March 25th, 2019
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Can a Bear and a Wolf save a city?

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When hope runs out, sometimes fate sends a hero.

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Can they get off the mountain alive?

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Three couples, one question: Will they chose love or money?

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With so many secrets to unravel, will Lance and Morgan find him before it’s too late?


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Circle of the Moon
by Faith Hunter
"The fourth book delights in this top-notch urban fantasy series!"
Posted March 21, 2019

PsyLED Unit Eighteen Senior Agent Rick LaFleur has a problem and it is going to take the whole team to solve it. He's woken up naked near a magical working with no clue as to how he arrived there. Worse yet, he's been antsy lately as his wereleopard Read more...

Murder in an Irish Pub
by Carlene O'Connor
"Was it murder or suicide?"
Posted March 17, 2019

The village of Kilbane in County Cork, Ireland, is excited to host the International Poker Tournament, particularly since the timing coincides with their annual Arts and Music Festival. The whole town is eager to meet the top three card sharks, Eamon "The Octopus" Foley, Shane Ross, and Clementine Hart. Siobh Read more...

The Secret of the Irish Castle
by Santa Montefiore
"The thrilling saga concludes...."
Posted March 17, 2019

THE SECRET OF THE IRISH CASTLE picks up right where the prior book, THE DAUGHTERS OF IRELAND, ended. Bridie Doyle, now the Countess di Marcantonio, has bought the Deverill's ancestral home and Kitty Deverill Trench Read more...

One Feta in the Grave
by Tina Kashian
"To know Archie is to want him dead...."
Posted March 7, 2019

Summer is coming to an end in Ocean Crest, but the final festival of summer is in full swing. The festival kicks off with a sand sculpture contest, but the judging leads to some fireworks between local businessman Archie Kincaid and Katie Watson, Lucy Berberian's best friend. Unfortunately, Archie Read more...

Wild Country
by Anne Bishop
"The WILD COUNTRY can be deadly...."
Posted February 28, 2019

Jana Paniccia has always wanted to be a cop. She studied hard, dealt with harassment over her gender in the police academy, and was the only woman who graduated... only to have difficulty getting any sort of job offer. The opportunity to work in Bennett is one she can't Read more...

Stabbed in the Baklava
by Tina Kashian
"Catering can be deadly..."
Posted February 18, 2019

Lucy Berberian is both thrilled and nervous when she lands her first catering job as owner of her family's Mediterranean restaurant, Kebab Kitchen. Scarlet Westwood is a wealthy socialite, and her fiancé has raved about the food from Kebab Kitchen in the past so Scarlet wants her wedding catered Read more...

Watcher in the Woods
by Kelley Armstrong
"Who is hiding a secret that would justify killing a US Marshal?"
Posted February 15, 2019

Detective Casey Duncan needs her sister's help. April, her sister, is a neuroscientist who consults on neurosurgery and Casey knows that Rockton needs her help if one of their own is to survive. Unfortunately, that's not the only issue that Casey and the sheriff, Eric Dalton, are facing Read more...

Desperate Girls
by Laura Griffin
"Can Brynn stay safe when a convicted killer is on the loose?"
Posted February 15, 2019

Defense attorney Brynn Holloran's mind is focused on the upcoming trial of one of her cases when some disturbing news hits the media. James Corby, a convicted murderer she once helped prosecute, has escaped from a maximum-security prison. Worse yet, he seems determined to seek revenge on everyone Read more...

Murders and Metaphors
by Amanda Flower
"Who knew a book signing could be deadly?"
Posted February 15, 2019

Violet Waverly and her Grandma Daisy are coordinating a book signing at Morton Vineyards. Violet isn't exactly thrilled with the location, as she once dated the owner's son, Nathan. However, Charming Books is featuring the book of sommelier Belinda Perkins, and the sales look to be robust. Unfortunately Read more...

No Good Tea Goes Unpunished
by Bree Baker
"It was truly a wedding to die for...."
Posted February 13, 2019

Weddings never go quite as planned, but Everly Swan wanted to pull off the perfect wedding for her childhood friend, Judy Miller. Not only would she be helping a friend, but it would be great publicity for Sun, Sand, and Tea, her seaside café and iced tea shop. Unfortunately, the Read more...

