March 17th, 2018
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March gives us books to "roar" over

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Theodosia Browning investigates a Charleston steeped in tradition and treachery

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How far would you go to get justice for the one you love?

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The trick is to marry for love—a task easier said than done!

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They are part of an elite unit. On task. Off grid.

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True love deserves a second chance . . . .

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Shocking evidence hits close to home...


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The Secret Life of Mrs. London
by Rebecca Rosenberg
"Who was Jack London's second wife?"
Posted February 27, 2018

I started reading THE SECRET LIFE OF MRS. LONDON with no knowledge of the real-life characters other than Jack London wrote THE CALL OF THE WILD and Harry Houdini performed magic. One of my favorite English literature teachers taught me to love learning about the authors behind their great Read more...

The Lost Plot
by Genevieve Cogman
"The future of the Library is at stake!"
Posted February 21, 2018

The neutrality of the Library is at stake as Librarians Irene and Kai find themselves smack in the midst of things. The Queen of the Southern Lands is forced to quickly find a suitable dragon to replace her deceased Minister and her challenge for the candidates has the potential to Read more...

Dark in Death
by J.D. Robb
"Is someone committing murder by the books?"
Posted January 30, 2018

The iconic shower scene in the movie Psycho sends shivers down the spines of most viewers, but now it's been used as a cover for murder. A young actress is killed while viewing the classic movie with a friend and Lieutenant Eve Dallas is determined to find the murderer Read more...

The Wife Between Us
by Sarah Pekkanen, Greer Hendricks
"Nothing is as it seems...."
Posted January 28, 2018

THE WIFE BETWEEN US is hard to describe without giving massive spoilers. We have potentially unreliable narrators describing both the end and the beginning of marriage to one man, Richard. The point of view switches between the female characters, all offering their perspective on Richard and the dissolution of one Read more...

The Hunt
by Chloe Neill
"Urban fantasy with an emotional punch"
Posted January 28, 2018

THE HUNT is the third book in the Devil's Isle series and is best the appreciated in the context of the series as a whole as it picks up shortly after the conclusion of THE SIGHT. The Read more...

Sowed to Death
by Peg Cochran
"Who killed Zeke at the county fair?"
Posted January 28, 2018

Shelby McDonald has her hands full running the Love Blossom Farm but she's excited about the annual county fair. She's entering some of her homemade jams and jellies into the county fair's contest while her son, Billy, is in a riding competition. Unfortunately, not all of the Read more...

Dragon Teeth
by Michael Crichton
"The race for dinosaur fossils can be deadly...."
Posted January 28, 2018

DRAGON TEETH takes us back to the old west in the early days of the field of paleontology. Two men, Professor Othniel Marsh and Edwin Drinker Cope, are engaged in a race to discover the newest and largest number of dinosaur fossils. William Johnson, the son of a prominent Philadelphia Read more...

A Frying Shame
by Linda Reilly
"A cooking competition turns deadly...."
Posted January 28, 2018

Talia Marby is nervous about the upcoming cooking contest coming to town, but the reward money plus the urging of her friend, Crystal Galardi, motivate her to participate. Talia is the owner and proprietor of Fry Me a Sliver, a local Wrensdale eatery specializing in fried foods, and she hopes Read more...

The End of the World Running Club
by Adrian J. Walker
"The only option is to run...."
Posted January 28, 2018

Edgar "Ed" Hill is just going through the motions of his drudgery of a life, drinking too heavily and doing little to help his wife, Beth, care for their kids. The morning the asteroids strike the United Kingdom, he awakes with a hangover and tries to turn on the tv Read more...

The Junkyard Cowboy
by Christie Craig
"A hired killer is determined to kill her...."
Posted January 28, 2018

Jennifer Peterson needs a man, and she's got a list of the kind of man who will qualify. Researching statistics on divorce rates and cheating, she's discovered the various traits and careers that should give her exactly the kind of loving, faithful man she wants. Unfortunately, Clay Connors Read more...

