January 18th, 2021
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Tawna Fenske | Good Date

Frisky Business
Tawna Fenske




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May 2014
On Sale: May 6, 2014
Featuring: William Barclay; Marley Cartman
352 pages
ISBN: 1402293151
EAN: 9781402293153
Kindle: B00HUTVG9I
Paperback / e-Book
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Hello, and thanks for inviting me to hang out with you here at Fresh Fiction! Who brought the wine?

This is my last stop on a blog tour that’s been devoted entirely to bad dates. We’ve all had them, right? In my new romantic comedy, FRISKY BUSINESS, my heroine endures more than her share. After vowing not to date any more wealthy men, Marley embarks on a quest to date only blue collar guys. While the plan makes it easier for her keep her distance from Will—the quirky, unlikely millionaire she desperately doesn’t want to fall for—it sends Marley down a path of truly terrible dates.

But like most romance novels, Marley and Will’s story has a happy ending. I’ve been sharing my personal bad date stories throughout this tour, but now it seems appropriate to wrap things up with a happily ever after of my own.

Not long before the release of my debut romantic comedy, MAKING WAVES, I went through a pretty lousy divorce.

Um, we’re not to the happy part yet.

After the dust settled, I reached out to a male acquaintance who’d been through his own divorce a few years earlier. At first, I asked him to be my divorce mentor. Then I proposed the idea of a no-strings-attached, friends-with-benefits arrangement.

He balked. It turns out nice guys are pretty thoughtful about such things.

“How about we just agree that if either of us wants to date someone else or starts to develop serious feelings for the other person, we agree to talk about it,” I suggested. “Total honesty, OK?”

He agreed, and thus the deal was made.

Well, for a week or so. Turns out I’m not wired for the no-strings-attached arrangement, either. I realized this on a chilly Sunday afternoon when we drove to a scenic lake for a hike.

He turned to me before we got out of the car. “We agreed on total honesty, right?”

“Absolutely,” I said, braced for him to tell me he enjoyed clubbing baby seals for sport.

“Right,” he said. “Well, since we’ve both been through ugly divorces, I think we should discuss potential landmines between us.”


“I’m a bit of an obsessive communicator,” he admitted. “That could be a landmine for some people. I’m also a night owl who likes to sleep late, and you’re a morning person.”

“True,” I agreed, pleasantly surprised by the notion of a guy with the maturity and self-awareness to initiate such a discussion. “I start to twitch if I’m not in bed by 10:30 with a good book.”

“I’m also a serious introvert who needs a lot of alone-time,” he continued.

“Same here,” I said. “Guess that’s one way for me to occupy my early mornings and you to occupy your late nights?”

“Good point. Okay, I don’t eat very healthy. I’ve been a bachelor for a few years, and when I don’t have the kids with me, I sit in front of the computer in my underwear and eat cold cereal for dinner at 11 p.m.”

“I’m a hardcore foodie with a neurotic need to feed people,” I said, recalling how much I’d been enjoying the meals we’d prepared together with him beside me slicing, dicing, and proving himself quite adept in the kitchen. “I’m also a chronic worrier who can drive people batty with my incessant need to plan for what could go wrong.”

“Oh, I’m not very good at planning ahead,” he acknowledged. “I’m also chronically late.”

“I’m a slob,” I said, really getting into it now. “And I will talk too much in the morning and make you want to kill me.”

“I can’t function until I drink an entire pot of coffee each morning.”

“I reread the same books hundreds of times and leave them all over the house.”

“I’m a pack-rat.”

“I’m overly attached to my pets!”

He smiled. “They’re great pets, it’s understandable.”

“Thank you.” I took a deep breath. “Look, about the plan—”

He frowned, sensing something had shifted. “You mean total honesty, or the no-strings-attached arrangement?”

“Yes. Um, see, there’s a problem,” I said. “I love you.”

He smiled, then reached out and took my hand. “This is not a problem.”

“Neither is obsessive communication. Actually, it’s pretty great.”

And it was. It still is. That conversation took place more than three years ago. Our wedding will take place three months from now.

As it turns out, familiarity with your own faults—and a willingness to accept someone else’s—is one of the sexiest things in the world.




