January 26th, 2022
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Jennifer Faye | How well do you know your partner?


I'll be honest. Before I married my husband, I thought he was a total neat freak. Though I do like things in their place, I'm far from obsessive about it. We won't mention the stacks of papers, magazines and books I have piled around me because I've had so many deadlines that I haven't had a chance to sort through them. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. :-)

Anyway about me and the mister, I was really wondering how we were going to pull this off. But I was certain that we loved each other enough to find a way. Well let me tell you that after he got that ring on my finger, I found out he wasn't as perfect as I had let myself believe. How was I to know that he had a habit of leaving his socks on the floor? Imagine my horror of having to pick them up each morning before making the bed. LOL. It's nice to see he's human like the rest of us. Shh...don't tell him that I told you that he isn't perfect. But pretty darn close to it. ;-)

My heroine, Meghan, thinks she has her fiancé pretty much figured out. Their relationship isn't going to be a marriage of love. But they have common goals in mind and a good friendship. She is certain that it's a strong enough foundation for them to base a marriage on. It isn't until she gets to the church altar that she finds out she didn't know her fiancé as well as she thought. In fact, she's not sure she ever really knew him at all.

Let's just say I'm glad my only shocker was the discarded, forgotten socks. Meghan's eye-opening experience is a doozy and it's in front of a church crammed with family, friends and paparazzi. With the cameras rolling, she is jilted at the altar. I don't know about you, but I think I would have hitched up my skirt and made the fifty-yard dash out the door.

What's the one thing you learned about your partner that totally surprised you?

One US commenter will win RANCHER TO THE RESCUE




52 comments posted.

Re: Jennifer Faye | How well do you know your partner?

he loves cats
(Debbi Shaw 12:09pm July 17, 2013)

He likes all foods. I may be a bad cook and not know it!!!
(Linda Brennan 1:32am July 17, 2013)

The one thing that shocked me was his lack of empathy toward others and his infidelity.
(Betty Hamilton 1:41am July 17, 2013)

He loves watching chick flicks.
(Jamie Fortney 5:42am July 17, 2013)

My husband and I were married some years before I noticed he's not washing his hands very good. The dead giveaway is the dirty kitchen and bathroom hand towels, needless to say we now use separate towels to dry our hands.

Your Rancher To The Rescue sounds like a great book that I would very much enjoy reading and hope to win. Thank you for the chance to win.
(Esther Somorai 7:03am July 17, 2013)

I'm shocked that he can devour more books than I can. I'm also surprised at what a homebody he is. I always took him for the type of person who needed to be on the move - doing something, and being with people, but he prefers being home with me, and if people stop by, that's fine with him.
(Peggy Roberson 7:16am July 17, 2013)

He knows everything about me and mostly true the other way around. Lol
(Vicki Hancock 7:52am July 17, 2013)

He really likes cats just like I do.
(Sue Farrell 8:01am July 17, 2013)

this kind of stories are my favorite. the one thing that
suprised me about my husband is he is really stubborn
(Denise Smith 8:08am July 17, 2013)

A "jock" and I saw all his trophys but never knew he used to get up early in the morning on special occasions to make homemade ravioli with his dad. My mouth still waters when I remember the first time I saw that platter heaped with homemade pasta. He still does it and has never given me his recipe.
(Patricia (Pat) Pascale 9:36am July 17, 2013)

Yes, my husband Jesus and I have been married 25 years and
he is great at cooking, cleaning, laundry, taking out the
trash, decorating, taking care of his elderly Mom next door
and our 4 little Chawinnies; Chihuahua/Dachsunds and his
Mom's cat and dogs too. He also loves gardening too. I am
pretty lucky my 2nd time around. Congrats on your book:
RANCHER TO THE RESCUE and since I grew up on a huge farm in
Kansas I know that I would love to read it and win it too
this summer. Thank You very much. Cecilia CECE and Jesus
(Cecilia Dunbar Hernandez 9:49am July 17, 2013)

That he's such a talker. It's restful, I can just let it all flow over me with just an occasional comment
(Lisa Elwood 9:58am July 17, 2013)

He's allergic to sulfites.
(Sandy Giden 10:24am July 17, 2013)

Your book sounds great. I was surprised at how much my husband likes to be a homebody - just the two of us, and our animals. We're very contented in our own little world. Thanks for the chance to win. Best of luck with the book.
(Nancy Reynolds 10:46am July 17, 2013)

Well, it wasn't that he's Scottish, the accent gives him away!
(Clare O'Beara 10:47am July 17, 2013)

I knew my husband was a slow-poke when I married him but I
think he at least tried, when we were dating, to be on time.
However,some of our biggest fights in our early, married
days were about being late for EVERYTHING! We have been
married 26 years this month and have both learned to give a
little. I have come to realize that most things aren't that
time imperative and he has come to realize which things are.
(Michelle Whitwam 10:50am July 17, 2013)

I'm single but it is amusing to watch my siblings and cousins learn about their partners. My cousin's wife was married to him for at least two years before he found out he had a minor from college.
(Laura Gullickson 11:54am July 17, 2013)

My husband got an ear pierced about 11 years ago. I found out recently that he did it to remind himself of his mom's courage in the face of her illness.
(Cate Sparks 12:57pm July 17, 2013)

No other half for me yet... but it is interesting to listen to my parents talk about things they found out about the other....
(Colleen Conklin 1:23pm July 17, 2013)

My hubby won't go to the store wearing shorts, even if it's 100 degrees out. He always changes into jeans or pants. He doesn't feel it's proper...and he's 6'10" and has gorgeous long legs! LOL
(Marcy Shuler 4:22pm July 17, 2013)

After 40 years of HELL, I think I know my husband!!!! LOL!!!!
(Susan Coster 7:01pm July 17, 2013)

Betty, so sorry to hear that.
(Jennifer Faye 7:19pm July 17, 2013)

Jamie, that's great! Makes finding a good movie to watch easy.
(Jennifer Faye 7:20pm July 17, 2013)

Esther, so glad you and your husband found a compromise.

