December 7th, 2019
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Kat Martin | The Challenges and Rewards of Writing Trilogies


Now that I’ve started writing trilogies, I’ve found them both challenging and rewarding.  When the idea came to me for AGAINST THE WIND, I knew immediately I wanted to write more than just Jackson’s story.  I also wanted to write a book for his brothers, Gabe and Devlin.  

The first book, AGAINST THE WIND, was a tale inspired by the Toby Keith Country song, How Do You Like Me Now?  The moment I heard it, the kernel of an idea popped into my head.  A small town high school girl mistreats a boy with a crush on her in front of half the school.  In my mind, that boy and girl became Jackson and Sarah, the hero and heroine in the book.  Years later, Sarah returns to Wind Canyon in trouble after her failed marriage, and the only person who can keep her and her little girl, Holly, safe is Jackson Raines, the boy--now a man--she humiliated in high school all those years ago.

I knew I wanted all three brothers to be Western men, the kind of guys comfortable in cowboy boots no matter where they lived.  Wyoming seemed the perfect place for them to be raised, the fictional mountain town of Wind Canyon, a setting I could relate to since I live in a similar area in Montana.

Being basically a plot-driven writer, I could see right away that the brothers’ stories wouldn’t all fit into the tiny town of Wind Canyon.  But the brothers have a very a very strong bond.  They’re the kind of men who are there for each other, no matter what happens.

 So in the second book, AGAINST THE FIRE, after Gabe has moved to Dallas and made his fortune in the construction business, then runs into trouble with an arsonist, Jackson and Devlin are there to help him find out who wants him dead and stop it from happening before it’s too late. 

They say opposites attract, which is what Mattie Baker, a successful lady architect far too-independent to suit a macho man like Gabe, discovers when she finds herself deeply involved in Gabe’s troubles and head-over-heels in love with him.  Not something career-minded Mattie is pleased about in the least.  

Dev is the baby of the three Raines brothers, the handsomest and most wayward of the men.  In AGAINST THE LAW, Dev, an ex-Army Ranger, makes his fortune in the security business in Scottsdale, Arizona.  His troubles begin when Lark Delaney, a woman he agrees to help in order to repay a debt to an old Ranger buddy, leads him into danger in a search for Lark’s sister’s missing little girl.

In the beginning, I didn’t plan on using Dallas and Phoenix for Gabe and Dev’s stories, but the brothers’ ambitions where high and their adventures led me there.  I was more than happy to follow.

Would love to know whether you like trilogies, if so, why?

I hope you enjoy AGAINST THE WIND, AGAINST THE FIRE, and In AGAINST THE LAW, The Raines Brothers trilogy, and down the road, I hope you’ll look for other AGAINST BOOKS.  I’ll have three sexy adventures coming your way in the future.  Till then, all best wishes and happy reading. 



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54 comments posted.

Re: Kat Martin | The Challenges and Rewards of Writing Trilogies

I love trilogies because it is a continuation of related stories sometimes of family and sometimes not. Happy New Year!
(Audra Holtwick 10:03pm January 1, 2011)

I love knowing what has happened to the other people in previous books in trilogys. Can't wait to read this book, sounds just my cup of tea!
(Barbara Hanson 5:16am January 3, 2011)

I love trilogies, but only if they are an actual continuation of the previous books. Some just throw in a name from the others and start anew. I enjoying revisiting the characters.
(Pamela Stewart 5:47am January 3, 2011)

Can't wait to read the next book!!!! Thanks for the trilogy--
I'm trypticking! LOL.
(Susan Navidad 6:53am January 3, 2011)

I love trilogys! Cant wait to read!!
Happy Holidays
(Julie Parrish 8:00am January 3, 2011)

Thanks for the chance! I like to read trilogies. It's fun to see some of the same characters interact in future stories or to get two different sides of the same event/theme.
(Aleksandra Nearing 9:11am January 3, 2011)

I like keeping in touch with characters I care about, so trilogies work great for me. I look forward to reading this one.
(G S Moch 9:18am January 3, 2011)

I love trilogies because you get to know more about the characters over time.
(Pam Howell 10:05am January 3, 2011)

I absolutely LOVE love stories with a lot of tension and passion. These sound awesome.
(Clio Teixeira 10:43am January 3, 2011)

I Love trilogies especially when the previous characters are
carried through and you get to hear what has happens to them
after their book. I also like it when the story continues
throughout numerous books because that makes for a good
interesting story :)
(Leagh Christensen 10:43am January 3, 2011)

