August 8th, 2022
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Robin Covington | From Mistletoe to New Year's . . . it's all about the kissing


I recently released by Christmas novella, SECRET SANTA BABY, and I noticed that there are a ton of wonderful romances set around Christmas, New Year's and Hanukkah.  Don't get me wrong...I love to read a holiday romance. Snuggling up near the fireplace with a hot chocolate or a glass of wine to escape the bustle of the season for just a little while? Heaven. But, why are they so popular to readers and authors-besides the escapism?

I think it's all about the kissing.

Think about it.  Around Christmas, mistletoe is hanging everywhere. Depending on what the character in the book thinks about love at the moment, they could avoid it like the plague or spend a lot of time maneuvering to get their lover (or would-be-lover) under it for some primo smooching time. There's just so much romantic goodness there and when you add in the lights, the trees, and a gently falling snow... that's magic.

New Year's Eve is the same but has even more pressure for those characters who are not currently attached. While Christmas and Hanukkah can be a more familial setting, the night the big ball drops is all about having someone special - or someone special for the moment-to kiss. No one wants to start the year off missing out on a fabulous doesn't bode well for the next twelve months does it? So, you can spend a couple hundred yummy romance novel pages making sure your hero or heroine is kissing the right one when the old year passes into memory.

So, you see? It really is all about the kissing.


Tessa Stoneman hasn't been able to get long-time friend and business partner Nicholas Boone out of her head since they shared a single kiss in college. Even when she dated Nicholas's best friend. Now that she's giving up her position at GameNerdz to strike out on her own—and now that she's single—maybe it's the right time to see if there's still something between them.

Nicholas knows once Tessa leaves the company she helped found, they might drift apart. Before she starts her own company in the new year, he wants to woo the woman he fell in love with during college. So he poses as her Secret Santa, gifts her with items from the song "Santa Baby," and plans a big reveal at the company holiday party. But when his best friend wants to rekindle his romance with Tessa, will Nicholas lose his last chance?

About Robin Covington

Robin Covington, who NYT Best Selling authors, Robyn Carr and Carly Phillips, said was their new "auto-buy author", writes sizzling hot contemporary and paranormal romance. A NIGHT OF SOUTHERN COMFORT, her best-selling debut was nominated by RT Book Reviews for the 2012 Best Contemporary Romance from an Indie Press for bringing a "fresh, modern feel to the genre while still sticking to the things that get our adrenaline pumping — sex and danger". When she's not exploring the theme of fooling around and falling in love, she's collecting tasty man candy, indulging in a little comic book geek love, and stalking Joe Mangianello.

Robin is a member of the Romance Writers of America, the Washington Romance Writers, a faculty member at Romance University, a member of the Waterworld Mermaids, a Goddess at The Naked Hero, and a contributor to the Happy Ever After blog at USA Today. You can find Robin on her website, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter (@RobinCovington).




62 comments posted.

Re: Robin Covington | From Mistletoe to New Year's . . . it's all about the kissing

Sounds very interesting!
(Cindy Rader 12:04pm December 27, 2012)

Hi from NC! This sounds like it would be a great story!
(Carolyn Helms 1:39am December 27, 2012)

Pretty cover! Looking forward to spending some time under the mistletoe.
Good luck and happy writing!
(Tracie Travis 2:40am December 27, 2012)

The key is to find the right one under the mistletoe. The situation could turn uncomfortable if he or she is not. Not to mention the right one might be watching too. I, too, so do love the Christmas stories.
(Kathleen Yohanna 3:33am December 27, 2012)

Yes, I've read a good many Christmas stories ... some romances, some mysteries, some kids' books (of course) and some historicals. Seems we all can identify with the themes at ths time of year and we may like to see the origin of customs we now regard as usual, or we may like to share an adventure with a cast who go off to do their own thing and escape the forced festivites.
(Clare O'Beara 7:38am December 27, 2012)

Sounds like a good book.
(Michele Hayes 9:16am December 27, 2012)

love his eyes
(Alisha Woods 9:24am December 27, 2012)

Merry Christmas
(Trish Anthony 9:29am December 27, 2012)

nice contest
(Kent Cook 9:39am December 27, 2012)

Love the cover..Great Giveaway..Happy New Years...
(Tina Myers 9:44am December 27, 2012)

Looking forward to reading this book. Love this story line.

