September 18th, 2019
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A deadly poisoning, a stolen painting and a criminal mastermind challenge the skills of Sharpe and Donovan

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Opposites attract in this gilded age historical romance when a young American suffragette eschews marriage until a handsome detective is hired to protect her from a dangerous stalker.

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The CDC’s Outbreak Task Force director is on the hunt for a killer–she doesn't need the distraction of her bodyguard!

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When missing turns to murdered, one woman's search for answers will take her to a place she never wanted to go…

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Where do you go when you're at the end of your rope?

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The men of BOLO Consultants uncover a dangerous enemy in the City of Sin.


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Sword and Pen
by Rachel Caine
"Phenomenal conclusion to a must-read series for all steampunk fans!"
Posted September 17, 2019

SWORD AND PEN is the fifth and concluding book in The Great Library series. Rachel Caine picks up the story line right after the startling and quite emotional events of SMOKE AND IRONRead more...

Before She Was Found
by Heather Gudenkauf
"What happened to Cora in the train yard?"
Posted September 1, 2019

Three twelve-year-old girls went to a train yard late one night. Unfortunately, one girl, Cora Landry, emerges on a stretcher with numerous injuries. Violet Crow is covered in Cora’s blood and keeps insisting that an urban legend caused Cora’s injuries, while Jordyn Petit Read more...

Cliff Hanger
by Mary Feliz
"Did someone purposely kill the ultralight pilot?"
Posted September 1, 2019

It seemed like the perfect mix of vacation and work for Maggie McDonald. Maggie’s best friend, Tess Olmos, recommended Maggie’s professional organizer services to Tess’ cousin, Renée Alvarez, for help with organizing a property management company on the beautiful coast of the Read more...

And Then They Were Doomed
by Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli
"Will Zoe survive a gathering of Agatha Christie experts?"
Posted August 29, 2019

Black edged envelopes always signal death in Zoe Zola’s world. Zoe doesn’t want to open it and remember the past. However, her neighbor, Jenny Weston opens it and instead of a death notice, there’s an invitation to a gathering of experts on Agatha Read more...

Total Control
by Laura Griffin
"A terrorist is on American soil... can he be found and stopped?"
Posted August 29, 2019

Navy SEAL Jake Heath is not used to failure. He’s interested in FBI Agent Alexa “Lexie” Mays but she’s ignored all of his calls until he walks into O’Malley’s after an op and sees her waiting on him. Lexie Read more...

Vendetta in Death
by J.D. Robb
"Can Eve stop Lady Justice before more men die?"
Posted August 29, 2019

A serial killer calling herself Lady Justice is on a mission. She’s targeting men she’s identified as abusers or betrayers, bringing vicious ends to their lives. Lieutenant Eve Dallas always stands for the victims of homicide as she delivers her own sense of justice by Read more...

Jealousy Filled Donuts
by Ginger Bolton
"Donuts can be deadly...."
Posted August 26, 2019

The Fallingbrook Fabulous Fourth Festivities have a rocky start when the queen for the royal court in the parade doesn’t make a timely appearance, and once she arrives immediately berates and belittles others. Taylor Wishbard may be crowned a queen but her behavior towards others is rude Read more...

Death by Jack-o'-Lantern
by Alexis Morgan
"Nobody liked the pumpkin farmer... but who hated him enough to kill him?"
Posted August 26, 2019

Abby McCree has been the committee queen since moving to Snowberry Creek a few months ago. She’s trying to downsize her involvement, but her neighbor, Tripp Blackston, has volunteered her for yet another one, this time as a fundraiser for a veterans’ group. Meanwhile, Abby has Read more...

Haunted House Murder
by Leslie Meier, Lee Hollis, Barbara Ross
"Haunted Houses can be murder..."
Posted August 26, 2019

Anthologies are great to get a taste of different authors, and what better topic for one than haunted houses? Leslie Meier, Lee Hollis, and Barbara Ross offer up samplings from their various series to entice readers, each offering their own spin on the haunted house theme. I’ve Read more...

