February 21st, 2020
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A Conversation with... Maureen Child and Kate Carlisle

Kate CarlisleMaureen ChildToday's guests, Maureen Child and Kate Carlisle, both have December 2011 books from Harlequin Desire: THE TEMPORARY MRS. KING and AN INNOCENT IN PARADISE, respectively. These sensual romances with Caribbean island settings add a healthy helping of warmth to your holiday season. Maureen and Kate will each give a copy of her book to a random commenter here through 12/1. That's two winners! Don't forget to check back on December 2nd to see if you've won.

And be sure to check out their Tropical Christmas Giveaway contest right here on Fresh Fiction!

Judging Books by their Covers

Maureen: They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but we all do it.


Kate: I do. I mean, seriously. Look at these two covers for the Jane Austen classic, PERSUASION. Which one do you want to read?

Maureen: The one on the right, for sure. But then, I'm a sucker for blood red lipstick. Of course, it makes me think that the book involves danger.

Kate: A book cover, when it's doing its job, should give us clues about what kind of story lies within. A great cover serves the publisher, the author, and the reader.

Maureen: Right. Take a look at our most recent books (prior to this month's Harlequin Desires). You can tell at a glance what kind of books they are – a badass, witchy paranormal romance for me (writing as Regan Hastings), and a cozy mystery for Kate from her wonderful Bibliophile Mysteries series.



Kate: Hey, look, they kind of go together. We're coordinated!

Maureen: Interesting. No one has ever called me coordinated before. I like it.

Kate: Color coordinated, that is. That's true this month, too, since we both have gorgeous red books out from Harlequin Desire. I am thrilled to share shelf space with you any time! When I heard that AN INNOCENT IN PARADISE would be released the same month as THE TEMPORARY MRS. KING, I squealed. I bow before you, Queen of Desire.

Maureen: I'm not sure what to say to that.

Kate: Not a thing. Accept the adulation as your due.



Maureen: Back to book covers... The Harlequin cover artists are masters, don't you think?

Kate: They're soooo good! Readers can pick out a Desire or a Special Edition from across the room, so they've got that brand thing going... but then they also manage to make each cover unique and evocative.

Maureen: Oooh, good word, evocative. That's exactly what the cover of AN INNOCENT IN PARADISE is – evocative. The beautiful sunset, a romantic embrace while kneeling in the sand just on the edge of the surf, the wind-tossed hair...

Kate: I know, I love it! I want to be in that scene, on that island. tropical

Maureen: Let's go! Drinks are on me.

Kate: The cover perfectly captures the feeling of being swept away by passion, which is exactly what happens when Logan and Grace spark off each other.

Maureen: THE TEMPORARY MRS. KING is set on a luxurious Caribbean island, too, but the cover shot focuses instead on Sean King being a billionaire businessman. (I do love a man in a suit.)

Kate: You can tell it's a passionate story – just look at the heat in their eyes, and the way Melinda's doing the booty tooch, as they say on America's Next Top Model. The Kings of California are incredibly popular with Desire readers, so that and your name are going to have readers frothing at the mouth for this story! I think Sean King might be my favorite of the King brothers, and I've loved them all.

Maureen: I love Sean, too. He has a secret that he's been hiding from everyone – even his brothers – something that made him close himself off from love. Melinda will have to find a way to open his heart to his temporary wife.

tropical Christmas

Kate: Since both books give readers an island escape for the holidays, we've decided to celebrate by holding the Tropical Christmas Giveaway. We're filling a one-of-a-kind, custom beach bag with all sorts of tropical-themed goodies to warm you this winter.

beach bag

Maureen: Correction: Kate is filling the beach bag, and let me tell you, the girl is a champion gift-bagger. She's an artist! Trust me, you want to win this prize.

Kate: You have two chances to enter. You can enter the contest here on Fresh Fiction and you can enter a second time at Blogger and Author Giveaways.

Maureen: And don't forget to also comment below for a chance to win a copy of one of our books today. We'll choose the winners at random at the end of the day and will announce them here with instructions on how to claim your prize.

Do you judge books by their covers? Have you ever been surprised that a book wasn't what you expected it to be? What visual cues do you look for when you're choosing a book? What kind of book covers do you avoid?




74 comments posted.

