May 29th, 2020
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Sharon Hamilton | The SEAL Brotherhood Series Gets a New Look!

SEAL My Home
Sharon Hamilton




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Bad Boys of SEAL Team 3 #2

April 2015
On Sale: March 31, 2015
ISBN: 1508858616
EAN: 9781508858614
Kindle: B00TSXRDW8
Paperback / e-Book
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Also by Sharon Hamilton:
Redemption, August 2020
Second Chance SEAL, March 2020
SEALed At Sunset, February 2020
Midnight Bite, January 2020


I always got great compliments on my SEAL Brotherhood covers. When I first published my stories, there were only a handful of authors who primarily wrote SEAL heroes. Being someone who loves color, I was thrilled in those early days with these bright and beautiful pictures and the hunky torsos “wet and dry”.

But things change. I didn’t foresee that I would be writing 8 or 9 books in the series, let alone 10, 11 or 12. Book 9, SEAL MY HOME, comes out 3/31/15. The audio book will follow. In June, SEAL’s CODE comes out.

The last groupings are SEALs coming to the storyline from rocky backgrounds, throwaway kids, or men who had a troubled past. They skirted the edges of society a bit, and the Navy, especially the Brotherhood, gave them a true sense of family. We have labeled these next three in the series, The Bad Boys of SEAL Team 3, and they have a brand new look.

This is a realistic view of SEALs today. Not all of them come from long line of proud military families. Some have demons and they join the teams because they need the action. Many of them come to the Teams with families that do not support them, or have no family to do so. The compelling story of Adam Brown is one such individual whose life I find very inspiring. He lived as he died.

Sometimes, it takes a true hero’s spirit to pick oneself up and turn a life around that was perhaps headed in the wrong direction. I’ve heard interviews with men who have said that the BUD/S training, while very difficult and designed to weed out the men who aren’t suited for this level of combat mentally (anyone who tries out is usually physically able to do the work). As in my new book, SEAL MY HOME, when my hero, Rory Kennedy hears the SEAL’s Motto: Only Easy Day Was Yesterday he instantly knows he made the right decision.

Welcome to my world of the SEAL Brotherhood, where every hero gets his lady, where there eventually is a Happily Ever After, where danger lurks, needs are discovered and met, lives are changed, and throughout it all the hero develops and becomes an even greater hero.

I wish that it were so in real life. But it’s what I can do now.

To celebrate the pending release of SEAL MY HOME I wanted to share the new covers with you here at Fresh Fiction. Comment below and tell me which cover is your favorite and why and you’ll be entered to win a signed print copy of SEAL’s PROMISE, the most recent release in the series. Five winners will be picked!

SEAL Brotherhood

Accidental SEAL

Fallen SEAL Legacy

SEAL Under Covers

SEAL the Deal

Cruisin' For A SEAL

SEAL My Destiny

SEAL Of My Heart

SEAL's Promise

SEAL My Home


Bad boy Rory Kennedy was raised in foster care, bouncing in and out of trouble along the way. He finds his true family and real brothers as a Navy SEAL, one of the Navy’s elite warriors. When his BUD/S instructor barked the SEAL’s Motto: Only Easy Day Was Yesterday, he knew he had found home.

Megan Palmer works in a bookstore and finds her passion in life through reading steamy romance novels. Her brief affair with a man she later found out was married has left her damaged, until she meets the handsome SEAL, who stands ready to open her world and give her things she’s only dreamed.

On a skiing trip, Rory suffers a possible career-ending injury and also comes face to face with a past he never knew of, and a family who had abandoned him. His relationship with Megan is tested to the breaking point as Rory wades through the dark waters of recovery and whether or not he can live without the life he loves. A home-grown terrorist cell forces his hand and he discovers his true purpose.

About Sharon Hamilton

Sharon’s NYT and USA Today bestselling novels are almost-erotic Navy SEAL stories of the SEAL Brotherhood. Her characters follow a spicy road to redemption through passion and true love. She has maintained an Amazon top 100 author status in Romantic Suspense for since the end of 2012.

