June 28th, 2017
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Weddings and Homicides, June Top Reads

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This hard-bodied football star is used to scoring.

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Take the shot…or take a chance?

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A young widow dares to love again in the heartwarming conclusion of the Ardent Springs series.

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“Unforgettable characters and a high-octane plot …” —Publishers Weekly STARRED REVIEW

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In Summer Dance, bestselling author Nan Rossiter brings together characters from her acclaimed novel Nantucket in a powerful, heartwarming love story that bridges past and present.


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by Rachel Vincent
"Can Delilah survive a second captivity?"
Posted June 23, 2017

Metzger's Menagerie is no longer run by the vicious humans enslaving the cryptids. Instead, Delilah and the other cryptids are now running their own traveling carnival, hiding right in front of human eyes. They are determined to find and save other cryptids still held in captivity but unfortunately their Read more...

by Simon R. Green
"Is this the end for Eddie Drood?"
Posted June 20, 2017

Eddie Drood is running out of time. He's been poisoned by Dr. DOA and his torc is barely keeping him alive. With Molly Metcalf by his side, Eddie hopes to escape the alternate world he's been stranded on and find Dr. DOA before he kills any others. Eddie Read more...

Race Against Time
by Sharon Sala
"Can Quinn stay safe when a human trafficking ring is after her?"
Posted June 19, 2017

When Quinn O'Meara sees the fire burning in the Nevada desert, her conscience won't let her keep riding without checking to see if someone needs help. To her horror, she discovers a car burning and a toddler nearby. Quinn rescues the toddler only to find herself in need Read more...

Shark Island
by Chris Jameson
"Will anyone survive when the sharks attack?"
Posted June 19, 2017

Naomi Cardiff never feared the water but a casual outing with her girlfriend changes everything. She only wanted to take pictures of the seals in the area but the seals have drawn the attention of sharks as well and a fun outing soon turns into a fight for her life Read more...

New York, Actually
by Sarah Morgan
"They are determined not to fall in love..."
Posted June 14, 2017

It's taken Molly three years to rebuild her life and she's determined that the only man in it will be her beloved dog, Valentine. Her Ask a Girl blog has led to a book deal and she's happy giving advice to others on love from the comfort Read more...

Noah's Wife
by Lindsay Starck
"And the rain continues..."
Posted June 14, 2017

No one can remember a time when it wasn't raining in the town. Little by little, the town has been shrinking in size as people leave and never come back. A small, hardy group remains. It's to this town that Noah, a successful assistant minister in the city Read more...

Not a Sound
by Heather Gudenkauf
"Can Amelia and her hearing dog uncover a murderer?"
Posted June 13, 2017

Two years ago, Amelia Winn's life was changed when a car hit her as she was escorting a patient to her car. Amelia is working to rebuild her life again after losing her hearing, her job, and eventually her marriage. However, she finds herself smack in the middle of Read more...

The Insurrectionist
by Herb Karl
"Was John Brown a hero or fanatic?"
Posted June 5, 2017

What events led to the armed insurrection at Harpers Ferry, Virginia, in 1859? Abolitionist John Brown led a slave revolt in an effort to change the course of the nation and show others the evils of slavery. Herb Karl offers readers a fictionalized historical account that may offer readers some Read more...

The Darkest Corners
by Kara Thomas
"Dark thriller full of unexpected twists and turns"
Posted May 28, 2017

Tessa Lowell didn't want to return to Fayette, Pennsylvania, but the imminent death of her father has her flying back to a place she hasn't seen since she was nine years old. Tessa's final memories of Fayette are not pleasant, as she and her childhood best friend Read more...

War and Peach
by Susan Furlong
"Murder and gossip collide in a small Georgia town"
Posted May 17, 2017

Tensions are high in Cays Mill over the upcoming mayoral election. Margie Price, a small business owner, is running against peach farmer, Clem Rogers. Clem is rumored to have some juicy gossip on Margie that will change the entire course of the election. However, he's murdered before he has Read more...

