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"COLD FURY defines the modern romantic thriller."�-�NYT�bestselling author Jayne Ann Krentz

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Romance writer and reluctant cop navigate sparks during fateful ride-alongs.

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Free on Kindle Unlimited

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A child under his protection�and a hit man in pursuit.

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Courtney Kelly sees things others can�t�like fairies, and hidden motives for murder . . .

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Reunited in danger�and bound by desire

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Journey to a city that�s full of quirky, zany superheroes finding love while they battle over-the-top, evil ubervillains bent on world domination.

Freda Mans-Labianca

I love my family. I enjoy reading books, taking photos and cooking. I try to live each day to its fullest!

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46 comments posted.

Re: Asylum (3:37pm November 2, 2015):

What a unique experience to draw inspiration from. It makes
your story much more enticing.
I've never had a seizure, but have been with someone who
had them. Very scary. I do hope you are well now.

Re: The Taming Of The Wolf (3:22pm November 19, 2010):

#5 made me laugh.

Re: Twilight Hunger (12:34pm October 21, 2010):

I would love a chance at this prize, thank you kindly!

Re: Highland Hellcat (12:11pm October 16, 2010):

Definitely coffee. If they could IV drip it in me I'd be so happy.

Re: Backstage Pass (1:20pm October 13, 2010):

Thank you for the chance!

Re: Dead Head (2:58pm April 14, 2010):

My neighbors are frustrating, they break into things and steal, but I'm sure there is even more substance to them somewhere. Who knows... maybe they'll move soon.

Re: The Darcy Cousins (12:57pm April 5, 2010):

I appreciate an author whose characters know who they are. Makes for a straightforward and great read!

Re: Just Fooling Around (12:21pm April 2, 2010):

Happy Reading and Happy Easter!

Re: An Earl to Enchant (1:41pm March 31, 2010):

"You talkin' to me? Do I amuse you?"
-Joe Pesci, Goodfellas

Re: Aries Rising (12:45pm March 26, 2010):

I'm Sagittarian, though don't feel I breeze through anything. I work hard at everything I do. I am keen on reading the book. Sounds very interesting.

Best wishes and Happy "early" Easter!

Re: Catch Of A Lifetime (5:50pm February 2, 2010):

Catch of a Lifetime looks really great! Thanks for a chance to win!

Re: Drive Time (6:13pm February 1, 2010):

I was on the edge of my seat waiting for the secret... had me fooled!! I would love a chance to win your new book.

Re: Hasta La Vista, Lola! (1:16pm January 29, 2010):

Great title and cover!!!

Re: The Keepers Of Sulbreth (1:05pm January 15, 2010):

I love fantasies!! The cover of the book is amazing!!

Re: Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy (1:05pm January 11, 2010):

I'd have to give this a try. I made the mistake of reading Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters, and it made Austen books a turn off for me. I would like to get turned back on though.

Re: My Dearest Mr. Darcy (2:53pm January 7, 2010):

I love Gone With the Wind too, and especially love that era! The clothing and styles I love. I think you wrote a wonderful book, and I would most enjoy reading it! On my tbr list!

Re: Come Hell Or High Water (10:15pm January 6, 2010):

A cute cover blends a nice intro onto what looks like a great book!

Re: Fugitive (1:18pm January 5, 2010):

The new book looks really great and I would love to read it!

Re: Paraworld Zero (5:47pm December 21, 2009):

I love fantasy fiction!! This book looks really fun and full of action!

Happy holidays to everyone!

Re: Searching For Pemberley (1:48pm December 3, 2009):

That is a fantastic way to write!!! I shall talk to myself more often!!

Re: Sex Drive (1:09pm December 2, 2009):

I love to read series. They keep you interested in a character, and its surroundings.

Re: Scorched (12:10pm December 1, 2009):

Scorched looks fantastic! I would love to win!

Re: Take Me For A Ride (1:38pm November 26, 2009):

Happy Thanksgiving to my American neighbors!

