November 27th, 2021
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A spy tracker & code breaker team team up to search for saboteurs, and her safety becomes his first priority.

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Kari Stuart is roped into helping out at a dog show--but soon finds she’s bitten off more than she can chew when her best friend is framed for murder

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Sela falls hard for Theo, only problem, he doesn't love her back

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Society's most exclusive invitation

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Is she bold enough to embrace a wild Scottish ride?

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A spy and an assassin

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Will the secrets of their pasts continue to rip them apart?

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The magic of Christmas, the power of forgiveness, and the importance of family

Beverly Beltz

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36 comments posted.

Re: Shame of Thrones (5:28pm December 18, 2015):

Your book is one I will like to read.

Re: True Deceptions (5:25pm December 18, 2015):

My youngest daughter and I like to write together. We just
never took it a step further to see where it would go. We
get our ideas from dreams, day dreams, and life

Re: Slavemakers (5:23pm December 18, 2015):

I love all genres. I love too many of the sci-fi to say
which on is my favorite. The books by Kate
Elliott,Michelle Sagara, Robin D. Owens, Sherrilyn
Kenyon, Yasmine Galenorn, Jan De Lima, Jean Johnson,
James Clemens, Lynn Viehl, David and Leigh Eddings,C.L.
Wilson, as well as, the authors of the Hunger Games and
Enders Game. I have many more favorites...too many to

Re: A Skeleton in the Family (5:05pm December 18, 2015):

Thank you for sharing your family stories. I also have some
hearing loss. I love books. I love to browse bookstores and
find new treasures.

Re: Pouncing on Murder (5:00pm December 18, 2015):

I love to read all different genre of books. But books that
have historic people and places, make me do research on
them. I also like books that have recipes or something
extra in the back of them.

Re: Justified (4:33pm December 18, 2015):

Thank you for sharing your story. I have memories of
baking cookies with my daughters. It was a tradition when
had, and I enjoyed it very much. We made Scottish
Shortbread, butter cookies, peanut butter cookies,
chocolate chip cookies, Vienna crescent cookies, sugar
cookies, and Russian Tea balls. Sometimes we would bake a
cake too. Thanksgiving was always a carrot cake with
cream cheese icing from scratch.

Re: Cupcakes and Crushes (5:29pm April 22, 2015):

I love the Hallmark movies. My brother and I are 9 years
apart in age. I love him dearly but we drive each other
cray. I am blessed to have 2 great daughters.

Re: A Brew To A Kill (9:38am August 7, 2012):

Thank you for another release. Can't wait to get my hands on it. Love this series! And your recipes!

Re: The Angel Of Blythe Hall (10:33am December 30, 2011):

I have received several unexpected gifts - the time my ex dropped my off to buy a raincoat...when I got back in the car, I could hear the music to Waltzing Matilda the glove compartment was a stuffed musical Koala bear. He knew I loved Koala bears. Several yrs ago, I was going through a very hard time & my youngest daughter was in college. On the days of her studio classes, I would wait for her so that we could go home together. One night there was a terrible thunderstorm, & on the way home there were cats running all over the streets. My daughter told me about the cat she had seen on her way to school. When we were a block from our house, she saw it. She stooped down & the cat jumped into her arms. Both of them gave my the puppy dog eyes, so I allowed her to carry him home. His name is Thor (Norse God of Thunder). He became my lifesaver at that time in my life. He was a gift from the powers that be. I also have several friends, who I consider my earth angels - I consider them my unexpected gifts too.

Re: Romancing The Countess (9:11am October 28, 2011):

I have a yearning to visit Scotland, England, France and Tuscany, which I plan to do in the future. Because of some of the books that I have read, there are places that I want to visit in those countries. I did name my daughters after 2 characters from 2 different books by Phyllis A. Whitney.

Re: His Last Duchess (8:59am October 28, 2011):

Thank you for sharing a bit of your life with us. I like your approach to writing. Your dog is a real cutie. Thanks for showing us the photo too. I wish I could share a day with you. Look forward to reading your book.

Re: Utterly Charming (12:31pm October 19, 2011):

My favorite was Sleeping Beauty, even though I could recite Cinderella by heart before I started first grade. I will check out Once Upon A Time. I like the way you twisted your storyline.

Re: Attracted to Fire (11:11am October 18, 2011):

The only time I have been to Texas was layovers in the Dallas/Ft. Worth & Houston airports. You gift pack sounds wonderful.

Re: Queeen of the Sylphs (10:54am October 13, 2011):

If the villian has not crossed the line of no return, he can always have a change of heart and do the right thing.

Re: The Goblin King (10:57am October 6, 2011):

Many things inspire me...nature, my family & cats, something I have read. Most of the items I create are useful & I like to give them as gifts. Your book sounds fantastic. I love everything Celtic.

Re: The Norse King's Daughter (11:37am September 30, 2011):

I love books & carry one with me wherever I go. My daughter & I have several hundred books. We have a better library than our neighborhood library. It is very rarely that I give them away. I once donated 125 books to Goodwill. I read all different genres, but I still sometimes get into a slump. I will sometimes do sudoku, pyruko, or crossword puzzles or work on something artistic...then I am ready to read something new. I sometimes will re-read my books. I read the Lord of the Rings (1st edition hardback) 3 times. Sandra - your 1st loves happen to be my 1st loves too (plus Phyllis A. Whitney & Victoria Holt).

Re: Murder By Mocha (11:15am September 20, 2011):

My favorites are fresh fruits & veggies, ice pops in the summer, fresh berries w/yogurt topped w/granola...sometimes cookies, ice cream or crackers. I like your series & the recipes. Thanks for sharing.

