December 19th, 2018
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Caridad Pineiro | Creating Characters


First I’d like to thank Fresh Fiction for giving me an opportunity to chat with you! I’m Caridad Pineiro, a USA Today and NY Times Bestseller who has written of over twenty novels. My current releases are HONOR CALLS and FURY CALLS from the popular THE CALLING Vampire series from Silhouette Nocturne. In November 2009 I will have my first paranormal romantic suspense single title release – SINS OF THE FLESH – from Grand Central Publishing.

I love writing and creating characters that stay with readers long after the book is on the shelf.

The plot for FURY CALLS, my March 2009 release from Silhouette Nocturne, definitely has two of my most interesting characters and the plot of the story is driven by the conflicts of the two heroes – Blake and Meghan. Blake, in particular, helped define the nature of the villain and also, forged the redemption of one of THE CALLING’s more interesting Big Bads – Foley, the owner of the Blood Bank.

Blake has actually become one of my favorite characters of all time. Since he popped onto the scene in TEMPTATION CALLS in October 2005, he has been hanging out in the world of THE CALLING, always on the fringe of what’s happening and never really respected. Always screaming for me as a writer to give him a story that was worthy of his unique personality.

FURY CALLS is that story, so let me tell you a little about Blake and Meghan.

Blake’s existence in the vampire underworld mirrors his past human life. Born into a poor Welsh family, Blake has suffered deprivation and had to struggle hard to not only take care of himself, but his family. He has even sacrificed himself and known abuse so that his family will not suffer. Those actions eventually lead to his losing his life and becoming a vampire, not that anyone knows of this heroic past. Blake isn’t the kind of hero to brag about himself.

Blake is a reluctant hero until the heroine and a very loathsome villain enter the scene.

The villain is an Asian vampire – a Kiang-shi – with very different powers and little regard for life. Sun Tze Lee, the villain, takes what he wants and as you will discover in FURY CALLS, that taking mirrors Blake’s tortured past and is responsible for Foley’s actions in many ways.

The one person who Blake actually cares about – Meghan – hates him with a fury since it was Blake who accidentally drained her to the point where he had a choice – let her die or make her a vampire. Blake could not let Meghan die, but now she hates him for what he has taken from her.

But Meghan is no wilting heroine. Like many women who find their lives turned upside down by one wrong choice, Meghan has found a way to rebuild her life. In fact, although Meghan dares not admit it, the life she has forged as a vampire is more rewarding than the life she might have led as a human which mitigates her anger toward Blake. But only a little. The last thing she can imagine is falling in love with Blake.

When the villain’s actions threaten Blake, Meghan and their friends in the vampire underworld, Meghan and Blake join together to protect their vampire world. In that joining, the two come to discover a great deal about each other. They even imagine that love and a happily-ever-after might be possible. But there’s no smooth sailing in FURY CALLS since the test of any truly great love is surviving the most difficult of challenges.

Blake and Meghan have a truly great love. I enjoyed making their relationship one of the strongest and most interesting in THE CALLING novels. I also love that Blake is a hero who has to find himself in both humorous and very emotionally touching ways. In addition, it makes his story complete that he finds not only love from the heroine, but acceptance and acknowledgement of his heroic ways from the vampire underworld.

You’ll see some of your favorite characters return in FURY CALLS – Diana, Ryder and Diego. You’ll also find out more about what’s happening with Connie and Hadrian from FATE CALLS in HOLIDAY WITH A VAMPIRE. There’s been an interesting development with Connie and Hadrian and if you check out the vampire rules at THE CALLING site , you will have an idea of what it is before you read FURY CALLS. Let’s just say that this new vampire rule will have an immense impact on Diana and Ryder in the future (yes, there’s a proposal for another book about them ready to go to the editors!)

Thanks for letting me share some time with you at Fresh Fiction! For more information on me or to contact me, please visit or

Caridad Pineiro




52 comments posted.

Re: Caridad Pineiro | Creating Characters

Hello Caridad!

I'm just about to finish Fury Calls and, I have to tell you, it's my favourite out of the series so far.

Not only is it passionate and thrilling, it's also the darkest of the Calling books that you've written.

The emotion is so real and so tangible that it leaps off the page. Blake is such a layered hero that it is a pleasure to get to know him, to experience what he's been through.

I love how Blake and Meghan come together, how they must learn to trust each other. You've created a romance that is the ultimate embodiment of romance.

I can't wait to see how it all ends! I've only got 30 pages to go until the end!