Sharon lives in Sonoma County, California, with her husband and two Dobermans. A lifelong organic gardener, when she’s not writing, she’s getting verra verra dirty in the mud, or wandering Farmer’s Markets looking for new Heirloom varieties of vegetables and flowers. Connect with Sharon on her website.




45 comments posted.

Re: Sharon Hamilton | The SEAL Brotherhood Series Gets a New Look!

These books look interesting! thank you for the chance!:)
(Sabrina(Mippy) Templin 10:02pm March 20, 2015)

The cover looks great!
(Demi Ryner 1:04am March 21, 2015)

I think that all the covers look great but my personal
favorite is Seal the Deal because out the guy is pretty hot
lol :)
(Daiane Chen 9:26am March 21, 2015)

After looking at all of the covers, my favorite is Seal
Under Covers. Even though the covers are a little darker in
contrast than the others, I like the Seal in profile for
starters. The main difference between this cover and the
new one is that he has a head!! I have no idea why the
publisher feels that they have to chop off the head, other
than to show off the physique, thinking that will sell more
books!! To me, I think it cheapens the cover, and looks
like a printing error, and does nothing for me. I prefer to
look at the entire person - at least from the waist up, as
you did in your older books. The book I named shows the
Seals' physique just as well, and gets your point across.
The person purchasing your books will buy them going by the
Author, not by the photo on the cover.
(Peggy Roberson 10:15am March 21, 2015)

SEAL my Destiny is my favourite because Luke is my
hero. Loving all the New covers.
(Julie Beasley 12:30pm March 21, 2015)

TJ is my favorite (he holds my heart) but I love them all. I'm so glad you kept the original guys on the new covers. That is how I see them in my head when I read your books. Now I'm gonna have to start a new collection with the new covers lol :)
Seal of my Heart is my favorite cover though
Love all your books
(Karen Henderson 1:09pm March 21, 2015)

My favourite is SEAL Under Covers, because, with the others,
you focus more on the shirtless man (why are they always
topless?) than on the title of the book and your name.
(Jen Barnard 2:25pm March 21, 2015)

SEAL of My Heart is the best looking cover (looks realistic, not like a male model posing) and the flag is pronounced. I do not care for the covers eliminating the guy's full head shot (#5 & #6 which look like same guy used in #2's cover; very repetitious. They don't all have to be shirtless showing muscles. Storyline sounds great, and I'd love to read this book.
(Rich Cook 4:26pm March 21, 2015)

Love the covers. I don't see any men as hot as these. Love muscles. A book has to catch my eye before I read what it's all about.
(Anita Vivian 11:22pm March 21, 2015)

These guys are sizzling hot. Each cover
delivers that naughty taste. As you read you
can flip back to the cover and drool. A+ on
these covers as the books will be sure to
fulfill one's fantasy.
(Sherry Cockerham 12:24pm March 22, 2015)

I guess I have some catching up to do with the SEALs. It's
difficult to pick just one of those covers, as I'm torn
between #3 SEALs Under Covers and #8 SEALs Promise. Both
guys are hot!!
(Kathy Walsh 12:57pm March 22, 2015)

Sounds like a fantastic series. thanks for the giveaway
(Vicki Clevinger 1:24am March 22, 2015)

Love this =) Can´t wait for my chance to read!
Happy Spring!
(Linda Larsson 6:06am March 22, 2015)

I like numbers 5, 6 and 9 because their faces are hidden,
so it leaves it up to my imagination on what they look
like. xo
(Jennifer Ingman 6:50am March 22, 2015)

Love to win one of your books. Have not read one yet. I do love seal books. You are new to me.
(Judy Ferguson 10:45am March 22, 2015)

It is hard to know witch one. love them all.
(Judy Ferguson 10:48am March 22, 2015)

Love the SEAL Brotherhood series.
(Catherine Maguire 11:11am March 22, 2015)

