June 18th, 2018
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Leanne Banks | Screaming Babies and THE DOCTOR TAKES A PRINCESS


I’m excited about my new Special Edition because it features a heroine who’s not a baby person.  She’s more of a "call the nanny person".  Unfortunately, the nanny isn’t always available, which means Princess Bridget Devereaux has to deal with twin baby boys on her own.  (Muffled dirty laughter)

crying babyI can laugh because I’ve been through the challenge of dealing with cranky babies.  MY OWN!  I didn’t have twins.  One at a time was more than enough.  I didn’t have a lot of experience with babies when I gave birth.  I was lucky because my mother came and stayed with me for two weeks to help me after my son was born. 

The day she left, he started wailing and crying and I didn’t know what to do!  Thank goodness, after a while, he calmed down and so did I.  Along the way, though, I did the jiggle dance when I held him, sang, rocked, patted and crooned, drove around in a car and put him in the magic swing that always put him to sleep.

I remember the days of putting the babies down and then hearing them wake up crying five minutes later.  My mother told me it was okay to let them cry every now and then.  She said it cleared out their sinuses. 

babySo what I’d like you to tell me is if you ever had to deal with a cranky baby and what did you do to calm "the sweet beast"?  There nothing much sweeter than a sleeping baby.:)

I’ll draw a name from the responses and send a copy of THE DOCTOR TAKES A PRINCESS to the winner!

Waaaahhhhhh!  Share your stories!:)


Leanne Banks




38 comments posted.

Re: Leanne Banks | Screaming Babies and THE DOCTOR TAKES A PRINCESS

Cradling them in your arms and speaking tenderly to them seems to settle them down unless they are experiencing real pain. It makes one feel so helpless because they can't tell you what is wrong.
(Janice Milliken 5:36am July 8, 2011)

It seems that just holding the baby close, and perhaps humming softly will usually solve that problem.
(Marjorie Carmony 6:27am July 8, 2011)

cuddling them and making soft sounds usually helps... but then according to a dad, so does whiskey on teething gums!! But that was a guy working on his doctoral thesis!
(Cate Sparks 7:11am July 8, 2011)

I sang Beach Boy songs while cuddling- they de-stressed me because they are my dad's favorites and the baby calmed down - at least in part because I was too.
(Beth Elder 7:25am July 8, 2011)

My oldest son began to cut teeth at 3 month old. The only thing my husband and I could do to quiet him down was take him for a car ride. There were many 3 A.M. car rides!!
(Robin McKay 7:47am July 8, 2011)

Anyone who has children has dealt with cranky
babies...including me. I would usually cuddle them, and rock
them while humming to them. Sometimes it would
help...sometimes not!
(Leanna Morris 7:49am July 8, 2011)

My youngest had colic for 3 months, talk about feeling helpless! the only way to get him quiet was to put him in bed with me and rub his tummy or back...soon as you put him in crib he screamed..so no sleep for mommy! We both survived tho...he's 28 yo!
(Deborah Rudd 10:27am July 8, 2011)

A couple of my kids had colic, I didn't think they would ever outgrow it.
(Wilma Frana 11:14am July 8, 2011)

well i did and one was a boy and girl and then my kid were night and day desi was day darrell was night then i found out i was pregent at the 6 mo of the twin so i had 3 of them under 2
(Desiree Reilly 11:53am July 8, 2011)

Hi Leanne!

I found that by cradling them close to your chest, crooning to them, and rocking them in your arms or in a rocking chair helps tremendously. It also helps to calm them by taking them for a car ride or putting them in their swing.

