October 26th, 2021
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Jennifer Estep | Why I Write Urban Fantasy


Greetings and salutations! First of all, I want to thanks to the folks here at Fresh Fiction for having me on the blog today. Thanks so much!

As some of you know, I’m the author of the Bigtime superhero paranormal romance series - Karma Girl (2007), Hot Mama (2007), and Jinx (2008). Back in February, my new Elemental Assassin urban fantasy series launched with the release of Spider’s Bite. The second book in the series, Web of Lies, comes out on May 25, and the third book, Venom, will debut on Sept. 28.

One of the things that I love most about writing urban fantasy is all of the things that I get to include in a single book -action, danger, drama, magic, and some sizzling romance. Urban fantasy really is a genre where you can do whatever you want to as a writer, and the only limit placed on you is what you can come up with in your own imagination.

So what exactly do my books have in them? Well, I’ve got the requisite, tough, sassy, kick-butt heroine in my main character, former assassin Gin Blanco. I’ve got the magic aspect covered with vampires, dwarves, giants, and elementals, or folks who can control one of the four elements - Air, Fire, Ice, and Stone. My setting? Well, it’s Ashland, a gritty, violent, corrupt, fictional Southern metropolis in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains. The romance comes in courtesy of not one, but two guys - Detective Donovan Caine, who has a hard time reconciling his attraction to an assassin like Gin, and businessman Owen Grayson, who’s determined to do whatever it takes to get close to Gin. Throw in a couple of bad guys and a lifelong nemesis for Gin, and you’ve got action and danger to spare.

As a reader, I like books with a little bit of everything in them - all that action, magic, and romance that I mentioned above. So that’s what I try to give folks with my own books, and urban fantasy is the genre that lets me do it. What about you guys? What’s your favorite book genre and why? Share in the comments.




51 comments posted.

Re: Jennifer Estep | Why I Write Urban Fantasy

These books sound so awesome! Imagination gone so wild!
(Joanne Reynolds 6:24am May 17, 2010)

Paranormal still is a favorite but
urban fantasy can seem to exist one
big city over. The heroine can take of
herself and make space for her
loved ones.
(Lindsey Ekland 6:34am May 17, 2010)

My favorite is historical fiction because I just love history, but I like paranormal and urban fantasy also. Thanks for having this giveaway!
(Lisa Garrett 7:26am May 17, 2010)

While I love my Paranormal Romance I love my Urban Fantasy more because I get more satisfaction.
(Ruth Thompson 8:46am May 17, 2010)

I like a wide range of romance:historical futuristic, magical and urban fantasy. I get bored if I read the same genre too many books in a row so like to have a varied choice to meet my fancy of the time. Your book sounds just my cup of tea, can't wait to read it.
(Barbara Hanson 8:59am May 17, 2010)

I just LOVE your books. I am almost finished with KARMA GIRL and I LOVE it!!! The next one that I am going to read is Hot Mama. Keep up the EXCELLENT work!!!
(Andrew Grigaliunas 9:10am May 17, 2010)

I equally like paranormal romance and histrocial romance.
(Sherry Russell 9:43am May 17, 2010)

I can't wait to start reading this series. I sounds perfect.
(Caitlin Usignol 10:20am May 17, 2010)

Western romance is one of my favorites because of the way the romance is tied into what is going on the the town and lives of the people.
(Leni Kaye 10:32am May 17, 2010)

Hello to Everyone!! If you have not started reading any of Jennifer's books, I highly recommend starting with Karma Girl. You will love it!!

