February 26th, 2021
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Best winter reads for February

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No matter what fate had decreed, they belonged together.

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Hiking the Kindling National Forest is a birthday tradition for the Sullivan siblings—pitching camp, roasting s’mores… a dead body?

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A slow burn has a super protective, super hot alpha male who will stop at nothing to protect his girl.

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Two can play at this spying game.

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Some curses aren’t meant to be broken . . .


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Wicked All Night
by Jeaniene Frost
"Epic, electrifying, and beautifully captures eternal romance!"
Posted February 21, 2021

WICKED ALL NIGHT is the third book in Jeaniene Frost’s “Night Rebel” series. I believe that you need to read this series in the proper chronological order to fully enjoy WICKED ALL NIGHT. This Read more...

by Laurell K. Hamilton
"Well-crafted characters, intriguing drama involving paranormal politics, with kick-ass women!"
Posted February 9, 2021

RAFAEL is the twenty-eighth book in Laurell K. Hamilton’s “Anita Blake” series. Unlike some of the other recent books in this series, I think RAFAEL is better if the reader is familiar with Read more...

Bridget's Bane
by Ruby Dixon
"Common relationship pitfalls with out of this world hotness!"
Posted January 30, 2021

BRIDGET’S BANE is the thirteenth book in Ruby Dixon’s “Icehome” sci-fi fantasy romance series. For fans of the series, like me, this story has been a long time coming. For several Read more...

Roman Will Fall
by Cynthia Eden
"Flawlessly sexy scenes, a man of mystety, and a heroine who can rescue herself!"
Posted January 28, 2021

ROMAN WILL FALL is the eleventh book in Cynthia Eden’s “Wilde Ways” series about the Wilde security agency and their trained operatives falling in love. Roman Smith aka Roman Valentino is the newest Wilde Read more...

by Cheryl Brooks
"Part sci-fi epic adventure and part classic love story!"
Posted January 17, 2021

CAPTIVE by Cheryl Brooks picks up where the second book in her “Cat Star Legacy” series left off. This story works as a standalone novel. There is plenty of hot and heavy love scenes in CAPTIVE Read more...

by Jessica Jayne
"Emotional depth, fantastic characters to root for, and steamy love scenes!"
Posted January 1, 2021

HAVEN is a standalone contemporary romance by Jessica Jayne. Mia Goran gets away from the drama of a cheating fiancé and explores beautiful Hawaii while staying at the Hale Coffee Inn. The inn is run by the Read more...

When a Rogue Meets His Match
by Elizabeth Hoyt
"A complicated fairytale with a dangerous yet tender hero!"
Posted December 28, 2020

WHEN A ROGUE MEETS HIS MATCH is the second book in Elizabeth Hoyt’s “Greycourt” series. Set in mid-1700s England, this story has a fairytale feel to it. Elizabeth Hoyt is superb at writing dark fairytales. The Duke of Windemere is a greedy, grasping villain Read more...

15 Minutes of Flame
by Christin Brecher
"A satisfying mystery with a mix of cozy and creepy, great storytelling, and intriguing characters!"
Posted December 12, 2020

15 MINUTES OF FLAME is the third book in Christin Brecher’s “Nantucket Candle Maker” cozy mystery series. Although this is the third book in the series, it was the first I’ve read Read more...

by Minerva Spencer
"Duels, dualities, passion galore, and a rickety road to romance!"
Posted December 12, 2020

NOTORIOUS is the first book in Minerva Spencer’s “Rebels of the Ton” series. This book as not as light and breezy as I first supposed – but that’s not a bad thing Read more...

Mistletoe and Mr. Right
by Sarah Morgenthaler
"Plenty of heart, quirky characters galore, and a sweet love story!"
Posted December 6, 2020

MISTLETOE AND MR. RIGHT is the second book in Sarah Morgenthaler’s “Moose Springs, Alaska” series. Although it’s part of a series, I think MISTLETOE AND MR. RIGHT works as a standalone novel Read more...