Re: A Conversation with... Maureen Child and Kate Carlisle

I look at covers and will pick one to read the blurb if it catches my eye, but I tend to buy authors I love first. If I have any money left - sometimes I don't - then I'll try others and the cover may be a factor in interesting me. Sites like Fresh Fiction and Writerspace also play a part in my choices of new authors.
(Sharon Mitchell 4:59pm November 30, 2011)

Some covers make me wanna buy the book. I liked the cover of Joanne Fluke's first Hannah Swenson mystery, Chocolate Chip Murder. It was so cute I just had to look at it. I think the cover shows a teddy bear cookie jar. I really like the covers of Berkley Prime Crime cozies.
(Michelle Fidler 5:09pm November 30, 2011)

I love to look at covers when I am looking for a new
author;) My favorites are going in my buggy no matter what
LOL! I love to read & I am always looking for new authors:)
The covers in those cases do play a big part of my choice.
Now that there are more websites to promote new authors I am
expanding my favs! Thanks to both of you for being such
wonderful authors;) You are both already on my fav list:)
Whenever I see one of your books buy it;)
(Melissa Spears 5:11pm November 30, 2011)

Hi, Sharon! Budget is definitely a factor! I know what you mean about wanting to be sure you can buy books by authors you love first. It's such a compliment to an author when readers buy our books because they've loved our previous books so much. I hope you'll take a peek at the excerpts of AN INNOCENT IN PARADISE (mine) and THE TEMPORARY MRS. KING.
(Kate Carlisle 5:22pm November 30, 2011)

Melissa, Thank you!!!! It's so nice to be on your fav list. You just made my day!
(Kate Carlisle 5:31pm November 30, 2011)

Oh, that's funny. Shows what a technotard I am. It looked like those posts weren't working, so I tried it a second time. Sigh... now there's no way to delete my mistake.
(Kate Carlisle 5:32pm November 30, 2011)

LOLOLOL, Kate! I know I shouldn't laugh at your pain, but it's sympathy laughter. You know I love you, right? Computers are so bleeping annoying!!!!!!
(Maureen Child 5:42pm November 30, 2011)

Hi, Sharon! Thanks for stopping by! Good luck in the contest... free books are always good! Be sure to enter our Tropical Christmas contest, too! The links are in the blog post. You have two chances to win. Once here, and once at Blogger and Author Giveaways.
(Maureen Child 5:43pm November 30, 2011)

Michelle, those cozy mystery covers can be so fun, almost like a Where's Waldo picture. Lots of fun stuff to discover. Kate's right about the cover of her next mystery being scrumptious. You really should check it out. Kate's Bibliophile Mysteries are so much fun... and there's a sexy guy, so you can't beat that.
(Maureen Child 5:44pm November 30, 2011)

You two are so funny, it's fun to read your conversation!! I love the beach theme of the books too!
(Diana Gould 5:44pm November 30, 2011)

Melissa, You rock!!! You're on my list of favs now, too. ;)
(Maureen Child 5:45pm November 30, 2011)

Hi, Diana! You should see us after we have a few drinks in us! We always have sooooo much fun together, Kate and I. Great to have a good girlfriend.
(Maureen Child 5:53pm November 30, 2011)

I do care about book covers but I don't judge a story based on it. Rather it's the blurb that is important to me when it comes to choosing to read a book. I want it to be accurate and appealing though. Some stories have blurbs where a small point sounded much bigger in the blurb or vice versa.
(Na S 6:26pm November 30, 2011)

Sometimes I'm looking for a particular Author, but when you go into the bookstore and the books are facing you and you see all those covers, you begin to drool like a kid in a candy store!! You can call me old-fashioned, but as long as there are no vampires ( even though I haven't read one yet), spaceships, robots, devils, or if the cover isn't overly sleazy, it usually grabs my attention. The covers of your books would definately grab my eye. I think color plays a part as well. I've noticed that some of the cover artists miss the mark for the authors, and it's a shame, because I'm sure their books are good, but the cover doesn't grab me, so I pass it by. I enjoyed your posting today, and I'm looking forward to reading both sets of books, even if they are from two different spectrums. I read all genres. Have a wonderful Christmas, Ladies!!
(Peggy Roberson 6:53pm November 30, 2011)

Na, I agree! The blurb is much more important to me than the cover art... though I do appreciate a beautifully designed cover, for sure.
(Maureen Child 7:18pm November 30, 2011)

Peggy, I certainly mean no disrespect to cover artists - I've had some gorgeous covers over the years - but I've also had some major eye-rollers. LOL I hope you enjoy THE TEMPORARY MRS. KING and AN INNOCENT IN PARADISE! Merry Christmas to you, too!
(Maureen Child 7:20pm November 30, 2011)

