January 21st, 2020
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Meesha Mink | The Many Sides of Me

Real Wifeys
Meesha Mink



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An Urban Tale

January 2011
On Sale: January 4, 2011
Featuring: Kaeyla "Goldie" Dennis
272 pages
ISBN: 1439173117
EAN: 9781439173114
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Also by Meesha Mink:
All Hail The Queen, March 2015
Kiss The Ring, August 2014
Real Wifeys, January 2013
Real Wifeys, January 2012

I’m a published author….who writes in four different genres…for three different publishers. Crazy? Maybe. Living life to the fullest while youth and energy are on my side? Definitely.

Yes, just call me the Sybil of Writing because each of the genres represents a part of who I am. Various chips in the mosaic that makes up me.

I am a hopeless romantic who believes in a soul mate and the one--and so I enjoy inspiring others through really sexy and funny romance stories. 

I am a teen at heart who is way too enraptured by all things celebrity and fashion--and I get to relive it all through my teen fiction series centered on celebrity.

I graduated from college with a Social and Behavioral Science degree (and a Psych minor) and have always been intrigued by people and the motivation--conscious and unconscious--behind their actions particularly in relationships. And what better way to explore my fascination than through mainstream women’s fiction!

And then there’s urban fiction--which for me is any story set in an urban environment similar to the one in which I grew up in Newark, New Jersey.  And I loved growing up in Newark--flaws and all: flirting with boys b-balling in the park, sitting on the stoop in the summertime with my friends, hopping a train for a fifteen minute ride to NYC to watch a movie. I could go on and on.

But my point is that I write in all these genres because all of it makes up the many sides of me.  The beauty and soul of romance. Being a teen at heart--with a mature mind THANK GOD! The drama of complex relationships. The grittiness and unique vibe of urban stories like my newest release: REAL WIFEYS: ON THE GRIND (did the title sufficiently shock you? lol)

And the thing is, for my readers who have tried them all, there is a single thread through each story no matter the genre. I write with humor and sass and realism. All my books in all their different genres aren’t very different from each other. How can they be when they all are a product of me?

Meesha Mink is the bestselling and award winning author of more than twenty books under various pseudonyms. Her solo urban fiction debut, REAL WIFEYS: ON THE GRIND, has been hailed as a “disturbing installment of a gritty new urban series with a down and dirty intensity that's heartbreaking” by Publisher’s Weekly. The Newark, NJ native is busy at work on a new novel and currently lives in South Carolina.




26 comments posted.

Re: Meesha Mink | The Many Sides of Me

How wonderful that you get to share all of you with readers! Very commendable to be able to write in all of those genre's. Great work! Keep at it!
(Joanne Reynolds 8:18am January 15, 2011)

This book looks great! I will have to check it out.
(Leagh Christensen 8:29am January 15, 2011)

I like humor, sass, and realism. You books sound great.
(Maria Munoz 11:36am January 15, 2011)

It makes sense to have different genres - many readers read in different genres so why not authors write in them. I would expect some hectic times though with the different publishers wanting their deadlines met.
(Carol Drummond 11:40am January 15, 2011)

@ Joanne - Thank you.

@ Leagh - Thank you. I hope you enjoy it. Maybe you'll be the lucky winner!

@Maria - That's my books "Sexy, Funny & Oh SO Real!" ;-)

@ Carol- The deadlines are very hectic because there's more than just turning the book in. There are deadlines for every step of the production process...but I work best under pressure!
(Meesha Mink 2:09pm January 15, 2011)

I am interested in knowing if there will be another book for the hoodwives/hood life series.. Those are the books that absolutely love. I hope that you will continue to bless us with your craft and keep us wanting more.
(Chevy Jackson 2:37pm January 15, 2011)

I love all your book i have read your romance series and the hood wives series and your mainstream books looking forward to winning this book. To add to my collection.
(Dm Scott 2:44pm January 15, 2011)

It makes a great deal of sense to write from within. If that means different genres - wonderful.
(Mary Preston 4:24pm January 15, 2011)

I'm sorry I have not read one of your books. But,Thank You for giving me a chance to win it.
(Linda Hall 5:11pm January 15, 2011)