And thank you! I hope you get a chance to enjoy my debut. :-)
(Jennifer Faye 7:21pm July 17, 2013)

Peggy, that's so awesome that he wants to stay home where you
are. Sounds like love. :-)
(Jennifer Faye 7:22pm July 17, 2013)

Vicki, that's so great that you know each other so well. :-)
(Jennifer Faye 7:23pm July 17, 2013)

Sue, my hubby likes cats too. Aren't we lucky ladies? :-)
(Jennifer Faye 7:24pm July 17, 2013)

Thanks, Denise. Glad you enjoyed it. Sorry about the stubborn
(Jennifer Faye 7:25pm July 17, 2013)

Patricia, you are one lucky lady. I'm getting hungry just
reading your post. Too cute that he doesn't share the recipe.
(Jennifer Faye 7:26pm July 17, 2013)

Cecilia, congrats on 25 years! That's great. He sounds like an
awesome man.

So glad you like the sounds of my debut. I hope you'll get a
chance to read it. :-)
(Jennifer Faye 7:28pm July 17, 2013)

Lisa, that's so wonderful that he talks so easily and readily.
I know my hubby has his moods where he just talks and I kick
back and listen, usually in the car. :-)
(Jennifer Faye 7:31pm July 17, 2013)

Sandy, sorry to hear that.
(Jennifer Faye 7:32pm July 17, 2013)

Nancy, sounds like you have yourself a very happy life. Good
for you. :-)

And thank you! Hope you get a chance to read it.
(Jennifer Faye 7:33pm July 17, 2013)

I know him too well. I tell him all the time not to tell me any BS because I know better.
(Rita Wray 7:33pm July 17, 2013)

Clare, I love Scottish accents. You're a lucky lady. :-)
(Jennifer Faye 7:35pm July 17, 2013)

Michelle, so glad you got it figured out. Congrats on 26
years! That's impressive. :-)
(Jennifer Faye 7:36pm July 17, 2013)

Laura, it is interesting to observe people...maybe that's why
I'm a writer. ;-)
(Jennifer Faye 7:37pm July 17, 2013)

Cate, that's wonderful that your husband loved his mom that
much. Says lot about him.
(Jennifer Faye 7:39pm July 17, 2013)

Colleen, parents can really surprise. I surprise my kids all
of the time. ;-)
(Jennifer Faye 7:40pm July 17, 2013)

Marcelyn, wow, 6'10". He's really tall. It's really sweet that
he wants to look nice for you in public. :-)
(Jennifer Faye 7:41pm July 17, 2013)

Susan, well...umm...congrats on making it 40 years. Thanks for
stopping by. :-)
(Jennifer Faye 7:42pm July 17, 2013)

Rita, sounds like you do know him well. :-) Thanks for
(Jennifer Faye 7:44pm July 17, 2013)

He can make good breakfasts and fish sticks.
(Alyson Widen 8:51pm July 17, 2013)

My husband was the baby of the family and a Mama's boy when we married 47 yrs ago. After a few moves out of state away from friends and family he got over it.
(Sheila True 10:00pm July 17, 2013)

Alyson, it's always a good thing when a man can cook. ;-)
(Jennifer Faye 10:28pm July 17, 2013)

Sheila, so glad it's still going strong after 47 years. :-)
(Jennifer Faye 10:29pm July 17, 2013)

My husband loves kid movies. We just finished watching "Hotel Transylvania" together.
Learning to have fun together since becoming empty-nesters is our motto. We celebrated our 44th anniversary June 14th, Flag Day,
(Joanne Hicks 11:07pm July 17, 2013)

My ex hid his alcohol and drug problem. My DH
(current) is an open book. Good, bad, sweet, and
ugly - he let me know and see all of it. When I do
the socks or the dishes that make their way to
the sink but not the dishwasher - I know I am
lucky. From where I stand, these days are easier
and so much better.
(Carla Carlson 11:13pm July 17, 2013)

I discovered that my ex say he like children, he was never comfortable around my nieces and nephews.
(Kai Wong 1:14am July 18, 2013)

I found out that he hates tomatoes, mayo, mustard, vinegar. So nothing
that includes those things will be eaten. However, he loves ketsup. Really!
I've tried to explain what's in ketsup, but he chooses not to listen.
(Susan Falkler 10:02am July 18, 2013)

He's a lot more sensitive than I thought he was. He came off as a tough, very manly,
but he's actually a little soft on the inside. Well, when it comes to me at least. So
thats a good thing.
(Lazydrag0n Puff 2:46pm July 18, 2013)

(Shelley Summers 2:39am July 20, 2013)

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