April 15th, 2024
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Anna Campbell | Men of Honour...Don't You Just Love Them?


I have a confession to make. Do you promise not to tell anyone? I’ve got to admit it. I have a HUGE crush on the hero of my latest book, CAPTIVE OF SIN! Not that my longings are going to do me any good. Sir Gideon Trevithick is completely in love with Lady Charis Weston. Sigh. The poor author just doesn’t get a look-in! Not that this author is sour about that or anything. MUCH!

Gideon is a complete man of honor, a characteristic I find terrifically attractive. He’s brave, self-sacrificing, ethical, steadfast, protective. Lucky Charis! In fact, he’s the complete knight in shining armor package. When he gives his word, he never wavers, whatever the price he must pay personally as a result. In CAPTIVE OF SIN, when he stumbles across a runaway heiress hiding in a stable, he promises to protect her from her violent and greedy stepbrothers (who are the complete opposite of men of honor!). Charis has found a champion.

Gideon has returned to England a national hero after torture and imprisonment in India. He’s the toast of the nation, but unfortunately he’s wracked with survivor guilt and endlessly tormented by his experiences as a captive. He knows he’s absolutely the wrong man for the innocent, beautiful and spirited Charis, but when he’s left with one alternative to keep her safe and that’s a marriage of convenience, what is he to do?

So yes, we’re definitely in tortured hero territory. Do you have a favorite tortured hero? Why do you think the tortured hero is so popular in romance novels? He’s been a staple of the genre since at least Heathcliff and Mr. Rochester! Let’s talk THs!

CAPTIVE OF SIN is out now from Avon Books. Publishers Weekly called it ‘luscious’ and Romantic Times awarded it Top Pick Status. You can read an excerpt here: http://www.annacampbell.info/captivesin.html

Anna Campbell AnnaCampbell.info

Anna is giving away TWO signed copies of CAPTIVE OF SIN to TWO people who comment here.




95 comments posted.

Re: Anna Campbell | Men of Honour...Don't You Just Love Them?

Can't wait to read your books!
Tortured heroes have been
around a long time, and we
women always fall for them,
seem to have a soft spot for
them,lol. Rhett Butler from
Gone with the Wind, HeathCliff
& Mr. Rochester. Heck, I even
have a secret thing for some
of the one's from kid's books!
Like Clara's dad, in Heidi, &
the dad in Secret Garden.Hugs!
(Karen McKenzie 2:46am November 24, 2009)

Ahh, the tortured hero! I must say Gideon in CAPTIVE OF SIN is a particularly delicious example of the TH. And Anna, frankly, I think you need to stand in line when it comes to Gideon. Charis and I have a time-share arrangement!
Another great TH is Jervaulx in Kinsale's Flowers from the Storm. I know he's one of your favourites, too.
(Christine Wells 2:54am November 24, 2009)

lol It's not fair, you created him
shouldn't he be in love with you if you
chose? ;P

Aside from the Bronte's Heathcliff
*swoon* or Rochester *sigh*, from the
top of my head, the voices in there are
telling me that I LOVE Liz Carlyle's
Bentley Rutledge and Elizabeth Hoyt's
Samuel Hartley amongst many
wonderful tortured heroes.
(Camille M 3:01am November 24, 2009)

I Like Angle From Buffy as a Fav tortured Hero on tv.in a book it would be Dageus MacKeltar from The Dark Highlander By Karen Marie Moning
(Stacey Smith 3:41am November 24, 2009)

Your crush on Gideon is completely understandable. I might have to challenge you (and Charis) to a duel for his affections!

I've just finished reading Simone Elkeles's YA, 'Leaving Paradise'. Hero Caleb is a lot like Gideon in some ways--determined, courageous...and oh-so-tortured! The book starts with him being released from jail after being accused of running over his neighbour, Maggie, with his car. As the story unfolds, we learn more about what led to the accident and how it changed Caleb forever.
(Vanessa Barneveld 4:51am November 24, 2009)

Excellent competition. Please
include me into this as the book
seems amazing.
[email protected]
(Germaine Perera 5:16am November 24, 2009)

Anna my favorite tortured hero is one of
yours, Matthew in UNTOUCHED.
However Gideon in CAPTIVE ON SIN runs
very close - he is truly a knight in
shining armor Charis.
(Kandy Shepherd 6:19am November 24, 2009)

