April 26th, 2018
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Suzanne Rock | Top Five Articles of Clothing Women Endure to Look Attractive


Hi Everyone! Thanks for having me here today. I'd like to take this opportunity to talk a little bit about something near and dear to everyone's heart -- clothes. In particular I want to talk about the five worst articles of clothing that women endure in order to look sexy. They itch, constrict and pinch, and yet we keep wearing them again and again. Why do we do this to ourselves? The answer is simple  -- to make us feel and look sexy. Ah, the things that we do to attract the opposite sex.

1) The thong (AKA G-string) -  It's hard to be sexy when that tiny piece of fabric is riding up your but, isn't it? I had a discussion about this on Facebook the other day. There are so many heroines in romance novels who are considered "kick ass." Do you think that they could still be kick-ass and wear a thong? It would be hard to perform any type of martial arts if you are constantly picking your wedgie. Just sayin'. In my humble opinion, I think the "kick ass" heroine would probably have to wear grannie panties, don't you think? Grannie panties may not be sexy, but they are much more comfortable and allow the heroine to forget about her but and focus on the bad guy. Don't you agree?

2) High Heels – They don't just hurt, but they can be bad for your health, affecting your posture, balance, back, hips, ankles and knees. Yet we still wear them. Why? Mostly because they add shape to the leg, and when we walk, we are forced to sway our hips more to offset our poor balance, drawing the men's attention down to our nether-regions. There's no doubt about it, heels LOOK sexy, but are they worth ruining your feet? Forget it. I'll take a pair of fuzzy bunny slippers over high heels any day of the week. ;)

3) Girdle/Corset/other constricting clothing – Ever squeeze into jeans so tight that it makes your thighs tingle? Yeah, me too. When this happens, you're affecting the nerve endings in your legs by wearing your jeans too tight. Take off those jeans and get into some baggy sweatpants. Much more comfortable, right?

Wearing constrictive clothing around the torso can affect digestion and breathing, leading to acid reflux or fainting spells. Why do you think so many Victorian Era women fainted? They didn't have delicate constitutions or were overwhelmed by a masculine presence. It was those constrictive corsets. So why do we do it? Most women wear them to look and feel thinner and give them that sexy hourglass shape.

Wait a minute – we'll look thinner? Where do I sign up? Who cares that I won't be able to sit down? I look better standing up anyway.

4)Underwire bras – The very thing that helps support us can cause us harm. It presses and pinches, and when the bra gets old, the metal pokes through the fabric and stabs the side of your breast. Sexy, eh? Forget about the fact that your boobs are in a metal cage all day, it's the metal poking us in the breast that makes me cringe.

So why do we do it ladies? Well, for people who are well endowed, it is one of the few ways that they can get support and not look like their breasts are hanging on the ground.

5)Short skirts – Let's be honest, this type of clothing isn't very practical. It barely covers our backside, and we are pulling it down all day in an effort not to scare any passing children. They can work if we have good legs, but many of us don't, so we end up looking like we are standing on two sausages. Who's bright idea was this? Most likely a guy came up with this concept so he could see more of our bodies without buying us dinner first, don't you think?

So there you have it, my top five worst articles of clothing women wear to feel sexy. Do you agree with my assessment? Do you have your own article of clothing to add to the list? If so, then tell me about it! Meanwhile, here is a little bit about my newest releases.

Rose investigates strange sounds in a London townhouse and meets two spirits intent on showing her a new world of sexual pleasures — and a curse that may destroy them all.

Arianne tries to heal the evil presence in a FBI agent's mind and begins a sexual journey that neither will soon forget.

Two commenters will win e-copies of either WHISPERS or UNHOLY PURSUITS. You must be over 17 years old to win




45 comments posted.

Re: Suzanne Rock | Top Five Articles of Clothing Women Endure to Look Attractive

I think that you hit the nail on the head with your selections!
(Marjorie Carmony 6:19am December 14, 2011)

I agree with your selections 100%!!!!! OMG, thongs are the worse...
(Linda Townsend 7:17am December 14, 2011)

I agree that those articles of clothing are entirely uncomfortable. Why do men
get to be comfortable, even when looking good?! LOL. But sometimes, I think
it's fun to wear a thong or heels when you're going out and you want to look
sexy. I, however, would wear jeans, t-shirt, and converses over heels and
corsets any day. :)

Thank you for this opportunity! Happy holidays!
(Hyunjin Jeon 7:28am December 14, 2011)

I think you have everything "covered" - LOL - I agree that thongs have to be the worst - I remember reading in a romance book about the hero and heroine's wedding and honeymoon and the description that she was only wearing a thong underneath the wedding dress - um, okaaayyyy - for some reason I did NOT find that attractive at all!

Anyway, enough of my rattling on - this was a cool topic and thank you so much for the opportunity to win one of your cool e-books! Have a VERY Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
(Felicia Ciaudelli 7:42am December 14, 2011)

You are 100% right.

