August 7th, 2022
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Anna Sugden | What's In Your Make-Up Bag?


Now that the holiday season is over, the gifts have been opened, the parties recovered from and the freezer is stocked with enough left-overs to feed the proverbial five thousand, our lives have returned to normal. For those of us in the northern hemisphere, normal is dark and gloomy and cold (Very cold in some parts- please stay safe and warm!), so our minds have turned to things bright and shiny! Out with the old and in with the new! Clothes, shoes, household goods ... but what about your make-up bag?

One of the problems (or joys, depending on your perspective!) of working at home is that you don't have to wear make-up. Personally, I'm very happy about this, as that means extra time in bed before the long commute to my office (approx a dozen steps *g*).

The down-side is that you don't use up your make-up as fast as you used to, so it goes out of date. Some of you may be surprised, but make-up has a 'best before', even if it's not on the package.

A quick internet search came up with recommendations for various make-up products. Some of them will surprise you!

Mascara: no more than 4 months!
Nail polish: 12 months
Lipstick: 1-2 years
Liquid Foundation: 12 months
Powder foundation/concealer/blush: 2 years
Eye-shadow: liquid - 1 year, powder - 2 years
Eye-liner: pencil - 2 years, liquid - 1 year.
Perfume: As long as you keep it cool and out of the light, it can last several years. Otherwise, 1-2 years.

Looks like it's time to clear out my make-up bag!

The next eye-opener is just how many things there are in my make-up bag! Given that I don't use a lot of make-up when I wear it, I seem to have an awful lot of 'just in case' items, freebies and 'I'll give this a try' products.

Which brings me to my questions for today. Don't worry, I won't ask you to out yourself about how much of your make-up needs tossing ;). But, out of curiosity, and to prove I'm not alone in my make-up hoarding, I'd like to know:

1. How many lipsticks, lip-liners, lip-glosses?
2. How many bottles of nail polish?
3. How many eye-shadows?
4. How many eye-liners and mascaras?
5. How many compacts of blush or other face powder?





7 comments posted.

Re: Anna Sugden | What's In Your Make-Up Bag?

At one time, I was a bit of a make-up hoarder, but after my Husband lost his job, and we lost our house, we were living in a pop-up camper. There aren't a lot of items you can fit in one of those, when you have to take the items you're going to start your life over again on. Anyway, I never was able to grow my nails, so I don't get nailpolish. I only buy a couple of tubes of mascara at a time - budget allowing. I don't wear eyeshadow or face powder, at least powder very rarely. I only own one blusher, and use it until it runs out!! My eye-liners I purchase as needed. Lip gloss I tend to keep on hand a bit more, since I wear it whether I have makeup on or not. It's tough working on a tight budget, but that's the only way I can start to get ahead. Thank you for a very enlightening article!!
(Peggy Roberson 7:55am January 13, 2014)

Hi Peggy! Thanks for stopping by today! I'm so sorry for the
reason for your thriftiness, but am glad you are able to spare
some funds to treat yourself occasionally. Hope 2014 is a much
better year for you!
(Anna Sugden 9:35am January 13, 2014)

You're definitely not alone! I have so many eyeshadows, I've lost count. Seems like the powder ones last forever, since such a small amount is used each time. Lipsticks and lip glosses, I tend to use up quickly. I have many bottles of nail polish but don't wear it very often. I did learn years ago that when perfumes or colognes have any particles floating inside toward the bottom, it's time to toss them. They are getting bad, and the scent will not be the same and stronger (good for up to 3 yrs., usually). I'm sure the same holds true for body lotions, creams, etc. After a couple of years, time to toss and avoid skin reactions. I can attest to this from one lipstick I hadn't used in 2 or more years. My lips swelled up from it. I couldn't wait to throw it away! I think powder blush keeps the longest of any makeup item. I think women tend to be attracted to the makeup aisle and new products and buy more whether they really need it or not!
(Linda Luinstra 6:22pm January 13, 2014)

Nice reminder to throw out a lot of stuff that has been
cluttering my drawers, particularly since there isn't much in
there that I still use.
(Janet Martin 8:49am January 14, 2014)

I live in a nursing home and can't be bothered with any makeup, not even lipstick. I do wear chapstick when necessary.
(Carol Woodruff 6:38pm January 14, 2014)

LOL glad I'm not alone, Linda. I love lipsticks and nail
polish, so always tend to have more of those than I'll ever
use. Especially as I work from home! Just before Christmas, I
had enough Boots (UK drugstore) points to replace my entire
make-up essentials for free - so I did!
(Anna Sugden 7:31am January 15, 2014)

Thanks for stopping by, Carol. I must admit that I rarely put
on a full face of make-up anymore. But I try to remember to
use lipstick, if nothing else :)
(Anna Sugden 7:33am January 15, 2014)

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