Oh My where to start? If only real life could be so wonderful*sigh* I love alltotured heros and expecially in a series when you have read about them for a while and they see everyone else living happily ever after over and over again. then when they finally get thier chance at love. i find myself standing up cheering!(wich will get looks from my family) LOL. Captive of sin sounds wonderful Can not wait to read! Thier are so many Tortured heros that come to mind incuding Gideon. I love them all, but i will keep my list short. (hopefully).. Lord Justice and Alexios from Alyssa Day's Alantis series, Kel form Angela knight's master of Swords,Adam from Catherine spangler's Touched by light. I could go on and on..
(Ida Brugler 8:59am November 24, 2009)

I SO want to read this book! As a matter of fact, it has been on my mind so much I had a dream about it last night :)

Why tortured heroes? I think it brings out the caretakers in us and who better to comfort and care for than our own 'champion'.

Heathcliff does come to mind and I have to say at first I really didn't like him at all. I thought he and Kathy deserved each other, and not in a nice way, until I saw the recent adaptation of Wuthering Heights. That changed my mind - so much, in fact, that I am currently listening to it on audio in my car :)
(Susan Davco 9:19am November 24, 2009)

Ahhh, Anna, my dear, step aside. :> Gideon, oh gorgeous Gideon...


Seriously, my fav tortured hero is Matthew, hands down. He's MINE, I tell you, MINE! Hahahah!

Actually, one of my other fav tortured heroes is Harry Potter. Talk about torture! Seven books worth. Ha!

Great to see you here today.
(Jeanne Adams 9:50am November 24, 2009)

I like Maxim de Winter from "Rebecca."
(G S Moch 10:09am November 24, 2009)

I am partial to the hero Jacob from Jacob by Jacquelyn Frank. I think what makes tortured heroes so attractive is that they bring out that nurturing side in me. They make me care about them and want for their lives to turn for the better.
(Cherie Japp 10:26am November 24, 2009)

I am a HUGE fan of yours! "Captive of Sin" sounds AMAZING! I can't wait to read it!

My favorite tortured hero was actually named SIN! I wish I could remember the name of the book! Grrrrr! This hero was deep and dark, shunned by his stepmother, father and brothers, but his hard core shell is broken by the girl who truly loves him and gives him a family of his own. We like to see the tortured hero rewarded with love!
(Stefanie Finn 11:08am November 24, 2009)

Hey GS, you reminded me! I love Maxim de Winter from Rebecca as well. (I was too lazy to go pull the book and get his name! hahah!)

I also love Sergei from Laura Anne Gilman's Retriever series
(Jeanne Adams 11:37am November 24, 2009)

Love, love love Captive of Sin. And loving Sir Gideon - he is keeping me warm at night. He'd certainly be up there with my favourite tortured heroes.
(Sarah Morgan 11:51am November 24, 2009)

This books sounds amazing! It's on my to read list.
(Lisa Glidewell 12:54pm November 24, 2009)

One of my favorite tortured heros is Zachary Benedict in the novel "Perfect" by Judith Mcnaught. What a tragic wayward life he led until Julie.
(Theresa Buckholtz 1:23pm November 24, 2009)

Hi Karen! Thanks for swinging by! It's weird - I never really got into Rhett (you'll think this is amazing but I've never read the book so I'm purely talking about the movie here) but oh, I sighed my little teenage heart out over Heathcliff and Mr. Rochester. And I was a huge gothic fan growing up and gothics grow tortured heroes like wet weather grows mushrooms! Oh, I'd forgotten Clara's dad - you're right! Never read The Secret Garden either but I had a crush on the dad in the movie that was out a few years ago.
(Anna Campbell 2:09pm November 24, 2009)

Ooh, Christine, Jervaulx! Stops and sighs with admiration. He's the ULTIMATE tortured hero. I've only recently re-read that book and I cried my eyes out at the end when he puts it all on the line for her. Sigh! Wadda Man! Thanks for those lovely words about Gideon. Charis has actually been talking to a contracts lawyer about breaking that arrangement - sorry, I thought you should know ;-)
(Anna Campbell 2:16pm November 24, 2009)

Camille, believe me, the characters have wills of their own. I WISH I could make them cooperate with me, but I'm just the poor secretary ;-) And sadly Gid saw Charis and he was a goner.

