July 22nd, 2018
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Christmas in July

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Jill Shalvis | Top Five Most Interesting Gifts I Ever Received

Under the Mistletoe
Jill Shalvis



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Count on Jill Shalvis for a witty, steamy, unputdownable love story. -Robyn Carr, New York Times bestselling author

Lucky Harbor Short Story

December 2012
On Sale: December 4, 2012
Featuring: Mia; Nick
ISBN: 1455544906
EAN: 9781455544905
Kindle: B0092XHP4K
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Lucky Harbor is one of the most favorite settings for Jill Shalvis's fans and she has a treat in store with her shorty holiday story, UNDER THE MISTLETOE. In the meantime, Jill stopped by with a Top Five list: the Most Interesting Gifts she Ever Received..

1.   Once I asked Alpha Man for an overnight trip, just us.  I was thinking somewhere warm, maybe even with a beach, drinks, and room service.  What I got was tickets to the NCAA finals.  Note to self: be more specific

2.   Then there was the year my daughters got me a lizard.  Yes, you read that right.  I don't know why.  But Lily the Lizard was sweet if not a bit challenging.  Rest in peace, Lily.

3.   Several years ago my mother bought me a house cleaning service for one month.  I'm pretty sure she was trying to tell me something...

4.   My favorite presents are always plants.  But unfortunately I kill them.  So one year my family bought me a huge, fake plant.  Only they didn't tell me it was fake.  I watered that thing every day until it molded.  Yes, I'm still living down the fact that I killed a fake plant, thank you very much.

5.   A friend once sent me a very naughty present that the kids opened by accident when it came in the mail.  They still sometimes ask what the heck someone sent me a glow in the dark, oversized gummy worm for...

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Lucky Harbor
October 2010

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Lucky Harbor
April 2011

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Lucky Harbor
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Under the Mistletoe
Lucky Harbor
December 2012




18 comments posted.

Re: Jill Shalvis | Top Five Most Interesting Gifts I Ever Received

You have gotten some interesting gifts! Happy Holiday's!
(Christine Mead 4:40am December 2, 2012)

Love the lovely overnight trip.... NCAA Finals...
(Cate Sparks 6:38am December 2, 2012)

Certainly different types of gifts.
(Pat Lieberman 7:37am December 2, 2012)

You are too funny! NCAA Finals? I'm there! A month's house cleaning service? Love it! As for the others...you do inspire a certain uniqueness in gifts, Jill.
(G S Moch 10:20am December 2, 2012)

Wow, those were some pretty strange gifts. I love the plant story!
(Jenny Yetman 11:03am December 2, 2012)

I have had my children buy me clothes I would never put on and about 5 times larger than I am, yet I still have them in my closet hanging (I am too sentimental to let them go).
Once my boyfriend (at the time) bought wine and condoms -- that was enough to re evaluate the relationship.
My one aunt still gives me five dollars every year and says "to save it". (yes, I often look around wondering if I am related to the Griswalls).
Oh, you are not alone - I love plants, but as my friends and family say, I have a black thumb..don't let me near a plant, it will die.
(Carla Carlson 1:06pm December 2, 2012)

I laughed like crazy over your killing a fake plant. I have had so many plants to die this year because of our drought even though I tried to water then every single day. The terrible heat still managed to kill some of them. Losing plants and replacing them gets expensive after awhile. But thanks for the huge laugh I got after reading you watering a fake plant!
(Marilyn Nowlin 1:09pm December 2, 2012)

Jill, you're too funny! I have never read any of your interviews but I have read your books. I found your books hilarious which I would deduce that you have a humorous personality.
(Kai Wong 2:15pm December 2, 2012)

I love your books. They are such fun to read. Reading your list of Christmas gifts was a hoot too.
(Robin McKay 2:51pm December 2, 2012)

you win! my, but the wonderful things they do with plastics these days - certainly a testament to the realistic plant - bet the manufacturer would LOVE that story...
(Beth Fuller 6:17pm December 2, 2012)

Oh Lord - I love these - LOL - VERY interesting gifts for sure - nothing I received came close!
(Felicia Ciaudelli 6:17pm December 2, 2012)

I loved your posting today, and definately needed the laugh!! As for the housecleaning service, one way to look at it is that you only received one month of it. Things couldn't be THAT bad at your house, or your present would have been for 6 months or a year!! LOL With my house, I want my company to feel comfortable when they come over, not feel that they might break a rule if they sit down somewhere!! Some of the other gifts go without comment. I know that I received a couple of strange ones over the years, and now we just go out together and buy what we want for ourselves. It solves the problem of disappointment. Once in a while, we do surprise each other with a present, but it isn't that often. After 29 years, things aren't the same in the excitement department as they would be for the first 10 years - at least that's the way I feel. I'm just happy that we're together, and that's all that matters to me!! Have a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!! I'll be spending mine away from the mistletoe, reading your book!!
(Peggy Roberson 8:02pm December 2, 2012)

Hi, Jill! Great post! I love your books! You have definitely gotten some very interesting gifts. I especially had to chuckle about the glow in the dark gummy worm. Lol!
(Cathy Phillips 8:55pm December 2, 2012)

You have gotten some great gifts ! Wished mine was so awesome .
(Danielle McDonald 10:49am December 3, 2012)

Well, I have never killed a fake plant, but I have just about managed to kill off any other plant that came within my purview. My friends know not to ask me to plant-sit, or take care of their gardens in the summer, at least, not if they want to come home to living plants!!


(Lynn Rettig 4:38pm December 3, 2012)

I love the killing the fake plant!! And you were very brave to accept a
reptile. I would've run screaming. ;) now that would be a great Christmas
memory for kids...mom running into the street screaming from their
present!!! :)
(Penny Mettert 2:56am December 9, 2012)

My brother once made me a wooden jewellery box and his then girlfriend painted pictures of horses on each face of it and lined a drawer with satin. Best present ever. I had no idea they were making it.
(Clare O'Beara 9:07am December 10, 2012)

I love your books. I have always liked books that continue in
another one and keep you updated on the other characters.
(Sharon Salituro 9:06am February 16, 2013)

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