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Krista Davis | Everyone Loves A Wedding


Writing about domestic divas, Sophie Winston and her rival, Natasha, is always fun, but for my most recent book, I had the pleasure of planning an entire wedding without having to pay for it. Weddings used to be somewhat uniform. We expected the frou-frou bridesmaids’ dresses that would never be worn again, with dyed to match shoes, no less. The white cake was topped with a plastic bridal couple or flowers, and after a reception or dinner with dancing, the happy couple left for their honeymoon.

Today, brides face a staggering variety of choices. Cakes are topped with rhinestone studded initials, if there is a cake. Cupcake tiers are all the rage as an alternative. And wedding festivities don’t necessarily end with dinner anymore. Some couples arrange for a lounge with dancing and go on to a brunch in their honor before taking off. I was shocked to learn that some brides buy two wedding dresses so they can change between the ceremony and the reception. Of course, a lounge and dancing necessitate a third dress.

In the Domestic Diva Mysteries, Sophie and Natasha write competing lifestyle advice columns. Their tips are included in the books, along with recipes. Sophie keeps things simple but elegant, while Natasha thinks everyone should craft their own wrapping paper, make their own wedding veils, and spend six months cultivating a topiary centerpiece for a luncheon. Their rivalry is a friendly one, though there is that little issue of Natasha taking up housekeeping with Sophie’s ex-husband. Sophie is okay with it, though, since she has a weakness for hunky Detective Wolf Fleishman.

In The Diva Takes the Cake, Sophie’s sister, Hannah, is getting married. Even though Sophie has everything under control, Natasha promptly interferes with the wedding plans and hampers Sophie's budding relationship with Wolf. But neither Sophie nor Natasha planned on finding the groom’s ex-wife hanging from a pergola. Will the killer be seated on the bride’s side, the groom’s side, or will he be standing at the altar?

Read more about the Domestic Diva Mystery Series at my website. I’m also fortunate to be part of a new blog by mystery writers whose mysteries feature food. Mystery Lovers’ Kitchen debuts this week, with the official launch and a super contest on July 26th. Drop by where I’ll be blogging about a Julia Child chicken recipe I adore.

Leave a comment today and you could be one of TWO lucky winners to receive a signed copy ofThe Diva Takes the Cake!




40 comments posted.

Re: Krista Davis | Everyone Loves A Wedding

Love reading your books. very interesting. Pat W.
(Pat Wilson 11:50am July 21, 2009)

I love me a cozy culinary! Do Sophie and Natasha also offer etiquette advice? It is a dying art. The poor thank you note is on it's way out. Thank you for the info on the new blog. I'm always on the lookout for a good new mystery series.
(V Scott 3:02am July 23, 2009)

This books sounds fascinating!
(Joanne Reynolds 6:24am July 23, 2009)

This book sound great, I would love a chance to win. Thanks
(Debbie Deskin 7:04am July 23, 2009)

Hi Krista. Your books sounds great. :)
(Crystal Broyles 9:57am July 23, 2009)

The last wedding we attended an uncle of the bride made the wedding cake and it fell apart before the reception even started!
(Karin Tillotson 12:39pm July 23, 2009)

This is a fun and different contest.
(Marjorie Carmony 12:43pm July 23, 2009)

Hi Krista "The Diva Takes the Cake" sound funny & mysterious too. Your blog is too. Keep up the good work.
(Donna Petrilla 12:45pm July 23, 2009)

Krista, I want to dive right in and start admiring the cake and figuring out the crime. I can't remember exactly what a pergola is.
(Alyson Widen 1:18pm July 23, 2009)

My sister recently got married. The wedding was just what it needed to be - a celebration. Family and friends made the food and cake and all the guests two-stepped after the buffet. It was also all held in one room - very low key, low anxiety.
(Anne Jones 1:48pm July 23, 2009)

With two daughters and a step-daughter I will be planning my share of weddings!
(Peg Cochran 2:19pm July 23, 2009)

I absolutly adore the covers of your books. They stand out from the rest for me and that has always been a big selling point for me. If I see an interesting cover I am more likely to buy it. Your covers mixed with great plot lines make me want to always come back.
(Tabatha Basham 2:20pm July 23, 2009)

The Domestic Diva Mystery Series looks a fun series to read. I'd really enjoy "The Diva Takes the Cake" because I had a really great time planning my wedding over 20 years ago & it would be great to see how things have changed!
(Cheryl Snyder 2:38pm July 23, 2009)

I loved The Diva Runs out of Thyme and am looking forward to The Diva Takes the Cake.
(Beth Solheim 3:00pm July 23, 2009)

Having made a couple of wedding cakes, I can understand the franticness of wedding planning. That's why I'll spring for this book, if I don't get lucky enough to win it!

Off to check out the new blog!


