August 24th, 2019
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Kat Martin | Trilogies: Readers love books that have a connection!


Until fairly recently, I didn’t write trilogies. Mostly because I had to think up three stories all at once. It’s far easier to come up with one idea, develop characters, and work out a single plot.

Earlier in my career, I did a number of related books. GYPSY LORD, SWEET VENGEANCE, and THE DEVIL’S PRIZE were linked books with characters who were friends.

CREOLE FIRES, SAVANNAH HEAT, and NATCHEZ FLAME were also linked, but I had yet to write what I now consider a real trilogy. Then my agent came to Montana for a visit. She helped me come up with a story concept that was broad enough to last through three novels, and The Necklace Trilogy was born: THE BRIDE’S NECKLACE, THE DEVIL’S NECKLACE, and THE HANDMAIDEN’S NECKLACE.

Even in a three book series, I write novels that stand alone. I think that’s important, since readers often buy them out of sequence. The best thing about linked books is that readers get to stay in touch with the people they’ve met in previous novels and come to care about. I get lots of e-mails from readers who comment on this and eagerly await the rest of the books in the series. Which is why my publisher is putting my new books--AGAINST THE WIND, AGAINST THE FIRE, and AGAINST THE LAW-- out in January, February, March. The Raines Brothers, beginning with Jackson Raines.

I hope you enjoy the Necklace Trilogy and that you will watch for The Raines Brothers, starting with AGAINST THE WIND.




20 comments posted.

Re: Kat Martin | Trilogies: Readers love books that have a connection!

I adore series books. Susan Mallery and Robyn Carr do great ones.

This latest series you are highlighting looks good.
(Pat Lieberman 7:29am August 16, 2010)

I love series books. Sometimes I fall
in love with a back character and
want to hear their story. However it
is important for the story to be a
stand alone, because sometimes I
enter a story with a book in the
middle of the story.
(Tanja Haack 4:12pm August 16, 2010)

I'm currently in the process of reading 4 different series of books. I just love being able to catch up on what previous lead characters--or minor ones--are doing. I really enjoy seeing characters in a greater context than just their little world, although that, on occasion, can also be wonderful. Though I agree about the stand-alone part. Most often I'll go looking for other books in a series, but they are not always available. I do want each book to be complete in itself, unless it's something like Tolstoy's WAR AND PEACE which is such a long story and heavy book that you want to have it in volumes.
(Sigrun Schulz 4:27pm August 16, 2010)

I like the series because they usually answer the question'What happened after...'
(Karin Tillotson 5:15pm August 16, 2010)

I definitely will keep an eye out for them! I love trilogies, quartets, series because I like revisiting with old friends!
(Kelli Jo Calvert 5:18pm August 16, 2010)

I like book series because they offer the reader a glimpse into what comes after the HEA for some characters (when they show up in subsequent books). I particularly enjoyed your Necklace series so I'm looking forward to your new one.
(S Tieh 5:29pm August 16, 2010)

I do love books that are connected. I just need to read them in the correct order though.
(Mary Preston 6:05pm August 16, 2010)

I love the Necklace trilogy and look forward to the Raines Brothers series.
(Jane Cheung 7:15pm August 16, 2010)

I love books that are in a series unless they take too long to come out with the next book. At that point it makes me kind of mad, lol. I don't want to wait.
(Vicki Hancock 7:43pm August 16, 2010)

Yours were probably among the first series books I read. They've always left me looking for "the next one". And you never disappointed me. I love it when the characters evolve to the extent that they have to have their "own story". Your new series looks as intriguing. Keep up the good work. It appears, for you, that that good country air is most inspiring!
(Jean Merriott 7:59pm August 16, 2010)

I enjoy series book and I love LOVE your Bride series (o.k I love your books) and hope you keep the books coming,
I'm a big Fan.
(Vickie Hightower 8:13pm August 16, 2010)

I love seeries books, but sometimes read them out of order. That sounds funny.
(Alyson Widen 8:47pm August 16, 2010)

I loved reading your Bride series and am looking forward to the Necklace Trilogy. Thanks for all of the wonderful books you have written.
(Robin McKay 8:54pm August 16, 2010)

I love a series, if I hit one I like I buy the entire one!
(Brenda Rupp 9:03pm August 16, 2010)

Series are a favorite, for many of the
reasons you mentioned. What I don't
like is waiting month or a year for the
next book in a series to come out. I
usually wait until they are all out
before even starting the series. Your
release schedule for The Raines
Brothers books is perfect.
Have enjoyed your books for years. I
look forward to this new series.
(Patricia Barraclough 11:35pm August 16, 2010)

I love series and am still am trying to work out which is better - buying the books as they come out but waiting to read them all together or to start reading them the day they are released and then waiting (sometimes months) for the next to be released! My biggest problem usually is waiting for the next series to begin! I've never read one of your books that I haven't loved.
(Jeanne Miro 8:56am August 17, 2010)

As long as you can keep the story line interesting, the characters worth reading about, and not letting things go flat, your books will be worth reading. I tried a couple of authors one time, and they got lax with the series, so I just lost interest. I'll have to give your books a try.
(Peggy Roberson 11:11am August 17, 2010)

H, Guys! you've all written such wonderful comments and it looks like everyone is definitely in favor of series books! I'll finally started to enjoy writing them, but it took me a while! k
(Kat Martin 1:50pm August 17, 2010)

I had a little family problem glitch in my day yesterday so am signing on a little late. Hope you will all forgive me. I loved your comments. you're the best! kat
(Kat Martin 1:51pm August 17, 2010)

I love series books, but I'm a
purest and must read read them in
(Lisa Richards 11:30am August 22, 2010)

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