November 25th, 2020
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Candace Havens | Superhero, Anyone?


I know, this a tough decision for any woman. I mean, it’s something I ponder at length. I’ve even dreamed about it on occasion. I feel like this is the time to really delve deep and figure out the answer to the question:

If I had a choice would I sleep with Superman or Batman?

In a perfect world, I’d get both. I mean, someone on. They are both super hot, even without their capes. My friends and I used to play this game Breakfast, lunch, dinner or coffee. We’d pick celebrities and then say what meal we’d like to share with them. Breakfast usually meant a sleepover.

I’m saying straight up, with no reservations, I’d have breakfast with Superman and Batman. No problemo.

But like I said, this isn’t a perfect world, so I have to pick one. Let’s look at the con’s first. Superman, has so much strength, that one has to worry if he were to lose himself in the throes of passion, well, one might get squished. And there’s that whole faster than a speeding bullet. Fast isn’t always a good thing.

Batman has an addiction to that flashing light in the sky and would imagine that even if he were in a, um, heated moment, that damn light would win out. And I’ve always sort of wondered about that relationship with Robin. Would I ever really come first? I don’t know.

The pros: Superman is out of those close really fast and can whisk me off to an undisclosed location in a matter of seconds. He can also fly, which would sort of be cool, in um, certain situations.

Batman, well, there’s that lovely utility belt. And that man is oh so clever when it comes to solving problems. I have a feeling he’d be very inventive.

Now we’re down to it. Who would I pick?


I like my superheroes dark and brooding, and I like the fact that under that cape he’s a real man. Tortured soul and all.

So I want to know, what superhero would you like to date/sleep with/or maybe meet for coffee?

Candace Havens

I'm doing a treasure hunt contest on my Big Summer Blog tour. All you have to do to enter is make a comment here, or visit and make comments on any of the blogs on the list at If you comment here today you'll also be entered into my Fresh Fiction contest as well! What a deal!




39 comments posted.

Re: Candace Havens | Superhero, Anyone?

Both? Really? They are so different in personality. The Big Boy Scout or the Dark Knight? Me, I like my men a little darker in personality. Besides, I wouldn't want to end up a gossip piece in the Daily Planet.
(V Scott 7:01am July 8, 2009)

I'd choose Batman too and for the same reasons. I love dark and brooding heroes and I love that he is a real man. Plus I have pictures of Christian Bale coming to my mind and grrrrr... I can't possibly chose another superhero !!!
(Joeelle Jappissont 8:05am July 8, 2009)

I would choose X-Men's Wolverine. :)
(Crystal Broyles 8:34am July 8, 2009)

You guys made me laugh. And I think Wolverine is also a good choice, though I worry about those claws when he loses control. ;-)
(Candy Havens 9:24am July 8, 2009)

Batman all the way.
(Heather Long 9:27am July 8, 2009)

Oh I'm a Wolverine girl too Phwoar!
or Zorro - does he count?
(Sarah Keery 9:30am July 8, 2009)

What a question - I definitely have to go with Batman :) I do like both, but I've always liked Batman just a little bit more :D And yes, breakfast for sure!
(Elle C 9:31am July 8, 2009)

Well, between Batman and Superman, I would pick Batman. But if I could pick any super hero, definitely Wolverine. ;)
(Donna Locklin 9:49am July 8, 2009)

I'm also for the underdog, so count me in for Superman. I mean look at those shoulders and the tight little..... anyway, he was a farm boy and I have a soft spot for those too.
(Dottie Taylor 10:43am July 8, 2009)

Have to agree with Dottie - definitely Superman. Fun question though!
(Kara Conrad 10:49am July 8, 2009)

I knew that the fact I wasn't up on Superhero, and action movies would someday bite me on the bottom, and here it is someday! I have no idea who I'd pick because I don't know enough about anyone!
(Sandi Shilhanek 10:49am July 8, 2009)

Women aren't the only ones who dream along these lines. When I was a teen, I had a 'thing' for Batgirl -- the Barbara Gordon version. There was just something about the idea of the secret wild life of a librarian...
(Jim Scardelis 11:07am July 8, 2009)

Maybe AquaMan, because I bet dude
has got something to prove. :)

But between Superman and Batman,
I'm a Batman girl. I like a bad boy and
Superman is just too squeaky-clean
for me.
(Wendy Watson 11:29am July 8, 2009)