Merry Christmas!!
(Cynthia Welding 9:07am December 14, 2011)

I absolutely agree! Never find me wearing any of those... I'm all for comfortable and letting em guess what's under my t-shirt and jeans :)

Happy Holidays!
(Erin Fender 10:25am December 14, 2011)

I totally agree with your selections. I have done all but the thong, I do not find them sexy (although I guess it's not supposed to be sexy to me, but the viewer).
(Anne Muller 10:58am December 14, 2011)

I agree with your selections. I always go for comfortable.
(Wilma Frana 11:24am December 14, 2011)

Agreed!! You won't find any thongs in my dresser or high heels in my closet except for the hated but needed underwire bra (cringe) lol
(Angela Johnson 12:29pm December 14, 2011)

as a senior, 81 years of age, i have to agree now as to the hight heels..i wear only comfortable flatter heels and as to thongs give me half an hour to laugh at the thought.same with short skirts and girdles..however have been wearing bras with underwire for ages and it lifts my spirits up as well as other parts of my body..so there i have to disagree.
(Mal Kaplan 12:46pm December 14, 2011)

I'm a sucker for any books involving ghosts.
(Marilyn Legault 1:13pm December 14, 2011)

I agree with your selections... Happy Holidays!
(Colleen Conklin 1:57pm December 14, 2011)

i love caftans and bare feet thank goodness i'm in floida!
(Susan Jeffers 2:06pm December 14, 2011)

Well written and definitely agree with the 5 articles of clothing
(Tammy Johnson 2:37pm December 14, 2011)

OMG! Perfect picks, unfortunately I am guilty of all of them. From the
articles to the fact of makeup, fake eyelashes, cutlets aka little pieces to
put in the bra to make you look larger and fuller, curling to straightening
hair..oh, the burns, dyeing my hair color, waxing, plucking,
shaving,..whoo I don't even think I am done, but how tiring, its a full time
job. I was raised to dress up and where makeup to just run out to the
mailbox, afterall you never knew who would see you or run into you. I
love the days when I can put my hair up, wear pjs, and not care.
(Carla Carlson 2:55pm December 14, 2011)

Agree with your list completely, I would add one more. Pantyhose. They were designed by men who HATE women. No woman would design something that sags at the crotch and bunches at the ankle and runs at the drop of a hat. Nope, women would have designed something better.
(Maude Allen 3:00pm December 14, 2011)

I've always thought of a thong as butt floss and
there is no way I would ever wear one. I would
end up having to have it surgically removed. And
underwire, boy could I tell a story of having the
wire come thru my shirt and stick out for all the
world to see. Boy, you sure know what you're
talking about in this article.
(Vicki Hancock 4:18pm December 14, 2011)

First of all, I hope that you and yours have a wonderful
Holiday Season! Next I want to thank you for giving your
fans the chance to win your books. Last but not least....I
totally agree with your choices, although , on occassion, I
do wear a pair of heels. OUCH! LOL Good Luck to
Everyone (even though I hope I win...hehehe)
(Cheri Minott 4:41pm December 14, 2011)

Those items (with perhaps the exception of the underwire bra)are basically just things that women wear to attract attention from men (or other women even). They are not generally comfortable at all but a lot of women put up with them. I do wear underwire bras but otherwise, I wouldn't bother with the other things ... especially thongs. Eek! :)

Thank you for the giveaway!
(Pamela Rosensteel 4:43pm December 14, 2011)

I agree with all of your selections and would have to add, that I also dislike how uncomfortable pantyhose are, spanx, and those low-rider waists on the jeans they came out with a couple years ago! It nearly drove me crazy trying to hike up those things that were going nowhere--to avoid the view of the butt crack! OMG are men inventing these things for their viewing! Especially thongs (in bikinis or underwear), perhaps it's to start fads, charging more money for the garment that has less fabric, but large profits when it catches on. I tried the underwear and they're not comfortable (sexy only to the opposite sex), since you don't feel sexy while wearing them! I don't have a e-reader and hope to one of these days in the future. I always read paperbacks and would rather carry those around. Sure hoping more authors would consider giving us an option of choice in these contests, of what we'd prefer. Thanks!
(Linda Luinstra 5:18pm December 14, 2011)

You got that right. The underwire bras, they hurt; and high heels, you'll never walk properly after wearing them.
(Diane Sadler 6:56pm December 14, 2011)

I totally agree with your list, though I have to reach for 4 once in a while. Like others, I also detest low-rider jeans. I'm tired of seeing kids' or some adults' butts and "fearing" that they'll end up b-naked. I don't even wear regular jeans because I find them too uncomfortable. My sister left me a pair of hers while I was in Germany. I wore them once and when I came home I brought them with me. A few years later she asked me if I still had them and she got them back. I don't follow the fashions; I much prefer being comfortable.
(Sigrun Schulz 7:10pm December 14, 2011)

