December 1st, 2020
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Their fake relationship will end when the new year begins...or will it?

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Lord Lucifer -- Lady Diana -- All or NOTHING

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The Past Never Stays Buried

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He’ll do anything to protect a baby in jeopardy…

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She's an undercover angel

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If you're on his list, you're as good as DEAD

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74 comments posted.

Re: Her Rogue Alpha (9:55pm September 7, 2016):

Fortune favors the brave, so yes, I'd take a chance!

Re: A Promise of Fire (11:05pm August 15, 2016):

"The Kite Runner" definitely made me cry, not the main character but the other self-sacrificing character (no spoilers for those who haven't read... but who HASN'T read the kite runner???) gahhh, tugs at my heart strings T__T
Lovely cover, by the way!

Re: Viking Warrior Rising (11:02pm August 15, 2016):

Congrats! I'm usually speechless at great news and don't know how to deal with it, but when it's great news for other people, I'm super excited.

Re: Tommaso (10:40pm May 26, 2016):

Beautiful cover! And very intriguing blurb!

Re: Sexiest Couple Alive (10:38pm May 26, 2016):

Ryan Gosling
Joseph Gordan-Levitt
Jason Dohring
Ki Hong Lee
Daniel Henney

Re: Her Fierce Warror (5:28pm March 8, 2016):

In my family, all celebrations take place over dim sum in chinatown.

Re: Chicken Soup & Homicide (9:32pm February 25, 2016):

Scorpion and starfish. I was visiting Beijing and ended up at the street stalls of Wangfujin(sp?) that sold snake, sheep penis, animal innards/organs, etc... My friend and I bought the scorpion skewers and the starfish plate, but I ended up backing out and not eating them and my friend had it all.

Re: Temper (9:29pm February 25, 2016):

I meditate or take a nap to stop thinking. Living in the city, no matter where you are, it's pretty hard to really escape, so being asleep or meditating and going deep into your own mind, it's pretty much like you're in another world.

Re: Into the Fury (8:41pm February 10, 2016):


Re: By Break of Day (8:35pm February 2, 2016):

One thing I love about reading a series is that you get more involved with the main characters and their families. The more books you read in the series, the deeper you get invested in all the recurring characters. I love reading when a favorite minor character(s) makes another appearance in the next book aside the main characters. Definitely a cherry on top.

Re: A Skeleton in the Family (11:46pm December 15, 2015):

Sorry to hear about such bittersweetness. Audiobooks are certainly very useful and allows authors to reach more wider audiences, unfortunately, the technology came so much later (why is that? we should have flying cars by now!)

Re: Pouncing on Murder (11:42pm December 15, 2015):

Magic--always. Anything fantasy/paranormal/the unknown, I love reading about and have always wondered about their origins since we only believe what's mostly tangible (except those that are religious and believe in deities and gods).

Re: True Deceptions (11:39pm December 15, 2015):

I've always had a faulty imagination. If I get a scenario into my head, chances are, the character only gets as far as waking up and going out the door... Can't seem to imagine what a character would do once they're out in the world (probably because I've always had a boring life, home school home, or home work home--nothing ever exciting happens to me). Probably why I'm horrible at all kinds of writing because I can't elaborate well and I don't have much of an imagination.

Re: Love, Dogs And Other Catastrophes (7:45pm December 11, 2015):

wow, six releases? I wish some of my favorite authors put out that much a year lol
I'm happy that this year is almost over, and I'm looking forward to all the new releases coming out next year. Can't wait! Authors/Their Publishers should allow for 1 release a month!

Re: Here Today, Gone Tamale (7:41pm December 11, 2015):

Love the title, made me giggle.

Re: In The Company Of Wolves (7:54pm December 3, 2015):

He's probably go through a lot of bullying or tough love so he'd grow into his alpha male role of being able to protect others and fending well for himself... maybe?

Re: Somewhere in Time (7:52pm December 3, 2015):

Paranormal? Yessss~ That excerpt and that cover, wow!

Re: Deep Down (12:09pm November 28, 2015):

Never tried it but maybe I will in the future since it's been brought to my attention now.

Re: Chance of a Lifetime (10:46pm November 19, 2015):

I don't have a list, but if I did, it would be similar to your daughter's (we're probably the same age) of meeting authors rather than risk-taking activities.