Oh, I adore ALL Liz Carlyle's heroes. There's also the wonderful Devlin in The Devil to Pay - he'd make any girl's heart go pittapat! I haven't read that Elizabeth Hoyt but I loved the hero of her Raven Prince and he was definitely a tortured hero! Thanks for swinging by!
(Anna Campbell 2:18pm November 24, 2009)

Hi Anna, I love the tortured hero's, my favorite. I have a lot of favorites and its just to hard to pick one, even down to Rhett Buttler! I can't wait to read your new book, because you write some awesome tortured hero's yourself!
(Gail Hurt 2:32pm November 24, 2009)

Ooh, Stacy, Dageus!!! Yum! I adored that book. And do you remember how sexy the cover was? I didn't watch Buffy but I must say I think DB is gorgeous in Bones. Makes me think I've been missing out on something! Thanks for swinging by!
(Anna Campbell 2:35pm November 24, 2009)

(Annie Wes 2:40pm November 24, 2009)

Sorry, STACEY!!!! That pesky 'e' seems to have gone on holidays when I wrote your response.
(Anna Campbell 2:41pm November 24, 2009)

Wow, Vanessa, that sounds like some serious torture in that book you're talking about. I've heard great things about Simone Elkeles. There's some amazing YA stuff coming out at the moment. Hey, cool you had a crush on Gid too! He's basking in the attention, you know. He'll be quite unbearable if I bring him back in a sequel! Thanks for swinging by!
(Anna Campbell 2:42pm November 24, 2009)

Anna, what a great topic. I was just writing something about making my hero suffer and how satisfying it is, then I come here and read your post! In Gideon you've got a tremendous TH. Apart from being tortured and honorable he's just so sighworthy! One of your best. I'm looking forward to rereading 'Captive of Sin'. Some of my fave THs have already been mentioned: Matthew from 'Untouched' and Jervaulx from 'Flowers in the Storm'.
(Annie Wes 2:43pm November 24, 2009)

Hm, must go and check my profile. I seem to be appearing as Annie Wes instead of Annie West. How odd!
(Annie Wes 2:44pm November 24, 2009)

Hey, Germaine, thanks for swinging by - and for checking out the website! So glad you love the sound of COS!
(Anna Campbell 2:46pm November 24, 2009)

Hey, Kandy, thanks for popping in to say hello. I had a crush on Matthew too - clearly it's an occupational hazard. I think he and Gideon have quite a lot in common. Both tortured men of honor - and they both fall like a ton of bricks when they fall!
(Anna Campbell 2:51pm November 24, 2009)

Ida, thanks for the great post. It's interesting how the tortured hero has really found a home in the paranormal genre, isn't it? I really think that's one of the secrets to why that genre is so incredibly hot here. I mean, a tortured vamp is pretty darn tortured! ;-) I mean, I love J.R. Ward and she does a fabulous tortured hero!
(Anna Campbell 2:53pm November 24, 2009)

Susan, grrrr! My video decided to eat the tape when WH was on here a couple of weeks ago. I was really looking forward to it too! There's a fairly horrible old BBC adaptation from the early 80s that made Heathcliff a complete thug. The story doesn't make sense if he's completely irredeemable. And I HATED Cathy! Think she deserved to have her arm cut on that broken glass ;-)

Ha ha! A dream is telling you something! I hope it wasn't a nightmare!

I think you're right about tortured heroes bringing out women's savior complexes!
(Anna Campbell 3:00pm November 24, 2009)

Three words for you ladies: Matthew. Is. Mine.

*sunny smile*
(Jeanne Adams 3:10pm November 24, 2009)

Hey, Jeanne, it's a great site, isn't it? Thanks so much for snorking by ;-) Hey, a Matthew fan? That's two votes for my lovely boy from UNTOUCHED! Yay! Actually you're right about Harry Potter. I must say I had a bit of a crush on Sirius Black - he was definitely in the tortured hero mold.
(Anna Campbell 3:18pm November 24, 2009)

Ooh, G.S., another Laurence Olivier role my mother loved! This is kinda like memory lane. He's great in that part - wasn't so keen on Joan Fontaine. And the movie is SOOO atmospheric. Actually interesting you mention Rebecca. I based the house in Captive of Sin on Rebecca - that was such fun writing about the mansion on the Cornish cliffs!
(Anna Campbell 3:24pm November 24, 2009)

Cherie, I think you're right about why tortured heroes appeal. I must say too that the minute you have a genuinely tortured hero, the stakes are automatically that much higher. Will he conquer his demons to find happiness? Gives you a great character arc from the get-go. I haven't read Jacob - sounds interesting!
(Anna Campbell 3:25pm November 24, 2009)

Hey, Stefanie, thanks so much for saying that and for swinging by. I hope you enjoy meeting lovely Gid! Oooh, the Sin book sounds really good! Perhaps you're a Captive of SIN!!!! Sorry, bad joke ;-)
(Anna Campbell 3:27pm November 24, 2009)

