March 20th, 2023
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In a Stalker’s Sights…unless they can stop him.

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A delightful story of a love that defies time

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He’s a murderer and believes he’s the most evil creature on earth.

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A Valentine’s Day promise sixteen years in the making…

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An outcast finds a dying man who changes her life.

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He’s already lost one woman he loved…he’s not about to lose another.

Sarah Hansrote

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49 comments posted.

Re: The Thorn Bearer (3:12pm November 27, 2015):

i love buying used books but i can still spend a lot for them. no price is to high for a good story

Re: Resist (3:07pm November 27, 2015):

i would love to see time travel happen.

Re: Once Upon a Power Play (3:05pm November 27, 2015):

i like when they get violent

Re: Hidden Impact (4:45pm November 10, 2015):

my mom makes the best curry rice ever, even if she is italian. i tried to make it in the states but with one missing ingredient it was never the same.

Re: Portrait of a Lone Wolf (4:55pm March 11, 2015):

Wow! I love this kind of books. This
is so great. Is the contest still open
for real?

Re: The Snow Globe (4:46pm March 11, 2015):

This book sounds really interesting. I
really hope to win. Thank you for this

Re: You're So Fine (8:33pm January 1, 2015):

My attempted suicide changed my life
in better and made me learn many
lessons. I would love to be braver
in living a normal life.
An ending that I love to see in
books? Pregnancies ;)

Re: Don't Blackmail the Vampire (1:36am May 2, 2014):

hahahaha yeah i love when the characters end in the most
difficult and awkward situations. it gives a little humor to
the story. but the book shouldn't have ALL awkward moments but
also some adventure and danger and romance. :D

Re: The Paris Time Capsule (3:50pm April 28, 2014):

mysteries in books or real life? well in books the best one
that made me guess (wrongly until the end lol) was the seventh
moon by Marius Gabriel. in real life well my husband is the
real mystery XD

Re: The Bride Insists (10:57pm March 31, 2014):

being the black sheep means you are out of the ordinary, not
just the trouble maker. i enjoy books that as protagonist
have a black sheep type of character

Re: Desperately Seeking Suzanna (10:54pm March 31, 2014):

what an amazing peek at the book. i can't wait to read it

Re: The Duke's Quandary (10:53pm March 31, 2014):

my husband is my hero. without him i would still be taking
anti depression medicine but he changed my life and now i
don't need those medicines anymore. he is my cure :)

Re: Shadowed By Grace (10:50pm March 31, 2014):

i used to have a friend with whom i shared comments of books
we read at home but now that i live far away from her i am my
reading buddy

Re: Dating, Dining, and Desperation (10:46pm March 31, 2014):

i have lived in a small town of a 1000 souls it's amazing and
even if everybody knows you, nobody bothers you. now i live
in knoxville but i'm lucky that i live in the suburbs

Re: Stealing the Groom (10:44pm March 31, 2014):

can't wait to read it :)

Re: Silence Of The Wolf (10:43pm March 31, 2014):

How could i chose just one?

Re: Kissing with Fangs (10:40pm March 31, 2014):

this was an amazing peek at the book.

Re: Turned (10:39pm March 31, 2014):

I love the secret agent type of male character. they're so

Re: Her Summer with the Marine (10:38pm March 31, 2014):

i love reading series as long as the don't become 50 books

Re: In the Dark (10:35pm March 31, 2014):

i don't think we have to chose. The Man will never make you
chose, it will give you everything you need through
compromises and vice versa no?

Re: Home to Stay (10:29pm March 31, 2014):

From Parfume: story of a murderer the end scene where he puts
every last bit of the perfect fragrance on him and gets eaten
alive from the people around him. amazing book, and the movie
did not ruin it at all.

Re: Sex and the Single Vamp (10:26pm March 31, 2014):

It will very interesting to discover that vampires really
existed and that maybe they helped humans through out history
or tried to make us fail, who knows? i'm looking forward to
reading this book

Re: Bite Me (10:24pm March 31, 2014):

this series is Amazing!!!

Re: Winter in Full Bloom (10:23pm March 31, 2014):

Such a fascinating story, i'm looking forward to reading this

Re: An Accidental Life (10:22pm March 31, 2014):

This sounds like an amazing story, especially being set in
the magic New Orleans

Re: Dyed and Gone (10:19pm March 31, 2014):

wow, i never thought i could use them for so many things

Re: Some Like It Wild (2:46am March 12, 2014):

argh i need to get payed fast so if i don't win i can go buy
it :)

Re: Eyes Closed Tight (2:45am March 12, 2014):

sounds like a good book

Re: How Sweet The Sound (2:44am March 12, 2014):

when the grass start getting green and my mother in law
starts asking about mowing the lawn XD

Re: Lip Reading (2:42am March 12, 2014):

i too skip parts of books when the characters start preaching

Re: Free Falling (2:38am March 12, 2014):

i would love to read this book ^.^

Re: The Rancher's Second Chance (2:36am March 12, 2014):

i would hate him to be caveman style

Re: The Prosecutor (4:57am March 6, 2014):

He really is something :) thank you for making a characters
different from the ordinary and thank you for posting this

Re: Safe in the Tycoon's Arms (4:53am March 6, 2014):

i said yes to my now husband's marriage proposal and flew to
the United States (i'm Italian) to live with him and start a
new life together. and with the taking a plane thing i guess
i really did spread my wings :)

Re: Once In A Lifetime (4:47am March 6, 2014):

Yes this is really romantic, finally a man that understands
to just hug you and be quiet, no words needed, just cuddle
that have no means to an end.