Re: Resist (10:44pm November 19, 2015):

Oh man, sci-fi/fantasy/paranormal is my weakness!!!
I actually don't know what future technology I would wish for... Maybe better solar powered resources or something that would lessen fossil fuels before earth's resources run out. Also to prevent further depletion of the ozone plus air/noise/water pollution clean-up

Re: Once Upon a Power Play (10:41pm November 19, 2015):

Not interested in sports but I can acknowledge that some sports guys are hot. Not so sure about hockey since I never watched or attended a game.

Re: Murder Under the Mistletoe (6:52pm November 16, 2015):

K-dramas, reading, and listening to music

Re: Hidden Impact (10:49pm November 11, 2015):

Well I still live with my parents so I'm still having my mom's cooking. After college, gotta save on rent so I can repay those loans.

Re: Dangerous Tidings (10:46pm November 11, 2015):

Out of state or abroad because you can see the different ways other people celebrate the same holidays.

Re: Dark Turns (11:43am November 7, 2015):

Don't think I've pushed myself outside my comfort zone just to learn. I love learning but I'm also wary of strangers and new situations and tend to stay away from doing anything drastic.

Re: The Courtship of Utopia Miner (11:38am November 7, 2015):

My favorite genre is fantasy, because who doesn't want a little magic in their lives?

Re: When Fall Fades (11:37am November 7, 2015):

I'm a pessimist so I'm always imagining the worst-case scenario. Also because if you're always positive and have high hopes, the harder you fall when you're more disappointed that something you were expecting didn't happen.

Re: Blowback (10:05pm November 2, 2015):

As a lover of all things fantasy and paranormal, I'd like to think that all the myths and fairytales had happened in real life long ago and were skewed as the real-life stories were passed down orally. As for my life, it's too boring and average (nothing exciting ever happens) so I wouldn't want to inject anything into the books, it'd make for a very boring read. Even textbooks would be better than reading about my life.

Re: Stop at Nothing (10:02pm November 2, 2015):

If the characters were meant to be, then I love reading about second chance romances. Of course, I guess authors won't write second chance romances when one of the characters remain an a-hole.

Re: Viking Warrior Rising (10:00pm November 2, 2015):

I've studied mostly asian history and mythology, so I am not very familiar with viking history/mythology. Guess I'll get a dose of it from here

Re: Recipes For Love And Murder (9:59pm November 2, 2015):

Any recipe for a dessert is my favorite recipe. Even if the whole meal is ruined, as long as there is dessert, I'm happy.

Re: Illusion (3:42pm October 23, 2015):

I must be one of those head-blind people because I've never had a supernatural experience.

Re: Deadlock (3:41pm October 23, 2015):

Never had a pet, not even a goldfish since I have some phobia and get super scared when I'm near any sort of animal.

Re: Welcome to Hickville High (11:31am October 19, 2015):

Never been to Texas, maybe I'll do some traveling after college.

Re: The Survivors (3:46pm October 13, 2015):

Mind blowing since a psychologist would be looking at all the mental more closely than a hero in another field.

Re: Serpentine (12:34pm September 10, 2015):

Ohh all veteran actors. I agree with all your choices and you're lucky to not have caught the virus/addiction that is Asian Dramas. So...addicting...
Since I haven't read the book yet, not sure who I'd like to see casted, but I think I'd like to see Constance Wu, Ellen Wong, and Harry Shum Jr. if it ever becomes a movie in the US/western market.

Re: Avelynn (12:01pm September 10, 2015):

In the novel category, I don't think I have a favorite couple since I can't recall any historical books I've read.
In real history, I also don't think I have a favorite couple because it seems that having an affair was so common that everyone cheated on each other anyway.

Re: The Good Neighbor (12:32pm September 8, 2015):

I'd have to have creativity to guard it, but since I don't, I don't worry too much. Pretty much the same question for privacy, since the internet makes it harder to guard anything anymore.

Re: A Geek Girl's Guide to Murder (12:29pm September 8, 2015):

I geek out about reading, whether it's novels or manga or the newspaper. -(o)_(o)-

Re: Royal Flush (12:26pm September 8, 2015):

I've never been to Vegas, but the water/light shows could be my favorite. (That's in vegas right? lol)

Re: A Ghostly Demise (7:26pm August 28, 2015):

Retirement is about 40+ years away for me, so not sure yet. Travel the world, maybe?

