June 24th, 2021
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A theme-park princess. A real-life prince.

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Can two stubborn adults let down their guard long enough to let love in again?

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A modern-day fairy tale of hope and rescue from NYT bestselling author Rachel Hauck

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A journey to the lush vineyards of Tuscany—and into the mysteries of a tragic family secret.

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Can a one-time enemy to protect them?

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When the battle is for love, the one who surrenders wins. But who will lay down arms first? And whose heart will break wide open?


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Nappily in Bloom
by Trisha R. Thomas
"Fun, fast-paced story that made me itch to read the prior installments in the Nappily series"
Posted March 7, 2020

Reading NAPPILY IN BLOOM first was like watching Spiderman 3 first. You realize right away that you've missed something, and although you thoroughly enjoy the current installment, you find yourself itching to find the video on a streaming service (in this case, the bookstore or library) to find Read more...

Un-Nappily in Love
by Trisha R. Thomas
"Rapid paced story delves into the concerns of working mothers with a celebrity spin"
Posted March 7, 2020

Venus Parson's flower shop is blooming, but her relationship with husband Jake, former rap artist turned actor, is in need of water. After starring in his first movie with his former lover, Sirena Lassiter, Jake goes on a promotional tour that sets Venus's nerves on end. She Read more...

Night At The Opera
by Stacy Henrie
"A perfect marriage of spying and romance..."
Posted October 11, 2018

Cornelia Barton dragged her daughter Gwen all the way to London in hope of Gwen securing a titled husband. Gwen hasn't had much success in New York, she is not considered a desirable match for gentlemen of high society. She'd love nothing more than to find a Read more...

Daughter of a Daughter of a Queen
by Sarah Bird
"A vividly realistic story of love and loss during and after the Civil War..."
Posted September 13, 2018

DAUGHTER OF A DAUGHTER OF A QUEEN by Sarah Bird is a fascinating historical novel that takes place towards the end of the Civil War. Strong and determined, Cathy Williams is a former slave who works under General Sheridan as a cook Read more...

A Gathering of Secrets
by Linda Castillo
"The Amish angle makes this excellent police procedural a truly riveting read"
Posted July 6, 2018

When a fellow officer wakes Chief of Police Kate Burkholder at four in the morning, she knows it can only be very bad news. A local teenage Amish boy has died in a fire. At first it only looks like an unfortunate accident, but as secrets slowly creep up Read more...

by Jonathan de Shalit
"Once a spy, always a spy"
Posted May 12, 2018

Nobody could have predicted that a terminally ill elderly woman would set the spying world on fire. An insignificant cog in the machine, a mere archivist who, one day, told her story to her priest about how she had suspected that a long-ago unrequited love had been murdered Read more...

Darkest Night
by Tara Thomas
"All the makings of a thriller that is sure to keep you up at night!"
Posted March 20, 2018

The Sons of Broad series by Tara Thomas begins with a thrilling romantic novel titled, DARKEST NIGHT. This much-anticipated novel has all the makings of a true keep you up at night page turner! When two childhood friends reconnect Read more...

Rock King
by Tara Leigh
"Can a bad boy rock star find his true love?"
Posted February 20, 2018

ROCK KING is the first book in the Nothing but Trouble series written by Tara Leigh. I enjoyed reading this dramatic, emotional, romantic read that is full of epic over the top chemistry. The characters are life like and realistic Read more...

Love Game
by Maggie Wells
"A steamy sports romance kicks off a new series"
Posted February 12, 2018

LOVE GAME is the first book in the Love Games book series by Maggie Wells. This incredible romance novel has a unique and creative theme with a background focused on sports. A realistic and lifelike take on what happens when Read more...

Killing Season
by Faye Kellerman
"Teenaged lovers hunt a serial killer"
Posted October 11, 2017

Ben Vicksburg, math genius and all-around geek, has been obsessed with trying to find his sister's murderer, and his obsession is also what is helping him cope with the tragedy that befell his family four years before. Ben is even helping the town detective, who has enough Read more...

