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Minnette Meador | Are You Psychic?

A Ghost of a Chance
Minnette Meador

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June 2011
On Sale: June 15, 2011
ISBN: 1607353407
EAN: 9781607353409
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Reggie shrugged and rubbed his nose with a long forefinger. "The succubus is drawn to powerful men...psychics."

"That's horseshit, Reggie. I'm no psychic."

Reggie nailed him with a cold gaze and chuckled under his ghostly breath. "Let's see...you see dead people. Not only do you see them, but you talk to them as well. As a matter of fact, some of your best friends are dead. Sounds rather psychic to me. But what do I know?"

Keenan licked his lips. "Oh."

A GHOST OF A CHANCE (Resplendence Publishing - June 2011)

When I was a teenager, it was the 70's when ESP, clairvoyance, and telekinetics made a big splash in the US. I had a teacher who was really into psychic abilities and he asked some of us to participate in an experiment with a friend of his. His friend happened to be a very well-known professor of psychology at Portland State University. There were about ten of us who volunteered to do the gauntlet of ESP or Psy tests at the university. Two of us had very high readings and moved onto another set of tests. I had the highest ESP readings in the group. Now, honestly, I think a lot of it had more to do with my ability to read facial expressions and something else I've had all my life: I'm a witch.

No, not that kind of witch. I'm what some call a Dowser or Water Witch. For some reason my neurons are arranged in some very strange configurations and my body acts like a kind of conduit for energy, whether it's electricity, moving water, or even emotions. I can find water, metal, electricity, and sometimes even nothing. It's not exactly rocket science and, to tell the truth, I still don't know precisely how it work. I just know it does.

Because of it, I have a gift for reading people, not only by their faces, but also by the energy they are emanating. Weird, huh? I'm very good at reading emotions, especially very strong ones, only because they create a stronger emotional "current." This makes it very hard to be in crowded places, like malls, movie theaters, etc.; crowds give me a splitting headache. However, I've learned to control it over the years. Now, for those of you who think this is magic, it's actually very scientific; it's just that I can feel magnetic fields that others can't. You should have seen me the first time they put me in an MRI; I scared the tech out of his wits when I could tell him exactly where the scanner was on my body. I wasn't supposed to feel anything.

In my book, A GHOST OF A CHANCE, my wonderfully funny protagonist, Keenan, has abilities himself. He can see ghosts... and not just one or two; he sees them all. He puts out streetlamps as he walks by them when he's angry or upset (which my husband swears I do all the time – he actually watches for it). And, on top of this, he has an uncanny ability to save the world, even though he doesn't know it.

So, what about you? Are you psychic? Do you know someone who is? Are you the kid with all the gnarly powers? Tells us about it. You'd be surprised how many of us have them... or how many of us deny them. Share your experience and I will post the top three on my blog this week! I'll have a drawing for a very special prize between all the entries that I add to my blog, so make sure to follow me on my tour and enter as many times as you can.

Oh, and don't forget: I have some "secret" giveaways throughout my blog tour for a chance to win $25 GC from Amazon. Make sure to watch for them in all the blogs I'll be visiting this month. For a list, go to: MINNETTE'S TOUR.

In the meantime, I hope you'll check out my new book A GHOST OF A CHANCE. It's full of ghosts, angels, demons, and one slightly used psychic who goes through a comedy of disasters to find his heart's desire.

GhostofAChance_FINALA GHOST OF A CHANCE - Excerpt
a paranormal romantic comedy

(Book I in the Ghost Series)
by Minnette Meador
Resplendence Publishing

Keenan Swanson is your typical, everyday graphic designer. Well, except for the hundreds of pesky, prank-loving poltergeists that make his life interesting (in a Chinese curse sort of way). He finds his situation precarious yet manageable—until witty, smoking-hot coworker Isabella enters the scene and Keenan decides he wants her all for himself. With a horny succubus who has other ideas, a burly city cop determined to lock Keenan away, and an evil entity who's hell-bent on using Keenan's seed to create a living demon, the reluctant psychic realizes he just might not come out of this alive—or with heart intact.

"Hysterical and very original!"
2-Time Rita Winner Wendy Warren



Somewhere between thirty and dust...red hair, blue eyes...six kids, one slightly used husband, and any number of pets from time to time... wanttabe hippy... wanttheirmoney yuppie... pro musician and actress for 20 Years... native Oregonian... lover of music, beauty, and all things green. Willing slave to the venerable muse. Minnette currently resides in Portland, Oregon with her husband, having replaced the children with one dog. The dog, Pierre, pretty much runs the show.




