April 20th, 2024
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April's Affections and Intrigues: Love and Mystery Bloom

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Investigating a conspiracy really wasn't on Nikki's very long to-do list.

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Escape to the Scottish Highlands in this enemies to lovers romance!

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It�s not the heat�it�s the pixie dust.

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They have a perfect partnership�
But an attempt on her life changes everything.

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Jealousy, Love, and Murder: The Ancient Games Turn Deadly

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Secret Identity, Small Town Romance
Available 4.15.24


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The Worst Darcy
by Robyn Gynne
"A super sexy character-driven story with phenomenal storytelling!"
Posted October 24, 2023

THE WORST DARCY by Robyn Gynne is a standalone contemporary romance. Single mom Vivian Trent opted to settle in the small town that her BFF (and father of her child) Sam lives in. She works Read more...

Birder, She Wrote
by Donna Andrews
"BIRDER, SHE WROTE explores the dark hearts hidden under polished and preening exteriors."
Posted October 24, 2023

BIRDER, SHE WROTE is the thirty-third book in the Meg Langslow cozy mystery series written by Donna Andrews. This story takes place during the summer Read more...

Miss Prim and the Duke of Wylde
by Stephanie Laurens
"A mix of classic historical romance elements, great storytelling, and engaging mystery!"
Posted October 24, 2023

MISS PRIM AND THE DUKE OF WYLDE is the thirteenth book in Stephanie LaurensCynsters Next Generation historical romance series. I usually love Stephanie Laurens’ heroes, but I was a little skeptical when Drago seemed like a bit Read more...

With Love, From Cold World
by Alicia Thompson
"A lot of fun as well as being emotionally powerful!"
Posted October 24, 2023

WITH LOVE, FROM COLD WORLD is a standalone contemporary romance written by Alicia Thompson. This could be considered an enemies-to-lovers romance. More accurately, it’s actually an annoyed-to-lovers or exasperated Read more...

Her Wolf for the Holidays
by Terry Spear
"A charming tale of love and family with a couple who heat up the Highlands!"
Posted October 11, 2023

HER WOLF FOR THE HOLIDAYS is the seventh book in Terry Spear’s Highland Wolf series. Edeen Campbell recently purchased a new home from the, now departed, previous owner EJ Campbell. Before Read more...

The Dane of My Existence
by Jessica Martin
"A marvelous story with characters who work hard to hold onto their happiness they’ve found!"
Posted July 31, 2023

THE DANE OF MY EXISTENCE is the second book in Jessica Martin’s Bard's Rest contemporary romance series. I was eager to read this book because Read more...

by Cheryl Brooks
"A classic detective story with a thoroughly futuristic computer hacking sexy avian sleuth!"
Posted July 17, 2023

VALKYRIE is the first book in the Avian Clone Chronicles series by Cheryl Brooks. Some of the characters that appear in VALKYRIE also appear in other books set in this world. Reading them is not Read more...

Wolf on the Wild Side
by Terry Spear
"A wonderful mix of an evolving love story and intriguing detective story!"
Posted June 2, 2023

WOLF ON THE WILD SIDE is the latest installment in Terry Spear’s books featuring the Wolff siblings. The story is set in the werewolf-run small town called Silver Town. Wolff sibling, and event coordinator, Kayla and her beau Nate Read more...

Grim and Bear It
by Juliette Cross
"Adorable and sexy at the same time!"
Posted May 22, 2023

GRIM AND BEAR IT is the sixth book in Juliette CrossStay a Spell paranormal romance series centered around the Savoie sisters. The budding flirtation Read more...

Both Feet in the Grave
by Jeaniene Frost
"Like a fab remix of your favorite song!"
Posted May 2, 2023

BOTH FEET IN THE GRAVE is the tenth book in Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress series. BOTH FEET IN THE GRAVE is essentially the same story as ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE Read more...

by J.R. Ward
"A complicated story about love and faith, but also a tale of suspense and psychos!"
Posted April 10, 2023

LASSITER is the twenty-first book in J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series. At this point, this is a series that must be Read more...

Miss Flibbertigibbet and The Barbarian
by Stephanie Laurens
"Full of surprises, mystery, and an enchanting evolving romance between two equals!"
Posted April 3, 2023

MISS FLIBBERTIGIBBET AND THE BARBARIAN is the twelfth book in Stephanie Laurens’ Cynsters Next Generation series. At first glance, this title sounds like the type of flowery romance written by authors like Barbara Cartland, but that is not the case. The Read more...

by Laurell K. Hamilton
"Revel in character-driven storytelling and deliciously anticipate a future battle royale!"
Posted March 20, 2023

SMOLDER is the twenty-ninth book in Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series. This story is full of wedding planning and planning for battle Read more...

How To Protect A Princess
by Cynthia Eden
"A hopelessly devoted bodyguard hottie, a newly discovered princess, and psychos!"
Posted February 10, 2023

HOW TO PROTECT A PRINCESS is the first book in Cynthia Eden’s “Wilde Ways: Gone Rogue” series. This story is told from alternating perspectives, and part takes place in the U.S., and the last half takes place in a foreign country. Recently, Juliet Laurent Read more...

Wolf Takes the Lead
by Terry Spear
"The perfect mix of paranormal romcom fun and pitch perfect suspense!"
Posted February 8, 2023

WOLF TAKES THE LEAD is the fourth book in Terry Spear’s Billionaire Wolf series. I enjoyed this story, and the book take away for me was how mature the two main characters are, and they didn’t Read more...