The Jekyll Revelation
by Robert Masello
"What a stunning tale of horror"
Posted May 17, 2017

Sick from tuberculosis, Robert Louis Stevenson desires a cure and has sought out various treatments across the world in hopes of finding one. Dr. Rüedi at the Hotel Belvedere offers one, but at what cost? Meanwhile, Rafael "Rafe" Salazar is tracking coyotes with radio collars when he stumbles upon Read more...

The Turn
by Kim Harrison
"It seemed like the perfect virus...."
Posted May 17, 2017

Felecia "Trisk" Cambri is determined to continue her work as a geneticist rather than falling back on the security work normally pursued by her people. As a dark elf, Trisk has experienced her share of discrimination and none so much as by fellow graduate Trenton "Kal" Kalamack. Unfortunately, things are Read more...

A Death at the Yoga Café
by Michelle Kelly
"Charming combination of murder, yoga, and yummy recipes"
Posted May 17, 2017

Returning to her childhood home and opening a yoga center was supposed to be relaxing for Keeley Carpenter. Instead, she finds herself embroiled in her second murder investigation despite her boyfriend, Constable Ben Taylor's, objections. Her high school nemesis, Raquel Philips, is the primary suspect in the murder investigation Read more...

Etched in Bone
by Anne Bishop
"One human may put everything at stake..."
Posted May 17, 2017

The Lakeside Courtyard serves as a model for interactions between humans and terra indigene (also called the Others). Simon Wolfgard is the leader of this diverse group of individuals, as he seeks a balance between the various kinds of terra indigene and the newly formed human pack within his boundaries Read more...

A Darkness Absolute
by Kelley Armstrong
"No one is what they appear to be in Rockton...."
Posted May 15, 2017

The town of Rockton stays out of sight, a tiny enclave hidden in the forest where those who need to hide can remain safe from prying eyes. Casey Duncan has found an unexpected home in Rockton (see CITY OF THE LOST Read more...

No Farm, No Foul
by Peg Cochran
"Who murdered the rector's wife?"
Posted May 15, 2017

No one expected the fundraiser to lead to murder! Shelby McDonald hosted the St. Andrews fundraiser on her farm as the church hoped to raise funds for the roof of the church. Instead, the newly appointed rector's wife was found dead, murdered, in Shelby's mudroom. Shelby already has Read more...

The Seventh Plague
by James Rollins
"Has an ancient plague returned?"
Posted May 15, 2017

Professor Harold McCabe wanted to prove his theory that the twelve plagues of Egypt listed in the Bible were real and not part of a myth or allegory. Instead, he and his entire research team disappeared two years ago. Now, Professor McCabe has been found but he quickly passed away Read more...

Little Heaven
by Nick Cutter
"Darkness lurks in LITTLE HEAVEN"
Posted May 15, 2017

Three mercenaries meet and an uneasy alliance is formed. Micah Shughrue, Minerva Atwater, and Ebenezer Elkins agree to help Ellen Bellhaven find her nephew in the mysterious little forest enclave known as LITTLE HEAVEN. Ellen's nephew, Nate, and his father are residing with a religious cult and Ellen wants Read more...

Kneaded to Death
by Winnie Archer
"What secrets lurk in Santa Sofia?"
Posted May 15, 2017

Ivy Culpepper hadn't intended to return to her hometown of Santa Sofia, but the unexpected death of her mother in a hit and run accident has brought her back to help her dad deal with the aftermath. A local bread shop, Yeast of Eden, offers Ivy some solace as Read more...

Death at First Sight
by Lena Gregory
"No one likes Marge, but who disliked her enough to kill her?"
Posted May 15, 2017

Cass Donovan generally loves working in her shop and giving psychic reading to her clients. However, she knows that the disturbing darkness she sees during Ellie Callahan's psychic reading is an ominous sign. But how can she warn Ellie when all she sees is a dark shadow? Soon afterwards Read more...

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