I agree with you. These wouldn't be important to women unless men didn't make us feel like we were not sexy enough if we didn't wear these awful things. I rather wear underwear,sneakers,sweats,exercise bra, and shorts and feel comfortable about being me instead of pleasing a man. Take it or leave it.
(Cheryl English 7:40pm December 14, 2011)

I completely agree with your list!
(Jenny Finstrom 7:54pm December 14, 2011)

Agree on all your choices specially the thong and heels.
(Jannielu de Paz 7:56pm December 14, 2011)

I'm not a female and I'm not a cross dresser so I wouldn't Know how those articles of clothing feel but I know how they look on a woman, damn sexy, it works when they are worn. It has an effect on men that has no bounds.
(Michael Cuchinelli 7:58pm December 14, 2011)

Women do choose to wear uncomfortable clothing for a number of
reasons. Thankfully there are other options available.
(Lindsey Ekland 8:29pm December 14, 2011)

I have never, and will never wear a thong. I have spent my
whole life trying to keep my underwear where it belongs, and
to purposely wear a garment that "goes there" is beyond my
comprehension! I could care less what a man thinks is sexy.
If a man thinks that is sexy, let HIM wear it! Comfort over
style for me!
(Mary Baker 8:43pm December 14, 2011)

I'm in my 70s and don't go that route now, but I agree about the high heels and underwire bras. They are uncomfortable. And just forget about the thongs (who designed those anyway?)
Leave something to the imagination!
(Ruby Toon 8:54pm December 14, 2011)

Ugh Underwire Bras. if I can help it I will never wear one of those. As for the
others. You are also absolutely correct.
(Janet Saunders 9:10pm December 14, 2011)

Sheer clothing! I mean, what's the point? Just go naked! And then there is lycra clothing! Don't even get me started on the emotional toture of that!
(Jennifer Beyer 9:31pm December 14, 2011)

Comfort is whats sexy you cant be sexy if you dont feel it
(Wanda Flanagan 9:33pm December 14, 2011)

i agree so much!!!!!have a great holiday!!!
(Jennifer Beck 9:53pm December 14, 2011)

I keep thinking pantihose. But that may be just me.
(Patti Paonessa 10:00pm December 14, 2011)

I agree 100%, but would of also added pantyhose. would love to win the book. thanks for the chance to win.
(Chris Bails 10:30pm December 14, 2011)

Great selection - I would also add pantyhose to the list.
(Mary Chin 10:33pm December 14, 2011)

I agree with your selections as well.
(Lisa Kendall 10:53pm December 14, 2011)

I use to like high heels, and still feel dressed up wearing them. But I have always hated any thing with wires,too tight or too small. I want comfort.
(Deb Pelletier 11:24pm December 14, 2011)

Everything looks interesting!
(Mary Worley 11:30pm December 14, 2011)

I'd have to add garters and stockings. Pantihose aren't that great but stockings leave that whole top of your thigh bare. Not comfortable. This is a great discussion! I agree with everyone else about high heels and bras.
(Angee Bartlett 1:57am December 15, 2011)

You are mostly correct. I think high heels are the most nefarious item remaining--haven't worn a girdle in years. But underwire bras are a necessary evil for those of us who have lots to support--even though everything you say is correct, without them we strap into heavy duty harnesses that are even more uncomfortable. I would personally add pantyhose to the list.
(Janet Martin 11:05am December 15, 2011)

My mother's generation and then my generation started wearing corsets and
girdles early. I think my mother was ten years old. Subsequently both she
and I have suffered spine problems all our lives that, according to different
doctors in two different states, were directly related to those garments. Tight
waistbands and tight pants also contribute to similar problems including
weakness in abdominal muscles that would ordinarily be strong enough on
their own and also circulatory problems that can come back to haunt you.
Some doctors feel that underwire bras can cause major breast problems as
heels do the feet. This is all fascinating but let's get back to the pleasures of
good books. Keep writing!
(Sandra Spilecki 11:33am December 15, 2011)

I totally agree with you. I will also add Stockings and
suspenders to that list. They never sit right and the
suspenders are always coming undone. I'll stick to wearing
tights when I need to look nice.
(Ilona Fenton 1:13pm December 15, 2011)

Well, on your list of 5, the short skirt is the one that still works for me. The others pinch and pull in directions my body doesn't want to go. High heels are fine for occasions without distance to cover and do make the legs look longer.
(Alyson Widen 5:11pm December 17, 2011)

From a man's perspective and observation, I would agree that you hit the nail 100% on the head and drove it home. My wife has complained about some of these problems over the years and I showed her there are shoes that look just as stunning with the same outfit that is not high heels. Over time her high heels and underwire bras has dwindled to zero. One can look spectacular without suffering the pain. One thing I told my wife years ago, do not let a fashion world driven by men's desires dictate how you dress! Enjoy the days ahead fashionable but yet painless to you.
(David Christian 6:59pm December 17, 2011)

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