The Librarians and the Mother Goose Chase
by Greg Cox
"Will Humpty Dumpty get put back together again?"
Posted January 28, 2018

Guardian Colonel Eve Baird and the Librarians, Jake Stone, Ezekiel Jones, and Cassandra Cillian are facing their oddest situation yet. The Clipping Books have sent them off in various directions where unusual events are occurring, all of them seemingly related to the Mother Goose fairytales. Meanwhile, Librarian Flynn Carson is Read more...

by Frank Peretti, Angela Hunt, Alton Gansky
"Supernatural tales from a Christian perspective"
Posted January 28, 2018

INVITATION is the first cycle in The Harbingers series as Frank Peretti, Bill Myers, Angela Hunt, and Alton Gansky introduce us to a group of unlikely friends. INVITATION contains four episodes, each one narrated from a different character's perspective. INVITATION opens with Bill Myers' "The Call", where Read more...

The Cottingley Secret
by Hazel Gaynor
"Magical tale of fairies, love, and self-discovery"
Posted January 28, 2018

Olivia Kavanaugh is at a turning point in her life. Her grandfather has died, leaving her his bookstore, Something Old, along with an old memoir. The memoir dates back to 1917 and tells the story of two young girls, Frances Griffiths and Elsie Wright, who allegedly photographed fairies in their Read more...

The Imposters of Aventil
by Marshall Ryan Maresca
"Which Thorn is the real one?"
Posted January 28, 2018

The University of Maradaine is bustling with activity as the Grand Tournament of High Colleges is in progress and visiting university students are flooding the campus. Unfortunately, that also means there is ample opportunity for the drug, effitte, to be sold on campus- and someone is taking full advantage of Read more...

Moonlight Over Manhattan
by Sarah Morgan
"Heart-warming Christmas story"
Posted January 28, 2018

Harriet Knight's sister, Fliss, has protected her throughout her life but Harriet is ready to step out on her own and face her fears. Little did she know it would involve climbing out of the ladies' bathroom window after a blind date goes wrong, forcing her to end up Read more...

The Four Legendary Kingdoms
by Matthew Reilly
"Can Jack defy the odds and beat the Great Games?"
Posted January 28, 2018

The last thing Jack West, Jr. remembers is arriving at a top secret Australian military base. He wakes up to find himself shoeless, in the dark, with a minotaur attacking him. Because of his status as the fifth greatest warrior of ancient prophecy, Jack has been kidnapped and is now Read more...

Occult and Battery
by Lena Gregory
"Can Cass salvage her reputation and the murder mystery weekend?"
Posted January 28, 2018

Winter weather is discouraging the tourists, so Cass Donovan needs to devise another way to earn income to keep her store, Mystical Musings, afloat. Cass carefully observes people, a skill she utilized regularly in her psychiatric practice, and those skills aid her in providing psychic readings for others. She can Read more...

The Devil's Colony
by Bill Schweigart
"Are the dangers human or cryptid?"
Posted January 28, 2018

Richard Severance has dedicated his life to hunting for cryptids. Recent events have led him to form a team consisting of Lindsay Clark, Ben McKelvie, and Davis Holland. Unfortunately, Severance has learned his old friend and former mentor, Henry Drexler, has seemingly embraced his family's Nazi history and is Read more...

Irish Stewed
by Kylie Logan
"Tasty start to a new cozy mystery series!"
Posted January 28, 2018

Laurel Inwood expected something more from her adoptive aunt's restaurant. Instead of the linen tablecloths and soft lighting, Terminal at the Tracks is dumpy, dusty, and bedraggled. Unfortunately, Laurel promised Sophie Charnowski that she would help her while Sophie recuperates from knee replacement surgery. Terminal on the Tracks isn Read more...

Year One
by Nora Roberts
"The end of the world starts with the death of a pheasant...."
Posted December 24, 2017

The end of the world as we know it starts with the death of a pheasant. Ross MacLeod and his family enjoy their annual holiday trip to Scotland, not realizing that the hunting death of the pheasant is about to trigger a cataclysmic plague that will destroy most of the Read more...

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