September 18th, 2018
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She is the only woman worth fighting - or dying - for...

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Being irresistible isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

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After unspeakable torment, he's back to claim his bride

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Morgan Dane’s new client has blood on her hands

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With intelligence and wit, Kathy Lyons revolutionizes shifter romance

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Another secret is revealed in Roseville...


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Wild Hunger
by Chloe Neill
"Who wants to sabotage the vampire peace talks?"
Posted September 13, 2018

Elisa Sullivan and Connor Keene have fought since they were merely children. Elisa has been training in Paris for four years before returning home to Chicago for peace talks. The four Chicago vampire houses are hosting peace talks in an effort to stop the ongoing warring occurring overseas between Western Read more...

The Wild Dead
by Carrie Vaughn
"The search for truth may have unexpected answers..."
Posted August 11, 2018

Civilization as we know it has collapsed, leaving behind remnants of the knowledge once possessed. Various towns have rebuilt and imposed various controls on their population and use of resources in order to prevent another collapse. The rules must be upheld, and investigators, always clothed in a distinctive brown uniform Read more...

Magic Triumphs
by Ilona Andrews
"The battle has finally arrived... will Kate and Curran survive?"
Posted August 10, 2018

Kate Daniels is focused on her life as a wife, mother, and small business owner. Unfortunately, her position as In-Shinar, the Blood Blade of Atlanta, makes her a target and now someone is testing her claim over Atlanta. Is her father, Roland, behind the growing number of horrific and Read more...

Clairvoyant and Present Danger
by Lena Gregory
"Who is the ghost giving Cass nightmares?"
Posted August 5, 2018

Cass Donovan is having nightmares every time she dozes off. The nightmare is always the same, featuring a ghostly woman asking for help. Meanwhile, a new Mystical Musings client has her uneasy even as she feels obligated to provide him with a psychic reading. Worse yet, her dog finds a Read more...

Death on the Menu
by Lucy Burdette
"There's bound to be trouble with DEATH ON THE MENU...."
Posted August 5, 2018

Hayley Snow's mom has scored a big win for her catering company. An upcoming event focused on improving relations between Key West and Havana is taking place at Key West's Truman Little White House and Hayley is assisting her mom with the catering duties. Unfortunately, the political tension Read more...

In Shadows
by Sharon Sala
"Can Jack keep Shelly safe by playing dead?"
Posted August 2, 2018

Federal Agent Jack McCann hopes to wrap up his latest, and hopefully last, undercover assignment soon so he can return home to his wife, Shelly. His current assignment has been going on for months and involves a major weapon smuggling operation. Unfortunately, the bust doesn't go as planned and Read more...

A Reel Catch
by Lorraine Bartlett
"Will a dead body mean more trouble for Tori, Kathy, and Anissa?"
Posted July 21, 2018

Kathy Grant is preparing to open up the Swan's Nest by clearing out some of the brush in the lawn with the assistance of her best friend, Tori Cannon. Unfortunately, they find more than just a debris as a dead body is in the marshy area of the property Read more...

Baby Teeth
by Zoje Stage
"What happens when a child turns violent?"
Posted July 21, 2018

On the surface, Alex, Suzette, and Hanna are the perfect family. However, something sinister lurks beneath the surface of their seemingly perfect home. Suzette knows something is wrong with their seven-year-old daughter, Hanna, but will Alex accept it? Or will he blame Suzette for failing to parent Hanna Read more...

The Pharaoh Key
by Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child
"Will Gideon's last mission be a deadly one?"
Posted July 12, 2018

Eli Glinn has shut down Effective Engineering Solutions (EES) with no warning, leaving Gideon Crew at loose ends as to what to do with the remaining months he has left to live. Manuel Garza, one of Gideon's EES coworkers and the former right-hand man of Eli, is embittered Read more...

A Soufflé of Suspicion
by Daryl Wood Gerber
"A delectable culinary cozy mystery!"
Posted July 12, 2018

Mimi Rousseau and her staff at both the Bistro Rousseau and Maison Rousseau are swamped with business. Not only is it Crush Week featuring the pressing of the grapes at all the local wineries, but Mimi is also hosting the Sweet Treats Festival. Chef Camille's (aka Chef C) sister Read more...