34 comments posted.

Re: Minnette Meador | Are You Psychic?

Good morning, everyone! Thanks for joining me at Fresh Fiction. Remember, if you leave me a comment here, you'll be placed in the drawing for some great prizes!
(Minnette Meador 1:07am June 22, 2011)

I don't know anyone who is psychic, but it really interests me. I love The Sixth Sense and the Sookie Stackhouse books because of that subject matter. I'm very interested in your book and wish you the best of luck!
(Renee Pajda 8:53am June 22, 2011)

I am not psychic but I know my mom is convinced that she is. Either than that, the only psychic person I know is Sookie Stackhouse. :)
(May Pau 9:24am June 22, 2011)

Thanks, Renee - I LOVE 6th Sense & Sookie!

Good morning, May - Your mom may be psychic, you never know. Thanks for coming over.
(Minnette Meador 11:47am June 22, 2011)

I doubt i'm psychic although I have seen my fair share of
things I can't explain. Besides that I've never met a real
psychic all the ones I know are in the books I read.
(Aanchal Mcgee 12:05pm June 22, 2011)

Hi, Aanchal - I psychic abilities are subtle in reality. My "abilities" are things like witching for water, being able to feel a presence in the room, popping out street lights all have to do with science, like I said. I'm no expert...far from it... but I think the things I can co have more to do with energy than spirituality. But who knows?
(Minnette Meador 12:41pm June 22, 2011)

The first time I met someone who was a psychic was at a library talk on Babylonian times. She was convinced that the dead were talking through her and had the jewelry to prove it. I wasn't totally convinced as a teen, but some people do have extraordinary powers of intuition. As a practicing member of Alternative Medicine, I have been able to read pepolpe across the room when concentrating and letting the signs and symptoms tell me how they are.
(Alyson Widen 1:58pm June 22, 2011)

I don't know anyone who is psychic, totally believe in the ability though. That must be very interesting to have the ability to find water and energy, kind of cool.
(Jean Patton 2:27pm June 22, 2011)

i am not sure i would call i t psychic powers but i have always been able to know when something bad was going to happen. i don't mean something like global problems but for instance when i was growing up i would be setting in school just fine when i would start to have a horrid sense of anxiety and then by the time i got home that day one of my brothers or sisters would have gotten sick or injured or one of us would be in trouble with my parents. this has continued into adulthood. not all the time but sometimes i get that feeling and i know that something has happened in the family and then someone will call and tell us what it is.
(Tammy Ramey 2:50pm June 22, 2011)

Wow, Alyson! What a great way to use your gifts... I would love to be a healer. It's an amazing ability. But I think you're right, a lot of it has to do with intuition, focus, and concentration. There's nothing magical about those traits, but very few people have them. When I find one who does, they never cease to amaze me!

Hi, Jean- Dousing is completely weird, I can tell you. When I first found out I could do it, it knocked my socks off! Honestly, I didn't believe it completely until I had doused a couple of wells and low and behold, there was water! I was even able to tell one family how deep it was and I was right. ~Chills~ I haven't done it in years. It's really exhausting!

What a great ability, Tammy - I think links to your family, your children, and even your very close friends is very real. I remember having a daydream when I was in high school and suddenly a vision of my dad laying still on a slab of marble scared the bejesus out of me! I rushed home to find out he had had a heart attack. Never underestimate your feelings; I've been able to avert catastrophe more than once because of my "intuition."
(Minnette Meador 3:30pm June 22, 2011)

My grandmother said I was born with the veil. I
have seen and communicated with people that
have passed. My first experience was with my
dead great grandfather in his burial suit who died
before I was born. I have lived in homes that I
was able to tell who died where,told friends to
leave homes and areas alone because of the
energy there. I have a strange intuition that made
me an outcast in catholic school when I would
blurt out things to my classmates like your going
to break your ARM, your mom has been in an
accident that's why she is late, and the worse
repercussions came when out of nowhere I told a
girl her grandmother was going to die in three
days. Since then I have kept a lot to myself and
talk only to my loved ones. My brother loves
using me for interpretations and finds it right on.
I have noticed that when I get extremely angry I
blow out bulbs and mess up phones and the tv or
radio. I also have never been able to wear a
watch, even the wind up kind, they just stop
working once they are on my wrist. I don't know
what all this means and it is kind scary sharing so
much, but thank you for letting me.
(Carla Carlson 3:49pm June 22, 2011)

