May 12th, 2021
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A prim bookseller and her hardboiled ghost team up to catch a cunning killer inů

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Welcome to Bushwhack, New Mexico: home to tourists, the great outdoors, and murderů

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Friendship. Second chances. Lots of dogs!

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A secret no one dared whisper...

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In service to His Majesty, one must be prepared for Hell.

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Sandy Haber

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63 comments posted.

Re: Unbreak Me (10:52pm August 22, 2019):

I just finished reading this! What an interesting story.
Touches on so many different things but doesn't make light
of any of them. Thanks!

Re: No Heartbreaker Required (8:10pm June 11, 2019):

My husband does most of the cooking for dinner
He tries to find a different place to vacation each
He had a sleep test to figure out if he had apnea -- he
did! -- and now uses a CPAP machine so no snoring!!
He tolerates (mostly) my constant reading :)
He even lets me use his library card so that I can make
more requests than if I just had to use mine -- and
teases me constantly about the amount of books I have to

Re: A Kiss, a Dance & a Diamond (7:06pm April 7, 2018):

A cowboy CEO -- what an interesting combo!

Re: Cowboy SEAL Homecoming (9:25pm January 10, 2018):

Jamie and Claire Fraser, from the Outlander series. Riley
Shaughnessey from the Shaughnessey Brothers series by
Samantha Chase. Rhett Butler (duh!). And Gene Kelly!!

Re: A Distant Heart (5:17pm December 31, 2017):

there are some days i wouldn't mind be all al one, but
for the mostpart i'd miss being able to walk outside in
the fresh air. i also think i'd be terribly bored --
after all there are just so many books one can read in a
day (!). it'd be very difficult be able to look out and
see the world going by without me.

Re: Ready for Wild (2:19pm October 21, 2017):

How have I managed to miss this series? Would love to
start, even if it is the third one - I'll go looking for 1
and 2 rightnow! Thanks!

Re: Dreaming of a White Wolf Christmas (1:42pm October 8, 2017):

sounds interesting! thanks for the chance to win this!!!

Re: Indigo Lake (8:48pm July 24, 2017):

to find your perfect person is a long hard road, but the
result is well worth it!

Re: When Water Was Everywhere (8:55pm February 28, 2017):

Sounds like a good book - I really enjoy historical

Re: Bookman Dead Style (8:52pm February 28, 2017):

I remember finally getting an electric typewriter when I
went off to college -- sure made all those term papers a
whole lot easier to write.

Re: War and Peach (8:50pm February 28, 2017):

I too read all the Nancy Drew books. The new ones today
aren't as good. Wish I had some idea where my copies are
now - my parents have moved twice since I was young! I used
to trade with a friend for her Bobbsey Twins books.

Re: Chain Reaction (8:47pm February 28, 2017):

Absolutely. No sex w/o consent, I don't care what the
couple's is. And when you have the 'non-traumatized' person
be understanding and willing to help heal the other, that's
even better, especially if the former is a macho man.

Re: Jordan Reclaimed (8:44pm February 28, 2017):

I like the Fool's Gold series by Susan Mallery -- you can
get really wrapped up in the character's lives, and laugh
and cry with them. Robyn Carr's Virgin River series is
just as good, as are the newer offshoots. She deals with
abuse and alcoholism and PTSD and doesn't pussy-foot
around the issues.

Re: Picture Perfect Wedding (8:58pm November 16, 2016):

Sounds like my kind of book! Small town romance. love lost
and then found again. PlUs you like Nora!!

Re: A Family Under the Christmas Tree (8:40pm October 31, 2016):

my neighbor's fruit cake. took me several years to figure
out why my folks wouldn't let me eat it! Seems I had to get
a bit older...

Re: Crazy for Her (8:23pm October 31, 2016):

We had a "shoodle" a sheltie/poodle mix we called Mystique
(Misty for short). She was 17 pounds soaking wet, had wavy
hair that didn't shed. She lived a very full 17 years.
Every time my dad would pull out the electric knife to cut
meat, she'd be right at his feet -- he still looks for her!