I really enjoy trilogies. When you become engrossed in a book and are introduced to it's characters, you want the stories of their lives to continue. It makes for very entertaining reading. I'm always interested in how the author will make the next book in a trilogy as entertaining (if not more) than the first book. I'm always positive that I won't be disappointed and therefore always look forward to new releases.
(Linda Leonard 10:46am January 3, 2011)

I really enjoy and series... One book never seems to be enough... there are always side charaters that you fall in love with and need to know thier story too... But don't get me wrong I do like the stand alone books too.. But I would pick a series any day...
Thank you for a chance to win... Can't wait to read your series...
Kelly M
(Kelly Mueller 11:22am January 3, 2011)

I like trilogies because you can get to know a group of characters and really feel like you can believe their HEAs.
(Maureen Emmons 1:57pm January 3, 2011)

I enjoy trilogies because when I fall in love with the characters, I like seeing them again in later books and having a glimpse into their lives after their initial story.

in Germany
(Valerie Bongards 3:12pm January 3, 2011)

Trilogies are always enjoyable and memorable.
(Sharon Berger 3:17pm January 3, 2011)

I enjoy trilogies... connecting with characters over more than one book... seeing secondary characters get their chance at their own HEA!!! :)
(Colleen Conklin 3:58pm January 3, 2011)

Would to read the whole trilogy, it makes for the continuation so much fun!!
(Maria Antunes 4:36pm January 3, 2011)

I LOVE reading trilogies! There is nothing better than reading an amazing book, and knowing there is more to come, knowing that you'll get a snipet of a previous character(s) you've come to know and love! And what's better than cowboys to base a trilogy on! I am a HUGE fan of yours and am SO looking forward to reading these books :~) Happy New Year!
(Stefanie Finn 5:22pm January 3, 2011)

Trilogies are a good way to find out more about the characters and delve into the story. It's an easier way to learn more.
(Leni Kaye 5:35pm January 3, 2011)

I always enjoy reading trilogies It gives you something to look forward to when you get to the end of the book. You know another one awaits you. I love romantic suspense books. Thanks for the chance to win. I wish everyone a very blessed 2011.
(Mary Christian 5:38pm January 3, 2011)

I love trilogies and well as series. If you really love a book and secondary characters in it you like to see them in their own book. I love how authors kind of throw you a hint sometimes at what might happen in the next book too. Lots of fun for me as a reader!
(Lisa Boggs 5:47pm January 3, 2011)

Oh, my gosh, I took off for the gym and now I am back and there are a jillion comments! One thing is clear--you all like trilogies! I have fallen in love with writing them. As you say, you get to know more about the characters, kind of makes everyone part of the family. hope you like the new ones! HAPPY NEW YEAR! kat
(Kat Martin 6:10pm January 3, 2011)

Special Hello to Stephanie who says she's a huge fan! love ya, kat
(Kat Martin 6:11pm January 3, 2011)

I enjoy reading trilogies and finding out what happened in the lives of secondary characters. The hard part is waiting until the next book is on the book store shelves. I think I will enjoy reading about the Raines brothers.
(Anna Speed 6:32pm January 3, 2011)

What great covers! Can't wait to read about Jackson and his brothers!
(Christine Stack 6:57pm January 3, 2011)

I love the covers, too! I was thrilled to see somethng beside the old fashioned clutch covers. seems like they've gone back to them a lot lately. that and men naked tothe waist...though I not really complaining about that! k
(Kat Martin 7:04pm January 3, 2011)

I just started "Season of Strangers" and I am really enjoying it...look forward to reading more of your books, Kat.
(Clio Teixeira 7:20pm January 3, 2011)

There is something about the West that is always fascinating and bewildering, so I love stories that take place in places so foreign to me, the only down side to trilogies is the waiting time for the next one to come out!!
(Clicia Tremblay 7:28pm January 3, 2011)

I like trilogies. They're more like a small town where everyone & everything is somehow connected.
(r w 7:46pm January 3, 2011)

Clio-- that's a wild story. hope you like it.
Clicia-- this time no waiting-- the books are only a montha part!
Robin-- hope you like the books! happy new year! kat
(Kat Martin 8:39pm January 3, 2011)

I love reading trilogy. I love revisiting the main characters and with the expansion of new characters coming in and a new story for the new characters.

