June 18th, 2018
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Lisa Kessler | What is it about a man with an accent?

Night Walker
Lisa Kessler

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He gave up his soul for a second chance to love her...

The Night Series #1

August 2011
On Sale: August 2, 2011
Featuring: Jose Mentigo; Kate Bradley; Calisto Terana
ISBN: 1937044130
EAN: 9781937044138
Kindle: B005EYT7JW
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Ice Moon, November 2015


Hi everyone!

I'm excited to be on the Fresh Fiction blog today!

So, I wanted to find out if I'm the only one who swoons over a man with an accent.  I think it started as a kid with old reruns of Disney's Zorro on television.  The way Guy Williams spoke made the English language sound exotic to my young ears.  He was dashing and dangerous.

In my early teens, James Bond caught my eye.  His British accent made the American boys sound like casual slouches.  And by high school I discovered Australian accents.  Wow!  Crocodile Dundee spoke English in a way I'd never heard before.  He made simple lines sound like an adventure.

And don't get me started on Hugh Jackman in the movie Australia!  YUM! 

*ahem*  Okay, so what does this have to do with romance novels? 

When I started working on NIGHT WALKER, I wanted to develop some kind of vampiric immortal that would live on the beach in San Diego.

After researching local history, I decided my immortal hero must've come to San Diego as a mortal man to build the Mission de Alcala, our oldest building.  That meant my hero would be from Spain.

Enter Antonio Banderas in the Mask of Zorro.  (See it all came back around to Zorro again! LOL)  Anyway, I watched the DVD of the Mask of Zorro and also pulled out Don Juan De Marco with Johnny Depp.  (By the way if you haven't seen it, find the movie NOW! LOL  Johnny Depp with a Spanish accent playing Don Juan himself is not to be missed!)  I wanted to really get the flavor of a rich Spanish accent in my ears so that I could hopefully translate it onto the pages.

My hero, Calisto, came to life.  His speech patterns are very proper like they would have been while he was human.  He doesn't use contractions or slang, and in my head, he has a delicious Antonio Banderas Spanish accent.  So you want to meet him, right? LOL

This is Calisto's first scene.  He recognizes Kate instantly even though it's been over two hundred years since he looked into her eyes.  He wants to touch her, but she has no conscious memory of him...


Kate watched them wander off before kneeling closer to the cross. Unable to stop herself, she traced her finger along the T in the center.

Behind her, someone cleared his throat. Kate jerked her hand away and shot to her feet. When she turned around she found a tall,dark-haired man staring at her.

Her cheeks flushed with heat. She hoped he hadn't witnessed her touching the relic. She waited for some kind of admonishment, but he didn't say anything.

Not with words.

Something in his dark eyes captured her. His gaze wandered over her face like a tender caress, and strangely, instead of screaming for Lori and Edie, she caught herself imagining his touch on her skin.

"I hope I did not frighten you," he said.

His deep voice resonated through the empty courtyard, and the intimate tone weakened her knees. The hint of a Spanish accent didn't hurt, either. Nervous laughter escaped her before she could contain it.

Her face warmed all over again. "Just a little startled. I didn't see anyone else out here."

He stepped closer without encroaching on her personal space, his eyes locked with hers from beneath thick lashes. "Forgive me."

She swallowed hard and prayed she wasn't blushing. "No problem." She looked away before she embarrassed herself even further, focusing on the cross. "It's beautiful isn't it?"

"Si." He nodded slowly. "Yes, it is." His barely there smile made her think he wasn't referring to the flowers or the cross. "I am Calisto. Calisto Terana."

Expectation hung as heavy as the scent of eucalyptus, as if he waited to hear something more than just her name.

"I'm Kate." Instead of offering to shake his hand, she tucked a stray lock of hair behind her ear. "It's nice to meet you."

"The honor is mine, Kate... " His accent colored the vowel in her name. It had never sounded more beautiful. She reminded herself to breathe.

When he hesitated for a moment waiting for her to speak, she realized she hadn't shared her last name as he had. She flipped through a rapid pro and con mental checklist, and decided it couldn't hurt. Maybe they would meet again.

"Bradley," she said.

A sexy smile curved at the corners of his lips. "I hope this will not be our last meeting."

She glanced around the shadowed courtyard, feeling vulnerable, and almost gave in to her first instinct—to run. But she remembered her promise to herself. Be strong. Take action. She lifted her chin and said, "I guess you never know."

With a smile that said he had every intention of seeing her again, he tipped his head. "Buenos noches, Kate Bradley."

Her heart raced and her palms sweated when she realized he meant to leave. No man made her palms sweat. Ever.

His gaze held hers for a moment, full of unspoken promises she didn't understand. Without another word, he walked away.


He gave up his soul for a second chance to love her...

Two and a half centuries ago, Calisto Terana lost everything when a zealous priest murdered the woman he loved. Now, desperate for another chance to love her, he wants redemption for the mistake that cost her life.

She's haunted by dreams of her own death...

After catching her fiance with another woman, Kate Bradley returns to San Diego to clear her head. The last thing she needs is romance, but after meeting Calisto she's drawn to him in ways she doesn't understand.

