September 26th, 2021
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A sidesplitting, enemies-to-lovers 101 Dalmatians-inspired romantic comedy

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Cowboys live by their word, their wits, and their loyalty.

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How much will she risk to keep her perfect life?

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Garrett will use every tender weapon to seduce her—and prove she’s worthy of true love.

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The Albertini family has no intention of letting a possible romance fizzle out

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Lady Mary's traveling companion has disappeared and only one man believes she ever existed.

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54 comments posted.

Re: Collision Course (4:15am January 4, 2018):

Lou sounds like he's got a great game plan, can't wait to find out how it works out for him!

Re: Undercover Attraction (6:30am November 30, 2017):

I don't get to re-read but I love Julia Quinn's The Bridgertons,Lisa Kleypas's The Hathaways and Stephanie Lauren's Cynsters family.

Re: Just The Thing (4:24am July 17, 2017):

I don't think angst is needed in every romance but a bit of conflict to reflect real life makes the stories more interesting.

Re: Scandalous Ever After (4:19am July 17, 2017):

Just between you and me, I'm a reality shows junkie! Give me The Voice, The Amazing Race, America Ninja Warrior, Say Yes To The Dress and Survivor and I'm good! :)

Re: Outlaw Cowboy (4:54am May 13, 2016):

I love contemporary and historical romances. Many of my favorite contemporary are small town romances like Jill Shalvis' Lucky Harbor and Susan Mallery's Fool's Gold. I love the vibe of small towns where there's a real sense of community. While I love traveling back to the Regency England era for historical romances. Love the idea of attending teas, balls and soirees while dressing up in the finest ball gowns! :-)

Re: Chance of a Lifetime (5:51am November 20, 2015):

I've been thinking about it lately but I don't have a list started. When I do start I would include seeing Big Ben in London, learn Japanese, learn to line-dance and meet some men in kilts in Scotland :-)

Re: Falling for the P.I. (6:05am August 18, 2015):

Hi Victoria, congrats on the new book! I like it when kids are thrown into the mix, they certainly helps to liven things up. As long as the kids are not totally bratty,then I'm all for having them in romance books.

Re: Agent N6: Dylan (3:48am August 8, 2015):

Sometimes I enjoy seeing the faces on the cover while other times I like to use my imagination to picture the characters. As long as the models aren't in a cheesy pose, I don't mind seeing faces at all. Thanks for the giveaway!

Re: A Peach of a Pair (3:02am August 8, 2015):

Since it's summertime, I would celebrate with a pina colada! Thanks for the chance to win! :D

Re: Impulse Control (6:44am January 25, 2015):

Thanks for the great excerpt, can't wait to read the rest of the book! I'm a Virgo but I don't really follow my horoscopes!

Re: You're So Fine (1:50pm December 31, 2014):

Happy New Year Kieran!!! For 2015, I want to be brave and try out new things. Sometimes I feel like I'm stuck in a rut doing the same things day in and out. I want to step out of my comfort zone and experience new adventures. I might have to close my eyes, make a leap of faith and not think so much on it, but that's my goal for the new year. Thanks for thought provoking post, it's always nice to wrap things up and look back on the happenings of the past year. As the saying goes: "When one door closes, another will open." All the best in 2015 and I look forward to reading more of you awesome books!!

Re: What To Do With A Bad Boy (6:19am November 15, 2014):

There are so many great series out there but I absolutely love Jill Shalvis' Lucky Harbor, Julie Anne Long's PennyRoyal, Carly Phillips' Serendipity, Rachel Gibson's Chinooks and Nora Robert's Bride Quartet.

Re: Ain't She Sweet? (1:57am August 21, 2014):

I love SEP's books! Thanks Sarah for reminding me about this one. I remember totally not liking Sugar Beth in the beginning and then hoping she'll get her HEA at the end!

Re: Accidentally Married on Purpose (2:18am July 19, 2014):

Jordan Knight and the rest of NKOTB, not to mention the Backstreet Boys!

Re: Risky Game (1:37pm May 14, 2014):

I absolutely love a good sports romance, especially if they include some game action! Among my favorites series are Susan Elizabeth Phillips' Chicago Stars, Lori Foster's SBC Fighters and Rachel Gibson's Chinooks. If I had to choose an absolute favorite, I'd have to go with Rachel's True Love and Other Disasters.

Re: A Sweet Life Boxed Set (6:03am May 11, 2014):

What a great cause, any money raised would be fantastic and help with the research to hopefully one day eradicate diabetes!