The Reunion
by Kayla Olson
"An epic romance and a wonderfully written character-driven story!"
Posted February 7, 2023

THE REUNION is a standalone contemporary second-chance romance by Kayla Olson. This story is perfect for readers who enjoy second-chance romances. About a million years ago, Liv Latimer and Ransom Joel were on Read more...

Not Your Ex's Hexes
by April Asher
"An unexpectedly sexy supernatural journey to self-discovery while finding love along the way!"
Posted February 6, 2023

NOT YOUR EX’S HEXES is the second book in April Asher’s Supernatural Singles series. Although this is the second book in this Read more...

Resting Witch Face
by Juliette Cross
"This romance hits the delicious notes of heartbreak and an electric connection!"
Posted November 7, 2022

RESTING WITCH FACE is the fifth, and perhaps my favorite, book in Juliette Cross’s Stay a Spell paranormal romance series. This is a great Read more...

For the Love of the Bard
by Jessica Martin
"FOR THE LOVE OF THE BARD is delish with fab characters and storytelling!"
Posted October 14, 2022

FOR THE LOVE OF THE BARD is the first book in Jessica Martin’s “Bard's Rest Romance” series. Miranda Barnes has a lot on her plate when she heads home to Read more...

Round Up the Usual Peacocks
by Donna Andrews
"A mystery-palooza with true crime goodies, and family fun!"
Posted October 7, 2022

ROUND UP THE USUAL PEACOCKS is the thirty-first book in the “Meg Langslow” cozy mystery series by Donna Andrews. This book has some of my favorite things. I adore this series and some of the situations and supporting characters Read more...

Miranda Owen

I work in a library and that helps my book addiction. My favorite genres are romance (just about any kind) and cozy mysteries. I also enjoy true crime books - especially time periods 1950 & earlier. I like anti-heroes, personal journey stories, character-driven stories, and ones with strong, smart female characters. I also enjoy graphic novels & manga. I am in several online book groups.

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19 comments posted.

Re: A Crafter Hooks a Killer (11:24am July 22, 2019):

Nice collection of cozies :)

Re: The Desires of A Duke (1:50pm December 13, 2017):

Devil Cynster, Duke of St. Ives :)

Re: Undercover Attraction (4:17pm November 28, 2017):

Jennifer Ashley's Mackenzies, Mary Balogh's Westcotts,
Vivian Arend's Colemans, Stephanie Laurens' Cynsters

Re: Once Upon A Ghost (5:24pm October 10, 2017):

Sounds good!

Re: Dreaming of a White Wolf Christmas (1:45pm October 6, 2017):

Love Terry Spear's werewolf books!

Re: Elliott Redeemed (12:25pm September 5, 2017):

Play by Kylie Scott & Wicked Beat by Olivia Cunning

Re: Brazilian Capture (2:12pm May 22, 2017):

My fav Almodovar film is Flower of My Secret. I liked the
adaptation from a billion years ago of the Anne of Green
Gables series. I loved the book version of The Shining
more than the film. I love just about any of the Jane
Eyre adaptations but the Fassbender version with it's
switched around format gets the mood exactly right.

Re: The Thief Steals Her Earl (2:58pm September 22, 2016):

Yes! This is what I live for - witty and intelligent
characters. Love Stephanie Laurens' heroines because they
are intelligent and look at the big picture. Love witty
dialogue like in a Celeste Bradley novel or Claudia Dain's
Courtesan Chronicles series.

Re: This Loving Feeling (1:36pm July 21, 2016):

Sounds good, and I love small town romance.

Re: Fire Danger (1:35pm July 21, 2016):

Always fascinated by banshees and Medusa. Heard of Wyvern
but never read a story with one.

Re: Torn (1:33pm July 21, 2016):

I have the Ward and Ione books but haven't had time to read
yet. In the Lara Adrian series - Tegan & Rio are my fav
heroes/books. :)

Re: Billionaire in Wolf's Clothing (4:33pm July 7, 2016):

So excited about this - love billionaires & love werewolf
books. :)

Re: Missed Connections (2:35pm June 14, 2016):

I never really understood the whole "step-brother"
romance phenomenon. I mean I guess there's no biological
connection so one level of ick is removed but....I don't
know. I read a story once by Red Garnier about a man and
woman who were not biologically related & didn't have a
"step-" connection, but the guy's family always looked at
the woman and her sister as family and tried to treat
them that way and force the future H/h to fit that mold.
They became friends in their youth and suppressed their
natural attraction that developed over time organically.
But to me, that's different.

Re: Test Drive (6:38pm June 8, 2016):

Yes to all of the above. This book is a lot of fun & I liked
Johnny's sweet/sexy mix. Really loo forward to next one.

Re: The Progeny (3:43pm June 2, 2016):

Sounds like an interesting topic.

Re: Bride of a Distant Isle (9:45pm March 25, 2016):

LOVE gothic romances. First I read was Juniper Hill by
Dorothy Daniels. :)

Re: Runaway Vampire (6:28pm February 25, 2016):

Nice interview! :)

Re: Secret Sisters (5:03pm December 8, 2015):

Great info & article :)

Re: The Secret Mistress (2:03pm July 31, 2012):

I love beta heroes as well as alpha types. One of my favorite beta heroes is Reggie from "The Pursuit of Marriage" by Victoria Alexander. He's a sweetie, good to his family, a loyal friend, and very easy going. After wearing his heart on his sleeve too many times, he invents an alpha alter-ego to try and win him love. His friends help spread stories of his supposed exploits to help him out because they want to help him since he's such a good friend and a good guy. Very funny story. My favorite beta hero.

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