Oh, I'm so glad Superman is finally getting some action. I was so worried about him. :-)
(Candy Havens 11:37am July 8, 2009)

I would have to say mine is Superman. When I was a kid, I would rush home from kindergarten to watch Mighty Mouse and George Reeves as Superman. I loved them both. I think it was the cape and the flying. Cause my next love was Dracula. But yeah, Superman for sure.
(JoAnn Yakemawiz 11:48am July 8, 2009)

I'm with Sandy - I don't know about any of the Superheros.
(Anne Jones 12:20pm July 8, 2009)

I've got to go with the Wolverine group--but only if he looks like Hugh Jackman :-)

But if I had to choose between Superman and Batman, I'd go with Superman. That whole alien thing makes him WAY more interesting.
(Deborah Blake 12:26pm July 8, 2009)

Wolverine for sure! Maybe Aquaman or Robin if he's anything like Chris O'Donnell!
(Kelli Jo Calvert 12:37pm July 8, 2009)

I definitely choose Superman (as portrayed by Tom Welling in Smallville) - Yum. The Green Arrow from that show is pretty yummilicious too.
(Michelle Ratledge 3:37pm July 8, 2009)

ooh you said any superhero so I'll go with Wolverine or gambit from the xman.
(Pam Kinsey 3:59pm July 8, 2009)

I would pick gambit I just love him
(Dawn Owens 4:13pm July 8, 2009)

I confess I'm not one who's into superheroes much so I found one that I was told about that was a cowboy in the comics, called Sanders! He saved people on stagecoaches :) He would be my pick. They should put his comics out again!
(Cathie Morton 4:28pm July 8, 2009)

Superman. Batman has way too many wierd enemies!
(Karin Tillotson 8:30pm July 8, 2009)

I'd pick Batman. I was a big fan of Adam West's portrayal of Batman (I've always liked my men a bit mature ;-) I was a teen at the time.

I do remember watching George Reeves' Superman and enjoyed that as well.

LOVE your books!
(Kay Martinez 8:30pm July 8, 2009)

Superman---I mean, the Super must stand for something, right?
(G S Moch 9:20pm July 8, 2009)

Well if I had to chose it would be Superman from Smallville, also!!
(Martha Lawson 10:04pm July 8, 2009)

It would probably be Superman. I have
always wanted to fly. Had a crush on
Peter Pan when I was a kid.
(Patricia Barraclough 10:19pm July 8, 2009)

Batman for sure.
(Donna Simmonds 11:53pm July 8, 2009)

out of the two it would be batman for me to.but for a diffrent one it would be Wolverine.
(Stacey Smith 2:36am July 9, 2009)

Definitely Batman. There's something about a tortured soul, as you said, and Superman seems, well, a little too perfect. Who could measure up?
(Margay Roberge 8:24am July 9, 2009)

Definitely Batman! Superman is too much of a goodie-goodie. And besides, Batman from the Justice League cartoon is gorgeously drawn.
(Jody Faltys 1:47pm July 9, 2009)

Hmm superheroes! :D I think I would pick Batman...
(Colleen Conklin 2:39pm July 9, 2009)

I'd be all over Wolverine
(Bridget Hopper 3:42pm July 9, 2009)

You guys, I had way more fun with this than I ever expected! Thanks so much for playing along. :-)
(Candy Havens 4:01pm July 9, 2009)

After looking at the listing of superheros in Wikipedia, I have to choose Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden. Now there is a dark and dangerous soul that can't seem to get a break in the relationship arena. He would treasure the one he wins and fight tooth and nail to protect them. I see a lot of passion there.
(Loa Ledbetter 2:17am July 10, 2009)

Adam West played Batman a Looooong time ago and after seeing him on Family Guy, he is definately out. Superman wa just too clean-cut, so he's out, too. that's a super-hero.
(Patsy Hagen 12:21pm July 12, 2009)

All of them sound good. Can't I have them all?!
(Roxane Wade 2:54pm July 13, 2009)

it would have to be Batman. I love a man with a little mystery to him. dont for get super sexy voice and body. he would surely fit in the Tall dark & handsome catagory wouldn't you say? oh and dont for get he's utterly Wealthy! cha ching.
(April Kirby 8:50am July 16, 2009)

I'd choose Batman (but I wouldn't mind Wolverine, either!)
(Cheryl Snyder 1:40pm July 16, 2009)

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