Re: To Sketch A Thief (4:49pm September 16, 2011):

I named my daughters from characters out of books that I had read in the 70's - Skye & Courtney (but gave both of them Amber for their middle name). As for our 3 cats, we choose several names for each of them & tried them out to see which one they would respond to. Thor was found during a thunderstorm. Mars is orange & white & was born when the Sun was in Aries. He has a very quick temper. Pudgy, well, he was pudgy when we found him, but he lost his baby fat. I now tell him that my Pudgy is not longer pudgy.

Re: Tempted (10:50am September 15, 2011):

My favorite non-traditional damsel is distress is my youngest daughter, Courtney. She is so petite & delicate looking that people always underestimate her. She stands up & fights for what is right. She was assaulted & robbed by point of gun. She fought her attacker & got up & chased him down the street. One of my friends said she is just like her mother. That was the greatest complement he could have given me. The attacker was never caught. But we do keep an eye out for him...God forbid if we ever catch him!

Re: The Dragon And The Pearl (10:27am September 14, 2011):

Clothes are important, especially when you are trying to make a statement. Many beautiful, artistic items come from ancient China. Your book sounds interesting.

Re: Out in Blue (9:35am September 13, 2011):

I'm an angel lover...always have been, always will be.
I remember a story where God sent the angels down to earth to watch over the humans. They were not suppose to let the humans know they were there. Some of the angels fell in love with the humans, and decided to interact with them & love them. Those angels were cast out of heaven, and became known as fallen angels. They lost their wings in the story.

Re: No Proper Lady (10:05am September 12, 2011):

I love the front cover of your book. Magic, time travel, etc - I'm in. Thanks for the chance to win. I have placed your name on my list of authors to read.

Re: Bel Air (10:35am September 6, 2011):

I like coconut ice cream (I had the best when I was in Mexico), Edy's Dulce De Leche, & chocolate.
Here are 2 quotes that I like:
"It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan". - Eleanor Roosevelt

"Where your talents and the needs of the world cross - therein lies your vocation." - Aristotle

Re: The Wedding Affair (10:16am September 6, 2011):

Leigh - I forgot to add that I love your dollhouse. Your husband did a really great job. Lucky you!

Re: The Wedding Affair (10:12am September 6, 2011):

Sorry I don't know where you could hire a miniature maid. My father made my youngest daughter a 2-storied doll house. He placed a lazy susy on the bottom so that she could rotate it around without getting up to move to the other side. It had wooden shingles on the roof with windows that moved up & down with shutters, also the front door opened. & closed. That was 24 yrs ago & at that time I was offered $750.00 from someone who collected doll houses. Of course I didn't sell it to her. I love looking at historical houses where ever we go.

Re: Lady Of The English (11:02am September 2, 2011):

I loved your other books, & can't wait to read this one. I am familiar with Matilda, but am unfamiliar with Adeliza. You have pricked my interest & now I want to find out everything I can about her. Great give away. Thank you for sharing your writing with us.

Re: Diaries Of An Urban Panther (10:45am August 31, 2011):

As a kid, I would have yelled at them & then ran away. Now as an adult, I stand my ground. My friends think I am crazy because I do stand up to people that they would run from (& some of my friends are female cops too). Being only 5'2" usually stuns whoever it is I am standing up to. So I definitely would throw a punch & then react to the situation accordingly.

Re: Redeeming The Rogue (10:24am August 30, 2011):

All of the previous comments are great. How about characters like the ones from "I Spy" or "the Man from U.N.C.L.E." I am going to add your name to my list of must read authors. I am looking for to reading your books.

Re: Desire and Deception (2:09pm August 19, 2011):

You don't have to repeat the cycle of your family, unless you came from a home that was balanced with a lot of love. You see generations in a family repeating the unhealthy conditions. But you only need 1 person in that family to say enough is enough & have the courage to break the cycle. I know because I can from a broken family. I know people who took drugs & said it was because they came from broken families. I didn't. I believe that is a cop out. Yes sometimes people need someone outside of the vicious circle to believe in them & show them that there is a better way.
At first, I stayed in an abusive marrige because I didn't want my daughters to come from a broken home. I realized that I was doing them more harm than good by staying. By leaving & standing up for myself, I have shown them that they don't have to settle, that they deserve better in their lives. In this day & age, we all have choices to make our lives better & healthier.

Re: The Vampire Next Door (9:38am August 15, 2011):

I have added you to my list of author's to read. This book sounds like a lot of fun. Can't wait to start from the 1st book.

Re: Spycatcher (11:34am August 11, 2011):

Your book sounds like it is going to be a best seller. I'm glad you survived your experiences & are now sharing them with us. Your experience & the story are both exciting...because you have lived it, the story will be more so.

Re: The Landlord's Black-Eyed Daughter (10:35am August 10, 2011):

I love happy endings! I also love Loreena McKennitt's music. Thank you for sharing your excerpt...I am hooked & cannot wait to read the book.

Re: Making Waves (2:04pm August 8, 2011):

I hope someone makes a movie of your book. It sounds interesting. You could also cast Reese Witherspoon as Juli.

Re: The Lady Of The Storm (10:08am August 4, 2011):

I love to read different genres...each writer has their own distinct flare of communicating to the reader. Reading books keep me sane. The writer takes me away to another dimension/world...their words help me visualize the scene, and sometimes I feel that I am right there in the story.

Re: Lie for Me (8:43am August 2, 2011):

You created a character (Lauren) with great courage. There are big lies & little lies, but the one Tucker asked her to do was a whopper. You are right, as some of us can attest to, no good deed goes unpunished. Been there, done that.

Re: Notorious (9:41am July 29, 2011):

I would definitely travel. I would be outspoken too...fight for women's rights...and injustices. I would definitely be raising some eyebrows! lol :)

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