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Linda O. Johnston | Double the Fun!


The first month of 2013 is nearing its end--and I have two books being published in February!

I'm not sure how that happened, but it's keeping me extra busy, especially since I have some tight writing deadlines early this year, too. But I want to make sure people know about both of my new releases, so I'm also putting out the word via blogs and appearances and Facebook and--well, whatever.

I'm especially delighted that Fresh Fiction invited me to do a guest blog. Thanks! I'm really happy to be here.

Why can two different books come out in the same month? Because I wrote them for different publishers. Different genres. Different tones and characters and voices.

There are some similarities, too, though. They both involve canines. Yes, I'm a dog lover and proud of it. Lots of my writing these days contains dogs... or wolves. Werewolves, that is.

One of the books is UNDERCOVER WOLF. It's the fourth in my Alpha Force miniseries for Harlequin Nocturne--a paranormal romance about a covert military unit of shapeshifters. The shifters are mostly wolves, which fits well with my love of canines, both real and fictional. In UNDERCOVER WOLF, Simon and Grace, the protagonists of my last Alpha Force Nocturne, GUARDIAN WOLF, have gotten married--and they've disappeared on their honeymoon. It's up to Simon's shapeshifting brother Quinn--who has also joined Alpha Force--and Grace's non-shifting aide Kristine to find them. In case you can't tell, I really get a kick out of writing about my fictional shapeshifters, including helping them to improve the amazing elixir that allows them to shift at will and keep their human awareness.

oodle of
poodlesI also love writing my Pet Rescue Mysteries for Berkley Prime Crime. The February release is OODLES OF POODLES, which is, coincidentally, my fourth Pet Rescue Mystery from Berkley Prime Crime. Its background is the film industry and making sure that "No Animals Were Harmed,"TM which is a registered trademark of the American Humane Association. My mystery protagonist Lauren Vancouver gets involved observing the shooting of a movie about rescued poodles, and then the director is murdered. Lauren's best friend Dr. Carlie Stellan is a suspect, so of course Lauren has to help solve the murder.

I may have more books published this year, although I'm not sure of that. I'll have at least one novella in the Pet Rescue Mystery series soon. I also hope to have my next Harlequin Romantic Suspense out this year. And no, it's not about dogs, real or shapeshifting. My next full-length Pet Rescue Mystery is currently anticipated to be published in January 2014.

Yes, I'm juggling genres a lot--and loving it! And I do get an opportunity to breathe now and then, too.

Which of my upcoming stories sounds most interesting to you? I hope both do!




57 comments posted.

Re: Linda O. Johnston | Double the Fun!

I love the sounds of both your new books - but that's because I love variety in all my reading materials. I wish you best of luck with both books - and all future endeavors, too.
(Nancy Reynolds 11:02am January 22, 2013)

I love your Pet Rescue Mysteries and eagerly await the latest adventure. I need to check out your other series as I am a fan of paranormal romances
(Kathleen Kaminski 11:26am January 22, 2013)

Awh wow I would love to check out your pet rescue mysteries!
(Sophie Grayling 12:09pm January 22, 2013)

Both sound wonderful! Absolutely love the cover for OODLES OF POODLES... makes me smile! Congrats on your two new upcoming releases!
(Colleen Conklin 12:13pm January 22, 2013)

Thanks, Nancy. In case you can't guess, I love variety in my reading--and writing--too!
(Linda O, Johnston 12:29pm January 22, 2013)

Hi, Kathleen--it's fun seeing you here at Fresh Fiction! I'm delighted that you love my Pet Rescue Mysteries, and I hope you enjoy my Alpha Force Harlequin Nocturnes, too.
(Linda O, Johnston 12:31pm January 22, 2013)

I hope you do check out my Pet Rescue Mysteries, Sophie. :)
(Linda O, Johnston 12:32pm January 22, 2013)

Thanks, Colleen. I really love the cover, too. Lots of adventurous poodles to be saved!
(Linda O, Johnston 12:33pm January 22, 2013)

I have a preference for the Pet Rescue Mystery. What great choices you have to offer! Thanks for visiting.
(G S Moch 2:11pm January 22, 2013)