My fav genre is contemporary romance, followed closely behind is historical romance, then sci-fi/fantasy. Jennifer has become one of my fav authors so far!!
(Andrew Grigaliunas 10:36am May 17, 2010)

It used to be historical romance, but these days it is definitely urban fantasy. Jen's books are great and recently finished the 1st in the Gin Blanco series and it was AWESOME
(Jennifer Rayment 11:06am May 17, 2010)

Hi Jennifer. I loved Spider's Bite. My favorite genres are paranormal and urban fantasy. Love the kick butt heroines, alpha males, and fabulous world building.
(Crystal Broyles 11:08am May 17, 2010)

Ahh! It's impossible for me to
pick a favorite genre! I have
favorites across the board.
Certain urban fantasy and
paranormal romance books have
only become my faves in the
last 2 1/2 years. I friggin'
loved Spider's Bite and I
can't wait to see what's next
for Gin!
(Jacqueline Cook 11:34am May 17, 2010)

I love the variety of genres as long as I get a taste of romance... :)
(Colleen Conklin 11:52am May 17, 2010)

I like all kinds of genres. Among my favorites are books that combine action, romance and humor. Spider's Bite was wonderful--among the best I've read this year. Those of you who haven't read it yet need to run right out and get it. I'm so looking forward to Web of Lies. And P.S. to Jennifer--I love the extra Gin short stories on your website.
(G S Moch 12:32pm May 17, 2010)

very interesting sounding, a must read
(Debbi Shaw 12:33pm May 17, 2010)

Hi Jennifer,
I've never met a book I wouldn't read. Sure some "grab" more than others and I'm really looking forward to getting acquainted with yours.
(Elizabeth Parzino 1:42pm May 17, 2010)

I also read anything that I can get my hands on. Sounds really good.
(Tonya Atchley 1:47pm May 17, 2010)

My favorite genre is Romantic Suspense, but believe me, I read a little bit of everything!!
(Kelli Jo Calvert 3:16pm May 17, 2010)

I like many types of genres, mostly I appreciate good writing. I like thrillers and paranormal horror in particular. Also sci fi, and some chick lit. See I told you I like many varied types....
(Vikki Parman 3:28pm May 17, 2010)

I love historical novels, which can include most anything.
(Marjorie Carmony 3:32pm May 17, 2010)

Historical romance pushes all the right buttons with me. I read and enjoy many genres.
(Mary Preston 3:59pm May 17, 2010)

My favorites are currently paranormal and urban fantasy...precisely for the same reasons you mentioned you loved writing them.
(G. Bisbjerg 4:01pm May 17, 2010)

I will read almost anything. But, some days I don't really want to have to think, so I want a 'soft' story that will just entertain me. Other days a good mystery or adventure. I have a stack of TBR books and select the one that best fits my mood that day :>)
(Karin Tillotson 4:11pm May 17, 2010)

I usually read fiction because I can find myself getting lost in the storylines. I like to be entertained by a book, be it one that makes me laugh, or brings me to tears, as long as it keeps me interested.
(Peggy Roberson 4:39pm May 17, 2010)

I love romances. My favorite is historical, but I love them all as long as they have a good story, great hero and heroine, and a touch of humor. I have never read anything of yours, but would love to read this series. The books sound wonderful.
(Cathy Phillips 4:40pm May 17, 2010)

So looking forward to this I loved Spiders Bite
(Emma Dowdeswell 5:47pm May 17, 2010)

This sounds like an interesting read!Romantic suspense, thrillers and mysteries! But I am known to read just about anything I can get my hands n. LOL
(JoAnn White 6:01pm May 17, 2010)

I love to read in general --hard to pick one favorite category -- I probably read urban fantasy the most but it really is just what suits my mood best from memoirs, chick lit, history etc.... BTW just finished reading Spider Bites and can't wait to see what happens next.
(Kelly Holt 6:05pm May 17, 2010)

I love urban fantasy and paranormal fantasy. I loved Spider Bites. Can't wait to read Web of Lies.
(Julie Swaney 7:14pm May 17, 2010)

My fav is Paranormal but urban fantasy is a really close second, I have just found your books and am loving your style of wrighting and am looking forward to reading more of your work.
(Vickie Hightower 7:29pm May 17, 2010)

