November 26th, 2020
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Cheryl Brooks | An Interview With Some Characters

Cheryl Brooks




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The Cat Star Chronicles #5

January 2010
On Sale: January 1, 2010
Featuring: Drusilla; Minx
384 pages
ISBN: 1402229402
EAN: 9781402229404
Kindle: B0035NME5I
Paperback / e-Book
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Also by Cheryl Brooks:
Mystic, February 2019
Maverick, September 2018
Must Love Cowboys, April 2016
Cowboy Heaven, March 2015


Hi there! This is Cheryl Brooks, author of the Cat Star Chronicles series of erotic sci-fi romance. I decided to do a character interview for Fresh Fiction, but since I’m such a lousy interviewer, I thought I’d have my old friend Marla Elkhorn do the honors to introduce you to a few of the characters in my new book, Fugitive (in stores now!). Well-known throughout the galaxy as the Barbara Walters of her time, she’s not above asking the tough questions, but sometimes she gets in over her head…

Drusilla: Don't you just love being interviewed?

Zef: Nope. Hate it like the Scorillian plague.

Drusilla: No you don't, Zef. It gives you the opportunity to tell everyone about your hobby.

Zef: My hobby? Wasn't aware I had one.

Drusilla: (rolls her eyes) Of course you do! All the words you know for, well, you know....

Zef: Oh, that. Right. Can't talk about that here, though.

Drusilla: Well, probably not...

Marla Elkhorn: Good afternoon to all you readers out there in blog land! We're here today to talk with some of the characters from Cheryl Brooks' latest book, The Cat Star Chronicle: Fugitive. So, Zef, you know our hero and heroine pretty well. Tell us a little bit about Manx and Drusilla.

Zef: They were fun. I miss them something awful! Manx—he's a Zetithian, by the way—was my friend and Drusilla, well, she's a painter from Earth. Paints pictures of birds if you can believe that nonsense. Pretty useless occupation if you ask me.

Marla: (clears throat) I see. Zef, you're an eltran. Tell us what your life is like.

Zef: I live in a lake on Barada Seven and catch fish—no, scratch that—I can't catch them anymore. Too old and slow. Just have to eat the damn plants. Now, Manx could catch fish like no one you've ever seen. Used to spear them for me. I miss that... My fault he's gone, though.

Marla: Really? How so?

Zef: Made the mistake of playing matchmaker between him and Drusilla. Not that most Zetithians need any help in that department. Most females fall for them like fruit from a tree.

Marla: I see. Pretty sexy, huh?

Zef: Well, I'm no judge—I mean, look at me! I'm an amphibian! What would I know about—

Marla: (quickly) I see what you mean, Zef.

Zef: Hey, I know I'm ugly, but—now, here's someone I know you'd think was hot!

Marla: Ah, I see we have Manx joining us now. (gives him an appreciative look)

Manx: How are you, Zef?

Zef: (waves a flipper at Manx) Oh, fine. Not like the old days, of course, but I get by. So, are you two lovebirds still... (makes a loud, crunching sound which we can only assume is his way of laughing) Guess I shouldn't ask that. But you were always at it back on Barada. Got any kids yet?

Manx: We've been working on it.

Zef: (laughs again) That doesn't surprise me a bit.

Marla: So, Zef, tell us how you got them together.

Zef: Don't mind if I do. They were being such stupid, f—

Manx: Watch it, Zef!

Zef: —idiots. Her not wanting to talk to any men at all and him hiding out from the Nedwut bounty hunters. I mean, I told her he was pretty, but would she listen? No, she had to see him for herself.

Drusilla: (mutters) Do you blame me?

Zef: (sharply) I heard that, Drusilla. You think no one hears your quiet little comments, but we do. (laughs again) It was one of my favorite things about you.

Drusilla: (smiling) Not just that I didn't tell you to get lost whenever I was down at the lake working on my paintings?

Zef: No. Not just that. You were nice to me. (adds reflectively) One of the few bipeds I've ever met that was.

Drusilla: (shrugs) I try.

