September 28th, 2020
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In Oestend, the night can be deadly.

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How do you rest in peace when you're stuck between two worlds?

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What happens when your blind date is an alien, and it goes so very wrong?

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Dodging tazer-happy liberationists, her beloved daughter, goats, and a grumpy-hot tour guide, single mom Ava races Spain, hoping to find her missing father before itís too late.

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She has no time for a player, but is this cowboy the real thing?

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Teri Anne Stanley | Favorite Dogs from TV, Movies, and Pop Culture + Giveaway!

Lucky Chance Cowboy
Teri Anne Stanley




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Big Chance Dog Rescue #2

February 2020
On Sale: January 28, 2020
352 pages
ISBN: 1492658022
EAN: 9781492658023
Kindle: B07Y5NK5T1
Mass Market Paperback / e-Book
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Also by Teri Anne Stanley:
Lucky Chance Cowboy, February 2020
Big Chance Cowboy, September 2019
A Shot With You, January 2017
Accidentally in Love with the Biker, February 2016


I can’t exactly remember when and where my fascination with dogs started--but it wasn’t because I grew up with dogs. My mother’s dad raised Border Collies that he trained to herd sheep--they weren’t pets, and she had no desire to have the stinky dirty beasts in the house. And then my little brother developed allergies to dogs (and cats, and chocolate, and just about everything else you can imagine), so the first pet I was allowed to own was a turtle that I named Paddlefoot.

My love of dogs must have started with books and movies. The first dog I remember knowing about was Lassie, the transgender wonder dog (you might remember that Lassie was always played by a male dog. Anybody know why?). But she/he was a little too perfect to be my first dog crush. That flowing coat, though. She/he was totally the Fabio of dogs, wasn’t she/he?

I really fell in love with dogs from reading The Hundred and One Dalmatians by Dodie Smith. Yes, it was an actual book before ‘ol Walt made it into a movie. I read and re-read the book almost as often as I read Charlotte’s Web (but I didn’t cry since no dogs died). I wonder if my deep affection for polka dots comes from that book, too. . .

There have been many other dogs on page and screen since Pongo and Perdita captured my heart—Eddie, the Jack Russel terrier from the TV show Frazier, comes to mind, as does Spuds Mackenzie of Bud Light fame.

As life tends to imitate art, the Stanley family has a couple of real dogs named after human TV characters. Our coonhound, Penny can be seen in human form on the Big Bang Theory, and our great Dane/Lab is named Homer. We try to pretend we were being literary and honoring the Odyssey of his young life when we named him (we were his third home during his first year), but we all know which Homer we really named him for, don’t we? Doh!


COMMENT TO WIN: Who is your favorite pop culture dog? Tell us in the comments and you'll be entered to win a copy of LUCKY CHANCE COWBOY! US and Canada only, good luck!


LUCKY CHANCE COWBOY by Teri Anne Stanley

Big Chance Dog Rescue #2

Lucky Chance Cowboy

At Big Chance Dog Rescue, everyone can find a forever home

Marcus Talbott is a soldier through and through, and he's not going to let an injury keep him from his Army unit. Sure, his last mission nearly broke his back, but that's nothing his positive attitude and work ethic can't fix, right? In the meantime, he's got a place on the board at the Big Chance Dog Rescue, and flirting with his friend's sassy sister, Emma, is a welcome distraction.

Emma Stern is barely scraping by while working and caring for her elderly grandfather, but she's running out of options—and hope. The last thing she has time for is Marcus and his flirting, sexy as he might be. But every time Emma thinks she's reached the end of her rope, Marcus is there to lend a hand. Maybe there's more to the handsome playboy after all...

Romance Contemporary | Romance Western [Sourcebooks Casablanca, On Sale: January 28, 2020, Mass Market Paperback / e-Book, ISBN: 9781492658023 / eISBN: 9781492658030]

About Teri Anne Stanley

Teri Anne Stanley

Teri Anne Stanley has been writing since she could hold a crayon--though learning to read was a huge turning point in her growth as a writer. Teri's first stories involved her favorite Saturday morning cartoon characters, followed by her favorite teen idols. She has also authored a recipe column (The Three Ingredient Gourmet), and scientific articles (Guess which was more interesting!). Now she writes fun, sexy romance filled love, angst and nekkid parts. Teri's career has included sex therapy for rats, making posing suits for female body builders, and helping amputee amphibians recover to their full potential. She currently supplements her writing income as a neuroscience research assistant. Along with a variety of teenagers and dogs, she and Mr. Stanley live just outside of Sugartit, which is--honest to God--between Beaverlick, and Rabbit Hash, Kentucky.

Bourbon Brothers | What Happens in Vegas





25 comments posted.

Re: Teri Anne Stanley | Favorite Dogs from TV, Movies, and Pop Culture + Giveaway!

I guess my favorite pop culture dog would be the first one I remember, Rin Tin Tin. That was the first dog I remember. We never really had a dog for a pet when I was a child. Since I married, we have had 10 dogs and fostered many litters for the local animal shelter.
(Patricia Barraclough 5:17am January 31)

I love programs that feature pets. I have to say Eddie from
Frasier was great.
(Nancy Reynolds 10:17am January 31)

Favorite pop culture dogs : Gadget Taco Bell dog & Beethoven from movie Beethoven. As far back as I can remember we have had dogs around.
(Blanche Nixon 5:22pm January 31)

My favorite pop culture dog would probably be Toto from The Wizard of Oz
(Melanie Bracco 6:55pm January 31)

I remember watch Lassie growing up. And Lady & The Tramp.
(Cynthia St. Germain 8:55pm January 31)

I remember we had to go to bed when young after Lassie
lifted her paw in the air at the end of the show. We kids
wished she didn't do that so we could stay up later.
(Alyson Widen 11:58pm January 31)

Lassie and Snoopy are among my top ones, but Buddy from Air Bud is my favorite. Not every dog can play basketball.
(Anna Speed 2:06pm February 1)

Benji was a childhood favorite of mine.
(Sharon Good 2:46pm February 1)

I'm a fan of Pluto.
(Jana B 7:42pm February 1)

loved lassie,,and bengi and Rin Tin Tin
(Vickie Couturier 8:10pm February 1)

Despite the slobber I love Hooch from Turner & Hooch with Tom Hanks :-)
(Tracy Urschler 9:28pm February 1)

I thought Lassie was wonderful when I was a kid.
(Melanie Rosen 10:40pm February 1)

Eddie from Frasier--he is also featured in some American
Greeting cards.
(Anna Budziak 4:34pm February 2)

Santa's Little Helper from Simpsons
(Martin Bodnar 8:03am February 3)

I love stories with dogs (& cowboys, too)!
(Maria Proctor 4:36pm February 3)

Rin Tin Tin and Lassie
(Sherry Haut 3:46pm February 4)

My favorite is Lassi. I grew up watching that dog doing
amazing things and I wanted a dog just like him.
(Lynne Brigman 9:15pm February 4)

It would have to be Lassie
(Jean Patton 5:51pm February 5)

Scooby Doo...he is just awesome! ;-)
(Jamie Gillespie 8:33pm February 5)

(Rosie Hoskins 8:46pm February 6)

Haichiko who showed up daily for 9 years to wait for his owner after the
owner died
(Sandy Klocinski 4:57pm February 8)

I loved Brandon the Wonder Dog from Punky Brewster
(Victoria Kondovski 7:50pm February 8)

Benji was my favorite as a kid.
(Lori Byrd 5:26pm February 9)

Benji and Lassie were my favorites.
(Heather Amos 2:27pm February 10)

(Colleen Conklin 8:34pm February 10)

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