Enjoy all that energy while you are young---when you get to be my age, I think you will slow down a bit! But I sure enjoy reading of the younger days when people have lots of energy.
(Sue Farrell 5:29pm January 15, 2011)

I certainly believe in a Soul Mate also, have one for 48 years!~
Blessings,, Marjorie
(Marjorie Carmony 5:40pm January 15, 2011)

My soul mate I've had him for 40 yrs
(Joanne Bozik 6:00pm January 15, 2011)

@Linda - That's okay, Linda. There are SO many authors out there and everyone has their fav (including me). Thank Fresh Fiction and my publicist for the contest though. They came up with this great idea!
(Meesha Mink 6:17pm January 15, 2011)

@ Sue - lol. Very true. I already have the idea for the one novel I will write when I reach my fifties/sixties and have the wisdom to get it right and the patience to take my time with it.

@Marjorie and Joanne - Isn't love grand? *sighs dreamily* I dedicated my newest romance to my heart. (Yes, I am so corny!)
(Meesha Mink 6:20pm January 15, 2011)

Im an avid book reader and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed Hood Life series so far, cant wait to see what happens next. Thank you sooooo much Meesha Mink for sharing your talent with us.Will you be doing a book tour for Real Wifey's: On the Grind? Pls come to Memphis!!!
(Terinney Williams 6:44pm January 15, 2011)

I've read alot of your books and I must say that you are one of my
favorites because you do write in one more than one genre. Didn't know
about the teen series though. Sounds like a great gift for my niece.
(Jennifer Wilson 6:57pm January 15, 2011)

I believe in soul mates - married mine going on 32 years in June.
I have not read any of your books and would love to win one, read it, and review it. I will be checking you out after reading this.
(Jane Squires 7:17pm January 15, 2011)

As an older reader the antics and adventures of the young help
keep us up to date and young (if only in our minds).
(Lisa Richards 7:30pm January 15, 2011)

I think that you are going to do well with your books. You have just the right amount of sass, along with an interesting background to come up with plenty of storylines. You are also a hopeless romantic. There isn't a thing wrong with it, because I found mine 28 years ago. It was love at first sight as well. I would wish you good luck, but after reading your blog, I can see it won't be necessary. You'll be just fine!!
(Peggy Roberson 10:40pm January 15, 2011)

oh my; how do you keep it all straight. what a busy life
(Barbara Studer 11:11pm January 15, 2011)

@Terinney - Thank U! I'm not sure. Waiting to get more details from my publicists. Stay tuned to my website--where there is also LOTS of info on this news series. Excerpts, book trailer, soundtrack listing, etc.

@Jennifer - The teen series is my little baby. Although I write very sexy adults books, I am very proud that the teen books are profanity and sex free. I wrote the series for my little cousins who were begging to read one of my books. Now they can read away!

@ Jane - Thank you, Jane!

@ Lisa - Very trie, Lisa. I try to spend time with my teen ages cousins so that I don't lose touch.

@ Peggy - Thank you, but prayers and well wishes are always welcomed! ;-)

@Barbara - My Blackberry and my agent! Thank God for both.
(Meesha Mink 11:30pm January 15, 2011)

Soul Mates are a rare & valuable find, but well worth the wait.
It takes a complex, many faceted author to craft a complex book built on varied characters and carefully researched situations; so we are very grateful that you are capably writing in such a variety of genres.
(Susan Driskill 7:11pm January 16, 2011)

Your books are great and I am glad you share your meny sides.
(Vickie Hightower 11:43pm January 16, 2011)

Thank you, Susan and Vickie. I apologize for missing your comments yesterday.
(Meesha Mink 8:48pm January 17, 2011)

dammit.. oops don't know if i can say that on here... i fell in love with the series... but i do understand that each writer must go their separate ways and you cant always be a powerhouse tag team. I do wish you both the best of luck and look forward to your books.
(Chevy Jackson 12:32pm January 18, 2011)

I like that you won't be pinned down and labeled into a forever slot. Good luck in navigating your way around different genres and creating stories woven around things outside of the routine.
(Alyson Widen 1:39pm January 18, 2011)

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