Marla: So, Manx, tell us your thoughts when you first saw Drusilla swimming in the lake? How did it affect you?

Manx: (swallows hard) I don't think I can say that here.

Zef: I can tell you that part! He was always naked, so you can see how she made his big— Drusilla: Zef!

Manx: (in an aside to Drusilla) I knew it was a mistake to include him in this interview.

Zef: I heard that! I may be old and ugly, but my hearing is as good as ever!

Drusilla: (softly) Unfortunately.

Marla: So, it was love at first sight? Zef: (snickering) More like lust at first sight.

Drusilla: Oh, it was not!

Zef: (smugly) You didn't see him after he'd caught a whiff of your scent. He was pretty taken with you. And I saw the look in your eyes when you spotted him there in the jungle. Couldn't take your eyes off him!

Drusilla: A gorgeous naked hunk with long black hair? Can you blame me?

Zef: Well, there's no accounting for taste. I mean, as humanoids go, he's okay, but you, well, you're a lot better looking in my opinion.

Drusilla: Thank you, Zef.

Manx: I have to agree with Zef on that one. You were the only woman who ever looked—or smelled— good enough to bring me out of hiding.

Zef: Must have been her red hair—or maybe her nicely shaped backside—

Drusilla: I think you've said enough, Zef.

Zef: I'm just getting started!

Marla: Just the same, I think we'd better stop there before things get out of hand. To find out more, you'll just have to read the book! You'll find Fugitive on your local bookstore shelves now.

Zef: Hurry out and buy your copy today! Or better yet, buy two!

Drusilla: Zef!

Manx: Let him talk. He might make us rich.

Drusilla: (dryly) My paintings of you have already made us rich.

Manx: Oh, yeah, right....


When a Zetithian fugitive meets a beautiful Earth woman, their passion may cost them both their lives...

Manx is a Zetithian fugitive with a feline gene that gives him remarkable sexual powers. He has been in hiding in the remote jungles of Barada Seven ever since being marked for extermination by the violent Nedwuts.

Artist Drusilla arrives on Barada Seven, enticed only by the promise of finding a nature paradise there. But she discovers a wildlife she wasn’t expecting when she encounters Manx. Reckless with desire for the beautiful Earth woman, Manx risks his life to win her as his mate.

It’s only a matter of time until the Nedwuts find them, but it will take all of Manx and Drusilla’s passion, skill, and ingenuity to survive.

About the Author
Cheryl Brooks is an Intensive Care Unit nurse by night and a romance writer by day. Previous books in The Cat Star Chronicles––º–– series include Slave, Warrior, Rogue and Outcast. Hero, book six, will be in stores August 2010. She is a member of the RWA and lives with her husband and sons in Bloomfield, Indiana. For more information, please visit




63 comments posted.

Re: Cheryl Brooks | An Interview With Some Characters

Cheryl it was great meeting everyone
in FUGITIVE! They were a lot of fun. So
I'm wondering if you revisit the
characters once the book has gone to
press? I know once I'm finished
reading a book I still think about the
characters and scenes I enjoyed.
(Sue Ahn 12:39pm January 5, 2010)

What a great interview! How fun.
(Joanne Reynolds 6:21am January 5, 2010)

Cheryl, that was a really enteraining interview. i was really laughing (while my family was laughing at me). what a great tour u r on so far, and its only day 2. Keep going strong!
(Paulette Dubois 8:25am January 5, 2010)

I really enjoyed the inteview and can't wait to read the book.
(Barbara Hanson 8:27am January 5, 2010)

That is a really fun interview. Seeing the characters interact like that makes me want to read the books!!!!
(Valerie Bongards 8:42am January 5, 2010)

I like an author with a good sense of humor. Your books sound good to me.
(Sherry Russell 9:28am January 5, 2010)

Great interview! I love this series, I can't wait to see what you come up with next.
happy Reading :)
(Tawania Etheridge 9:47am January 5, 2010)

Funny Interview. And what characters. I've read the book twice. And Zef's parts 3 times. LOL!!!
(Donna Fournier 10:24am January 5, 2010)