Re: Dash of Peril (12:38pm April 2, 2014):

Hi Lori! I'm so excited for Dash's story, and I can't wait to read it! Fascinating to know that you're a pantster and that the characters dictates the story to you. And it's wonderful news to hear that you're going to have so many more books for us to look forward to. Thanks for writing all these fabulous stories, I always look forward to reading your books! :-)

Re: Sapphires Are an Earl's Best Friend (4:41am March 8, 2014):

I'm really looking forward to reading Lily and Darlington's story! I love when secondary characters gets their own books for their HEA, and when characters from previous books shows up to "visit". The most recent book I read from Celeste Bradley "When She Said I Do" featured cameos by members of her previous series (the Liars Club and The Royal Four). It sometimes feels like re-visiting old friends when that happens!

Re: Hot Rock (3:41pm February 25, 2014):

It is totally the bad boy image they present. It's a walk on the wild side, that most girls would go crazy over because they are have such an outrageous lifestyle.

Re: The Trouble With Honor (3:37pm February 25, 2014):

I love reading the excerpt, Honor sounds like such a feisty heroine. Can't wait to read the rest of her story! Thanks for the chance to win :-)

Re: Once In A Lifetime (8:14am February 23, 2014):

Sweet and romantic, sounds like another winner from Jill! I'm really looking forward to reading this next book in the Lucky Harbor series. :-)

Re: Breakaway Hearts (5:21am February 8, 2014):

Living in Canada, we always great coverage of the Olympics. It's almost wall-to-wall coverage on multiple stations. I like learning more about the athletes competing and hearing about the obstacles they have to overcome to become elite athletes. I love watching all the sports, from the more mainstream ones like figure skating and skiing to the less well known luge and bobsledding. But my absolute favorites are hockey and curling. So my Olympic movie will have to star a hockey player. I can't really think of a Olympic themed movie, the closest one is Mighty Ducks 2 where the hockey team competed in the Junior Goodwill Games.

Re: Miss Molly Robbins Designs A Seduction (5:01am February 8, 2014):

I love the excerpt, can't wait to read Molly's story and find out how she ends up with her HEA!

Re: The MacGregor's Lady (3:28am February 7, 2014):

Hi Grace, I love your books but I was wondering if you've ever considered writing contemporary books?

Re: The Wedding Game (4:14am February 2, 2014):

I have a fascination with weddings too...I can't wait to read Cannon and Ellie's story! Thanks for the chance to win! :-)

Re: Between A Rake And A Hard Place (12:12pm January 21, 2014):

Definitely love the Romantic balls in the heart of London. There's just something about getting all dressed up in fancy gowns and shoes! And the dancing and foods!

Re: The Bad Boy Billionaire's Wicked Arrangement (4:03am December 31, 2013):

Fabulous excerpt, can't wait to read this! And for the record, I'd like to meet a bad boy billionaire at a fancy ball in a swanky hotel! :-)

Re: The Scandal in Kissing an Heir (3:02am December 31, 2013):

I just love the excerpt, can't wait to get my hands on the book to find out what happens to Rebecca and Daniel!

Re: If Wishes Were Earls (2:59am December 31, 2013):

Love the excerpt, can't wait to read the book! Thanks for the chance to win! :-) Happy New Year!

Re: Unclaimed (11:15pm December 12, 2013):

I love the music - Christmas carols are my favorite, I look forward to hearing them every year! And I love to spend time with my family too. Can't wait to read your new book and I hope you have a Merry Christmas with your family, Sara!

Re: Hard As It Gets (3:05pm November 26, 2013):

I love animals in stories, my absolute favorite is Lisa Kleypas' Love in the Afternoon. Beatrix has a menagerie of animals in her care, but my favorite one is Dodger the ferret.

Re: A Lady's Secret Weapon (7:20pm October 18, 2013):

Hi, Tracey! I love a bit of both- a fun and witty historical romance with just a dash of danger and mystery is right up my alley! I'll have to add your Nexus Trilogy to my TBR pile, they sound like good reads to me! :-)

Re: Run The Risk (7:14pm October 18, 2013):

Lori's books are always on my wish list, can't wait to read this one! Thanks for the chance to win! :-)

Re: Against The Ropes (1:58am September 7, 2013):

Love a good story that tickles my funny bone. Can't wait to read Makayla and Max's story!

Re: Cowboy Seeks Bride (2:02am August 25, 2013):

I'm always sad when a series comes to an end and I have to say goodbye to my friends. Thank you for introducing us to all these characters, Carolyn! Looking forward to meeting more of them in your next series.