How to Keep a Secret
by Sarah Morgan
"Emotional and heart-wrenching tale of secrets and the power of love"
Posted July 10, 2018

Secrets are at the core of HOW TO KEEP A SECRET and the Stewart family is awash in secrets, from long-standing ones to more recent secrets. Nancy, her two adult daughters Jenna and Lauren, and Lauren's daughter Mackenzie (aka "Mack") have all bottled up secrets that are now Read more...

Murder Girl
by Lisa Renee Jones
"Who can Lilah Love trust?"
Posted July 8, 2018

MURDER GIRL picks up right where the cliffhanger ending of MURDER NOTES left us. Agent Lilah Love is following a trail of dead bodies, ones she believes are from an assassin rather than the prevailing theory of a serial killer. A mysterious tattoo is Lilah's main clue, and she Read more...

Hide and Sneak
by G.A. McKevett
"A celebrity, a missing mother and child, and a dead nanny- can Savannah solve the case?"
Posted July 7, 2018

Savannah is enjoying her role being Auntie Savannah to her niece, Vanna Rose, when a new case hits too close to home. Actor Ethan Malloy hires Savannah and the Midnight Magnolia Detective Agency to locate his missing wife, child, and nanny. Unfortunately, the nanny is soon found dead and Savannah Read more...

Murder Notes
by Lisa Renee Jones
"The past is never truly forgotten...."
Posted July 7, 2018

Agent Lilah Love has worked hard to forget her past, walking away from her family and a man she loved after one night took a disastrous turn. She's now a profiler for the FBI, but a series of assassination-style murders is sending her back to her hometown, and Read more...

Smoke and Iron
by Rachel Caine
"The rebellion is starting..."
Posted July 6, 2018

SMOKE AND IRON is the fourth book in Rachel Caine's The Great Library series and picks up right where the last book ended. Jess Brightwell and Dario Santiago have concocted a plan that they hope Read more...

Marinating in Murder
by Linda Wiken
"Murder wasn't supposed to be on the menu..."
Posted July 5, 2018

Every month the Culinary Capers' group alternates hosting a themed dinner. Allison Manovich is the host this month and suggested a picnic as a lovely idea for their meeting. Unfortunately, she didn't expect to find the dead body of her estranged husband in the back of her SUV. Now Read more...

Lady Henterman's Wardrobe
by Marshall Ryan Maresca
"What secrets lurk in LADY HENTERMAN'S WARDROBE?"
Posted July 5, 2018

Asti and Verci Rynax are following the money trail to figure out who was behind the fire that destroyed their homes and businesses (see THE HOLVER ALLEY CREW for more details). Their trail leads them first to the office of Colevar and Associates and later to the home of Lord Read more...

A Deadly Éclair
by Daryl Wood Gerber
"Delectable start to a new series!"
Posted July 3, 2018

Mimi Rousseau is grateful to Bryan Baker, an entrepreneur who has funded her dream of opening a French bistro and inn and become a father figure to her. She's excited about the inn's first wedding, even more so as it features a celebrity talk show host. Unfortunately, family Read more...

Jurassic, Florida (Hunter Shea: One Size Eats All)
by Hunter Shea
"Giant iguanas and a hurricane attack a small Florida town!"
Posted June 28, 2018

Many of the residents of Polo Springs, Florida, are annoyed by the small green iguanas that are seemingly overrunning their town. Some of the residents have even started to question why the iguanas seem so prolific this year. However, with a hurricane approaching, no one has thought to question: if Read more...

Stray Magic
by Kelly Meding
"Action-packed urban fantasy at its finest!"
Posted June 28, 2018

The life of a US Marshal in the Paranormal Investigations Unit can be exhausting, so Shiloh Harrison is hoping for a break and some quality downtime with her current boyfriend, Vincent Ortiz. Shiloh hasn't shared her deepest secrets with Vincent, such as she's half-djinn and her unit Read more...

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