September 24th, 2018
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February 22, 2005

Sex, Lies and Vampires

Katie MacAlister

Sheila Graves

February 12, 2005

"Smart, sexy and funny vampire romance."

January 1, 2005

Derek's Bane

MaryJanice Davidson

Sheila Graves

February 12, 2005

"New addition to Windham Werewolf Tales is excellent."

January 4, 2005

Crimson Moon

Rebecca York

Sheila Graves

February 12, 2005

"Best story so far in the Moon werewolf series."

March 1, 2005

Hello, It's Me

Wendy Markham

Vicky Gilpin

February 15, 2005

"Realistic, emotional contemporary romance."

March 6, 2005

To Kiss a Frog

Elle James

Tanzey Cutter

February 15, 2005

"Lively, interesting, steamy hot and loads of fun to read!"

December 1, 2004

The Scarlet Empress

Susan Grant

Tanzey Cutter

March 1, 2005

"Fantastic final chapter in the 2176 action/adventure series."

April 1, 2004

The Legend of Banzai Maguire

Susan Grant

Tanzey Cutter

March 1, 2005

"Bang-up start to new 2176 futuristic action/adventure series."

April 1, 2005

The Ice Queen

Alice Hoffman

Lenore Howard

April 11, 2005

"Haunting, magical story of being careful what you wish for."

June 1, 2005

Awaken Me Darkly

Gena Showalter

Vicky Gilpin

May 16, 2005

"This novel sizzles with mystery and the supernatural."

May 31, 2005

Enchanted, Inc.

Shanna Swendson

Tammie Ard

May 16, 2005

"A totally fresh approach to chick-lit that's magical and fun."

March 29, 2005

The Open Channel

Jill Morrow

Anne Barringer

June 17, 2005

"Spiritualistic story of good-versus-evil."

July 1, 2005

Trespassing Time

Barbara Baldwin, Sheri L. McGathy, Linda Madl, Jerri Garretson

Tanzey Cutter

June 17, 2005

"Excellent collection of haunting ghost stories."

July 5, 2005

Heart Choice

Robin D. Owens

Sue Burke

June 17, 2005

"Another magical visit to the otherworld of Celta."

June 7, 2005

A Brother's Price

Wen Spencer

Sue Burke

June 17, 2005

"Skillful take on "men as the weaker sex" in an alternate world."

July 1, 2005

Carpe Demon : Adventures of a Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom

Julie Kenner

Morgan Chilson

June 17, 2005

"Zany adventure, crazy characters and great plot make this a fun read."

July 5, 2005

Crimson City

Liz Maverick

Sabrina Marino

June 17, 2005

"First book is this new paranormal action/adventure series is a winner."

August 2, 2005

A Taste of Crimson

Marjorie M. Liu

Sabrina Marino

July 14, 2005

"The chaotic existance of humans, vampires and werewolves in futuristic Crimson City."

September 1, 2005

Charmed & Dangerous

Candace Havens

Sabrina Marino

August 7, 2005

"What's it like to be a young witch with unique powers?"

October 11, 2005

Pretty Evil

Lexi Davis

Lissa Staley

September 7, 2005

"A campy supernatural twist on sexy urban black businessmen."

December 19, 2003

Night Fires

Karen Harbaugh

Tanzey Cutter

October 19, 2005

"Intriguing and unusual vampire romance."

Items 1 - 20 shown, out of 690 total.

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