Re: Once Upon A Tartan (5:09am August 16, 2013):

Oh I never thought to be a writer myself. I'd much rather read all the great stories from others than attempt any myself. There are a lot of times I'm surprised by the little things in the book that I would have never considered on my own!

Re: Jaguar Fever (3:11am August 2, 2013):

There's definitely no shape-shifters club in my neck of the woods! And who wouldn't want to dance with Wade?? Thanks for introducing Wade to us, can't wait to read his story with Maya!

Re: Tall, Dark, And Vampire (3:03am August 2, 2013):

Congrats on your new book, Sara! Being able to fly sounds pretty awesome, and living through different eras would be fascinating. Imagine all the things that you can experience because you are immortal, that's just mind boggling!

Re: Merger to Marriage (5:38am July 13, 2013):

Conflict drives the stories and make them more interesting, keeping the readers engaged. It's always interesting to read how the author solves the conflict at the end. This series sounds intriguing, I can't wait to read it. I'm going with the chocolates on the assembly line as my fave "Lucy moment"! :)

Re: The Rogue Steals A Bride (3:13am July 13, 2013):

I love reading a good Regency romance. There's just something about that time period - the balls, the beautiful gowns and dapper gentlemen. It's all very romantic!

Re: It Happened One Midnight (2:29am July 3, 2013):

Hi Julie Anne! Thanks for the excerpt, now I really want to find out what happens next!! I'm hoping of course, that it WILL happen again!!! ;) Just wondering with some many endless possibilities for heroes and heroines for future books, how many Pennyroyal books do you have in mind for the series? And thanks for the chance to win!

Re: All Out of Love (2:14am June 26, 2013):

I'm mostly C's so Susan Mallery, yay! What a terrific match :)

Re: One Night With A Rake (3:01am June 21, 2013):

I love your story about Harry and Mack, they sound like the perfect assistants! I don't have any pets now, but growing up I had 2 hamsters with my sister. They were helpful when we had a bad day, since both were calm and loved to cuddle in our laps. Sadly, they are longer with us, but we have good memories of them.

Re: It Had To Be You (5:16pm June 5, 2013):

Ohh what a great choice for playlist! Those are awesome choices. But when I read, I prefer quiet to concentrate on my characters.

Re: Undone (2:58am May 18, 2013):

I love a witty and intelligent hero who's loyal and trustworthy!

Re: The Practice Proposal (4:30am May 12, 2013):

I love a good sports romance, but it's so hard just to pick just one athlete to be the hero (there's so many to choose from!) I would pick hockey player Andrew Ladd because he's easy on the eyes and a great guy on and off the ice. Thanks for the chance to win, the book sounds great!

Re: The Summer He Came Home (8:10pm April 18, 2013):

I don't really have a fave rocker. I just love all different types of music. But if I have to pick one, it's fellow Canadian Bryan Adams! Thanks for the giveaway, Juliana, can't wait to read your new book!

Re: Night Demon (4:48am April 14, 2013):

There's definitely nothing better than a man with a good head on his big shoulders! Your books sounds great, Lisa, thanks for the giveaway!

Re: Sweet Madness (7:00pm April 5, 2013):

My fave color is blue and parts of the description fits me well (loyal, reliable, peaceful, trusting) but I'll have to disagree with being cold and bored! Congrats Heather on your new release, can't wait to read it, and for winning the Gayle Wilson Award!

Re: If You Give A Rake A Ruby (10:52pm March 21, 2013):

Smart with a sense of humor, not to mention honest and loyal. That to me makes a memorable hero. Thanks for the contest Shana, looking forward to reading your new book!

Re: The Chieftain (10:59am February 27, 2013):

I do love reunion romances,it's always interesting to see how the hero and heroine's relationship progress from where they left off. And dealing with family is never easy! Thanks Margaret for the contest! I can't wait to read this.

Re: Once Again A Bride (11:33pm February 7, 2013):

I don't have any one thing that defines my surroundings. I think it's more the people in my family that defines our home.

Re: Lady Eve's Indiscretion (11:05pm February 7, 2013):

Hi Grace, what a wonderful life philosophy to have. It's so true that to get anywhere, you just have to start somewhere! I just got Lady Sophie's Christmas Wish the other day, I can't wait to finish it and then read the rest of the series!

Re: Deck the Halls With Love (2:47pm January 30, 2013):

Like most people above, I can't just name any. I read a lot of series and thankfully, most authors write books for them eventually. I do really like it when they do multiple books with groups of friends and each friend gets a book, like Nora Roberts Bride Quartet series.

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