Hiya Kate and Maureen! Hiya Fresh Fiction gals! FFGs, did you know that you were putting the two naughty girls together at the back of the classroom today? Mayhem is assured. Kate and Maureen, huge congrats on your concurrent releases. And yeah, I LOVE those covers. Aren't they lovely?
(Anna Campbell 7:25pm November 30, 2011)

I do like the cover ,but I don't judge the story by the cover.Thanks for giving me a chance to win your book.
(Linda Hall 8:04pm November 30, 2011)

I used to judge books by the cover & by my favorite authors until I got my Nook. I have found that I look at the covers only briefly, but look at the content more. I have found a lot more great authors!
(Jenny Finstrom 8:04pm November 30, 2011)

Hiya, Anna! Great to see you! And yes... the Fresh Fiction gals should've known what they were getting into when they read our post. Well behaved, we are not!

Thanks for the congrats! Soooo fun to have a book out the same month as Kate!
(Maureen Child 8:31pm November 30, 2011)

You're welcome, Linda! Good luck!
(Maureen Child 8:45pm November 30, 2011)

Maureen, I knew you would laugh at me about my online error! That's just the kind of pal you are.

Diana, oh, the beach theme in these books is the perfect winter escape, I swear. (Not that we have much in the way of winter here in southern California.)
(Kate Carlisle 8:47pm November 30, 2011)

Maureen and Kate are quite a team. Thanks, Kate i already won your book.
Now, I need to win Maureen's. Cover are not that important to me ( I do
appreciate a good sexy cover) My purchases are based on authors on my auto
buy list. You are both on my auto buy list, so the trick is to win your books,
before I buy them (Because I always do buy them)
(Tammy Yenalavitch 8:58pm November 30, 2011)

Na, oh, don't you hate that, when the blurb isn't accurate? Writing a blurb is an artform in itself.

Peggy, LOL! I've had that candy store moment. There are some incredibly handsome - and well built - male cover artists out there.
(Kate Carlisle 9:26pm November 30, 2011)

Jenny, oh, that's an interesting side effect of the ebook revolution that I hadn't considered.
(Maureen Child 9:35pm November 30, 2011)

Oh, I love Jenny's comment about the covers not being as important on a
nook and going for content instead - that's so interesting. I wonder if others
feel the same way.

As I don't own a kindle or nook, covers are really important to me when I'm
browsing a book shelf. I count on the cover refecting the one of the book -
and when it doesn't I think both the author and reader are disappointed.

Great post Kate and Maureen! It's the perfect time for a time to an island
paradise (LOL - like there's never a perfect time).
(Donna MacMeans 9:42pm November 30, 2011)

The author is more important to me than the cover. If I'm not familiar with the author, an attractive cover can sometimes result in my picking the book up and reading the blurb.
(Mary C 9:58pm November 30, 2011)

I look to covers and see if they match the mood in the book. It's usually tantalizing with romance.
(Alyson Widen 9:58pm November 30, 2011)

The authors and the stories are more important than the covers.But some of the covers are so kool.
(Amy Milne 10:35pm November 30, 2011)

Miss Anna! So good of you to stop by! Thank you. And thank you so much for your enthusiasm about our books. The covers really are lovely, aren't they? We're so lucky!
(Kate Carlisle 10:39pm November 30, 2011)

LOL, Tammy! I'm honored to be on your auto buy list. Thanks!
(Kate Carlisle 10:40pm November 30, 2011)

Donna, Maureen and I both felt that readers would love a mental escape to the Caribbean during the cold month of December. But you're right, an island paradise is lovely any time of year. That's what makes it paradise!
(Kate Carlisle 10:42pm November 30, 2011)

Mary, then the cover has done its job! Thanks for stopping by. :)
(Kate Carlisle 10:42pm November 30, 2011)

Alyson, tantalizing is such a great word! That's what we want our covers to do. To tantalize and to tempt.
(Kate Carlisle 10:43pm November 30, 2011)

I'm all about the candy store!!!! Kate knows me well. One of the best things about being a romance writer is looking for heroic inspiration. "But honey," I say to my husband when he catches me looking at pictures of sexy men, "it's research!"
(Maureen Child 10:45pm November 30, 2011)