While I love all the new covers, I have to say I am especially
drawn to #9 SEAL My Home! The strikingly handsome man gracing
the cover is just the right amount of sexy! The beautiful
American flag & bold silver script make it a real winner in my
heart!!! Can't wait to read his story! What makes it even
better is his love interest works in a bookstore, I would live
in a bookstore if I could!!! Thanks, Sharon Hamilton, for such
wonderful stories with such important characters! XoxoX
(Katie Fulgueira 11:18am March 22, 2015)

Sounds like a great read
(Jean Benedict 12:43pm March 22, 2015)

I like the old and new covers... my fav of the new ones is SEAL My Home... just because it is a different stance and stands out a bit more to me. Congrats on this wonderful series!
(Colleen Conklin 1:03pm March 22, 2015)

Looks great!
(J.C. McKenzie 1:45pm March 22, 2015)

Ilove the new covers . My favorite is seal my home. Keep up the great stories
(Susan Atkins 2:06pm March 22, 2015)

Agen Bola TangkasThere's no doubt i would
fully rate it after i read what is the idea about this
article. You did a nice job..
(Olivia Kwan 3:22pm March 22, 2015)

They are all great but if I have to pick a fav it would be
the first one Accidental Seal. Cover is very sexy.
(Tina Duckwald 5:14pm March 22, 2015)

Wow! How did you know that I enjoy reading about SEALS, thanks
Sharon for all your wonderful books; please keep them coming.
Thanks also for the chance to win.
(Lois Imel 6:39pm March 22, 2015)

I'm a little bit drooling over the cover for number 3. I will check out your books. I've recently begun reading SEAL themed romances and have found them quite enjoyable.
(Jayne Townsley 9:30pm March 22, 2015)

love reading about SEALs !! thanks for the chance to win !!
(Sandy Haber 9:56pm March 22, 2015)

#9 is my favorite cover, with the dark colors and side photo. But the stories
are even better than the photos!
(Lisa Huber 11:15pm March 22, 2015)

I am a big fan about romance books involving the Navy Seals... I have a few of your SEAL Brotherhood series.. hot reads...
(Tina Rummer 1:04am March 23, 2015)

Seal My Home
(Seanna Yeager 8:46am March 23, 2015)

Seal of My Heart - Those eyes are mesmerizing
(Lesley Walsh 11:22am March 23, 2015)

Seal of My Heart is my favorite .I like his looks more than the others. Thanks for this wonderful giveaway.
(Joan Thrasher 3:07pm March 23, 2015)

The covers are similar, but I like SEAL of My Heart the best. The guy has a nice, honest, younger look and is attractive. This is quite a large series of which I haven't had the opportunity to read yet.
(Linda Luinstra 6:14pm March 23, 2015)

(Renae Kelly 10:19pm March 23, 2015)

I think the cover of Seal of My Heart is the most
attractive. An intriguing combination of sultry, sexy and
(Irene Menge 1:06am March 24, 2015)

I like Seal Undercover but truthfully all the covers are great invoke all
thoughts of sexy....
(Lilian Gamble 2:19am March 24, 2015)

I would enjoy this story.
(Susan Gannon 7:38am March 24, 2015)

I like #9; the darker color scheme makes the rest of the cover
elements stand out. Then, there's the jeans. Can't go wrong
with those!!!
(Susan S 10:06am March 24, 2015)

These books look really good!!
(Ashley Smith 11:16am March 24, 2015)

All the covers are appealing, but my favorite is #7 Seal of My Heart. Something about the brightness of the American flag seems to form a frame and make the seal stand out, at least in my eyes.
(Anna Speed 1:03pm March 24, 2015)

seal of my heart is my favorite
(Angela Parrish 4:43pm March 24, 2015)

I love this type of book!
(Wilma Frana 4:48pm March 24, 2015)

I love SEAL stories, but even more, you always offer them in
audio! Thanks so much for that!!
(Marcia Berbeza 9:06pm March 24, 2015)

All of the covers are great, but my favorite is Accidental Seal. The coloring makes it stand out.
(Bonnie H 9:26pm March 24, 2015)

Would love to read this this book. Seems very interesting
and the cover is so babealicious and patriotic I just find it
(Sherry Cockerham 8:59pm June 4, 2015)

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