Wonderful interview...I love all the characters in the whole series...The the humor fantastic. I can't wait for the next book!
(Kimberley Coover 10:39am January 5, 2010)

Hi Sue Ahn!
Yes, I think about them after I finish the book, especially since, when writing a series, they might show up in another one!
(Cheryl Brooks 10:58am January 5, 2010)

Thanks, Joanne! I had fun writing the book, too!
(Cheryl Brooks 10:58am January 5, 2010)

Hi Barbara!
Glad you enjoyed the interview. That Zef is quite a character and he'll keep you chuckling in the book, too!
(Cheryl Brooks 11:00am January 5, 2010)

Maybe you'll win one Valerie! Good luck!
(Cheryl Brooks 11:00am January 5, 2010)

I write for the fun of it and I love to laugh, Sherry. Books that don't at least make me smile are just no fun at all!
(Cheryl Brooks 11:01am January 5, 2010)

Hey Tawania! You're really making the rounds aren't you? Thanks for the support!
(Cheryl Brooks 11:02am January 5, 2010)

LOL! I'll just BET those were the parts you read three times!
(Cheryl Brooks 11:03am January 5, 2010)

Hi Kimberly!
The next book, Hero, will be released in August. *sigh* At least it will be warmer then. It's 6 degrees here!!!!
(Cheryl Brooks 11:04am January 5, 2010)

LOL, I just love those character interviews. Great job, Cheryl!! Congrats on your new release.
(Armenia Fox 11:22am January 5, 2010)

Thanks, Armenia! Character interviews are the most fun and easiest kind of blog to write because the characters just take over!
(Cheryl Brooks 11:25am January 5, 2010)

Love meeting everyone in brings the book more closer. I am so glad to have had the chance to read this. I hope to get lucky here and maybe get into another book. susan L.
(Susan Leech 11:30am January 5, 2010)

Good luck, Susan!
(Cheryl Brooks 11:35am January 5, 2010)

Great interview. This book sounds great and I love the cover.
Marlene Howard
(Marlene Howard 11:38am January 5, 2010)

With all the bad weather we are having, I needed a laugh. Thanks for a hilarious interview. The book sounds great! Congratulations!
(Rosemary Krejsa 12:12pm January 5, 2010)

Thanks, Marlene. I love the cover, too!
(Cheryl Brooks 12:27pm January 5, 2010)

What a fun post. Thanks so much for visiting today.
(G S Moch 12:28pm January 5, 2010)

Hi Rosemary!
Glad I could help out. I've been pruning back my roses. I'm warmer now, but my feet are STILL cold. Hope your weather improves soon!
(Cheryl Brooks 12:29pm January 5, 2010)

Hi Cheryl, told you I would be by. The interviews were a hoot. You know I'm a fan, and will always try to support Manx and the guys. If you ever come up with one who doesn't have a girl, well, just hook me up, will ya? LOL
(Jessica James 12:36pm January 5, 2010)

I loved the interview. I think I will buy this book because of that interview. Thanks for the contest.
(Ashley Domes 12:38pm January 5, 2010)

Such a hilarious introduction to the characters in the book. Can't wait to get this one.
(Elizabeth Mitchell 12:57pm January 5, 2010)

LOL! I'll keep you in mind, Jessica, but I think you may have to stand in line!
(Cheryl Brooks 1:06pm January 5, 2010)

Thanks so much, Ashley! I hope you enjoy the book even more than the interview!
(Cheryl Brooks 1:07pm January 5, 2010)

Go for it, Elizabeth! Have fun!
(Cheryl Brooks 1:07pm January 5, 2010)

The new book looks really great and I would love to read it!
(Freda Mans-Labianca 1:18pm January 5, 2010)

Good luck in the contest, Freda!
(Cheryl Brooks 1:20pm January 5, 2010)

I love character interviews... they are so great to read!
(Colleen Conklin 1:53pm January 5, 2010)

They're fun to write, too, Colleen!
(Cheryl Brooks 1:55pm January 5, 2010)

I enjoyed the interview and I can't wait to read your book.
(Linda Henderson 2:36pm January 5, 2010)