Re: A Very Jaguar Christmas (11:38am October 9, 2016):

i love bears too -- have some tht my sister-in-law made
for me, complete with moveable arms and legs, sitting on
my headboard! i've cross-stitched some but not made any
huggable ones. maybe for my great-niece and nephew?
maybe. Have a great holiday! thanks.

Re: Saving Jake (11:32am October 9, 2016):

Don't think ni've had the pleasure of reading any of your
novels -- yet. I plan to remedy that ASAP however!! thanks
for the chance to win :)

Re: Love's Sweet Revenge (10:11pm September 22, 2016):

Sounds like fun!

Re: Trouble Walks In (3:04pm August 5, 2016):

i have so many titles on my kindle i don't know where to
start!! Might have to take seceral vacations to catch up!

Re: Gone Too Deep (3:02pm August 5, 2016):

wow -- what a switch - a shy man. would love to watch him
'unfold and bloom'

Re: A Scandalous Adventure (3:01pm August 5, 2016):

going away for a week of just reading!

Re: Grilling the Subject (2:58pm August 5, 2016):

love books with recipes! Just hve to find the time to make

Re: Driven to Temptation (9:23pm June 18, 2016):

Chocolate. And books. and more chocolate -- dark is the

Re: Seducing the Fireman (8:39pm May 14, 2016):

they are heroes. they think of others before they think of

Re: Love Walks In (5:34pm April 18, 2016):

Hot air balloon ride. I don't know that i can think of
anything else right now.

I have these on my TBR list -- can't wait to read them!

Re: My Tempting Highlander (11:19am March 3, 2016):

wow. haven't read any of these yet -- nor, as a librarian,
have i ever gotten those questions! -- but really really
want to!!

Re: One Texas Cowboy Too Many (11:11am March 3, 2016):

Oh my goodness! Gotta get me this book for sure!! I've
only read the first book in the series, gonna go find the
2nd one today -- thanks!!

Re: Thirty Nights (1:35pm February 28, 2016):

HE sounds like a very interesting character, not only
thinking about himself.

Re: The Cowboy's Bride Collection (8:42pm February 15, 2016):

lve me tose cowboys! always wanted one of my own, but i
have my dad to be my hero.

Re: In The Company Of Wolves (4:15pm December 4, 2015):

Tough love would probably work, but a strong guiding hand
might be better.

Re: Rebel Bride (4:12pm December 4, 2015):

I've put this on my TBR and am off to look for the first in
the series!

Re: One Rogue at a Time (4:10pm December 4, 2015):

Has tp be D. I know they had licenses but the only
'certificates' were what was written in the church
registers. Thanks!

Re: How To Seduce A Scot (4:05pm December 4, 2015):

Oh, Jamie Fraser is one of my very book favorites as well.
For real people, Sean Connery and Colin Farrell.

Re: With Every Breath (9:41pm November 25, 2015):

Alaska -- and then the rest of the Hawaiian Islands.

Re: Lucky Shot (9:35pm November 25, 2015):

Sandwiches!! with cranberry sauce instead of mayo, cole
slaw, maybe lettuce and tomato, on fresh rye bread.

Happy thanksgiving!!

Re: Deep Down (9:32pm November 25, 2015):

No I've never tried uni and probably never will as I don't
eat shellfish (dietary restrictions).

Re: Keeping Christmas (8:38pm October 11, 2015):

i prefer fiction, all kinds: historical, regency,
paranormal, chick lit, some mystery.

Re: A Remarkable Kindness (9:04pm August 26, 2015):

Enjoy reading stories that pit people against their
surroundings. Israel is one of my favorite places to visit,
and I'd love to join these women in their journey.

Re: The Empress Game (9:16pm July 16, 2015):

i guess: Star Wars.

Re: Once And Again (9:15pm July 16, 2015):

i don't really have a secret place, just a favorite one!
the couch in my living room, with a bottle of water and my
favorite afghan.

Re: Bushel Full Of Murder (8:29pm June 25, 2015):

Fresh, HUGE bagels with lots of cream cheese!

