealing more with FIL's health issues, hoping my parents are moving closer to me, but the biggest change for me, actually started last year but I feared would end this year......I'm spending more time with my closest cousin, as kids she's older than me and didn't really care to hang out with me, but we've grown a LOT closer over the last 6mths or so and I have to say I'm sooo very thrilled to have her in my life and to be spending so much more time with her. I look forward to getting to do more of that this summer!!!!
(Wilma Keel 9:10pm March 20, 2011)

I've given up actually setting resolutions, though I always think about goals that I want to reach. So far I haven't accomplished anything. In fact things have been more difficult than usual for me, health wise and in my family. Those have really played havoc with everything else, especially my energy level. It's hard to get anything done when you feel like a wet washcloth. (Um, I don't know where that metaphor suddenly came from, but it seems to fit just now.) I hope the latter improves soon, though I can do nothing about the passing of my brother--and no, he wasn't terribly young; he was next to me as the eldest in age. Still it's hard to lose a younger sibling, especially just days after one's birthday.
(Sigrun Schulz 1:53am March 21, 2011)

Hi Sandi, I hear ya on the Word issues! Congrats on the promotion and being made a Grandma too. Really enjoy your blog posts. Have a great week and enjoy the little one.
(Joy Hoormann 10:28am March 21, 2011)

Although I've been unemployed for over 2 years and am still actively looking for a job (I had another interview last Monday), I'm also trying to reinvent myself as a theater critic/arts writer--and it has proven to be a lot of fun! I'm doing something I've always dreamed of, and though it doesn't pay, I am getting to see some great theater and write!
(Andrew Beck 10:57am May 8, 2011)

there are so many changes this year that it would be impossible to list them all. biggest thing is that i just started writing my 1st book and it is going really well so far, of course that is before anyone has done any editing or anything. all i can say is i hope it will continue to be a good year.
(Tammy Ramey 11:58pm May 8, 2011)

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