December 5th, 2020
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Cheryl Bolen | Alpha or Beta Hero?

Love in the Library
Cheryl Bolen




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The Beauty and the Scholar. . .

The Brides of Bath #5

February 2014
On Sale: January 27, 2014
Featuring: Catherine Bexley; Melvin Steffington
300 pages
ISBN: 1939602211
EAN: 2940045367325
Kindle: B00G66K1YC
Paperback / e-Book
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Also by Cheryl Bolen:
A Proposal of Marriage, December 2020
Once Upon a Time in Bath, November 2020
Mistletoe and Mayhem, November 2020
One Room at the Inn, June 2020


What kind of heroes do it for you? One school of thought has it that Alpha heroes rule. You know, those sexy billionaires who are strong, handsome, and powerful. Then there's the school of thought that likes a sensitive guy, one with a soft spot for babies and pets. This kind of hero can be a regular guy—like many of our husbands. Perhaps he's a fireman, who's heroic in his day job.

When I cut my teeth on romance novels many years ago, I loved the Harlequin Presents formula. Handsome tycoon. Shy, submissive heroine who's swept off her feet like a Cinderella. (After all, Cinderella was my all-time favorite children's story!) When I morphed over to historical romance, naturally I wanted aristocratic heroes.

So when I started publishing historical romances back in the nineties, my first hero (A DUKE DECEIVED)  was a duke. My second (A LADY BY CHANCE) was a marquess. Other books that have followed have names like MY LORD WICKED, THE EARL'S BARGAIN, and HIS LORDSHIP'S VOW. You get the picture.

Now that I'm finishing up my second decade publishing romance novels, I've discovered something about myself that parallels with my creation of heroes. When I was junior high age—twelvish—the class bad boy who smoked behind the gym was attractive to me. (Wonder what those losers are doing now?) But by the time I started college, my taste in guys did a one-eighty. Glasses started holding appeal. I was no longer enamored by the goof-offs. I wanted a guy who was not only smart, I wanted a guy who was smarter than me.

In this age we live in, it's the smart Bill Gates' types—and yes, they wear glasses—who rule the world. Now in the twenty-first century, there's something sexy about a computer guru.

Because of this mindset, my latest Regency-set historical romance (LOVE IN THE LIBRARY, a Brides of Bath novel) features a nerd hero. It's a lot of fun to watch his slow awakening to the heroine and his confused emotions. Why in the heck are her kisses dominating his thoughts? And how in the heck can a kiss feel so . . . so wonderful? Of course, he's strong and, I think, heroic. I hope you do too.

What kind of hero do you like now? One commenter will win a paperback copy of MARRIAGE OF INCOVENIENCE or any one of her ebooks, winner's choice.


Certain the "smart" Steffington twin is the person who can help her recover her late husband's nearly priceless stolen Chaucer manuscript, Catherine Bexley tearfully persuades the scholar to assist her. A deal is struck. She's particularly pleased that the Doctor of Letters is not interested in seducing her because she's finished with men (owing to her late husband's multitude of unfortunate alliances with. . .doxies). Regaining the manuscript and its subsequent sale will give her independence to ensure she never has to marry again.

Once he learns the poor, delicate widow is in danger of losing her heavily mortgaged home if they cannot find the valuable hologram, Dr. Melvin Steffington vows to do everything in his power to restore the rare Canterbury Tales to her. It's obvious the pretty little thing needs a man to help her. Not normally the twin to take note of pretty little things, Melvin can't help but to observe that Mrs. Bexley's physical appearance is much like the beauties so admired by his twin brother.

He hadn’t counted on the fact he would have to pose as her husband as they race against the banker's ticking clock. He hadn’t counted on the mysterious thief attempting to kill him. Most of all, he hadn't counted on how close he would become to the lovely widow or how the kissing of said widow would become the most pleasant experience in his entire seven and twenty years. .




41 comments posted.

Re: Cheryl Bolen | Alpha or Beta Hero?

I like a good looking christian man:)
(Janet Mahurin 3:06am January 29, 2014)

I like the regular guy as a hero.
(Pam Howell 7:22am January 29, 2014)

I love historical romances!
(Bonnie Capuano 9:24am January 29, 2014)

Alpha or beta? Doesn't matter to me as long as the chemistry
between him and the heroine is there. Thanks for the
(Linda Townsend 9:24am January 29, 2014)

Always Alpha for me....and kilted!!!
(Angela Searles 9:50am January 29, 2014)

A hero with integrity, compassion and kindness.
(Sharon Berger 11:14am January 29, 2014)

I love the variety... seeing each type and individual come to life in their stories!
(Colleen Conklin 12:13pm January 29, 2014)

An honest and loving hero does it for me!
(Denise Austin 2:59pm January 29, 2014)

You all have posted some great, thoughtful comments. Thanks for stopping by.
(Cheryl Bolen 6:22pm January 29, 2014)

Wow, Congrats on your new books. I love the book covers and
titles too! Yes, I love a good looking, honest, hard working
man as my Hero. I would love to win and read your new books
in the New Year 2014. Thank You very much. Cecilia CECE
(Cecilia Dunbar Hernandez 7:00pm January 29, 2014)

I like both alphas and betas in books, but in real life I'm very happy with my nerdy beta. ;)

I love your Brides of Bath series, Cheryl.
(Marcy Shuler 10:14pm January 29, 2014)

I like all kinds of heroes in my romances. In real life, I tend to prefer betas.
(Janie McGaugh 10:22pm January 29, 2014)

Hi Cheryl!