ROFL, Maureen!!!!! The sacrifices you make for your art!
(Kate Carlisle 10:46pm November 30, 2011)

Amy, covers really do have amazing visual cues to tell readers what type of book it is. Some of the paranormal covers, like the Regan Hastings cover for VISIONS OF SKYFIRE, are just soooo cutting edge awesome. I love them!
(Kate Carlisle 10:48pm November 30, 2011)

So true... I do all that in-depth research for my readers, so I can get every last detail of the sexy man exactly right. Because that's the kind of writer I am.
(Maureen Child 10:50pm November 30, 2011)

We're going to leave this contest open until tomorrow, since the blog didn't go live until late today. So keep those comments coming! I need to go grab some dinner. I'm starving! Kate and I will be back in the morning to respond to comments.
(Maureen Child 10:52pm November 30, 2011)

You know I love you ladies!! You're both auto-buys for me and I pre-order as
soon as I can. Kate, Ooooo... I do love the new cover! (And it's up for pre-
order--SQUEE!) Honestly, I do look at covers when I'm browsing. If it catches
my eye, I'll read the blurb and then buy it if it sounds good. I know I've
probably passed up some great reads, because the cover just didn't do it for
me. I have an IPad, so I see the covers as I'm choosing the next one in my
Much Too Huge TBR Pile. ;) So, for me, covers get me interested, but it's the
authors and books themselves that keep me buying.
(Angela MacIntyre 10:57pm November 30, 2011)

I love book cover. I do not, however, judge books by their covers. And, yes, sometimes I am surprised by how out of sync the cover and contents can be. I really love beautiful or creative covers. I appreciate a cover that was clearly designed for that book and that book alone. I love when a series has a distinctive cover look.
(Jennifer Beyer 10:58pm November 30, 2011)

Drives me bananas when content and cover don't match,
especially when physical descriptions in the book and
on the cover don't match!

Pat Cochran
(Patricia Cochran 11:44pm November 30, 2011)

I've learned over the years that you can't always go by the cover. I started reading the old Harlequin romance books(1960s-1970s)) that only had simple drawn/paintings for the covers..and they were wonderful stories mainly set in Australia, Great Britain, Canada, Italy or Greece. Eventhough today's bookcovers are much, much more appealing (wouldn't mind having framed and hanging on the wall)I still look for the author. If I'm not familiar with an authors' book, I'm more attracted to the cover first.
(Margaret Murray-Evans 11:59pm November 30, 2011)

Do you judge books by their covers? I don’t really judge
books by their covers but I do get annoyed when certain
information from the book doesn’t match the cover like a
second or third semester baby bump is on the cover when the
heroine is barely pregnant at the end of the book.

Have you ever been surprised that a book wasn't what you
expected it to be? Yes, I have been surprised by a book
not being what I expected it to be such as a book with two
different plot twists working for me and another one with
the same plot twists not working for me. (The plot twists
were flashbacks to previous relationship between the couple
and then present day amnesia)

What visual cues do you look for when you're choosing a
book? Auto-buy authors, possible theme or connection
of stories, then the couple, and then the background scene

What kind of book covers do you avoid? I don’t really
avoid any covers but I do pay attention to what I am reading
and where I am when I am reading it because the covers can
sometimes be a little too sexy for certain places that I
might be reading my book.
(Amanda Gardner 12:24pm December 1, 2011)

I generally look for author first, but will pick up a book and read the synopsis based on the cover if the author is not familiar to me. And I do expect the inside to live up to the cover, especially if the cover is steamy!
(Sue Peterson 12:28pm December 1, 2011)

I absolutely judge books by their covers. It's what you see first & first impressions do count.
(Mary Preston 12:54pm December 1, 2011)

If it is an author that I am not familiar with their writing, I do give the cover value.
(Marjorie Carmony 7:21am December 1, 2011)

I do tend to look at the covers. For me, the whole experience with the
book starts there. It really depends on the type of book as to what I look
for on the cover. I look for pretty locations or couples with chemistry on my
romances. Or a contemporary look that's fun, like a puppy or a hot guy on
a motorcycle. Cozies should have some type of scene that is modern and
fun to look at. UF and paranormals should have leather, large knives,
tough as nails but pretty heroines and tatted muscled men on their covers.
I tend to like flowing dresses or darker looking covers on my YA. All of
these things help jump-start my imagination and put me in the right mood
for the story. Books I tend to avoid are ones with babies or small children
on the covers. I also tend to avoid ones with plain patterns or "cutesy"
things, like dressed up animals. Thanks for the chance to enter the
(Debbie Burdeen 7:34am December 1, 2011)

