April 21st, 2021
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Nicole Helm | How do you celebrate release day?


Well, I hate to disappoint, but I can’t say my answer is very exciting. I’m not a big ‘celebration’ type person. I’m more than happy to spend birthdays and anniversaries at home (as long as there’s cake), and to treat most days like any other. Being the center of attention isn’t exactly the most comfortable place for me—that’s why I’m a writer and not, say, a singer. (Well, that and I can’t carry a tune to save my life).

But, that doesn't mean release days aren’t special! It’s always exciting when a book you’ve worked so hard on is finally available for people to buy and read. So usually at least part of the day is spent sharing some excerpts and talking about the book on social media, trying not to continuously inundate people with my excitement over the book FINALLY being here. Because, by the time a book is out on shelves, it does feel like finally. I probably first came up with the book idea over a year prior, wrote it and edited at least six months before it makes its way to shelves. So, it’s always kind of a miracle to get to that place where it’s a real thing for other people to read!

Now, on release day, if the book is releasing in print, then I’ll usually do a little bookstore hopping to see if I can’t catch a glimpse of the book in the wild. There’s something so surreal about seeing your name on a book in a store. I’m an internal celebrator—there’s confetti and trumpets in my head—and that’s all I need. And seeing it in a store somewhere is always like icing on the cake.

As for celebrations at home, I have two boys under six, so going out to dinner isn’t much of a relaxing exercise, but more often than not we’ll get a pizza (and quite honestly, what’s more celebratory than pizza in the comfort of my own home? Okay, yes, I may be a hermit.) I’ll probably follow up the kids’ bedtime with a celebratory alcoholic beverage, and…that’s about it.

It might not be the most exciting way to celebrate something, but it works for me! And the best part is, the next day I get to go back to writing more books! And, quite honestly, that’s the best celebration for me.


What do you think is the best way to celebrate a BIG day? One commenter will win a copy of REBEL COWBOY

About Nicole Helm

Nicole Helm

Nicole Helm writes down-to-earth contemporary romance specializing in people who don’t live close enough to neighbors for them to be a problem. When she’s not writing, she spends her time dreaming about someday owning a barn. She lives with her husband and two young sons in O’Fallon, Missouri.

Big Sky Cowboys





For hotshot NHL star Dan Sharpe, hockey isn’t just his job—it’s his everything. But when claims of cheating get him bounced from the ice, he finds himself feeling lost. Everyone thinks he’s crazy for taking on his grandfather’s ramshackle Montana ranch, but hey, he’s Dan Sharpe: how hard can it be?

As it turns out? Plenty hard.

Mel Shaw has been fighting tooth and nail to keep her family from falling apart. The last thing she needs is a distraction, but taking a job as some city slicker’s consultant may be her only chance to save the land she loves. But she never expected someone like Dan to come roaring into her life, and it doesn’t take long for Mel to realize this hockey-star-turned-cowboy has the power to upend her carefully ordered world—and heart—for good.

Buy REBEL COWBOY: Amazon.com | Kindle | BN.com | iTunes/iBooks | Kobo | Google Play | Powell's Books | Books-A-Million | Indiebound | Chapters




37 comments posted.

Re: Nicole Helm | How do you celebrate release day?

I think the best celebrations are always with family and friends... it does not have to big or elaborate... just spending time together.
(Colleen Conklin 12:00pm January 6, 2016)

Pizza sounds great!!! I like to go out to eat and buy something new like a new book!!!
(Jennifer Beck 12:11pm January 6, 2016)

I, too, prefer to celebrate with family and close friends. I especially love the foray "into the wild" to see it on the shelves. What a sense of quiet pride to see your efforts come to fruition! BTW, this book sounds so very good. I will be reading it one way or the other!
(Kathleen Bylsma 12:42pm January 6, 2016)

love to celebrate with my best friends and family.
(Emily Stemp 1:07pm January 6, 2016)

Getting together with my kids and grandkids :)
(Bobby Jo Parkes 1:36pm January 6, 2016)

Ce;ebrate with famiiy
(Marissa Yip-Young 2:19pm January 6, 2016)

I have to have my husband with. A big day must be shared with the person you love
the most!
(Nikki Fournier 5:56pm January 6, 2016)