I think that you already know how much I love your stories!

I love all sorts of heros and have found that after many years it's how the author writes those heros that make the difference if I like them or not. I love a Rogue who also has a soft side for the one he loves but I also like reading about the one who has a quiet presence and often surprised you.

When I'm reading there are many times a character remind me of my husband of 44 years who is gruff on the outside and a caring generous person who is thoughtful and kind.

Ironically the story that first made me love "historical romance" was Don Quixote. I do so love a man who may make blunders at times but it's because he's dreaming the impossible dream and would rather see only the good in someone instead of judging them!

I also often think of my Grandmother's words to me when I was young to "judge not hat ye be not judged". I think when I start reading and may not particularly like something about a character whether they're a primary or secondary character I try to remember her advice and "give them a chance" to redeem themselves until I know all the background of what made them the way they are!
(Jeanne Miro 10:23pm January 29, 2014)

Thank you, Marcelyn. (Love your name!)
(Cheryl Bolen 10:50pm January 29, 2014)

Waving hi to Jeanne. Some great insights, there. Most of those of us here today have a lot of the same values.
(Cheryl Bolen 10:52pm January 29, 2014)

Thanks Cheryl!
(Jeanne Miro 11:00pm January 29, 2014)

This book sounds great, thanks for a chance!
(Tabitha Keener 11:12pm January 29, 2014)

I like a hero between Mr. Darcy from "Pride and Prejudice" and Roarke from the "In Death" series.
(Kai Wong 11:37pm January 29, 2014)

Hi Cheryl!

In books, I really have no preference -- I love both types
as long as they treat their heroine well. They do have to
be smart -- there's nothing attractive to me about a guy who
can't think his way out of a cardboard box that's open on
one side. :-)
(Glenda Martillotti 11:56pm January 29, 2014)

A strong, but tender man, who respects my need for independent time and space, but supports me when I need it. A kilted Scot with these qualities would be perfect.
(Sharon Mitchell 3:47am January 30, 2014)

An almost naked cowboy snoozing in an outside bathtub. He's still wearing
his boots and his hat.....
(Chris Coulson 4:17am January 30, 2014)

I like a strong, honest man with a sense of humor. Thanks for the giveaway.
(Jean Patton 7:03am January 30, 2014)

i love the historical romances i love the hero`s and the way
the men was back then (different times)
(Denise Smith 8:39am January 30, 2014)

I like men who are strong and sensitive. Your books are
(Mary Hay 8:39am January 30, 2014)

I like my heroes a little quiet and laid-back and animal lovers.
(Sue Farrell 9:19am January 30, 2014)

I love the title!
(Richard Proctor 10:11am January 30, 2014)

I love a hero with a great sense of humor & a big heart!
(Maria Proctor 10:43am January 30, 2014)

Good, honest family man. Love the cowboys too!
(Barbara Wells 12:00pm January 30, 2014)

A christian man or woman can make the story drag a little, but, I love historic fiction. Thanks!
(Vennie Martinisi 2:01pm January 30, 2014)

Intelligent, Kind & caring with a sense of humor.
(Diane Sallans 3:15pm January 30, 2014)

I like a hard working and loving man who is an everyday guy.
(Jayne Cameron 4:00pm January 30, 2014)

Geeks and nerds rule!! My man is an artist. hmm... maybe that's a whole other category.
(Jillian DeMarco 4:19pm January 30, 2014)

Sounds great thanks
(Jeri Dickinson 7:21pm January 30, 2014)

A geeky Alpha
(Beth Elder 7:50pm January 30, 2014)

What a great and really cute sounding book. I have not read anything by this author and would absolutely love to try her book. Winning is not something I do very often, but would love the surprise for sure.

Thank you so much.
(Cynthia Blain 9:28pm January 30, 2014)

I like all kinds of heroes. It depends upon what I feel like
(Mary Preston 9:47pm January 30, 2014)

Congrats on your new release. Sounds great! Thank you for the giveaway!
(MaryAnne Banks 10:11pm January 30, 2014)

alpha, but I like beta, too
(Denise Holcomb 11:41pm January 30, 2014)

Humm...That would be both types. Just depends on the individual guy.
(Nancy Ludvik 11:42pm January 30, 2014)

historical romances are my favorites; I love the guy who gets caught off-guard!!
(Barbara Studer 3:16am January 31, 2014)

I have always loved the Alphas!! I do however have a BIG soft spot for tortured heros...and IF, underneath it all he's Alpha...WOW!!
(Betty Hamilton 11:06am January 31, 2014)

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