I often know who's on the other end when the phone rings and sometimes I know someone's name before we're introduced. But mostly, I think I'm more of an empath or like you, I'm good at reading facial ezpressions/tics.
(Kelli Jo Calvert 3:52pm June 22, 2011)

I went to a Spiritualist Church once and it was very, very interesting. A now famous psychic was there and the people I was with had to confirm the things they were told.
(Linda Pillow 4:12pm June 22, 2011)

Thanks so much for sharing, Carla - It takes courage to tell others about these things. I know; I really had to do some soul searching to write about my personal experiences. I'm so glad I did... and I'm so glad they allowed you to share with us. That kind of ability is really special; never feel uncomfortable with your wonderful abilities. M:o)

Kelli - Like I said, there are many more of us out there than I ever suspected. I was labeled an empath after all the ESP tests and I was kind of proud of that. Embrace your gifts!

Sounds interesting, Linda - Can you tell us who it was?
(Minnette Meador 4:32pm June 22, 2011)

Hi, I hope your book is selling like hotcakes! Good luck! I know I've had
my share of unexplained happenings.
(Kristi Knight 5:35pm June 22, 2011)

Thanks, Kristi - Can you share with us? Would love to hear about it! :o)
(Minnette Meador 5:56pm June 22, 2011)

I diffinitely have some abilities. I have had 4 very vivid dreams come true, one of which was a plane crash in the Potomic.I woke up and turned on the tv, and it was talking about the crash. I sometimes see flashes of things that will happen. One of them was a woman falling down stairs. This happened for 6 months. I kept warning my mother to be careful, I knew it wasn't her, but I told her anyway. My aunt, my mother's sister, was found dead, after falling down some stairs. I hadn't seen or heard from my father in over 10 years. I started to get a very strong feeling about him, and I started talking to my son alot about him(which I hadn't done before). After a week of doing this, I got a call from my mother that he was dying of cancer in the hospital. I got to make ammends with him, before he passed. I could go on and on. I have alot of unusual stories like that.
(Debbie Penny 6:52pm June 22, 2011)

Wow, Debbie - Amazing! I'm so sorry you lost your dad, but so glad your gifts allowed you to make peace with him. Your abilities are obviously a real gift.
(Minnette Meador 7:51pm June 22, 2011)

A few times I have warned people about things that were going to happen. Some listened and missed their calamity. Others weren't so lucky, and said they were sorry they didn't listen to me. I also get contacted from time to time from spirits. I don't have any idea who they are yet, but they are persistant and tend to bother me at the wrong time. A psychic picked up on my talents, and told me how to get them to stop for a while. My Mother, who passed away 9 years ago, stopped by to let us know that she was ok. I could feel her touch my skin, and she pushed on my Husband's desk chair while he was sitting in it, and tugged his leg while we were in bed. I was sleeping. She loved to laugh and joke around, so we knew it was her. She also turned off the radio on us a few times - at least we think it was her. If not, someone is trying to contact me regarding something. I have to say that I really enjoyed your blog, and I know I'd really like your book!! The cover is really classy and well done.
(Peggy Roberson 7:52pm June 22, 2011)

Thanks, Peggy - What a delightful story about your mother. That's precious that she would "pull your leg" ~LOL~ And as far as spirits interrupting you at the most inconvenient times, isn't that always the case? It's like having another kids in the house. Thanks for sharing! I hope you get a chance to read the book... I think you might like it. M:o)
(Minnette Meador 7:58pm June 22, 2011)

I realize that everyone has psychic abilities or the potential to be psychic. I wish I knew how to develop mine. I wish I could stop things from working or see spirits. But mine is different. I often see flashes of cats out of the corners of my eyes--probably my kitties that have passed. Sometimes, I'll suddenly turn around and see bigger blobs (ie persons) but I can't distinguish the form. After my dad died, I thought that I saw him briefly. Just a flash but I could have imagined it.

I seem to have a tendency to connect or feel energy. When I was in the waiting room to see my doctor, a very anxious pregnant woman was there. I became anxious for no reason. When I walked into a bookstore (Murder by the Book?), I had to immediately leave. Suddenly, I was overwhelmed with red blood everywhere.

I often get messages from the departed. Not usually verbal messages but signs that they are present. A few years ago, we didn't know that a family friend had passed away. My mom had bought me a Christmas card with a poinsettia on it and had forgotten to give it to me. We had also forgotten that she had given me that same card before. Somehow, throughout that day, she kept finding it in her hands. When she finally gave it to me, I figured out what was going on. I remember the deceased friend, Laurie always having a poinsettia in her home around Christmas. I knew she had been sick so I looked her name up on the internet and found that she had passed. I told Mom that Laurie was trying to tell us what happened to her.