The Raines Brothers already sound like a winning trilogy.
(Kai Wong 10:12pm January 3, 2011)

Kai-- I hope you like it! kat
(Kat Martin 10:20pm January 3, 2011)

I enjoy reading trilogies. So much fun to read about our favorite characters. I somtimes wait until I can buy all three books before starting the first in the series.Just bought Against the Wind and will be looking forward to buying the others in Feb and March.
(Teresa Ward 10:30pm January 3, 2011)

I love your books and always watching for your next one.
(Pam Alderson 10:35pm January 3, 2011)

Trilogies are fun, because it offers a chance to see beloved characters go on and
re-enforces the notion that we are all connected to one another.
(Sue Ahn 11:15pm January 3, 2011)

You've made the books sound so fascinating on their own, yet slowly drawing you in from the first book. I can't say that I've had the pleasure of reading your books yet, but they are on my TBR list. My life has been busy between my caretaking duties where I live and volunteer work, but I've made a resolution to read more this year!! I wish you luck on your future books. You have a great way of relating your points in your blog, and you have me hooked.
(Peggy Roberson 11:37pm January 3, 2011)

I like to get an update on characters thru a series - I always wonder what happens in the "continuing story". I'll look forward to this trilogy.
(Diane Sallans 12:06pm January 4, 2011)

I love trilogies. They are fun to read since you get to see what is happening with the rest of the family/friends. You get to go back and see the solution for the first book and meet to added characters. Sometimes they can extend to even more than 3 books and to watch each charater grow is like watching your own family grow. Can't wait for this series.
(Cindy Olp 1:25am January 4, 2011)

I enjoy trilogies alot seeing how all the different peices come together and how the characters grow always makes me want to get the next book as soon as it comes out.
(Vickie Hightower 9:10am January 4, 2011)

I love to read trilogies especially when they are released close together. How Do You Like Me Now? is one of my favorite Toby Keith songs. I loved it when I first heard it on the radio but when I got to get to hear him sing in at a concert it became my favorite Toby Keith hit of all times. I think we would all love to go back to the one person who always tried to put us down or make us feel inferior and be able to tell them that we made it in our own way and in our own time.
(Jeanne Miro 9:10am January 4, 2011)

I love reading serial fiction, often more curious about prequels than sequels.
(Nan Zahar 10:07am January 4, 2011)

I love trilogies, especially your. I love the fact that character that appear in one
book can come back with their own stories and we don't have to lose them to the
ether (alway curious to what ever happened to them in their lives.) You always
do it so well and that is why I keep coming back for more of your books. Thanks
for all your hard work.
(Sandra Spilecki 12:01pm January 4, 2011)

Peggy--n thanks for your kind words. hope you like the books, they are really special to me. k
(Kat Martin 1:12pm January 4, 2011)

Wow, Jeanne-- I think you are really going to get this book. I loved that song, too! I really like country music.
(Kat Martin 1:13pm January 4, 2011)

Sandra, Vickie, Ciny, Diane and all of your Fresh Fiction folks-- you guys are just the best! love hearing from you. Hope you like the new books! wishing you a great 2011. warmest, kat
(Kat Martin 1:15pm January 4, 2011)

I like trilogies. It gives the author extra time to go into the characters with more depth. I enjoy how there can be more to the storyline, than in just one book. I would love to read your book.
(Debbie Penny 1:18pm January 4, 2011)

I like trilogies because the character development can be more detailed---and you can follow the same characters for all three books.
(Sue Farrell 2:05pm January 4, 2011)

I love trilogies but I have to admit I have not read yours as of yet!!
(Michele Powell 2:12pm January 4, 2011)

I love trilogies because the story line never ends. Some times when I finish reading a book I wonder what happened to some of the people in the book. With a trilogy most story lines a complete when the last book is read.
(Bertie Welck 2:39pm January 4, 2011)

I appreciate trilogies. They feel complete. Like a great mini-series on television.
(Mary Preston 4:43pm January 4, 2011)

Another fine example of writing that is going to make winter easier to bear as I sit reading in my favorite chair.
(Carol Donnermeyer 11:17am January 5, 2011)

I like getting involved with the characters and so a series gives me that much more time with them.
(Patty Franz 1:43pm January 5, 2011)

A trilogy lets you develop the characters more as the reader grows more attached to their intentions and actions.
(Alyson Widen 4:38pm January 5, 2011)

i always did the the wild, wild, west. Plus i was always a lover of cowboys in style.
(Anthonia Sharp 11:23am January 8, 2011)

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