What a fascinating topic - yes, the cover art is SO important - color is the first thing that grabs my eye, though, for some reason - and as Debbie mentioned in the post before mine, I also am not too crazy about "cutsey" stuff on the cover - also to agree with Margaret Murray-Evans' earlier post, I "grew up" with the simpler Harlequin Romance/Presents stories and covers - the stories and books have certainly evolved over the years, haven't they? I love it. If I could just move into a bookstore and live there, I'd be in my element. Give me my books, coffee, and music and I am good to go!

My thanks also, for the great opportunity to enter this contest!
(Felicia Ciaudelli 8:11am December 1, 2011)

If I already have heard about a series I won't judge a book by its covers, but if I am browsing new books it is totally the cover that will make me read the back cover to see if I am interested in a book. Something has to catch my eye and that just depends on the mood I am in. I can't imagine ever reading twilight if the cover hadn't grabbed my attention as being so different from the norm.
(Pam Howell 9:08am December 1, 2011)

Angela, Oooooooh, we love pre-orders! Thank you! I know what you mean about a big TBR pile. That's one of the reasons I love Desires so much... at only 200 pages, they're a complete love story in half the time of a single title. :)
(Kate Carlisle 9:17am December 1, 2011)

Pat, that is disconcerting, isn't it? Especially when the mismatch is glaringly obvious, like blond hair on a hero who's described as having black hair in the book. They got it completely right on the cover of AN INNOCENT IN PARADISE, though! I'm thrilled.
(Kate Carlisle 9:21am December 1, 2011)

When it comes to "new to me" authors, I'm a big cover person. I could just be walking by and I'll see a eye catching cover out of the corner of my eye and be immediately drawn to a book. I like covers that are not too busy, have a glimpse of the hero on it and are bright jewel toned. I have discovered many new favorite authors simply by their book covers. Covers that are crowded, with a lot going on, is a big turn off. Oh, and an unappealing background color will disappear into the scenery.
(Christine Stack 9:24am December 1, 2011)

Jennifer, some covers truly are beautiful, aren't they? Genuine works of art that I'd be thrilled to hang on my wall. Thank you for commenting, and good luck in the contest!

Margaret, I remember those painted covers on Harlequin Presents! I remember that I loved the work of cover artist Len Goldberg (I think that was his name), and looked for his signature on many books. So talented!
(Kate Carlisle 9:31am December 1, 2011)

Wow, Kate, I thought I was up early today, and you've already been commenting! It's 6:30, and my eyes aren't fully open yet.

Angela, those ipads are pretty amazing. My head spins when I think of all the things that people can do on those tablet thingies. (You notice I didn't say "all the things that I can do." The word "app" makes my stomach hurt. I'm frightened of all things technological. I'm not quite as tech-adverse as the Amish, but close.)
(Maureen Child 9:35am December 1, 2011)

Pat, AAAAAAAAUGHHHHH!!!! That is so frustrating for an author, when the cover art comes in looking like two completely different people from the ones you wrote about in the book. Harlequin almost always gets it right, but every once in a while, the gremlins take over. I've reached the point where I just want the guy to be good looking. Give me a handsome guy on the cover, and I'm a happy camper.
(Maureen Child 9:37am December 1, 2011)

I did get an early start today. Too early. I kind of want to go back to bed. Not going to happen, of course. I'll beat the urge into submission by loading up on caffeine.

LOL on the baby bump, Amanda!!!! That is a head scratcher. Like, "Where did that come from?"

I love connected stories, too. It's lovely to be able to catch up with characters we've come to care about. That's why I adore Maureen's Kings of California series. The family is fabulous, and it's so fun to reconnect with those masculine King men after they have succumbed to marital bliss. They're so happy!

My book, AN INNOCENT IN PARADISE, is connected to the Duke Brothers trilogy I wrote for Desire. Logan and Aidan Sutherland are cousins to the Duke brothers, so you'll get to catch up with them... and with their mom, Sally Duke.
(Kate Carlisle 9:41am December 1, 2011)

Sue, the steaminess level of the book really should be immediately apparent on the cover because readers have such strong preferences about that. Can you imagine seeing a naked male chest on, say, a Debbie Macomber novel?