I could also mention the time my writer friend died. The day I found out I went to the library. Lo and behold, there was a copy of a book she had given me, now facing me on a bookshelf. I knew it was Charlene with me. I also felt her presence at other times, too, telling me that she is with me.

But mostly I have the uncanny ability to find research when I need it or want it. In fact, I don't find it. It finds me. I can't begin to tell you how
(Vonnie Alto 9:28pm June 22, 2011)

Well now this is a very very interesting topic. You and I have a few things in common. I often know when a person cannot be trusted. Also, I just need to look at a home to know if there is spirits living in it or not. I've also got some ESP. Not many believe me but that's ok because I know it there :D leanne_gag[at]hotmail[dot]com
(Leanne Gagnon 9:36pm June 22, 2011)

Honestly I've never had any experiences personally :) My dad's adopted mom used to get feelings. For example one time her and my great aunt were getting on a plane to go somewhere and my grandmother refused to get on the plane because she had a really bad feeling. Later, they found out that plane had crashed and everyone who was on that plane had died. Kind of scary!

For me personally, I don't have those gifts but I've always had an uncanny ability to call my dad when he's on the ladder (painting) I never get him on the ground or on a break... he's always on the ladder and he laughs about me always managing to call when he's on a ladder.

Minnette loved learning new things today! ;) I think that's so cool on the testing etc :D especially the light thing that your husband watches for? totally fascinating :D
(Chelsea Rafferty 10:05pm June 22, 2011)

Thanks, Chelsea! You are such a doll... M:o)
(Minnette Meador 10:28pm June 22, 2011)

I dont know if you would say im phychic but i sometimes know things. I can tell someones going to call and who it is. I can tell if someones coming over. I always get anxious and find out later something bad happened. I have desha vu. I can sense things. (Beings/ghosts that are there) And i sometimes know when things are going to happen. When I was 15, i was in a car accident and a few mintues before it happened, i had a premonitioin of it. I was able to brace myself before we collided with the other car. If i hadnt braced myself, i would have went through the windshield. (My mom and sister have the same thing. My mom had a dream about a man being murdered and found out the next day that it really happened. She 'seen' three different car accidents before they happened. My sister has had dreams of family members getting hurt or dying and they've come true. And the houses we've lived in have always been haunted and the ghosts are always active around us. Ive seen ghosts, i wear protection beads because it makes the 'activity' around me less frequent. And i can sense 'bad things' in people. For example, we had a sub teacher in middle school that scared me to death. He never did anything but there was something about him that didnt feel right. I found out a year later by one of my other teachers that he wasnt supposed to be working with kids and he was a 'bad man'. Turned out he was a sex offender. So, i dont know if im a phychic but i have good senses.
(Shadow Kohler 12:22pm June 23, 2011)

I don't personally know anyone who is honestly psychic but I have to admit I think it would be pretty cool.
(Laurie B 1:20am June 23, 2011)

your books r so awesome this ound sounds just as yummy congrats on its release
(Beverly Gordon 5:46am June 23, 2011)

Wow, Shadow, sounds like you have amazing abilities. They should serve you very well in the future. BTW, I LOVE your name!

Hi, Laurie - I think so too! :o)

Thanks, Beverly!
(Minnette Meador 11:21am June 23, 2011)

they have came in handy and i rely heavily on them. :) Thank you. I like your name too!
(Shadow Kohler 5:54pm June 23, 2011)

Great post. I am not psychic and I dont know anyone that is. But I do like to read and hear about them. Your book sounds really good. Looking forward to it.
(Donna Simmonds 1:27am June 24, 2011)

I'm following and can't believe I miss this post!
I would say no, I'm not psychic, though I do believe in ghosts and psychics. I also believe there a lot of frauds out there. I believe in them even though I've never experienced anything otherworldly. When it comes to ghosts I'm not sure I ever want to meet one but I'll wholeheartedly believe in them. My mom though, claims she is able to sense things and has seen a few ghosts. I wonder if my sense is a work in progress?
(Na S 2:35pm June 24, 2011)

Oops! I missed the post and yes I am psychic........
(Joanne Bozik 7:09pm June 24, 2011)

Thanks, Na & Joanne - Got you in the contest!
(Minnette Meador 9:58pm June 24, 2011)

I'm not psychic but I wish I was. I have no patience for tests
or figuring out answers to more than 4 questions and I want to
win the lotto.
(K1006 1006 3:40am July 23, 2011)

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