22 comments posted.

Re: Tawna Fenske | Good Date

Bad dates? Sorry, I don't have any experience.
I met my husband on a blind date. We have been married 34 years.
Love the cover of your book and serial bad daters are fun to read.
Does that sound awful of me??
(Lisa Hutson 12:21pm May 15, 2014)

I love the totally honest conversation. Congratulations on the wedding.
(Pam Howell 7:55am May 15, 2014)

I really enjoyed your posting, and have to congratulate both
of you on your upcoming nuptuals!! It looks like you'll
have a wonderful life together, and I, for one, am truly
happy for both of you!! Your book sounds like a really fun
read, and I could use something uplifting to read right now,
after just losing my Dad a little over 2 weeks ago!! The
cover is absolutely adorable as well!! Congratulations on
what I'm sure is going to be a very popular book as well!!
(Peggy Roberson 9:22am May 15, 2014)

I love your happily ever after story. Congratulations on your
(Jen Barnard 9:56am May 15, 2014)

aww how nice that your life has a romantic happy ending!!
Book sounds good too!
(Joanne Schultz 12:14pm May 15, 2014)

You brought the "Wine", I brought the "Vodka"! Congrats on
the wedding. As for your question of BAD DATES, I don't
know one person that has not had them. I have had my fair
share, however, I have taken them with a grain of salt as
the person that mad it a bad date was the one losing. I
would usually just cut my loses early and I always drive
myself so I have a way home. That is the key, having a way
home. I am a consummate flirt so I can always get over the
BAD date part and make it better.
(Tina Ullrich 12:16pm May 15, 2014)

Your true life story could be a romance novel. How cute!
(Jordan Grubich 1:51pm May 15, 2014)

The book sounds great and congrats
(Jeri Dickinson 3:16pm May 15, 2014)

Bad dates? The divorced guy who said, on our first date, when I was 19 or
so, that he thought he could fall in love with me. He just met me, and we
only spent maybe an hour together at the time he said that. You thought
guys could make skid marks running? Oh yeah! I ran and didn't look back!
(Michelle Schafer 5:16pm May 15, 2014)

AWWW What a sweet story. You are definitely right about the
whole knowing your faults being a big plus in having a
successful relationship. I can't imagine getting into a
relationship where I had to change the guy for happiness. I
dated a guy once who was constantly trying to change me. It
didn't work. :-)
(Glenda Martillotti 10:52pm May 15, 2014)

Loved your HEA life story! Glad you are able to talk and laugh and love! Great dialogue.

I'd love to read your romantic comedy FRISKY BUSINESS! Marley and Will's HEA story. I need some laughter in my life!
(Laurie Gommermann 7:14am May 16, 2014)

i love reading romance comedy`s i have had alot of bad dates
before meeting my husband
(Denise Smith 10:31am May 16, 2014)

awesome - romantic comedies are cool, and Frisky Business is certainly no exception, I am sure! :-)
(Felicia Ciaudelli 10:55am May 16, 2014)

This sounds really good thanks
(Penney Wilfort 11:26am May 16, 2014)

As a dog lover, I'd enjoy this book!
(Richard Proctor 11:48am May 16, 2014)

The best blind date that I ever went on was a set up by my
sister, with my now hubby. I always tell her that it was the
best thing that she ever did for me! We'll be married 7 years
in October!
(Maria Proctor 11:58am May 16, 2014)

a must read
(Tina Lechuga 1:04pm May 16, 2014)

No bad dates....met my hubby at 17 yrs old and we will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary in 11 days! :)

What a great story with you and your fiance! Up front honesty always works out best! Congrats on the upcoming wedding!
(Sue Galuska 1:07pm May 16, 2014)

I can't wait to read this!
(Michelle Brown 1:38pm May 16, 2014)

I met my Honey 55 years ago and we were married in 1961.
I've not dated since those days, except for our "date nights."
(Patricia Cochran 5:41pm May 16, 2014)

Love your story. Thanks for sharing!
(Denise Austin 6:13pm May 16, 2014)

Your story sounds great. Look forward to reading it. Also thanks for sharing your real story. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding.
(Carol Woodruff 7:58pm May 19, 2014)

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