Mary, thanks for your comment! You're right. First impressions do count. They can be wrong, of course, but that's why cover art is so important.
(Kate Carlisle 9:44am December 1, 2011)

Margaret, I think those old romances were what got me interested in traveling. I loved reading romances set in such exotic places.
(Maureen Child 9:49am December 1, 2011)

Amanda, LOLOL!!!! I know what you mean about some covers being a little too sexy for certain places. Like in the stands at your kid's elementary school soccer game. (Even though all the other moms would probably be jealous!)
(Maureen Child 9:50am December 1, 2011)

Pam, that Twilight cover is a major success story. That was her first book, so no one knew Stephanie Meyers. That cover drew in a looooot of readers. In my paranormal life (as Regan Hastings), I hear from a lot of readers who said that Twilight got them back into reading.
(Maureen Child 9:52am December 1, 2011)

Debbie, great post! Those visual triggers are what tells a reader whether the story is the type of book they like to read. I love that we have something for everyone in romance.
(Maureen Child 9:54am December 1, 2011)

I agree! There's a romance to suit every mood. Even in my mysteries, there's some romance. It's pretty fun, actually, writing an ongoing love story that spans a series of books. Brooklyn Wainwright and Derek Stone are dating now, but it took a while for them to get there! (Dead bodies tend to slow things down, romance-wise.)
(Kate Carlisle 9:56am December 1, 2011)

I try not to just a book by it's cover---but I'm really disappointed if the cover and the story don't match. I try to avoid covers that are too overtly sexy because if my husband sees me reading them he sneers.
(Sue Farrell 11:58am December 1, 2011)

If it's a new author, a nice cover will make me pick up the book and read the back cover. If it's an established author that I read, then even if the cover is ugly, I'll still buy it. It's a shame that your name is on the book, but you have no say on the covers.
(Kim C 12:22pm December 1, 2011)

I like to see an appealing cover, but mainly I search for certain authors. The cover helps if it's written by a new author.
(Anna Speed 1:34pm December 1, 2011)

LOL, Sue! Oh, those sneering husband. Mine wouldn't dare since I write them!

Kim, it's a real eye-opener when you get published to realize just how much is out of your control. However, I have complete faith in the folks at my publishing houses because they have years of experience to back up their decisions. I've been lucky - I've loved all of my covers so far.

Anna, new authors really owe a lot to cover artists, when it comes to drawing a reader's eye. So true!
(Kate Carlisle 2:35pm December 1, 2011)

A book cover tells me alot before I even read the book. (Sometimes I'm not always right, but my first impression does affect whether I buy the book or not). If the book has intrigue, mystery, sizzle or sadness, it should be conveyed even if only slightly on the cover. I'm more likely to pick a book that has an imagine displayed on the cover. Kind of sets my mind up for a particular kind of story.
(Debbie Kennedy 3:40pm December 1, 2011)

A cover might catch my eye, but I always read that back to see if my
interest holds. Of course, I have been suprised both good and bad. I
think the "blurbologist" is 80%, recommendations 15%, and the last 5%
on the cover. Word of mouth really comes in handy, title of book, even
the author (although I love finding someone new and unknown to me)
(Carla Carlson 4:08pm December 1, 2011)

Yes, I do judge a book by its cover. However, I also go by well-known author and blog reviews...
(May Pau 4:32pm December 1, 2011)

I stop judging books by their cover 30 years ago, but both of these books look like something I would enjoy reading!!
(Joyce Bruner 7:40pm December 1, 2011)

Debbie, I agree. One of the most important things a cover does is to convey the mood of the book.

Carla, LOL!!! I love that word, blurbologist. I'm going to start using that! The cover's job is to make the blurbologist's job meaningful. The cover entices us to pick up the book and read the blurb.
(Kate Carlisle 8:02pm December 1, 2011)

I look at the title, then author (unless I'm reading EVERYTHING in the author's booklist); I don't really pay attention to the covers. Unless I'm looking at the design elements - I do love clean, striking design. That said, I'm just as happy if the characters are not illustrated - then I have to create my own picture!
(Beth Fuller 8:21pm December 1, 2011)

I definately like when a book cover reflects the story a bit. I also have to say I get really irked if the hero is described as a blond with shoulderlength hair the the cover model has dark short hair. Grrr it just proves to me that the publisher doesn't care about consistancy and that bothers me. If you can't get it right then don't put people on the cover at all.
(Patti Paonessa 10:25pm December 1, 2011)

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