Re: High-Heeled Wonder (4:43am March 6, 2014):

Wow, i would love to read this book and your funny comments
also made it more interesting than it already was. Thank you
for posting this giveaway, i really hope i can win it :)

Re: The Rebel Pirate (4:34am March 6, 2014):

well i think i have to go a little in the cliche' cause i
still have a lot of authors to discover so my list for now
is this one and they're not in order of importance neither.
Laurel K. Hamilton, Gena Shawalter, Eliza Lloyd, Laurey
Rosemary and Armstrong Kelley.
Thank you for posting this giveaway :)

Re: Searching for Beautiful (4:23am March 6, 2014):

Only one thing? Well that's hard to chose cause i would
really love to tell to my teen self a lot of things.
But one thing i should have known that maybe should have
really mattered at the time, i would tell me this: God loves
you even when you don't... when you don't love your self or
you don't love him back or you don't believe in him or when
you think he's abandoned you. i would have felt so much
better knowing that few years ago when my depression took
over me making me do stupid things. And now that i know this
i'm a new person but i guess i had to go trough that time
period to be the person i am today so if i had the chance to
say something to my teen self i think i would not use it :)

Re: The Mapmaker's Daughter (4:15am March 6, 2014):

i'm starting to appreciate historical romance from a very
short time, i never thought about reading this genre before
and now i'm trying to read all that i can about it :) well
to these readers i would have said. I can't write about a
boring heroine that does everything precisely as instructed
and never dares to change, maybe even a little what the
society of that time wants from a woman. where would the
plot come from, there will be no twists, no bad guy etc...
Thank you very much for posting this giveaway

Re: What The Groom Wants (4:01am March 6, 2014):

i thought i had already entered this contest but apparently
not XD lol
well having all the answers it was easy this trivia but i
really enjoyed it, it's nice to see that there's a real
person behind the book :)

Re: Darkside Sun (3:59am March 6, 2014):

My moment was when i was 16 years old, i met this guy that
was like a guru for me, he changed my point of view in a lot
of things, before i met him i was a terrible daughter to my
mother and a terrible sister, a liar and i loved to fight.
I'm so grateful of what he helped me to become :) now i
can't even keep a surprise cause if anything happens i have
to tell, at least to my mom.
Thank you for posting this giveaway :)

Re: Mustang Sassy (3:53am March 6, 2014):

oh i have a few and my husband hates me profoundly when i
listen to them because i would start singing and be silly,
especially with the song "Kiss" By Prince.
for when i'm feeling a little blue or i just want to sing
till i don't have anymore breath in my longs i prefer
listening to Emilie Autumn, a self made artist that is also
an incredible violinist.

Re: Anointed (3:43am March 6, 2014):

that's a really good question. You touched my favorite topic
tho. :)
well when i go to sleep and i have my crazy dreams i always
have the same powers.
To fly, the start walking and slowly gravity fades away so
its like you are going up some invisible stairs before
To be able to control the elements and create them (along
with all that could come handy in the moment) with my
thoughts. Like sending lightning bolts from the palms of my
Healing. Oh healing is my favorite :) along with telekinesis
because if somebody shoots you you can extract the bullets
and send them back to their owner while you rapidly heal
but if i had to chose maybe i would like to just have
healing powers (on me and others) + the telekinesis :)

Re: Sapphires Are an Earl's Best Friend (3:31am March 6, 2014):

yeah, in vampire academy i really did not like Dimitri and i
would have loved to see Adrian in his place. And in the tv
series Lost girl i love Kenzy that is the human friend of
the protagonist Bo more than i liked Bo, and this last
series made me also cry.
I totally understand the feeling
Will be amazing to win this book, thank you for posting this

Re: Donna of the Dead (3:25am March 6, 2014):

well, i'm lucky that i still look like a teen. my problem is
the opposite, i have to hide when i get the more adult books

Re: Hot Rock (4:51am February 28, 2014):

well they come from a time when music was about music not
about having a sexy singer to get fans, and they made us
fall in love with them with their music and their music
showed their soul and made them also look perfect to our
eyes. I love David Bowie to, he is a genius and his voice is
so sensual, he is sexy because he is unperfectly perfect

Re: Must Love Dukes (4:45am February 28, 2014):

i'm always Awkward, so i don't really have just one or two
moments to tell and from when i live in the United States
(i'm Italian) I am even more awkward because i'm also shy
and stuck cause even if my English is very good people don't
really understand me so they just stare at me every time i
try to explain something and my husband has to say with
simpler words what i wanted to say lol

Re: Oath of the Brotherhood (4:37am February 28, 2014):

the cover really catches your eyes, looking forward to
reading this book :)

Re: Full Measures (4:36am February 28, 2014):

i like reading about military romance being myself married
with a veteran :) i look forward to read this book

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