A Bias for Murder
by Sally Goldenbaum
"The Crestwood Quilters are out to catch another murderer...."
Posted August 22, 2019

The town of Crestwood is reeling over the death of Oliver “Ollie” Harrington. Unfortunately, Ollie’s death also leaves quite a few people claiming he had made promises to them over the years regarding the disbursement of his estate and wealth. Meanwhile, Ollie’s twin Read more...

Murder at the PTA
by Lee Hollis
"Sharing Dirty Laundry can be deadly...."
Posted August 22, 2019

PTA President Sandra Wallage is delivering her first major speech to the South Portland High School PTA when the local gossip website, Dirty Laundry, posts a new scandalous headline. This headline makes allegations about Sandra’s husband, a current United States Senator. Meanwhile, private investigator, Maya Kendrick, tracks Read more...

Sapphire Flames
by Ilona Andrews
"Can House Baylor survive when the moratorium runs out?"
Posted August 22, 2019

Time is running out on the moratorium against attacking the newly formed House Baylor. As Head of Household and Prime, Catalina Baylor has her hands full just trying to keep their investigation agency financially afloat. However, she’s not about to turn down Prime Augustine Montgomery’s Read more...

The Passengers
by John Marrs
"It all starts with a car ride...."
Posted August 15, 2019

Driverless vehicles sound like a dream come true. They cut down on traffic and accidents while allowing drivers to be passengers, where they can focus on other tasks rather than driving. However, one morning everything changes when eight cars no longer follow the dictates of their passengers. Someone has Read more...

Mrs. Morris and the Ghost
by Traci Wilton
"Intriguing paranormal cozy"
Posted August 12, 2019

Charlene Morris is excited about her move to Salem where she intends to open a bed and breakfast. Chicago is full of memories of her husband’s tragic death, as well as the overpowering, albeit the well-meaning, presence of her parents. She has a practical business plan Read more...

The Book Charmer
by Karen Hawkins
"There's a little drop of magic in everything in Dove Pond"
Posted August 1, 2019

Grace Wheeler’s life changed the day she met Mrs. Giano. Mama G, as Mrs. Giano insists on being called, took Grace and her sister Hannah, into her foster home. For the first time Grace finally had a home. Years later, Mama G is still Grace’s Read more...

Guilty as Charred
by Devon Delaney
"Who killed Poppy?"
Posted July 30, 2019

Sherry Oliveri is excited to return home after her latest cook-off victory in Florida. Unfortunately, her appearance on a local radio show to discuss her victory is overshadowed by the death of a local woman, Poppy Robinson. Poppy and Sherry had a common interest- the town’s Read more...

And Then There Were Crumbs
by Eve Calder
"Will a murder shut the Cookie House down forever?"
Posted July 30, 2019

Kate McGuire desperately needs a job and a place to stay. Coral Cay was supposed to be the location for her honeymoon, but Kate dumped her cheating fiancé and left New York to make a new life in her dream location. Unfortunately, finding a job hasn’t Read more...

Needled to Death
by Annelise Ryan
"Was Toby's death murder or suicide?"
Posted July 30, 2019

Hospital Social Worker Clothilde “Hildy” Schneider runs a grief support group as part of her job. A new participant arrives and upends the group with her proclamation that her son died two weeks ago and that she wants the help of the group to find his killer Read more...

Knot on Her Life
by Mary Marks
"Can Martha Rose solve a murder and help a foster child find a home?"
Posted July 22, 2019

Martha Rose is relaxing at home while quilting when her neighbor’s foster child, Poppy Halaby, shows up on her doorstep. Something is wrong with Sonia Spiegelman, and Martha immediately jumps in to help. Martha, along with her fellow quilters, hopes to locate a family member for Poppy Read more...

Becoming Superman
by J. Michael Straczynski
"From poverty and abuse to BECOMING SUPERMAN"
Posted July 18, 2019

Have you ever read a book that you don't want to end? And then when it does end, you don't have the words to express just how powerful and impactful the book was? Well, that's exactly how I feel about Read more...

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