A great idea is to check their diaper first though.
(Cathy Phillips 12:09pm July 8, 2011)

I used rocking and laying them across my knee and bouncing.
(Sheila True 12:12pm July 8, 2011)

Congratulations on the new release. It looks like a fun read.
(Kim C 12:22pm July 8, 2011)

Sing and rock them usually works---It did with my three boys.
(Audra Holtwick 12:41pm July 8, 2011)

My first born had the better temperment,my second child... Oh, I was
brought to tears, thinking there was something radically wrong. I cradled
her, she wanted to be bundled, I'd rock her, run the shower (until I got a
sound machine) for her to relax to, I would sing Dream A Little Dream ...
Somehow along that mix it worked and she would sleep, my son..slept
through it. Amazing how quick that time flies. And how you would take a
moment like that to have them young just once more, for just a second.
(Carla Carlson 12:54pm July 8, 2011)

Nope, since I don't have any kids.
(Minna Puustinen 1:04pm July 8, 2011)

@Carla, I so agree! My first-born, my daughter, was born early and had a rough start – they said if she made the first 24 hours, she’d be OK. When I finally took her home, she cried constantly. I remember thinking of calling the hospital to ask what they did to her! She settled in, but had colic, and cried every night from 10pm to 2am! To calm her a little, I would lay in the recliner and let her sleep on my chest, talking and singing softly. My son was almost 9 pounds when he was born, and was an angel. He was a happy boy and slept through the night at about 2 months. Now, my “baby” is 20, and they’re both happy & healthy.
(C-Jay McCann 1:09pm July 8, 2011)

I really lucked out with my daughter(now 6). She was not a crier and,
except for feedings, slept thru the night. Even teething was not an issue.
Potty training, on the other hand, was an ordeal.

But I found that it was my own stress and tension that got her
upset/cranky. She could sense mine. If I could relax, she would.
(Mona Garg 1:26pm July 8, 2011)

My nephews were easy to calm, except for when they were teething... calm music and a bit of rocking worked wonders... nephew number 2 is giving me a bit of trouble with potty training though... I keep trying different ways to encourage him...
(Colleen Conklin 1:38pm July 8, 2011)

I never had kids of my own.. but I am aunt kathleen to many and I have at some point in their lives looked after them when they were babies.. Nothing I like better than to hold them in my arms and put them against my heart, so they could feel the love that will always be there for them...I am doing it for the next generations of "my kids"...
(Kathleen O'Donnell 2:45pm July 8, 2011)

Just snuggling them close in a darkened area and whispering "sweet nothings"
to them is about the best you can do. When our sons were sick and had only
Mom to care for them all day, when they fussed at night, Dad was the one
who got up and comforted them. I think that a change of voice was the big
thing that helped then.
Connie Fischer
(Connie Fischer 3:10pm July 8, 2011)

Pacing, singing songs especially calming for me, rocking and going for a wlak outside or a drive in the car.
(Alyson Widen 5:09pm July 8, 2011)

There is something very angelic about a sleeping baby. The small sniffles they make during sleep, the slight hiccups, the clenching and unclenching of their itsy fingers, the need to throw the covers away. Then their eyes open a slit, they gather a moment, measure their audience, gulp in as much air as they can and let out those world-shaking cries. An angelic beast. I quickly snatch watchever is colour and happens to be their tou du jour and start waving it, if they prefer noise I'll rattle it. I'll also dance and sing with them and eventually there is calm before another storm :)
(Na S 5:33pm July 8, 2011)

I do not have children but have done alot of babysitting and I found that if I played music it would usually calm them down
(Shirley Younger 5:34pm July 8, 2011)

I did not have any babies but from what I heard. You can put them in a car and drive around till they fall asleep. In the case of a niece of mine, she required someone to play with her while she was in the car seat. At least her sister could do this so Mom could drive. ;)
(Rachel Morse 5:39pm July 8, 2011)

Rocking them and singing---even if you don't have a good voice.
(Sue Farrell 6:12pm July 8, 2011)

Hope you are well !!!!!!!!!!
(Eleanor Harkins 6:58pm July 8, 2011)

My oldest dtr. Had colic and we would put her in her car seat and ride
around town until she fell asleep. It worked every time!
(Lisa Garrett 8:21pm July 8, 2011)

Beth Elders and I must be "of an age", as I too snuggled with my newborn and sang/danced gently to Beach Boys songs, especially when his dad was sleeping due to night shifts. Sonny boy is now 26 years of age and just loves listening to the old songs, Beach Boys included, as well as the new songs too. Funny that.
(Elaine Seymour 8:56pm July 8, 2011)