(Lynn Rettig 3:19pm July 23, 2009)

Sounds like an awesome book!!!!!!!
(Caitlin Usignol 3:29pm July 23, 2009)

Your books sound really good. Thanks for the contest.
(Sue Brandes 3:30pm July 23, 2009)

I love weddings. There is so much to observe and enjoy. Your books sound like fun to read.
(Rosa StClaire 3:44pm July 23, 2009)

It surprises me there aren't more 'bodies' associated with weddings considering the intense emotions surrounding them! This book should be a lot of fun.
(Rayanne Chamberlain 4:07pm July 23, 2009)

thanks for the contest. Wish I had a piece of wedding cake right now.
(Vikki Parman 4:55pm July 23, 2009)

Weddings are fun to plan but a lot of hard work. No wedding ever goes completely as planned. I bet this is a great book.
(Annetta Stolpmann 5:05pm July 23, 2009)

I'm looking forward to your new book, Krista. I thoroughly enjoyed your first one. I had my wedding in Iran a small, intimate affair of 100 people crammed into my in-laws' living room. My sister-in-law quizzed me on all the names for the next two weeks, based on pictures we took. At least, when I go back I know who's who.
(Heidi Noroozy 5:08pm July 23, 2009)

Book sounds great, thanks for the contest.
(Debra Czarnogursky 5:50pm July 23, 2009)

This past Saturday we had number 2 daughters wedding at the house.It was beautiful. Our number 1 daughter was here from NJ and her wedding some years ago did not go as smoothly. She broke her ankle on the dance floor and was wheeled through the hospital in her wedding gown. If I win your book, I promise not to read the end of the book first.Even if it's very tempting.
(Evelyn Day 6:36pm July 23, 2009)

I'd love to read this book. I'll have to add it to my list!
(LuAnn Morgan 7:17pm July 23, 2009)

weddings are beautiful weather it's yours or someone you know or even a stranger's. So a book about a wedding must also be.
(Diane Sadler 7:57pm July 23, 2009)

Looking forward to reading The Diva Takes the Cake. Sounds like a good one
(Teresa Ward 7:59pm July 23, 2009)

Stop the Wedding there has been
an unexpected event develope.

I love your read is refreshing, hints of unfortunate things to watch for , then wham...total
crunch pushes you to read, read on ...to get to the..mystery of who did what to who...and will we catch whoever it is before the Wedding Ceremoney???

How exciting.

Hope to win a copy of this new book of your. The covers are "snappy" ..stand out from most.
(Shirley Sego 8:26pm July 23, 2009)

The Diva Takes the Cake sounds like a fun read. I have a sister who is extremely craft oriented and elaborate, I am the less is more and please keep it simple type.
(G. Bisbjerg 8:51pm July 23, 2009)

Your book sounds fascinating. Have a great day.
(Roberta Harwell 8:56pm July 23, 2009)

Your new book sounds like it will be good.
(Sherry Strode 9:53pm July 23, 2009)

Wow! Thank you for all your wonderful comments.

V, the divas aren't really into etiquette, though one of them is liable to be snooty about etiquette and then breach it.

Donna, I'm delighted that you like the blog.

Alyson, a pergola is a garden structure sort of like an arbor.

Tabatha and Shirley, I love the covers, too. I'm so lucky to have talented Teresa Fasolino as my cover artist.

Evelyn, that's so sad! What a way to start a marriage.

Again, thanks to everyone for your comments. Good luck to all of you!
(Krista Davis 10:26pm July 23, 2009)

Checked out the "Mystery Lover's
Kitchen" site. Very nice. Looks like I
will be getting lots of good ideas
Your series sounds like fun. The
covers are lovely. Mysteries with hints
and recipes are very popular right
now. Your books will be a nice
(Patricia Barraclough 10:33pm July 23, 2009)

I haven't been to a wedding in some
time. So I'm surprised to learn they've
changed so much!
(Sue Ahn 10:41pm July 23, 2009)

Looking forward to reading this book. Thanks.
(DeeAnn Szymanski 9:17am July 24, 2009)

Sounds like a good book! I'm just re-discovering mysteries this summer.
When I was getting married the bridal shops were all about which dress are you wearing for the ceremony and which for the reception? But since people don't come to both (at least in my family) I stuck with one dress.
(Krysten Hager 9:50am July 24, 2009)

Sounds like a great book. I love it when authors include recipes in their books.
(Cherie Japp 11:23am July 24, 2009)

Thanks for the heads up. I am always on the lookout for a new author...
(Shannon Scott 11:29am July 24, 2009)

me too !! and if there are cakes involved...
(Joeelle Jappissont 12:27pm July 24, 2009)

Your book sounds interesting. I like the idea of recipes included in your book.
(Patsy Hagen 6:59pm August 2, 2009)

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