Happy book release day! *throws confetti* How awesome it must be to finally see all your hard work pay off. Celebrating with the family is the best way to spend a big day but I like your idea of cake and pizza! :D I can't wait to read your book since hockey is my favorite sport and combine that with a cowboy sounds like my kind of perfect read!
(Anita H 4:25am January 7, 2016)

I used to PARTY PARTY PARTY for all things , now it's just another day . If I do celebrate , it's just the kids and grandkids here are we will go out to eat , that's my favorite . I would love to read this book of yours ,it sounds like it is a winner ! A cowboy on a bike ! Love it .
(Joan Thrasher 9:35am January 7, 2016)

I always celebrate with family and close friends! It's the best way!!!
(Bonnie Capuano 9:53am January 7, 2016)

I love celebrating with my family and tons of delicious food!!!
(Lily Shah 10:02am January 7, 2016)

With your family and your closest friends. With good food.
(Emily Stemp 10:32am January 7, 2016)

I'm from the Southwest. We celebrate with family and lots of food!
(Amy Morgan 10:49am January 7, 2016)

Celebrating with family & friends. Of course some great food to enjoy and be happy & thankful. Cindy
(Cindy Davenport 11:33am January 7, 2016)

Till love the idea of looking in the wild for "my" new book! :)
(Kathleen Bylsma 12:24pm January 7, 2016)

The best way to celebrate depends somewhat on what you are celebrating. Most things would involve family, but I can think of a few where my friends would be my first choice to be with for a celebration.
(Michael Burkhead 2:53pm January 7, 2016)

Family and good friends are everything so we always celebrate everything together!!! It's the only way!!
(Bonnie Capuano 8:04am January 8, 2016)

with your family and closest friends.
(Emily Stemp 8:59am January 8, 2016)

Sticking with free roaming editions of your newest book! Just love that idea!
(Kathleen Bylsma 6:42pm January 8, 2016)

Have all who love me around me.
(Cheryl Pompilii 12:08pm January 9, 2016)

I prefer to celebrate with family and close friends rather than with large groups of people.
(Amy Kincade 12:15pm January 9, 2016)

Always with family and close frieds!!
(Bonnie Capuano 8:50am January 9, 2016)

with your closet family and friends. big meal
(Emily Stemp 7:55pm January 9, 2016)

Share with people who believe in you over lunch/dinner.
(Kai Wong 1:07am January 10, 2016)

At one time, I might have gone out for a nice dinner with a
couple of drinks or a bottle of wine with my Husband, or had
a few close friends over for a small celebratory get together
for a party of sorts, but now that I'm a bit older and wiser,
I would prefer to just sit back with my Husband, and bring
home some indulgent take out or a pizza, and have our own
private celebration. I would peek in a couple of stores like
you did, sort of a "pinch me" moment, to see my book on the
shelves. Congratulations on your latest book!! I'm sure it
will do well!! How can it not, with a cover that's so hot??
(Peggy Roberson 8:24am January 10, 2016)

Celebrating at home with friends and family :)
(Dianne McVetty 10:02am January 10, 2016)

Celebrate with some way that makes you happy.
(Joy Isley 11:15am January 10, 2016)

I like to celebrate quietly with family members. If it's extra special, we will celebrate at a nice restaurant.
(Anna Speed 12:32pm January 10, 2016)

I love the "free roaming" concept of spotting your book on the shelves! Congratulations!
(Kathleen Bylsma 12:44pm January 10, 2016)

I like having a great meal and plenty of dessert with family and friends!
(Teresa Stebbins 2:59pm January 10, 2016)

with your closest friend and family
(Emily Stemp 4:27pm January 10, 2016)

With your family and friends.
(Valerie Miller 5:04pm January 10, 2016)

The best celebrations for me are with friends and family.
Maybe dinner or just a gathering for a toast.
(Deb Diem 5:43pm January 10, 2016)

by eating all the foods that you deny yourself the rest of
the year
(Lynn Anderson 8:05pm January 10, 2016)

going out together
(Debbi Shaw 8:48pm January 10, 2016)

Cake or food of some type is always needed, otherwise it's
just a meeting!
(Amy Beck 9:44pm January 10, 2016)

I celebrate with family - nothing big.
(Beth Elder 6:52pm January 13, 2016)

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