Death by Committee
by Alexis Morgan
"Fun start to a new cozy series!"
Posted February 13, 2019

Abby McCree isn't sure what she plans to do with her life after divorce, but the unexpected death of her Aunt Sybil has drawn her to Snowberry Creek. Abby quickly finds herself roped into duties as a landlord and chairing various committees that were previously the responsibility of her Read more...

This Fallen Prey
by Kelley Armstrong
"Will Oliver Brady's arrival in Rockton destroy everything?"
Posted February 13, 2019

Oliver Brady is dumped on the residents of Rockton with only an ominous letter regarding his crimes. Detective Casey Duncan and Sheriff Eric Dalton know immediately they have a problem that could ruin the sometimes uneasy peace in Rockton. How will they keep Oliver Brady imprisoned without upsetting the rest Read more...

Connections in Death
by J.D. Robb
"Can Eve and the NYPD take on two gangs and win?"
Posted February 1, 2019

Lyle Pickering had beaten the odds. He's served time in prison, left his gang, stopped using illegal drugs, and is now living with his sister, Dr. Rochelle Pickering while working as a cook at a nearby restaurant. Meanwhile, Roarke wants to hire Rochelle as the head therapist at An Read more...

by James Rollins
"A heart-stopping thriller in the long-running Sigma Force series..."
Posted February 1, 2019

Commander Grayson Pierce returns from a night out with his best friend, Monk Kokkalis, to a nightmare. His home has been attacked, Monk's wife, Kat, has been seriously injured, and Seichan and Monk's two young children are missing. Meanwhile, Maria Silviera has made some advances in artificial intelligence Read more...

Live and Let Pie
by Ellie Alexander
"Some secrets just won't stay buried...."
Posted January 19, 2019

Jules Capshaw and the rest of the staff at Torte are gearing up to reveal the successful conclusion of their beautiful renovation and expansion of the bakeshop. The town of Ashland is in need of some good news as many of the local employees are up in arms over the Read more...

Prisoner of Night
by J.R. Ward
"Will Ahmare's quest to rescue her brother cost her everything?"
Posted January 13, 2019

Duran has been imprisoned and tortured by Chalen the Conqueror for just over twenty-one years and only his determination to kill his father as revenge has kept him going. Meanwhile, Ahmare wants to rescue her brother from the clutches of Chalen, who abducted him a few days earlier due Read more...

Spartan Promise
by Jennifer Estep
"Can Team Midgard stop the Reapers?"
Posted January 9, 2019

Rory Forseti lost almost everything to the Reapers, so joining Team Midgard has given her a renewed sense of purpose. Team Midgard is on high alert after the theft of the artifact that allows the Reapers to summon chimeras was stolen by Covington, the Reaper who killed Rory's parents Read more...

Final Shadows
by Kay Hooper
"A stunning thriller -- can the war on psychics be won?"
Posted January 2, 2019

The war against psychics is heating up. Noah Bishop and his wife, Miranda, have organized within the FBI but even that hasn't been enough to stop the growing number of abductions of psychics. Worse yet, news has reached them that a breeding program has been implemented and irreparable harm Read more...

In Cold Chocolate
by Dorothy St. James
"Everyone wants this chocolate shop owner dead..."
Posted December 20, 2018

Charity Penn is settling into the small town of Camellia Beach where she recently inherited a boutique chocolate shop called the Chocolate Box. She's excited to join her new best friend and the rest of the turtle watch team to observe the egg hatchings when gunshots disrupt the night Read more...

The Darling Dahlias and the Poinsettia Puzzle
by Susan Wittig Albert
"Charming slice of life mystery"
Posted December 18, 2018

THE DARLING DAHLIAS AND THE POINSETTA PUZZLE takes us on a leisurely tour of Christmas in Darling and the various intrigues that are going on in town. The mystery from the prior book, THE DARLING DAHLIAS AND THE UNLUCKY CLOVER, is back in the spotlight as new evidence has Sheriff Read more...

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