Hi Cheryl, Thanks for introducing us to Marla, Zef, Manx and Drusilla. They're great. It must be so much fun to write about them.
(Robin McKay 3:17pm January 5, 2010)

Thanks, Linda! Hope you like the book, too!
(Cheryl Brooks 5:18pm January 5, 2010)

You're welcome, Robin! And, yes, it was tons of fun to write about them!
(Cheryl Brooks 5:19pm January 5, 2010)

zef kinda reminds me of a funny, cranky old grandpa... love him in this interview! sounds like an interesting world zef, manx, & drusilla live in. thanks for the interview cheryl! it was a fun read! :D
(Michelle Santiago 5:25pm January 5, 2010)

What a great interview. Now you've done it, I need to find out more.
(Mary Preston 6:29pm January 5, 2010)

Thanks, Michelle!
Glad you enjoyed it!
(Cheryl Brooks 6:55pm January 5, 2010)

LOL! That was my intention, Mary!
(Cheryl Brooks 6:56pm January 5, 2010)

Great interview! Wonderful interaction between the characters.
(Cherie Japp 8:01pm January 5, 2010)

Thanks, Cherie!
(Cheryl Brooks 8:13pm January 5, 2010)

It was great fun to read the interview. Thanks for bringing along that rather irrepressible sounding Zef.
(G. Bisbjerg 8:35pm January 5, 2010)

Whohoo! Can't wait to read it!!! And the next one's in August? Sweet!
(Emily Nelson 9:10pm January 5, 2010)

I'm looking for some new books and these sound like just what I'm wanting.
(Nancy Gilliland 9:33pm January 5, 2010)

This would be a great book to read
(Patricia Kasner 9:43pm January 5, 2010)

Hellow to G. Bisbjerg, Emily, Nancy, & Patricia,
My thanks to you all. Good luck in the contest!
(Cheryl Brooks 10:39pm January 5, 2010)

LOL! Can you tell I'm getting tired? That should read Hello to you all!
(Cheryl Brooks 10:40pm January 5, 2010)

This would be a great read! Definitely sounds like something I would enjoy!
(Melissa Cleaver 10:53pm January 5, 2010)

Great interview! Can't wait to read "Fugitive".
(Cheryl Snyder 11:32pm January 5, 2010)

Great interview! You've got a winner there! I can't wait to get my copy!
(Lisa Glidewell 11:50pm January 5, 2010)

I'm an eclectic book a day reader and Fugitive was hot and humorous. A total winner for me. The relationship between Manx and Drusilla is a woman's fantasy, for real:) Even though Fugitive is part of a series, it stands very well alone. I'm not a huge Sci-Fi fan but this one was thoroughly entertaining and refreshing. Did I mention hot?;) I'm looking forward to the next book that will be published in August.
(Nancy Bristow 4:15am January 6, 2010)

Good morning, ladies! I see Melissa, Cheryl, and Lisa were up late last night, but Nancy gets the early bird promo award today! Thank you all!
(Cheryl Brooks 9:01am January 6, 2010)

I loved this interview. Great idea.
(Leni Kaye 3:02pm January 6, 2010)

Haven't read any of your books
yet but just added them to my
wishlist. I love the fact that
it is a series as I love to revisit old friends from familiar places.
(Lisa Richards 7:21pm January 6, 2010)

I have been reading books that are just a little too serious. Good to take a break with some laugh.
(Kai Wong 9:36pm January 6, 2010)

Love the Interview was Fun to Read.Look like it will be a fun book to read.Happy New Years!!
(Stacey Smith 10:09pm January 6, 2010)

Thanks, Leni!

I've tried to bring the original characters back in as much as I can, Lisa, but I have to keep a tight rein on Jack. LOL! She'd take over every story if I let her!

If you're looking for fun, Kai, then you've come to the right place!

Happy New Year to you, too, Stacey! Thanks!
(Cheryl Brooks 3:54pm January 8, 2010)

Looks like a good read.
I hope I'm able to read it!
(Brenda Rupp 9:21pm January 8, 2010)

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