December 2nd, 2023
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Vicki Hinze | So What's Wrong With A LIttle Whimsy?

Forget Me Not
Vicki Hinze




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Crossroads Crisis Center #1

March 2010
On Sale: March 16, 2010
Featuring: Benjamin Brandt
352 pages
ISBN: 1601422059
EAN: 9781601422057
Kindle: B0036S4CHK
Paperback / e-Book
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Dangerous Desires, July 2013
Torn Loyalties, February 2013
Legend of the Mist, February 2013


Reality is good. We all live our lives steeped in it. Some days are better than others. We know it, accept it, and consider ourselves lucky if we end up with a few more good days than bad ones.

We take care of ourselves, our families, our careers. We handle the expected demands--the voluntary demands and the compulsory ones--and the thousand other things that need to be done on a routine basis. We also handle the unexpected demands, everyone's crises, and the things that we couldn't plan or prepare for with a million years’ advance notice. And, wonder of wonder, somehow we manage to do all these things and stay sane.

So why then, when we mere mortals accomplish the impossible with monotonous regularity, are we'd begrudged our desire to indulge in an occasional bit of whimsy?

Admittedly, I'm having a little trouble with understanding this. While it seems it's perfectly acceptable for us to do all of the almost superhuman things that we do, we get every reaction from strange looks to admonitions for wanting to do something just for the fun of it. Sometimes, justification is actually asked for, and on occasion (can you believe it?) required or demanded.

Enough, I say. Enough, enough, enough!

So today, dear friends, I’m issuing an invitation to rebel and put our foot down. Today, I’m issuing a license. Just clip it out, fill in your name at the bottom, and be prepared to flash it. (How long has it been since some of us were carded? Wait. Let’s don’t answer that!)

So there. It’s done. You have a license.

Now enjoy a bit of whimsy. Embrace it, relish it, and revel in it. And if anyone objects, flash your card. If they’re not nice in their objection, flash them your card and show them a list of all of the things that you have done in the last month that are practical, routine, mundane, ordinary, and then invite them to take over your list just for a day while you go play. That should mum them right up!

And every time you look at your license, remember that joy is found in the little things as well as in the big ones. We sometimes get so busy we forget that. But just for today, let's remember it. Let’s do one whimsical thing.

And if no one looks at us like we've lost our minds, let’s take that as a signal and personal invitation to immediately do another!






13 comments posted.

Re: Vicki Hinze | So What's Wrong With A LIttle Whimsy?

LOL. I am always a nut. People definitely look at me like I have lost my mind but I have fun and enjoy myself. Life would just be way too mundane if we did just what is supposedly acceptable.
(Vicki Hancock 12:01pm March 16, 2010)

I've never let conventions
define who I am, yeah, I take
care of all the things that
Mom's are suppose to(and then
some) but if while laying at
the pool(luckily we live in
the boonies)I feel the need to
skinny dip and sun bathe in
the nude. No one knows or
cares(except maybe the deers
and my dog).
(Lisa Richards 12:46pm March 16, 2010)

I love it!!
(Kelli Jo Calvert 5:04pm March 16, 2010)

I love your books.
(Regina Shiderly 5:15pm March 16, 2010)

We all need a little whimsy in our lives.
(Mary Preston 6:09pm March 16, 2010)

Whimsy is not only a good thing, it's essential!!


(Lynn Rettig 7:17pm March 16, 2010)

Yep. We all need a bit of whimsy and goofiness now and again. I especially like art is this style.
(Alyson Widen 8:21pm March 16, 2010)

Love all your comments. I smiled a lot reading them, and a special thanks to you, Regina, for commenting on my books. You guys made my day!

(Vicki Hinze 8:50pm March 16, 2010)

I agree that we all need to be good to ourselves or we will not be any good to others. We need to throw away the guilt and enjoy the fun side of life.
(Rosemary Krejsa 9:12pm March 16, 2010)

You are a 'girl' after my own heart! It makes life more interesting and definitely more bearable if we break from the routine and have fun! (Your books are fun, too!)
(Gladys Paradowski 11:05pm March 16, 2010)

Because of the way I was raised and the life I've led, whimsy comes hard to me--other than losing myself in a book for a while. I'm looking forward to reading FORGET ME NOT. It may not be full of whimsy, but faith and that's even better.
The forget-me-not is a little whimsical, a frail-looking flower, but it manages to last and proliferate.
(Sigrun Schulz 12:48pm March 17, 2010)

We all have to do the unexpected or let it happen to remain a little sane.
(Brenda Rupp 9:48pm March 19, 2010)

Whimsey is good. People need to not take
themselves too seriously once in a while.
(Patricia Barraclough 8:21pm March 22, 2010)

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