Jeanne, another Maxim fan? He's definitely a classic tortured hero. Did you know that she based that story on Jane Eyre? Once you know the connection, it's pretty easy to spot the similarities between Mr. R and Maxim de W. I love Russian names - you've got me at Sergei!
(Anna Campbell 3:28pm November 24, 2009)

Wow, it's the fabulous Sarah Morgan! Hiya Sarah. Lovely to see you. Oh, I'm so glad you love Gid! You do a mean line in great heroes yourself, m'dear!
(Anna Campbell 3:33pm November 24, 2009)

Thanks, Lisa! Good luck in the draw!
(Anna Campbell 3:35pm November 24, 2009)

Theresa, I'd forgotten Zachary! I loved that story - must have read it ten times. Must pull it off the bookshelf and read it again. Wasn't the bit up in the mountains breathtakingly romantic? Sigh!
(Anna Campbell 3:36pm November 24, 2009)

Hey, thanks, Gail. I'm a sucker for a tortured hero and I LOVE giving a guy who's really suffered a happy ending. That's one of the perks of being a romance writer! Another Rhett fan? I really MUST read this book!
(Anna Campbell 3:37pm November 24, 2009)

Hi Annie! We're having an invasion of fabulous Harlequin Presents writers. How lucky am I? Thanks for swinging by! You and Sarah both do the most breathtakingly sexy heroes. Yum, yum, yum! I'm looking forward to reading your latest - I'm really lucky, I get to meet Annie's luscious heroes before anyone else does. Yes, I will accept bribery but only BIG stuff!
(Anna Campbell 3:39pm November 24, 2009)

Hey, Annie, I just thought it might be because you're friendly with the site ;-)
(Anna Campbell 3:39pm November 24, 2009)

Actually, Jeanne, I think you need to read that book again. I think you'll find Matthew is well and truly Grace's ;-)
(Anna Campbell 3:40pm November 24, 2009)

Uh-uh. MINE!!!! Grins.

And Anna, I guess you are joining Ollie in the long line of women in love with Anna's cousin, Sergei? Grins.

(For those who are bamfoozled by this, Anna C and I share love for Eva Ibbotsons' Countess Below Stairs - and Cousin Sergei! Oh, and Peter too.)
(Jeanne Adams 3:47pm November 24, 2009)

Jeanne, actually I only had eyes for Rupert in that book. Gideon is kind of a homage to him, as I'm sure you've noticed. I love that warrior scholar archetype and Rupert is one of the best.

Actually I loved Peter too! And the boy who marries the plain bookworm girl is just lovely too. Is her name Jenny? I loved Ollie. I want her to grow up to be the heroine of her own story.

Yes, I love A Countess Below Stairs (it's been repubbed as The Secret Countess which isn't nearly so evocative a title, IMHO). If you haven't read it, grab it! You'll be in love with Rupert too!
(Anna Campbell 3:54pm November 24, 2009)

Hi, Anna! Gideon does sound like a particularly wonderful hero--I can see why we'd all be adithering! I think the fascination with tortured heroes is knowing that they've got such deep emotions, and wanting to be the one to be the focus of their passionate nature!
(Fedora Chen 3:55pm November 24, 2009)

Ooh, Fedora, what a great theory and not one I've heard before. I think you're right - I think we automatically think the tortured hero is capable of great passion because he's capable of great suffering. What a perceptive thing to say! Love the sight of you adithering, by the way ;-)
(Anna Campbell 4:06pm November 24, 2009)

Ahhh, yes. Rupert. And Tom too, with his love of his frizzie haired, book loving heroine. Sigh.
(Jeanne Adams 4:22pm November 24, 2009)

Hi Anna,
I love tortured heroes. Vere from Loretta Chase's "The Last Hellion" is a favorite as is Robert from Gaelen Foley's "The Duke."
(Jane Cheung 4:27pm November 24, 2009)

Ooh, Jane, I love Vere. I love ALL Loretta Chase's heroes although one of my all-time faves of hers isn't tortured at all. Rupert from Mr. Impossible. Hmmm, I'm suddenly wondering if I have a penchant for heroes named Rupert! Gaelen Foley does a great tortured hero too.
(Anna Campbell 4:56pm November 24, 2009)

looking forward to reading Captive of Sin
(Teresa Ward 5:17pm November 24, 2009)

Thanks, Teresa! Hope you enjoy it!
(Anna Campbell 5:24pm November 24, 2009)