Have Yourself a Fudgy Little Christmas
by Nancy Coco
"A mix of small-town Christmas delights with intrigue and murder thrown in!"
Posted December 6, 2020

HAVE YOURSELF A FUDGY LITTLE CHRISTMAS is the eighth book in Nancy Coco’s “Candy-Coated” cozy mystery series. One of the only constants for Allie McMurphy in HAVE YOURSELF A FUDGY LITTLE is her Read more...

Murder on a Midnight Clear
by Sara Rosett
"Crazy clues, cyphers, assorted crooks, and a pinch of murder make for a Christmas treat!"
Posted December 4, 2020

MURDER ON A MIDNIGHT CLEAR is the sixth installment in Sara Rosett’s “High Society Lady Detective” series set in 1920s England. At the end of the previous story, Olive Belgrave and Jasper Rimington came Read more...

The Truth About Dukes
by Grace Burrowes
"A fairytale feel, with complex characters, and great storytelling!"
Posted November 21, 2020

THE TRUTH ABOUT DUKES is the fifth book in the “Rogues to Riches” series by Grace Burrowes. Although it’s part of a series, I think this story works well as a standalone novel as Read more...

All I Want for Christmas
by Wendy Loggia
"Everything you want in a satisfying Christmas tale, with great characters and a splash of romance!"
Posted November 5, 2020

ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS is a fun Young Adult standalone Christmas-themed teen romance by Wendy Loggia. I normally don’t read YA romance, but this description caught my interest. Bailey Briggs is a teenage girl Read more...

Fangirl, Vol. 1
by Rainbow Rowell, Sam Maggs, Gabi Nam
"Engagingly quirky characters, a hint of romance, and good storytelling!"
Posted November 4, 2020

FANGIRL VOL. I is the manga version of Rainbow Rowell’s New Adult novel adapted by Sam Maggs and illustrated by Gabi Nam. I consider this story to be a New Adult romance. Twin sisters Cath and Read more...

A Death Long Overdue
by Eva Gates
"Puzzles from the past, villains in the present, and a delightful mystery!"
Posted November 3, 2020

A DEATH LONG OVERDUE is the seventh book in the “Lighthouse Library” cozy mystery series by Eva Gates. In addition to cozy mystery fans, this book will also appeal to readers who enjoy books and TV programs about true crime “cold cases”. Bertie James, the Read more...

A Very Witchy Yuletide
by D. Lieber
"A mix of holiday cheer and unrequited love turned triumphant!"
Posted November 2, 2020

A VERY WITCHY YULETIDE by D. Lieber is like a Hallmark holiday film – but focusing on the pagan winter holiday Yule rather than Christmas. The story alternates perspectives between Evergreen “Eeva” Pendre and Sawyer Collins Read more...

The Widow's Christmas Surprise
by Jenna Jaxon
"A heroine who finds hidden strength to fight for her happiness and newfound love!"
Posted October 31, 2020

THE WIDOW’S CHRISTMAS SURPRISE is the fifth book in Jenna Jaxson’s “Widows' Club” series. Lady Maria Kersey lost her rake of a husband in a duel. Unfortunately for her, she recently gave Read more...

Gingerdead Man
by Maya Corrigan
"A superb mix of cozy Christmas mystery shenanigans and hair-raising thrills!"
Posted October 15, 2020

GINGERDEAD MAN is the seventh book in Maya Corrigan’s “Five-Ingredient” cozy mystery series. Although this mystery is set around Christmas, it’s spooky enough to be a Read more...

Her Christmas Cowboy
by Jessica Clare
"Another strong, sensitive, sexy cowboy hero written by Jessica Clare!"
Posted October 15, 2020

HER CHRISTMAS COWBOY is the fifth book in Jessica Clare’s “Wyoming Cowboys” series. This story is told from alternating perspectives. Caleb Watson is a sweet cowboy who has trouble talking Read more...