I Know a Secret
by Tess Gerritsen
"Keeping a secret becomes deadly when a killer wants to make sure that secret is never revealed."
Posted August 14, 2017

Medical examiner Dr. Maura Isles' birth mother Amalthea Lank, an incarcerated murderer, is dying of cancer and wants to see her daughter. As Maura leaves her mother's room, the cryptic message Amalthea relays to her about "finding another one soon" unnerves Maura. She soon finds out what it Read more...

Gone Without a Trace
by Mary Torjussen
"A provocative psychological thriller about a boyfriend who disappears without leaving a trace."
Posted April 12, 2017

Young professional Hannah Monroe returns from work and discovers that her live-in boyfriend, Matt Stone, has moved everything he owns out of her house. There's not a single sign that he ever lived there. When he won't answer her texts or phone calls, locating Matt becomes Read more...

by Jason Chabot
"A Whole New Twist on the Sky Is Falling"
Posted August 17, 2016

Creating an unusual world for a fantasy trilogy can prove difficult in today's glut of stories from which to choose. Jason Chabot manages this in BELOW, the first installment of his Broken Sky Chronicles. This world is comprised of Above and Below. Above is a world of islands Read more...

The House Between Tides
by Sarah Maine
"Gothic mystery and Romance in Scotland's Outer Hebrides"
Posted August 15, 2016

Fans of historical fiction with hints of romance and mystery will gravitate to Sarah Maine's THE HOUSE BETWEEN TIDES. Reminiscent of Kate Morton, Katherine Howe and Tatiana de Rosnay, Maine's story crackles with life, strong characters and the necessary secrets. Hetty Deveraux inherits a family mansion in Read more...

Shadow Rites
by Faith Hunter
"A stunning explosion of colours, magic and action!"
Posted April 9, 2016

Jane Yellowrock wakes up in a sweat after an unpleasant and unusual dream where some unknown and disturbing magic takes place. The Witch Conclave is only a few days away, and Jane and her partners Eli and Alex at Yellowrock Securities have been hired to make sure nothing troublesome Read more...

Loving the Odds
by Stefanie London
"Is love worth the risk, in this sexy, contemporary romance?"
Posted March 14, 2016

Bailey Reuben enjoys her career as a Credit Risk Analyst for a Bank because it's logical and it makes sense, unlike matters of the heart. Called frigid, boring, and dull by her sleazy ex, Julian, Bailey has begun to believe that love will never be a part of Read more...

I Kissed a Rogue
by Shana Galen
"A steamy Historical Romance with danger and adventure"
Posted March 10, 2016

I KISSED A ROGUE is the third book in Covent Garden series by Shana Galen and can read by its own. Lady Lillian-Anne Lennox, daughter of the Duke of Lennox, has grown up a spoiled beauty who enjoyed playing with young gentlemen's heart and made Read more...

The Duke?s Accidental Wife
by Erica Ridley
"THE DUKE'S ACCIDENTAL WIFE is Erica Ridley's seventh gem in a row"
Posted March 1, 2016

The Duke of Ravenwood doesn't like crowds or parties; he has serious responsibilities. When he marries, his duchess will be just as proper as he is and will assure his legacy. It certainly wouldn't be someone like Miss Katherine Ross. However pretty and vivacious she might appear Read more...

Lost in His Eyes
by Andrew Neiderman
"A thought-provoking tale of life and love"
Posted December 15, 2015

Clea Howard is living a normal, everyday life like most people. Married to Ronnie for eighteen years, with their teenage daughter Kelly, Clea looks after the house and her family. But inside Clea is struggling. Struggling with who she has become and the fact that her own life is Read more...

His Right Hand
by Mette Ivie Harrison
"A mesmerising foray into existential concerns while looking into a murder"
Posted November 24, 2015

Linda Wallheim and her Bishop husband, Kurt, are attending a bishopric dinner with two other couples. They were having a discussion about the place of women in Mormon society when Carl Ashby suddenly lashes out at his wife Emma. The Ashbys had been running late for the dinner, Linda Read more...

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