(Pam Brewer 9:57am December 27, 2012)

Thanks everyone for stopping by! I hope you have a special someone to kiss on New Year's Eve! Robin Covington
(Robin Covington 10:02am December 27, 2012)

I Can't wait to read this one! Love the cover, very sexy! Happy New Year!!
(Melissa Conner 10:26am December 27, 2012)

The song 'What are you doing New Year's Eve?' is all about kissing. Ella Fitzgerald has the best version. Your book has a great cover!
(Kathy Sullivan 10:45am December 27, 2012)

Sounds interesting! Happy New Year. :)
(Debbie Burdeen 10:49am December 27, 2012)

I love books where friends become lovers. Sounds hot hot hot!!!
(Shonda Abercrombie 10:55am December 27, 2012)

Very interesting cover. Great eyes!
(L Green 10:57am December 27, 2012)

Can't wait to read it. Happy New Year everyone.
(Marian Lanouette 11:00am December 27, 2012)

Sounds like a cute book!
(Susan Falkler 11:34am December 27, 2012)

sounds like a great book
(Gayle Oreluk 11:36am December 27, 2012)

It must have been a good kiss. Thanks for the giveaway.
(Leona Olson 11:54am December 27, 2012)

Books set during the Christmas season are a lot of fun! This
book sounds like one to add to my reading list!
(Marguerite Guinn 11:59am December 27, 2012)

Looks like a book that I would Love to read!
(Janet Evans 1:29pm December 27, 2012)

I *loved* Secret Santa Baby! A quick, romantic read perfect for this time of year. And I love your thoughts on kissing, Robin. Happy New Year!
(Robin Bielman 1:58pm December 27, 2012)

You caught my attention with this book. Another added to my tbr list. Congratulations! and Thanks
(Kimberley Coover 1:59pm December 27, 2012)

Thank you for having this contest. Love your books. Have a very Happy New Year.
(Patricia Baldwin 1:59pm December 27, 2012)

Love this, =) Happy Holidays!
(Linda Larsson 2:16pm December 27, 2012)

Definitely on my wishlist!
(Latochia Bell 2:31pm December 27, 2012)

Look forward to how this story spins.
(Elaine Seymour 2:33pm December 27, 2012)

Sounds like a good story. Cover model is gorgeous!
(Monica Fratini 2:39pm December 27, 2012)

I'm just sitting here... humming away... Santa Baby...
(Cate Sparks 3:39pm December 27, 2012)

Love the cover! Sounds like a book I would enjoy!
(Colleen Conklin 3:44pm December 27, 2012)

Sounds like a great book - wouldlove to read it!
(Edwina Cowgill 4:01pm December 27, 2012)

I'd love to read this story. Thanks for the chance.
(Mary Hay 4:03pm December 27, 2012)

I remember all those New Year's Eve's with not dates---I think a book would be better.
(Sue Farrell 4:09pm December 27, 2012)

I remember back when I was in high school and I was standing in the doorway to the living room at my boyfriend's house, when his father kissed me! I was more than in shock! My boyfriend's two younger sisters were laughing and pointing up...unbeknownst to me was hanging mistletoe in the center of the arched doorway! I never forgot that (I was grossed out)!
Love your book cover for Secret Santa Baby (I'm sure the book is as good as the cover) and would love to read it!
(Linda Luinstra 4:30pm December 27, 2012)

I love the idea of using Santa Baby as your gift giving
inspirations. A car, the yacht, the penthouse, Tiffany's, the
ring! Plus the Friends to Lovers angle. Sounds fantastic. I
will add it to my Get List for sure!
(Judith Cauthan 4:47pm December 27, 2012)

Love the cover!
(Julie Touchstone 5:02pm December 27, 2012)

Christmas kisses!! Wonderful.
(Marjorie Carmony 5:09pm December 27, 2012)

I have this book when it came out. I just need to read it. As they say, a kiss can always tell.