(Kent Cook 2:15pm January 22, 2013)

Just reviewed Undercover Wolf for Fresh Fiction and I loved it. Now I'm looking for the other Alpha Force books.
(Annetta Sweetko 2:28pm January 22, 2013)

I have all your pet sitter and pet rescue books which tells you what I like. The new one is on my list for books to buy in Feb.
(Cheryl Ricin 2:32pm January 22, 2013)

I love both genres, paranormal is what I usually read, but I love a good
mystery. Since I have four dogs a pet rescue mystery sounds wonderful. I
wish I could have more dogs, but right now I have one that is blind from
diabetes, so she keeps me busy. Thanks for the giveaway.
(Ann Sheiring 2:59pm January 22, 2013)

i want to read both of them! thanks
(Debbi Shaw 2:59pm January 22, 2013)

Both books sound most interesting!
(Marjorie Carmony 3:22pm January 22, 2013)

I adore your pet rescue series but I have to admit I had no
idea that you had a Harlequin Nocturne series! I have to order
them, but sadly payday is a week away :(
(Margie Hall 3:49pm January 22, 2013)

I love both books but will read Oddles of Poodles first
(Shirley Younger 4:21pm January 22, 2013)

I don't read paranormal, but thr Harlequin and Pet Mystery are right uo my
alley. Congrats on all your books being published this year. Sounds like
you've been busy!
(Susan Falkler 4:28pm January 22, 2013)

Glad you enjoy the Pet Rescue books, G S

And thanks, Kent!
(Linda O, Johnston 4:41pm January 22, 2013)

Thank you so much, Annetta. So glad you enjoyed Undercover
Wolf, and I hope you also have fun with the other Alpha Force
(Linda O, Johnston 4:42pm January 22, 2013)

I'm delighted that you enjoy my mysteries, Cheryl!
(Linda O, Johnston 4:43pm January 22, 2013)

Glad you enjoy both genres, Ann. And your household sounds
wonderful! Hugs to all your dogs, especially the sweet blind
(Linda O, Johnston 4:44pm January 22, 2013)

Glad that both series sound interesting to you, Debbi and
(Linda O, Johnston 4:45pm January 22, 2013)

I'm happy that you like the idea of my Nocturnes, Margie, and
hope you get an opportunity to read them.
(Linda O, Johnston 4:46pm January 22, 2013)

Oodles of Poodles is a good one to read first, Shirley. But
that would work for Undercover Wolf, too!
(Linda O, Johnston 4:47pm January 22, 2013)

Yep, Susan, I've been busy, but I'm also having a lot of fun!
(Linda O, Johnston 4:48pm January 22, 2013)

Both books sound great. Thanks for the contest.
(Mary Hay 5:01pm January 22, 2013)

Both books sound good to me for different reasons, but when you see a title like Oodles of Poodles, how can there even be a choice?? I'm a big animal lover first!! I lost my beloved dog Bandit almost 3 years ago, and now have 2, 9 month old kittens that my Husband and I are raising from birth. We did have 8 kittens (2 4 kitten litters) and both of their mothers, in our one-bedroom apartment almost a year ago now. To make a long story short, the rest of them went to an animal sanctuary where they would be placed in a good home. I have enough of a time now with these 2, and don't know how I did it with the rest of them, although I miss the other kittens dearly!! I would also love to have another dog someday, but that would only be if we were able to either get a small dog, or a larger place to move into!! Have a wonderful New Year, and I'm looking forward to reading your books!!
(Peggy Roberson 5:01pm January 22, 2013)

(Shelly Caggiano 5:05pm January 22, 2013)

I love cozy mysteries--so Oodles of Poodles sounds super interesting to this animal lover. But I just might be interested in the werewolves, too--I have yet to try that genre.
(Sue Farrell 5:16pm January 22, 2013)

Undercover Wolf sounds like a fantastic read! LOVE the cover!
(Elizabeth Hyatt 5:43pm January 22, 2013)

Both books sound like great reads. Living in a house with four dogs I lean towards " Oldles of Poodles ".
(Sheila True 5:43pm January 22, 2013)