YES, humming and singing and holding my baby helped alot and so did driving around in my car and would go to Sonic Drive In and get big cup of Ice and let him suck the cool little pieces of ice and that helped too. Thanks and Please enter me in your great contest too. Sounds like a fantastic Book and would love to Win. Thanks, CECILIA
(Cecilia Dunbar Hernandez 9:15pm July 8, 2011)

I gave it back to its mommy!
(Robin Daily 9:47pm July 8, 2011)

Neither of my kids were difficult when they were really little. But, one time, my son had a bad day mostly because I was having a bad day. By bedtime, I just wanted to die and he was so wound up he couldn't sleep. He must have been around 3 or 4 months old. He had been sleeping through the night for a few weeks. That night, he cried and I mean screaming, thrashing crying. I stood over his crib and just begged him to shut up and sleep. I finally broke down and cried with him. I eventually got my husband up (he had had a terrible day too) and told him I needed a break. The funny thing was, our son was so exhausted that he fell asleep within minutes of my husband rocking him. Then my huband got me all tucked in. I hadn't thought about that in ages!
(Jennifer Beyer 9:51pm July 8, 2011)

I was pleasantly surprised to see you as the guest blogger today, Leanne!! In answer to your question, my Niece used to get a bit cranky, and when she did, I was always there to pick her up, put her in my arms, and sway with her back and forth. There was something about her being in my arms that would quiet her down right away. In fact, a lot of people thought that she was mine!!! I suppose there was a special bond, and I have that touch with most babies. Due to health problems, the Doctor wouldn't allow me to get pregnant, so I always held babies and loved them up when I got the chance -- in fact, I still do today. My Sister used to say that I would be the Kool Aid Mom - meaning all the kids would be at my house, but that was before I was struck down by illness. At times I wonder what my children would have been like. Anyway, I love the cover of your book, and although it's small, it looks almost like a photograph. Best of luck with your future endeavors!!
(Peggy Roberson 10:36pm July 8, 2011)

When my neice was little she was always getting ear aches until she had those tubes inserted. One thing that seemed to comfort her was heat near her problem ear, so if you snuggled her bad ear close to your chest, didn't move a lot, hummed quietly, while rubbing her back, she eventually would settle to sleep (but not always). Or hand her over to her Grannie - that usually helped.
(Diane Sallans 11:39pm July 8, 2011)

Cuddling up and holding my babies close sitting in a comfy rocker and gently whispering to them always did the trick. I tried singing but am so awful, I decided they just cried harder. Love those babies!
(Constance Biller 5:29pm July 9, 2011)

My sister has three kids, the middle one had colic. She's struggle for hours to try to get him to sleep... then she'd call me. I could hold him and rock him for 3-5 minutes and he would be out like a light for the night. She loved and hated me at that moment - both at the same time. :)
(Donna Holmberg 11:46pm July 10, 2011)

I have been babysitting since I was 14 and had my first child at 20. I am now a grandmom of 6. I have found that there are many ways and each baby is different. Mostly singing and movement calm most babies. I sing all kinds of songs from lullabies to pop/rock. My daughter used to love metallica. lol Music does hath charms to sooth the savage beast. Great book, I'm putting it on my to read list!
(Patti Paonessa 1:47pm July 11, 2011)

I was blessed, I breast fed both my boys and seldom did either have tummy troubles, if they did I gave them ginger tea. My sisters however would call me, even though I'm older I had my children well after them, and I would pack my neices and nephews up in my car and ride them through a neighborhood park playing smooth jazz instrumentals on CD. It usually took under 10 minutes and all was well with the world again.
(Marcelle Cole 5:40pm July 11, 2011)

My daughter was a daddy's girl from the second she got home. While he was at work, I'd be walking circles, bouncing, rocking, cooing, patting...until Daddy walked in the door. All he did was talk to her...didn't even have to pick her up. She'd coo and gurgle and smile. Talk about frustration!!! :) Luckily, even without Daddy, the car would hypnotize her most of the time.
(Penny Mettert 4:37am July 14, 2011)

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