Web Of Lies has a great title, I know a few who practice this deceit. Power in the female form has been repressed for years. Thanks for making a noticeable difference.
(Alyson Widen 7:32pm May 17, 2010)

Paranormal is my favorite along with romantic suspense.
(Diane Sadler 8:12pm May 17, 2010)

I have always love sci-fi fantasy. You are in another world where their realty reacts differently from our and magic exists.
(Kai Wong 8:39pm May 17, 2010)

I love historical paranormal. I'm not
really into vampire stuff, but I really like
strong female characters and a little bit
of magic. The older the better - 14-15th
(MaryAnne Banks 9:28pm May 17, 2010)

Urban fantasy gives an author a lot of
leeway to do pretty much what they
want. You get to create your own
world and the rules for that world.
And as you said, you get to throw in
action, magic, drama and romance.
Pretty cool. Can't beat that for a good
job to have.

I read almost everything but horror
and extreme erotica. I like a good
suspense novel. I love historical
romance and historical fiction. I like
intrigue, suspense, strong characters
and a well developed plot.
(Patricia Barraclough 10:21pm May 17, 2010)

I still like romance to be the star of a
book so I like contemporary first, then a
mix of everything else for variety.
(Sue Ahn 10:52pm May 17, 2010)

My favorite genry is contemporary, but I have started to explore other types of late.
(Gladys Paradowski 10:52pm May 17, 2010)

It's more what genres I don't
read. That would be religious,
political, or self help.
(Lisa Richards 10:58pm May 17, 2010)

I have 2 current favorite genres (I
change periodically, lol). YA
Paranormal & Urban Fantasy. I love
the magical/supernatural element
included in both genres. I feel they let
the author have a little more "room"
with world building & plot without me
having to read through an epic fantasy
(I've never finished one!.. that wasn't

Thanks for the giveaway!
(C Holland 12:27pm May 18, 2010)

I love historicals but lately I've been reading more PNR and would love to try urban fantasy and your new book. I'm always on the lookout for great reads!!!
(Mitzi Hinkey 1:25am May 18, 2010)

I love paranormal, historical romance, science fiction and fantasy.
(Marlene Breakfield 1:56am May 18, 2010)

Hi! I don't stick to any one genre; I switch around. I would read a couple of books in one genre and then switch to another for the next couple of books. That way, it's always fresh to me.
(S Tieh 2:04am May 18, 2010)

Hi, everyone. I just wanted to say thanks again for stopping by and commenting. You guys made a lot of great points. It's always fun talking about something you love, isn't it? ;-)

And thanks for all the great comments about Spider's Bite and my other books. They really made my day!
(Jennifer Estep 8:54am May 18, 2010)

I read all the time since my MS has gotten so bad read has become an escape for me I really love adding new authors to my list and yours look like the kind of books I would pick up and have a very hard time putting done
(Kathy Vallee 9:51am May 18, 2010)

My favoriet genre is urban fantasy. But I also read other types of fantasy, sci-fi, and mysteries.

I really enjoyed Spider's Bite and am waiting impatiently for Web of Lies to come out.
(Sandy Giden 10:03am May 18, 2010)

I like a variety -- but you can't beat a good old-fashioned who dunnit.
(Shannon Scott 12:04pm May 18, 2010)

I love to read thrillers. I like the tension of the stories and don't get bored with them.
(Linda Kish 12:10pm May 18, 2010)

I like all romance but romantic suspence is my favorite. When and how will the hero and heroine finally get together, who dunnit, etc. I enjoyed Karma Girl.
(Sandra Dickey 12:41pm May 18, 2010)

I just finished Spider's Bite and loved it. Cant' wait to read Web of Lies. Thank you so much for these books.
(Lena Lee 1:37pm May 18, 2010)

Thanks for the chance to win the book. It's one I am looking forward to reading and would love own.
(Barbara Andersen 4:47pm May 18, 2010)

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