I love a good tortured hero! One of my favorites is Acheron from the Dark-hunter series.
(Marlene Breakfield 5:28pm November 24, 2009)

Marelene, Acheron gets mention in the pantheon of tortured heroes a lot. I must check out his story! Thanks for swinging by!
(Anna Campbell 5:30pm November 24, 2009)

Yeah, I can not believe i forgot Acheron of all tortured hero's that poor guy deserves a BIG Award
SO SAD!!!!!!
(Ida Brugler 7:07pm November 24, 2009)

Tortured Heros??? What about Christine Feehan's series? She seems to specialize in TH. I have never read anything as tortured as Acheron, and, fortunately no one has yet made a cinematic mess of her books. Good promos for your book, though; can't wait to read it.
(Susan Driskill 7:10pm November 24, 2009)

Ida, another Acheron vote! Definitely MUST check him out!
(Anna Campbell 7:33pm November 24, 2009)

Thanks, Susan! Yeah, those paranormal guys get REALLY tortured, don't they? Oh, man, too many good books, not enough time. I need a reading clone!
(Anna Campbell 7:34pm November 24, 2009)

Gotta love 'em! More men should remember what the words stand for!
(Lisa Guido 8:11pm November 24, 2009)

I must say I LOVE an honorable hero, Lisa. I've just written a review of Pride and Prejudice over on the Romance Blog and reading it again, it's the fact that Darcy is a man of honor that's one of his most attractive qualities!
(Anna Campbell 8:26pm November 24, 2009)

Hi, Anna, I've just begun reading Captive of Sin and I certainly can see why you're in love with Gideon! I think women really buy into that man of honor persona; it reminds us of the men in our lives that we love -- husbands, sons, fathers.
(Jo Robertson 8:45pm November 24, 2009)

I agree with Susan about us being caretakers. When I think back and remember....
(Karin Tillotson 8:59pm November 24, 2009)

I'm looking forward to reading it, Anna.
(Robin Greene 9:22pm November 24, 2009)

Wow, Jo, what a lovely thing to say. I'm so glad you're enjoying COS. Iloved the mixture of hero and vulnerability in Gideon!
(Anna Campbell 9:57pm November 24, 2009)

Karin, I think Susan really hit the nail on the head with that comment!
(Anna Campbell 9:58pm November 24, 2009)

Thanks, Robin. I hope you enjoy it!
(Anna Campbell 9:58pm November 24, 2009)

gideon sounds like a great hero: strong yet vulnerable and/or tortured, handsome, honorable... i love those kind of heroes. i would so love to read about him.
(Michelle Santiago 10:13pm November 24, 2009)

A man who will put his wants and needs on hold so that he can do the right and honorable thing makes us all feel that true love is alive and well. That never goes out of style. My personal hero would be Rhett Butler.
(Rosemary Krejsa 10:21pm November 24, 2009)

Michelle, good luck in the draw! Let's just say I think that Charis is a lucky woman ;-)
(Anna Campbell 10:52pm November 24, 2009)

Rosemary, I think you're the third commenter to give us a vote for Rhett! It's nice to know the classics never go out of style either! Thanks for swinging by and good luck!
(Anna Campbell 10:53pm November 24, 2009)

My favorite tortured hero is Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod in the Highlander movies & TV shows.
(Cheryl Snyder 11:18pm November 24, 2009)

A favorite tortured hero for me is Gareth Lloyd in Liz Carlyle's "Never Deceive a Duke". His painful past started from his childhood.
Gideon is terrific and a very caring man. I was crazy about him, too.
(Elaine Carlini-Davis 11:28pm November 24, 2009)

Cheryl, you know, I haven't seen anything except the first Highlander movie which was full of some pretty impressive eye candy in kilts from memory (we're definitely going back here!). I'm not sure the TV show was on here in Australia - I don't remember seeing anything about it.
(Anna Campbell 11:31pm November 24, 2009)

Elaine, that's one of the Liz Carlyles I haven't read yet (I'm gradually making my way through her back list). I just ordered the one, two, three series for my reading pleasure over Christmas. I LOVE her writing and she does the most amazingly wonderful heroes, doesn't she? Hey, cool you loved Gideon! Thank you for that lovely wrap!
(Anna Campbell 11:32pm November 24, 2009)

Thanks, everybody, for a fantastic day of blogging. And good luck in the drawing!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends! Anna xxx
(Anna Campbell 12:20pm November 25, 2009)

Hmmm. Why DO we love the tortured but oh so honorable hero? Maybe we feel like he's competed and earned "our" love, battled for it emotionally? I just don't know but I sure do love them, too. Or maybe it's the mommy in us that wants to comfort and care for them as the woman in us, ummm . . . "comforts and cares" for him too :) Or maybe it's just because we don't have to put the work in torturing them ourselves? Just kidding!!!!

