June 13th, 2021
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Jill Mansell | Rumor Has It

Rumor Has It
Jill Mansell



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May 2010
On Sale: May 1, 2010
416 pages
ISBN: 1402237502
EAN: 9781402237508
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Hi, and thanks so much for inviting me onto your blog! Here’s a brief excerpt from Rumour Has It to give you all a taste of the kind of thing I write. To set the scene, Tilly is after a job, having seen and been intrigued by an advert saying just: ‘Girl Friday, fun job, country house.’ She rings the number...

"Hello?" The voice was young, female and breathless.

"Oh hi, I was calling about the ad in the paper," said Tilly. "Could I just ask - ?"

"Hang on, I’ll get Dad. DAAAAAD?" bellowed the voice.

"Ouch."Tilly winced as the noise bounced off her left eardrum.

"Whoops, sorry! I’ve got very strong lungs. OK, he’s here now. Dad, it’s another one about the job."

"Oh bloody hell, haven’t we got enough to choose from?" The voice was flat, fed up and Liverpudlian. "Just tell her she’s too late, we’ve given it to someone else."

Tilly’s competitive spirit rose to the surface; until two minutes ago she hadn’t even wanted the job. But now, if he was going to try and fob her off...

"Actually," she cleared her throat, "you can tell him I heard that. Could he at least have the decency to speak to me?"

The girl said cheerfully, "Hang on," and, "Ooh Dad, she’s cross with you now."

© Jill Mansell, Sourcebooks Landmark, 2010

That’s it, that’s the excerpt. I hope you liked it! And the ad is a genuine ad I once saw in a magazine and was enthralled by, before I ever thought of writing books. It was twenty five years ago, but I wrote it down in a notebook and was always fascinated by it. I somehow knew I’d make good use of it one day. More than anything, I’d love to hear from the person who placed that original advert and discover what the job actually entailed. The internet is so wonderful and far-reaching, it could happen. (Hello, if you ever placed that ad or answered it, please get in touch and tell me all about it! I’m interested!)

A little more about the book - the name of the small Cotswold town in it is Roxborough, but it is actually based on Tetbury, which is where I went to school. Nowadays it’s famous as the place where Prince Charles and his sons William and Harry live, and has become very glamorous, although in my day it was rather less so!

But small towns have an enduring fascination for me - they’re just big enough not to be boring but small enough that the inhabitants feel they know everything that’s going on. Moving to a small town like Roxborough poses, I think, an interesting dilemma. Everyone may think they know all there is to know about everyone else, but do they really? Are they SURE?

Well anyway, I think it’s fascinating - that’s why I like to write about it! See what you think, give my book a try and let me know if you like it too. I’d love to hear from you!

Love Jill xx


Would you be tempted?

Newly single, Tilly Cole impulsively accepts a job offer in a small town as a "Girl Friday." Fun job, country house, fresh start, why not? But soon she finds herself in a hotbed of gossip, intrigue, and rampant rivalry for the town’s most desirable bachelor--Jack Lucas.

Rumors of Jack’s "love ’em and leave ’em" escapes abound, and Tilly decides to do the mature, sensible thing... avoid Jack at all cost. But the more time Tilly spends with Jack, the more the rumors just don’t make sense. Tilly doesn’t know what to believe... and Jack’s not telling.

About the Author
UK bestselling author Jill Mansell has written nearly twenty romances, and sold over 4 million books. A master of romantic comedy, her smart, sassy style has an irresistible appeal for women of all ages. A full--time writer, Ms. Mansell worked for many years the Burden Neurological Hospital, Bristol. She lives with her partner and their children in Bristol, England.




49 comments posted.

Re: Jill Mansell | Rumor Has It

What a neat premise for writing a book! Sounds fascinating.
(Joanne Reynolds 6:30am May 6, 2010)

This sounds like something I would enjoy reading. YES I would be tempted to call for an interview even if I didn't get the job!
(JoAnn White 7:32am May 6, 2010)

You can't hide for long in a small town that's for sure. The book looks great!!
(Mary Preston 7:40am May 6, 2010)

The title is certainly appropriate for this day and age.
(Marjorie Carmony 7:48am May 6, 2010)

Coming from a small town, I know about romors and 'talk'.
Sounds like a great story!
(Cate Sparks 7:49am May 6, 2010)

Hi Jill, the book sounds great! And the add sounds intriguing, if you find some day more about it, please share. :o)
(Julia Blanco 7:57am May 6, 2010)

Anyone from a small town understands this premise. Sounds like an enjoyable story.
(Mildred Mayo 7:59am May 6, 2010)

What a fun sounding book! Having only recently moved into a small town myself, I'm just starting to learn about the dynamics. This would be great.
(Melissa Maringer 8:00am May 6, 2010)

Love the premise! I grew up in a small
town but have lived in a city since I left
college. This book is going on my tbr
(Mary Hundley 8:11am May 6, 2010)

I agree with Mildred. I come from a town of around 200 (if you count the cows and dogs). People assume and you are guilty (even if you could prove you were innocent)
(Karin Tillotson 8:29am May 6, 2010)