They've waited in the shadows for centuries...

Calisto has no doubt Kate is the reincarnation of his lost love, but the Fraternidad Del Fuego Santo has a new watcher with dark ambitions of his own. As old enemies reemerge and a new threat arises, the betrayal that enslaved Calisto to the night might destroy the only woman he's ever loved again.

So am I the only sucker for a man with an accent?  And which accents make you weak in the knees?  Two lucky commenters will win a signed paperback of NIGHT WALKER!

Thanks so much for coming by and sharing!


I love to chatter online with readers so feel free to look me up!





52 comments posted.

Re: Lisa Kessler | What is it about a man with an accent?

I love accents. Your story mentioned seveal accents that make me weak in the knees. You can add Sean Connery to that list. I am even married to a man with an accent.
(Kathleen Yohanna 4:52am May 16, 2012)

Hi, I have a light Irish accent - I've been told it's more mid-Atlantic, probably from watching Starsky and Hutch while growing up in Dulin. My husband is Scottish with a gorgeous Glasgow accent, like Sean Connery or Billy Connolly. He is aware that other people sometimes have trouble understanding him and slows down his speech to suit. I love his accent and it has the advantage that if he phones me at home I can tell immediately who is speaking! Accents do add flavour to a character in a book and they should match that person's expected upbringing, so a country dweller would sound different to a city dweller. City people talk faster. All praise to you for adding realism and giving us a treat with your hero!
(Clare O'Beara 6:26am May 16, 2012)

I think that the British, Scotch, Irish, and English, do it for me!
(Marjorie Carmony 6:27am May 16, 2012)

Your book sounds awesome! It's funny, but I've been in love with Antonio Banderas for years!
(Renee Pajda 7:54am May 16, 2012)

this sounds so great i love stories about the immortals like
moonlight ( vampires, warewolves, many other half human half
creature nightlife) love those type of stories
(Denise Smith 7:57am May 16, 2012)

I love a Scotch or Irish accent...it's so sexy. HA Thanks
(Bonnie Capuano 8:11am May 16, 2012)

Love the accents.. but have you noticed how many of those awful loud commercials are by men with accents..
(Cate Sparks 8:24am May 16, 2012)

I, too, like an accent, but when it came to my husband I chose
a good ole American.
(Mary Hay 9:20am May 16, 2012)

Sounds like a really great plot!
(Rachael Whitzman 10:02am May 16, 2012)

accents are sooo sexy, I especially love a scottish accent.
(Barbara Hanson 10:44am May 16, 2012)

Hi Lisa! It's Mel. We just became friends in FB and you're sending me some lemony goodness to make me smell delicious. *grin* Scottish Brogue makes me very weak in the knees. Oh! I hope I win a copy of NW to read after I shower. Nice 'seeing' you here today, Lisa!
(Melissa Keith 11:24am May 16, 2012)

(Debbi Shaw 11:45am May 16, 2012)

I am a sucker for an British accent...love them...and any form..Irish, English, Scottish, and even Australian by default! LOL
(Angie Lilly 12:36pm May 16, 2012)

Hi Kathleen -

Oh Sean Connery is a great addition to the list!!! :) Did you see First Knight when he was King Arthur? Yum! LOL

So what accent does your hubby have?

Thanks for commenting!

(Lisa Kessler 12:48pm May 16, 2012)

Hi Clare -

Oh I want to come hang out with you and your hubby and listen to you both talk! LOL

And I agree with you that an accent can add to the character in a book...

Thanks for commenting!

Lisa :)
(Lisa Kessler 12:50pm May 16, 2012)

I LOVE guys with accents!!! Soooo sexy!
(Stephanie Briggs 1:11pm May 16, 2012)

I'd have to say a Scots accent like Gerard Butler's does it
for me...I love to hear that man talk. Hispanic accents are
also very sexy!
(Dana Reeder 1:50pm May 16, 2012)

Any accent will do as long as English is fluent.
(Sheila True 1:52pm May 16, 2012)

I love accents. I once had an Irish man come in my work who had a heavy accent and I just loved it. It didn't hurt that he was cute too.
(Kristin Bingham 1:52pm May 16, 2012)

Anything based on Antonio can't be bad!
(Lisa Elwood 1:56pm May 16, 2012)

I loved Disney guy heroes! Love a english accent.
(Beth Elder 2:30pm May 16, 2012)

Thanks for commenting Marjorie!!! And I totally agree! :)

(Lisa Kessler 2:55pm May 16, 2012)

Hi Renee -

You and me both!!! LOL I remember seeing the first Mask of Zorro movie and quickly needing to see everything else Antonio Banderas was in! LOL

Lisa :)
(Lisa Kessler 2:57pm May 16, 2012)

Hi Denise -

I hope you enjoy Night Walker!!!

Thanks for commenting!!!

Lisa :)
(Lisa Kessler 2:58pm May 16, 2012)

Hi Bonnie -

You are SOOOO right!!! LOL

Do you watch Dancing with the Stars? Tristan is one of the Pro dancers and he's got a delicious accent! :)

(Lisa Kessler 2:59pm May 16, 2012)

Hi Cate -

I'm a horrible tv watcher, so I haven't seen the loud commercials... I do remember the energizer guy with the loud Australian accent and the flat top remember him? Yikes!