Miranda Owen

I work in a library and that helps my book addiction. My favorite genres are romance (just about any kind) and cozy mysteries. I also enjoy true crime books - especially time periods 1950 & earlier. I like anti-heroes, personal journey stories, character-driven stories, and ones with strong, smart female characters. I also enjoy graphic novels & manga. I am in several online book groups.

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19 comments posted.

Re: A Crafter Hooks a Killer (11:24am July 22, 2019):

Nice collection of cozies :)

Re: The Desires of A Duke (1:50pm December 13, 2017):

Devil Cynster, Duke of St. Ives :)

Re: Undercover Attraction (4:17pm November 28, 2017):

Jennifer Ashley's Mackenzies, Mary Balogh's Westcotts,
Vivian Arend's Colemans, Stephanie Laurens' Cynsters

Re: Once Upon A Ghost (5:24pm October 10, 2017):

Sounds good!

Re: Dreaming of a White Wolf Christmas (1:45pm October 6, 2017):

Love Terry Spear's werewolf books!

Re: Elliott Redeemed (12:25pm September 5, 2017):

Play by Kylie Scott & Wicked Beat by Olivia Cunning

Re: Brazilian Capture (2:12pm May 22, 2017):

My fav Almodovar film is Flower of My Secret. I liked the
adaptation from a billion years ago of the Anne of Green
Gables series. I loved the book version of The Shining
more than the film. I love just about any of the Jane
Eyre adaptations but the Fassbender version with it's
switched around format gets the mood exactly right.

Re: The Thief Steals Her Earl (2:58pm September 22, 2016):

Yes! This is what I live for - witty and intelligent
characters. Love Stephanie Laurens' heroines because they
are intelligent and look at the big picture. Love witty
dialogue like in a Celeste Bradley novel or Claudia Dain's
Courtesan Chronicles series.

Re: This Loving Feeling (1:36pm July 21, 2016):

Sounds good, and I love small town romance.

Re: Fire Danger (1:35pm July 21, 2016):

Always fascinated by banshees and Medusa. Heard of Wyvern
but never read a story with one.

Re: Torn (1:33pm July 21, 2016):

I have the Ward and Ione books but haven't had time to read
yet. In the Lara Adrian series - Tegan & Rio are my fav
heroes/books. :)

Re: Billionaire in Wolf's Clothing (4:33pm July 7, 2016):

So excited about this - love billionaires & love werewolf
books. :)

Re: Missed Connections (2:35pm June 14, 2016):

I never really understood the whole "step-brother"
romance phenomenon. I mean I guess there's no biological
connection so one level of ick is removed but....I don't
know. I read a story once by Red Garnier about a man and
woman who were not biologically related & didn't have a
"step-" connection, but the guy's family always looked at
the woman and her sister as family and tried to treat
them that way and force the future H/h to fit that mold.
They became friends in their youth and suppressed their
natural attraction that developed over time organically.
But to me, that's different.

Re: Test Drive (6:38pm June 8, 2016):

Yes to all of the above. This book is a lot of fun & I liked
Johnny's sweet/sexy mix. Really loo forward to next one.

Re: The Progeny (3:43pm June 2, 2016):

Sounds like an interesting topic.

Re: Bride of a Distant Isle (9:45pm March 25, 2016):

LOVE gothic romances. First I read was Juniper Hill by
Dorothy Daniels. :)

Re: Runaway Vampire (6:28pm February 25, 2016):

Nice interview! :)

Re: Secret Sisters (5:03pm December 8, 2015):

Great info & article :)

Re: The Secret Mistress (2:03pm July 31, 2012):

I love beta heroes as well as alpha types. One of my favorite beta heroes is Reggie from "The Pursuit of Marriage" by Victoria Alexander. He's a sweetie, good to his family, a loyal friend, and very easy going. After wearing his heart on his sleeve too many times, he invents an alpha alter-ego to try and win him love. His friends help spread stories of his supposed exploits to help him out because they want to help him since he's such a good friend and a good guy. Very funny story. My favorite beta hero.

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