Have a Happy New Year.
(Kai Wong 5:22pm December 27, 2012)

YAY sounds fun book.
(Debbi Shaw 5:24pm December 27, 2012)

Sounds like a fun Christmas tale. Thank you for the giveaway.
(Irene Menge 5:27pm December 27, 2012)

Your book sounds great and I love the cover!
(Renee Pajda 5:39pm December 27, 2012)

I like the Christmas themed books of all kinds.
(Penny Mettert 5:40pm December 27, 2012)

Looking forward to reading Secret Santa Baby--keep writing!
(Shirley Younger 6:20pm December 27, 2012)

I love the title ~ how clever and unique! Good luck with sales!
(Susan Coster 6:29pm December 27, 2012)

Secret Santa sounds like a great read!

Happy Holidays & thanks for the amazing giveaway!
(Elizabeth Hyatt 6:36pm December 27, 2012)

I have to say that what I like about the theme of your book, is that you found a very refreshing story to write about!! That's what makes it so exciting, and wants everyone to read it - like me!! I hope you have a very Happy and Healthy New Year, and may your Mistletoe be filled to the gills!!
(Peggy Roberson 7:20pm December 27, 2012)

I haven't read any Robin Covington books yet but now she is on my radar. The book sound like a fun read.
(Monica Vargo 7:25pm December 27, 2012)

sounds like a great read.
(Susan Atkins 7:32pm December 27, 2012)

It looks like a good story.
(Maureen Emmons 8:33pm December 27, 2012)

Love the cover! And the story sounds great, too! Have a Happy New Year!
(Sharlene Wegner 8:40pm December 27, 2012)

Of course it's about the kissing! Remember "making out" as a teen? Hour many hours can a teen spend kissing on a couch, in the back seat of a car or on the bench in the park or at a game?
Part of a marriage counselor's new technique is to recommend that a couple "make out" that is limited to kissing as a way to reconnect or find their way back to their dating years.
Friends making the best life partners. My mom's husband was her best friends for 3 to 4 years before they married (29 years before she past last year). Same for both my aunts. My hubby became my best friend while we dated and we have been married for almost 17 years so far. I always recommend it to my friends that they finds someone they like to date.

[email protected]
(Victoria Colyer-Kerr 9:32pm December 27, 2012)

Looks amazing! Seasons Greatings!
(Joelle Beebe 10:19pm December 27, 2012)

the kiss has got to enough to curl your toes!!! love the cover!!
(Jennifer Beck 10:24pm December 27, 2012)

Kissing is essential to any romantic relationship. As some other people have
said, it's the most lasting memory of those first "loves" from teenager-hood. It's
(Kelly Mullins 10:34pm December 27, 2012)

This sounds lovely! There are so many kinds and degrees of kissing that can convey comfort, love, compassion, passion, regret and just about every emotion possible in a moment or memory....definitely kissing is an essential!
(p c 10:48pm December 27, 2012)

Sounds like a great book. Would love to win. Thanks , Happy New Year.
(Linda Hall 10:53pm December 27, 2012)

A kiss can be very telling.
(Mary Preston 4:07am December 28, 2012)

Love those stories about not forgetting a kiss or more....LOL.
(Pat Lieberman 8:03am December 28, 2012)

Sounds like a great book I cant wait to read it
(Danielle McDonald 1:07pm December 28, 2012)

Love the cover. Oh my gosh those eyes are awesome.
(Debbie Rudder 7:39pm December 30, 2012)

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