Re: The Spring Bride (8:28pm June 25, 2015):

Gives me a chance to live in someone else's world for a
while. Haven't read any of Anne's books yet but this one
sounds like it'd be right up my alley!

Re: SEAL My Home (9:56pm March 22, 2015):

love reading about SEALs !! thanks for the chance to win !!

Re: Assault And Pepper (4:37pm March 2, 2015):

Love to curl up on my couch under an afghan. Or on the
screened-in porch in the summertime (it will get here
eventually, right???) thanks for the chance to win this,
sounds like a fun read.

Re: Hard to Come By (9:37pm November 26, 2014):

I believe this would be my first one, altho I'm not totally
sure! It does sound very interesting tho, and moving as

Re: The Return of the Rebel (10:18pm July 10, 2014):

it's got to be light reading but interesting at the same time.

Re: What The Groom Wants (8:03pm May 6, 2014):

Am looking forward to reading this , just added it to my TBR

Re: Bite Me (8:00pm March 27, 2014):

I have read all of these, so far, and love them even more now
that i know some of the background. can't wait to read about
the honey badger!

Re: Counterfeit Cowboy (3:56pm December 10, 2012):

Should be tall [6'+] and weight-appropriate [180-200 lbs]-- no
beer bellies please! Hair color not critical, as long as there
is some. Not too much facial hair either,small beard/mustache
ok but not bushy or long.

Re: Christmas On Mimosa Lane (4:57pm November 9, 2012):

Have this on my TBR list -- would love to have my very own

Re: Karma (9:29pm May 8, 2012):

a mix is great! Karma is next on my list to read -- can't wait
for it!

Re: One Month To Become A Mum (3:51pm April 23, 2012):

I've read some medical novels but this one sounds like fun!

Re: Scrumptious (4:39pm January 16, 2012):

I went to college with the idea of becoming a middle-school
guidance counselor [so i could get to kids before they got
too messed up. Statistics for psychology majors did me in, I
switched to sociology; then in summer after soph year took
one of those career-testing things. Came out that since I
was organized (!), loved working with people and loved to
read, i should try library science. So that's where I am
today, 30 years and counting. And i thooroughly enjoy
reading about cooks and romance and cooking and romance and
food and romance......!

Re: Wickedly Charming (5:08pm May 16, 2011):

ha -- sounds like a great fun read. fairy tales with a twist -
- how can you go wrong?!

Re: Eternal Prey (9:42pm January 26, 2011):

wow -- don't think i've read any of these... would love to
have the chance. take care.

Re: Holiday Affair (12:04pm November 1, 2010):

Am looking forward to the
holidays -- family, food, and
new books to read on my days

Re: The Quick and the Thread (1:21pm August 6, 2010):

I like book signings -- it's nice to put a face to a name. Plus it's always exciting!

Re: Accidentally Demonic (5:30pm February 19, 2010):

I don't think i've read any of these yet -- will be going out this week to rectify that mistake!

Re: Viking in Love (3:47pm February 4, 2010):

can't wait -- i love 'watching' the vikings interact with non-vikings! people look at me strangely as i sit there giggling....!

Re: Highland Rebel (4:01pm September 3, 2009):

nothing like a good historical romance to make everything go away...

Re: The Cowboy From Christmas Past (3:31pm September 3, 2009):

We had a dog too, when my brother was 12 and my sis and i were dating. she became 'my' dog -- she was a shoodle [sheltie/poodle]. when she was 17 (!) my dad was recovering from surgery and my mom took her to the vets while he was in hospital. unfortunately, time had come to put misty to sleep. we still miss her -- it's been 23 years! -- my folks still have her collar, and my dad still looks for her when carving meat.

Re: Comfort Food (5:25pm May 2, 2009):

I like series - i just have a problem with them when they are released 2 years apart! I've started waiting till at least 2 in the series are out before buying them, then I have a fighting chance of remembering the story. I love the Virgin River series, and am waiting impatiently for Diana Gabaldon and Sara Donati to publish the next in their respective series.

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