My all time fave has to be Ash from Sherrilyn Kenyon's Darkhunter series and I just finished Lynsay Sand's "Renegade Hunter" and adore Nicholas Argeneau from her Argeneau/Rogue Hunter series.
(Joyce Bair 1:19am November 25, 2009)

Joyce, it's interesting that most of the tortured heroes mentioned by the commenters have been from paranormal books, isn't it? Clearly it's a genre that lends itself to torturing its heroes! Another vote for Acheron, I see! That man sure does have a fan club.

Laughed at the idea that if they've already been tortured, we don't have to do it, snort! Thanks for swinging by!
(Anna Campbell 1:30am November 25, 2009)

Hi Anna, I'm currentyly reading this book and just got to the part where they are........(don't want to spoil it for everyone). Lol. It's a wonderful story and I'd love to be entered to win a signed copy to cherish.
(Mitzi Hinkey 1:49am November 25, 2009)

Hey, thanks, Mitzi! And very subtle avoidance of the spoiler there ;-) So glad you're enjoying the story - Gid IS a man of honor, isn't he? Good luck in the the draw!
(Anna Campbell 2:25am November 25, 2009)

Hey Anna,
Great post as always. But Anna, how could you not get into Rhett? Oh, be still my heart, okay so maybe it's more Clark Gable that gets my heart going. Oh, plus Darcy and Rochester.

Can't wait for Captive of Sin to hit the bookstands here. I've decided I'm taking time off from writing to sit in the sun and enjoy Gideon and Charis' story.


(Sandie HUdson 6:28am November 25, 2009)

A man who gives his word and keeps it is indeed an attractive man. It shows a depth of soul that is very hard to find these days. I'd love to win a copy. Thanks.
(DeeAnn Szymanski 9:04am November 25, 2009)

Sandie, it's great timing that the book's out here just before Christmas, isn't it? And SUCH a beautiful edition, that trade paperback! I'm in lurve!

I know, I know, I hear that about Rhett all the time! Maybe I need to revisit my earlier responses! Thanks for swinging by!
(Anna Campbell 1:37pm November 25, 2009)

DeeAnn, I think that's really part of the appeal - that this is someone who will do the right thing, no matter what it costs them. Someone you can rely on! Real romance hero material. Good luck in the draw!
(Anna Campbell 1:38pm November 25, 2009)

I truly enjoyed your post and I too think hero (a man of honor) can become a special friend in all our minds. We all need that hero worship to make it thru a day and sometimes even a week. ha susan L.
(Susan Leech 4:02pm November 25, 2009)

Susan, yes, sometimes only a fantasy man will do ;-) Thanks so much for checking out the post! I'm so glad you enjoyed it - talking about heroes is always fun!
(Anna Campbell 4:48pm November 25, 2009)

Interesting name - Trevithick sounds Cornish?
(Julia Butler 7:59pm November 26, 2009)

I agree some of the time only a fantasy man will do! ~ : )
(Brenda Rupp 8:16pm November 26, 2009)

Wow I can't wait to read more.
(Tabatha Basham 12:34pm November 27, 2009)

I have just watched an excellent new British production of Wuthering Heights so Heathcliff is foremost in my mind.
(Mary Preston 7:20am November 27, 2009)

your hero sounds too good to be true... i love books that make me have a crush on.. LOL!

thanks for the chance to win!
(Tina Werner 8:17am November 27, 2009)

I love your books & it's great that you love to write about great heroes.
(Pat Wilson 10:40am November 27, 2009)

In my book, there cannot be a dishonorable hero. To me, that's an oxymoron. Some non-heroes may perform heroic deeds, but only an honorable man will be a real hero. Some can find the way to honor as they do something heroic and should be ever changed by that act.
(Sigrun Schulz 5:04pm November 27, 2009)

My favorite tortured hero is Wulfgar from The Wolf and the Dove. I like TH's because they are strong, honorable and will do anything for their lady. I like having that feeling that the hero truly deserves his happily ever after.
(Tara Woods 6:14pm November 27, 2009)

I want to read this one so bad.

(Monica Schroeder 4:34pm November 29, 2009)

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