Thanks for commenting!

Lisa :)
(Lisa Kessler 3:02pm May 16, 2012)

Hi Mary -

My hubby is American too, but for fun, he'll give me an accent every once in while! LOL He's good to me! :)

Thanks for commenting!

Lisa :)
(Lisa Kessler 3:03pm May 16, 2012)

Hi Rachael -

Thank you!!! I hope you enjoy Night Walker!

Lisa :)
(Lisa Kessler 3:04pm May 16, 2012)

I love accents! Thanks for the chance to win!!
(Natasha Donohoo 3:22pm May 16, 2012)

Oh love me some accents... especially Irish and Scottish!
(Colleen Conklin 4:10pm May 16, 2012)

I also love accents, especially a English accent like Prince William
(Shirley Younger 5:02pm May 16, 2012)

Ohhh I LOVE an Australian accent! SO HOT!!! Thanks for the
(April Kirkland 6:35pm May 16, 2012)

I grew up listening to Broadway soundtracks - Richard Burton's and Yul Brynner's accents are the first ones I hearing.
(Mary Chin 7:28pm May 16, 2012)

I really love men with accents. Sean Connery and Antonio Banderos sound so cool and sexy. I would love to win this book!
(Linda Luinstra 7:54pm May 16, 2012)

yes i'm a sucker too!!i love accents and i remember zorro,yes there was something about that masked man!!! can't wait to read!!
(Jennifer Beck 8:13pm May 16, 2012)

I love listening to guys with accents. There is just something about them that is so appealing.
(Chelsea Knestrick 8:13pm May 16, 2012)

I soooo love a man with an accent. It is just too sexy.
(Patti Paonessa 8:18pm May 16, 2012)

I think a man with an french or spanish accent is so endearing!
(Diane Sadler 8:30pm May 16, 2012)

I do like a hero with an accent. I think it makes him a bit mysterious.
(Maureen Emmons 9:05pm May 16, 2012)

Accents are amazing!!! I love most of the European accents & British of course.
(Mary Preston 9:15pm May 16, 2012)

Sounds like a terrific book... Love heros with accents!
(May Pau 9:19pm May 16, 2012)

Accents are definitely exotic and sexy. I especially love heroes with either Australian, Irish or Scottish accents.
(Michele Hayes 10:07pm May 16, 2012)

I love Australian accents! I kinda swoon. I like your heroine's name, Kate. I'm a Catherine and never though I could be a Kate (with a K)...but look at Kate Middleton. She's a Catherine. Or I could have been a Cate (like Cate Blanchett). I wish I had discovered this decades ago!
(Catherine Lee 10:21pm May 16, 2012)

I keep seeing this book every where. I think that's a good sign!
(MaryAnne Banks 10:34pm May 16, 2012)

I hope to win, but good luck to every entrant!!!
(Kelly Knapp 11:57pm May 16, 2012)

Thanks for all the fabulous comments everyone!!! We
obviously all have excellent taste in Men with Accents!!!

Love it!!! I hope you enjoy Night Walker!!!

And MaryAnne I'm super excited that you're seeing Night
Walker every where! It just hit the Barnes & noble stores
too!!! SQUEE!!!

Thanks again for all the support and fun comments!!! Fresh
Fiction is the bomb!!! :)

(Lisa Kessler 1:38am May 17, 2012)

I like an Australian accent the best. I can understand what the person is saying and still get the "differences" of it.
(Anne Jones 12:07pm May 17, 2012)

I love accents, mostly the french and italian men, they are
so sexy! Hope I win, good luck to everyone!
(Ann Thaxton 2:54pm May 17, 2012)

There are only 3 accents that I truly enjoy listening to. One is British, and the other 2 are Spanish and French. I have a dear friend who lives across the pond who calls occassionally, and I love listening to the sound of his voice. It's not a thick accent, but his voice is very enjoyable to listen to. There's a good chance that he's coming for another visit to see me next year, and I'll be in heaven again if he can make it. It's not just the accent, though, it's the expressions thrown in that make it that much more enjoyable. I am in love with your book!! Reading the excerpt totally drew me in, and I have to get my hands on it somehow!! The eye candy on the cover is the icing on the cake!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.
(Peggy Roberson 9:36pm May 17, 2012)

HI Lisa!! Love this post and I DO swoon over an accent! My heart pitter patters and I get a little dreamy eyed. Very cliche!!!
(Jennifer Probst 10:33pm May 17, 2012)

I love the Scottish accent the best but any of them are great. My
favorites are audiobooks that have the accents so I don't have to
imagine it. Great book, great narrator and an accent...to die for.
(Penny Keeler 5:14pm May 18, 2012)

An accent is intriguing and so is figuring out where someone is from according to their dialect. I remember on the Johnny Carson Tonight Show one guy could tell what county in England the person was from by the way they talked.
(Alyson Widen 9:29pm May 18, 2012)

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