Thank you for sharing this behind the scenes look at Blake, Meghan and Fury Calls! I can't wait for the next Calling novel!

(Jamieson Wolf 8:20am March 4, 2009)

This is such a great behind the scenes look. I love The Calling series and can't wait to get into Fury. Thanks, Caridad.
(Kaye Manro 9:12am March 4, 2009)

One of the things I've noticed is that when an author, such as yourself, develops relationships with their characters, the book is much more readable. The characters do, indeed, come to life for the reader.
(LuAnn Morgan 4:09pm March 4, 2009)

Enjoyed Holiday With A Vampire. Look
forward to reading more in The Calling
Series. If an author isn't involved with
his/her characters, it shows and the
story suffers. The more involved, the
better you know them and the more
"realistic" the stories. Keep up the
good writing.
(Patricia Barraclough 10:02pm March 4, 2009)

:) I saw this at Wal-Mart today! CONGRATULATIONS!!
(Rachael Grime 2:26pm March 7, 2009)

Hello Caridad! After reading Fury Calls, I'm hooked! I'm reading Darkness Calls again and it's wonderful to read about these characters I love and experience the first time I met them all over again!
(Jamieson Wolf 8:34am March 9, 2009)

Hi Caridad. I love your series. Fury Calls sounds good.
(Crystal Broyles 8:36am March 9, 2009)

hi caridad i love your books and your website and i cant wait for the november release of sins of the flesh. happy b-day from dandan
(Danielle Estes 8:49am March 9, 2009)

(Michelle Clark 10:54am March 9, 2009)

Hi Caridad, I have yet to read your books but hearing so much about them, I am definitely gonna have to remedy that.

Happy B-day to you also!
(Rachel Flesher 11:19am March 9, 2009)

I haven't read any of your books yet but
judging by the covers and blurbs they are
hot hot hot!
(Val Pearson 12:17pm March 9, 2009)

Hi Caridad, I have not read any of your books but I am going to put you on my wish list. This series sounds like a fantastic read.
(Gail Hurt 12:24pm March 9, 2009)

Happy Birthday! I have a few of your books on order and I can not wait to begin... best wishes!
(D. Huff 1:09pm March 9, 2009)

Hola, Caridad,

Birthdays are meant to be great celebrations, I hope you and your family have something really special planned for you!

PS I saw Fury Calls at Wal-
Mart when I shopped Sunday!
(Patricia Cochran 1:16pm March 9, 2009)

Are your sure, really sure you want to
acknowledge another birthday?? I guess
the answer is yes since you are sharing it
with all of us. Happy Birthday and thank
you for sharing!!
(Sandra Spilecki 1:51pm March 9, 2009)

happy birthday!
hope you have a great one
(Tami Bates 3:54pm March 9, 2009)

I heard it was your birthday and wanted to wish you a happy birthday and enjoy your special day
(Tracey Taylor 3:57pm March 9, 2009)

Happy Birthday Caridad and do have a great day.
(Robyn Lee 4:02pm March 9, 2009)

Happy Birthday!
(Sarah Ulfers 5:17pm March 9, 2009)

Happy Birthday Caridad!

May all your dreams and wishes come true!!!!!!!!!!
(Danny Brüggemann 5:57pm March 9, 2009)

Congratulations and Happy Birthday, Caridad!
(Jeanne Sheats 6:32pm March 9, 2009)

Happy Birthday, Caridad, and have a great week!
(Nikki Hilton 6:36pm March 9, 2009)

Happy Birthday Caridad hope you have a special celebration planned.
(Romaine Zelewski 7:39pm March 9, 2009)

Happy Birthday, Caridad!
(LuAnn Morgan 7:55pm March 9, 2009)

I haven't read any of your books, but from the blurb it sounds awesome!! Happy B-day
(Taylor Zaborney 8:20pm March 9, 2009)

I agree with LuAnn. When you have a relationship with your characters it shows. Enjoy the lovely weather!
(Karin Tillotson 8:53pm March 9, 2009)

Read Holiday With a Vampire. Am
curious to see what happens with the
characters. Happy Birthday and keep up
the good writing.
(Patricia Barraclough 10:15pm March 9, 2009)

Happy B'day hope it's as good to you as your books are for us! Thanks
(Laura Robeck 1:09am March 10, 2009)

Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday Dear Caridad, Happy Birthday To Youuuuu. YaY! Now make a wish. May all your wishes come true.