Thanks for commenting, Mary and Shelly!
(Linda O, Johnston 8:41pm January 22, 2013)

My condolences on losing your dog, Peggy, and also on having
to give up some of the cats, but placing them in a good
sanctuary makes a lot of sense. Enjoy your remaining kitties,
and thanks for commenting.
(Linda O, Johnston 8:44pm January 22, 2013)

Werewolves are just another aspect of animals, Sue! I hope
you decide to try Undercover Wolf.
(Linda O, Johnston 8:46pm January 22, 2013)

Thanks, Elizabeth. Nocturnes and their covers are just a bit
different starting this year--longer, for one thing.

Four dogs, Sheila? Fun!
(Linda O, Johnston 8:47pm January 22, 2013)

Love both series!
(Mary C 9:41pm January 22, 2013)

I love your Alpha Force Nocturns and Undercover Wolf sounds
like a great read... never read your pet rescue... what a
great cover the poodles are so damn cute... Gonna have to read
it. Thanks for your post and the giveaway
(Jeannie Platt 10:21pm January 22, 2013)

I totally cannot wait to read this book. I love romantic mysteries. I'm kind of biased toward it because I'm writing one myself. It doesn't sound nearly as awesome as what this book sounds, but oh well. I can't wait to get it finished. I'll let you know when I do :D Thanks for having this contest. Hope you have a great day and keep writing. :)
(Meghan Anderson 10:29pm January 22, 2013)

Thanks, Mary!
(Linda O, Johnston 10:42pm January 22, 2013)

Delighted to hear that you enjoy Alpha Force Nocturnes,
Jeannie. It's fun to write about some really covert military
(Linda O, Johnston 10:42pm January 22, 2013)

Best of luck with your mystery, Meghan--and I definitely
intend to keep writing!
(Linda O, Johnston 10:43pm January 22, 2013)

As much as I love to read Undercover Wolf, I also want to read the Pet Rescue Mysteries. I will be reading both books.
(Kai Wong 10:45pm January 22, 2013)

I like Oodles of Poodles. I love mysteries and dogs so this book sounds great to me.
(Kathleen Yohanna 11:49pm January 22, 2013)

Undercover Wolf sounds great to me!
(Janie McGaugh 12:41pm January 23, 2013)

Thanks to each of you, Kai, Kathleen and Janie!
(Linda O, Johnston 1:46am January 23, 2013)

Both books sound great! I enjoy both mysteries and paranormal romance. Love dogs. Your Pet Rescue Mysteries will definitely be going on my reading list.
(Bonnie H 9:17am January 23, 2013)

I'm going for your Oodles of Poodles first. Too many paranormal books out now and I want a break.
(Lena Lee 10:13am January 23, 2013)

I am not a fan of paranormal but my daughters are. I would love the pet ones though. I have read your work. Enter me to win, read, and review.
(Jane Squires 10:14am January 23, 2013)

Delighted to hear that, Bonnie! And greetings to a fellow dog
(Linda O, Johnston 1:51pm January 23, 2013)

I agree that paranormal books are popular these days, Lena,
and can understand why you might decide to read something else
for a while. Mysteries are a good alternative!
(Linda O, Johnston 1:54pm January 23, 2013)

Delighted to hear that you're familiar with my work, Jane!
(Linda O, Johnston 1:56pm January 23, 2013)

Congratulations on your two new books!
(Maureen Emmons 4:01pm January 23, 2013)

Both books look like great reading for different reasons. Got
to love that.
(Mary Preston 10:26pm January 23, 2013)

both books sound intriguing to me I cant wait to read them
(Danielle McDonald 11:07am January 24, 2013)

The pet rescue book sounds and looks very interesting!
Good luck with both your releases.
(Clare O'Beara 5:18am January 25, 2013)

You go the gamut, girl. I read Merle's Door: Lessons From a Free-Thinking Dog last month and it reminds me of how pets are intuitive. Romantic suspense with pets playing a key role is pretty crafty.
(Alyson Widen 4:41pm January 27, 2013)

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