The truth usually makes it to the surface eventually.
(Sherry Russell 8:35am May 6, 2010)

I might just have to put this in my Amazon Cart today!
(Eva Walls 8:48am May 6, 2010)

Small town gossip, you gotta love it.
(Pat Wilson 9:02am May 6, 2010)

Looks like a great book! I'd love to win! Thanks for the chance!
(Sara Phillips 9:04am May 6, 2010)

This looks like a really good read, the wishlist just got bigger.
(Valerie Bongards 9:06am May 6, 2010)

Hello Jill, Please enter me in this fantastic contest. I really enjoy entering and winning contests from FreshFiction.com alot!
God Bless YOU, Cecilia
(Cecilia Dunbar Hernandez 9:07am May 6, 2010)

I live in a small town and you are sooo correct about how all think thay know all about you but when in truth they really know nothing.
The book sounds like a fun read and I'll be adding it to my list.
(Vickie Hightower 9:13am May 6, 2010)

I grew up in a very small town so I know exactly what you mean. If you didn't want your dirty laundry aired all about town you had to be a good girl (well at least until you moved away, wink).
Your book sounds fun and I believe I shall have to give it a read.
(Kate Mobley 9:15am May 6, 2010)

I still live in a small town and
believe me the grapevine has only
gotten worse since cell phones
and texting.
(Lisa Richards 9:29am May 6, 2010)

Mrs Bernard Yavitch
May 6yh 2010
(Mrs bernard Yavitch 10:08am May 6, 2010)

I loved the title to your new book. Got me to think what could the rumor be?
(Mrs bernard Yavitch 10:09am May 6, 2010)

Oh this sounds like a book I
would love! Can't wait to read
(Marilu Turillo 11:07am May 6, 2010)

Sound VERY interesting...
(Kelli Jo Calvert 11:50am May 6, 2010)

Now you have me wondering about the advertisement and the book. What is Tilly going to get herself into? It has to be a good sign of a great book when such a small excerpt can really get your attention.
(Leni Kaye 11:58am May 6, 2010)

i want 2 read this 1 2 !
(Debbi Shaw 12:32pm May 6, 2010)

Sounds very interesting
(Julie Swaney 12:43pm May 6, 2010)

Loved the excerpt... sounds like it is a great read... I want to read more!!! :)
(Colleen Conklin 12:49pm May 6, 2010)

This sounds like a good read, that's what i love about the blogging on this site, you meet new authors and find new books to read!!!
(Brandy Blake 12:50pm May 6, 2010)

this promised to be a great read; I so understand 'small town' happenings and the way things work-I live in a town of app. 550 pop. Thanks.
(Robyn Lee 1:35pm May 6, 2010)

wasn't it a movie with Jennifer Aniston?
(Gloria Walshver 2:38pm May 6, 2010)

this sounds great!
(Raelena Pavey 4:33pm May 6, 2010)

I was trying to win this on another site today. I hope I win one of them. :)
(Christine Hirth 6:21pm May 6, 2010)

Book sounds great. Thanks for offering up 2 of them.
(Helen Livermore 7:13pm May 6, 2010)

Well, my curiosity is piqued by the ad and by your book excerpt!
(G. Bisbjerg 7:41pm May 6, 2010)

Love the excerpt....sounds like a great read!
(Kathryn Windland 8:29pm May 6, 2010)

I would be tempted. Life is all about taking chances. Your book sounds good. Looking forward to reading it soon
(Teresa Ward 8:33pm May 6, 2010)

This sounds like a really interesting book.
(Arantza Cazalis 8:45pm May 6, 2010)

The book sounds like fun. It is intriguing and has humor. Just the kind of story to forget you have a bad day.
(Kai Wong 8:51pm May 6, 2010)

The books sounds amusing, I would love to read it!
(Brenda Rupp 9:11pm May 6, 2010)

You mentioned that you found the ad before you knew you wanted to be a writer. Why did you write it down? It sounds like you had the makings for a writer before you knew you wanted it. :-)
(V Scott 9:31pm May 6, 2010)

Your excerpt hooked me. I will definitely read "Rumor Has It'. I need to know what happens.
(Rosemary Krejsa 10:34pm May 6, 2010)

This sounds like a great book, I love reading about small town life!
(Jennifer Stevens 10:48pm May 6, 2010)

Sounds like a fun read. I have lived in
small town most of my life, do now. It
is so true that little goes unnoticed.
That has its advantages, but also its
drawbacks. Rumors do get started
and for some unknown reason are
really hard to stop.
Good luck with the release of the
Cute cover.
(Patricia Barraclough 11:46pm May 6, 2010)

What a great idea to base a
story on - an ad!
(S Tieh 4:59am May 7, 2010)

Sounds like a lot of fun. I want to check it out.
(Shannon Scott 11:17am May 7, 2010)

Would love to win!
(Paula Carlson 12:59pm May 7, 2010)

I can't wait to read this. Sounds like fun.
(Dorothy Swingle 7:08pm May 7, 2010)

Sounds really great!
(Judy Brittle 7:28pm May 7, 2010)

Sounds really good!
(Nancy Bird 11:54pm May 7, 2010)

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