(Linda Hinckley 3:38am March 10, 2009)

Happy Birthday Caridad. I haven't read your books yet but will do so soon. They sound great. Good luck with your books. Happy st. Patrick's Day.
(Joan Woods 8:20am March 10, 2009)

I have read most of Caridad's books. She is great. I am picking up her newest book this week. Why don't I already have it? I have been home in bed with the flu. NOT a good bed companion. Have a great day and hugs to all.
(Fannie Wiggins 10:03am March 10, 2009)

I have been a fan for a long time and couldn't miss a chance to wish you a happy birthday!!!
(Kirsten Kimball 11:27am March 10, 2009)

Happy Birthday week, Caridad.
I see I'm going to have to run out as soon as I can to get Fury Calls.
Of course, I just got my car back after a 2nd wreck in half a year, so the DH doesn't
want me getting out. Hmmm, maybe I could impose on him to stop :-)
(Julie Robinson 11:44am March 10, 2009)

Oh, Caridad, I have a question: When you say that there's been an
interesting development with Connie and Hadrian, I'm wondering if, as
a writer, you had planned this new turn, or if it came out as you were
writing? Thanks,
(Julie Robinson 11:46am March 10, 2009)

I had not planned the interesting twist that happens with Connie and Hadrian in HOLIDAY WITH A VAMPIRE. What happened is that I had a poll on the website to ask what people would like to see happen with Diana and Ryder. The result of that poll made me think about how I could accomplish the reader's wishes! I hope you do like that twist and I promise you that I am trying to continue the series so we can see it happen!
(Caridad Pineiro 12:14pm March 10, 2009)

And oops - Caridad Scordato is me, Caridad Pineiro! I'll have to change that on my profile.
(Caridad Pineiro 12:15pm March 10, 2009)

I love this post, Caridad! I love characters, and yours rock!
(Kaye Manro 12:23pm March 10, 2009)

Happy Birthday
Can't wait to read Fury Calls
(Jean Patton 2:35pm March 10, 2009)

Hola, Caridad,

I'm just back from my doctor's
office and a stop at WalMart.
There are now only two copies
of Fury Calls left on the racks!

Pat Cochran
(Patricia Cochran 3:59pm March 10, 2009)

I just realized that I'm on some sites as Jeanne and some as Catslady - so from the both of us :) Happy Birthday.
(Jeanne Sheats 4:26pm March 10, 2009)

Happy Birthday and may youday be filled with lots of laughter,happiness and love!
(Tamara Bennington 12:11pm March 11, 2009)

Feliz cumpleańos, Caridad. (It's been a long time since high school Spanish class, so I hope I got that right.) As I read the description of "Fury Calls" and the whole series, I'm wondering why I haven't picked up these books before now. I'm especially intrigued by a different vampire culture from the East.
(Auriette Lindsey 12:28pm March 11, 2009)

Hi Caridad! Fury Calls sounds fantabulous! I will be adding it to be TBR list immediately!
(Tonya Williams 8:08am March 11, 2009)

I'm a little behind the times. This is the first I have followed any of the "calling" series books! I can't wait to dive in!
(Dawn Howe 8:13am March 11, 2009)

Hola, Caridad,

Happy Birthday Week!

How is the celebration going? I hope you are having a great day!

Pat Cochran
(Patricia Cochran 1:11pm March 11, 2009)

Having a great b'day week and it's so nice to be able to share some time with all of you! Thanks for dropping by!
(Caridad Pineiro 3:17pm March 11, 2009)

Happy birthday don't party to much
(Patricia Kasner 7:55pm March 11, 2009)

Happy birthday!

Honor Calls and Fury Calls sound great!
(Amy Smith 10:25pm March 11, 2009)

happy birthday and the party keeps going; wahoo.
(Robyn Lee 2:35am March 12, 2009)

I'm thinking of adopting your
idea of a week-long special celebration for my birthday!
This is such great fun! I know
my grandchildren would enjoy
such a gathering, they are
always up for a party! I want
to wish you a "Happy Day 4"
and many happy returns of the

Pat Cochran
(Patricia Cochran 2:53pm March 12, 2009)

I'm heee-re, a bit late, but
most definitely wishing you a
Happy Day 5!!!

Pat Cochran
(Patricia Cochran 7:18pm March 13, 2009)

Just a quick note to thank you
for inviting us to participate
in the week's activities!

Pat Cochran
(Patricia Cochran 3:18pm March 14, 2009)

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