Re: Dark Legacy (10:59pm November 19, 2009):


Re: Wild Blue Under (12:35pm November 9, 2009):

You had my attention at pigs flying, but i appreciate birds too! ;-)
Great cover!!
Looks like a really interesting book.

Re: Mr. Darcy Vampyre (3:02pm October 28, 2009):

I love Vampire books, and think yours look awesome!!

Re: Silver Silence (7:21pm October 27, 2009):

What a beautiful cover, and thank you for a great post. I would love to read your books!

Happy Hallowe'en!

Re: Santa Honey (2:35pm October 23, 2009):

I share your doom and gloom, though as long as there is words, we will always have books.

Great post!

Re: Possess Me At Midnight (1:59pm October 22, 2009):

I really want to read this steamy series!!!

Great post!

Re: Loot the Moon (12:43pm October 20, 2009):

I find motivation within myself. I lived a life that I'd rather not look back o and wonder, "what if?" That is motivation enough to do what I must, and throw in extra for good measure.

Thanks for the contest, and great post!

Re: My Wicked Vampire (12:41pm October 20, 2009):

I haven't read any of your books, thought I would love to. They look very intriguing.

Thanks for the great post!

Re: The Trials Of The Honorable F. Darcy (10:05am October 15, 2009):

I would love to read the book. Looks fantastic!

Re: The Promise (12:48pm October 12, 2009):

I would love to read these books. Please enter me in the contest.

Re: Lucky Break (1:25pm September 29, 2009):

Sounds like a great book!

Re: Bluegrass Christmas (12:00pm September 28, 2009):

I haven't had the best of Christmas's, so to read a story that would lighten the mood at the holiday time would be fab! I am a romantic and sensitive person who adores Christmas, they just bring misery too. Anything that can make me laugh or smile then or about that time is awesome!

Re: The Splendor Falls (1:27pm September 11, 2009):

I think it's great you ate cheesecake for breakfast! I have done it once or twice myself! ;-)

Thank you for the entry.

Re: Tie Me Down (12:21pm September 4, 2009):

Thank you for sharing.
The city that captures my heart is also home. Hamilton, Ontario. Anyone who comes here says awful things, but home is where the heart is. I've moved four provinces away, only to find myself home. I missed it so while I was gone. Who would've thought you could pine for a place, not so much the people, as my loved ones were with me. But I did pine for this city. I don't think I'll leave again, except for vacations. :-)
Thank you for allowing me to share.

Re: Air Time (11:25am August 25, 2009):

Congratualtions to you and Jonathan for finding each other! Not everyone is so lucky to meet their soul mate. I wish you both the best.

The book looks phenomenal by the way. Look forward to reading it!

Re: In the Master's Bed (11:39am August 24, 2009):

As I said in a previous post somewhere today, I love romance novels. After all these years with mu hubby, its the one way to get romance. Read about it!

Re: Gordath Wood (11:26am August 22, 2009):

Thank you for the entry.

I would love to read them all. Though I agree Scott Lynchs books look intriguing.

[email protected]

Re: Skykeepers (11:37am August 21, 2009):

I haven't read any of these titles, but they look like incredibly great reads!!

Re: To Tempt The Wolf (10:11am August 20, 2009):

Congratulations on the upcoming new release!

Re: Beloved Vampire (12:16pm August 17, 2009):

Thank you for the entry.

I love Vampire novels!

[email protected]

Re: Smash Cut (11:14am August 16, 2009):

I tend to read and re-read the Dragonlance series.... it gets me every time.

Re: Red Seas Under Red Skies (10:05am August 15, 2009):

All these cons sound like fun... for the most part. I wish you all the best at the Dillocon!!!

Re: Trust Me (12:42pm August 14, 2009):

I think Jeff's Blog is Fab!! I loved reading what he wrote about The Kite Code's Daughter. As a writer trying to break out into publishing, these tips were quite handy. I know what to look out for when writing as well as publishing.

I also agree with the above readers' comments. I have not been so lucky or unlucky to have such similarities, but I think it would affect the feel for the book, and even trying to read it afterwards.

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