Re: Food Baby (7:25pm August 28, 2015):

I like to add pepper to my ketchup until it goes from red to black (or just really super dark brown). And dipping my fries in ice cream xD lol

Re: Penalty Play (12:58pm August 15, 2015):

Character relatability, mystery, knowledge (a book that will teach me as well i.e. how magic and science works in a particular world). Maybe no romance, but if there is, then it's a small plus.

Re: Darkest Misery (12:45pm August 15, 2015):

Anything under the category fantasy has got to have "magic" being the best thing about being a heroine. What's a heroine without "freakish powers" of some kind? Fantasy is alllllll about magic, baby! (Sexy boyfriends will come along when they see a powerful female they want to tame/overcome, anyway :3 )

Re: Fudging the Books (10:41am August 4, 2015):

My favorite place to visit is anywhere abroad where there's a different culture and history I can learn from. Since grad school is too expensive, I'll have to make do with learning history straight from the source itself ;)

Re: Agent N6: Dylan (10:39am August 4, 2015):

I, too, prefer no faces on book covers because imagination definitely comes up with a better fitting visual than a model selected for the cover. (No offense to the models.) Though I guess even half a face (side profile) in shadow would be ok, but a full shot just makes me put the book back down without reading the blurb (yes, I judge a book by its cover *sigh*).

Re: (11:41am July 13, 2015):

Lily and Rule from the World of the Lupi Series by Eileen Wilks
Not only do they show that they work well together when solving mysteries/crimes, but even with the opposing circumstances and difference cultures, they work well to show that they're the perfect couple.

Re: Center of Gravity (11:38am July 13, 2015):

Definitely a book nerd, I'd save my books first before my computer in a fire.

Re: Shadow Fires (8:57am June 11, 2015):

"Opposites attract" is a very common theme in romance, I would think. The noble/rich male falling in love with the poor/country female. Or even if it's not status, but in species (fantasy), I love reading how characters finally get together despite opposing circumstances (be it their parents or the world).

Re: Champion of Entean (8:53am June 11, 2015):

Though the themes of sci-fi may seem out of the box, I think they're pretty plausible and likely to happen (or have happened), so none of the themes seem out-of-the-box to me. But I love dimension and time traveling (or any traveling, space etc...) because you can read two parallels that might seem different but are actually very much the same.

Re: A Leopard's Path (3:00pm May 13, 2015):

There's no romance in my life (or never was), so what I love about reading Romance is getting to read about the love and struggles in OTHER'S lives. At least then, I can pretend to know what everyone is talking about when they complain about boyfriends.

Re: Greek Gods Bearing Gifts (10:25am May 7, 2015):

I don't watch TV often (or not anymore after college since I don't own one anymore) but my favorite series is still Veronica Mars! I'm so glad the kickstarter was funded and 10 years later, we get a movie (though a new Season would've been better T_T). They had canceled the show before airing Season 4 where Veronica was gonna intern at the FBI.

Re: Legitimate Lies (11:12am May 4, 2015):

Taking underground public transportation, there's no such thing as a scenic route, but I'd like to imagine there is.

Re: A Horse for Kate (1:19pm April 9, 2015):

The only kids around me are my younger cousins (pre-teen) and they do not like reading. One of them might have a learning disability though (the school suspects so) so that might put him off reading, but I'm working on the other one to make her into an avid reader like me :D

Re: Tempting the Wolf (1:16pm April 9, 2015):

I will collaborate when I am asked to but because I'm such a hermit (introvert) personality, I tend to like being lone wolf more.

Re: The Millionaire's Unexpected Proposal (1:14pm April 9, 2015):

I make one everyday because we as humans are so judgmental then get proven wrong for them

Re: Remember Me (1:10pm April 9, 2015):

I wish I was attentive enough to make a playlist for different events in my life, but alas, I don't have the attention span to put one together before my mind wanders off into another topic.

Re: Lady Of The Eternal City (1:10pm March 24, 2015):

Any country's history is always fascinating because even though it's always taught to us a certain way, it's not exactly truth (because it's only one side of the story). I'd say Rome's history is the most fascinating part of it.

Re: Paper Doll (1:05pm March 24, 2015):

It's unfortunate, but I've never had a powerful infatuation. I'm fresh out of college, so I'm more obsessed over getting a job than finding a boyfriend...Though does celebrity crushes count? xD

Re: Spring Fever: Shifters in Love (3:58pm March 15, 2015):

Witches/Wizards/Sorcerers are my favorite because I love reading about the science/theories behind magic.

Re: Assault And Pepper (3:00pm March 2, 2015):

My favorite cozy spot is anywhere with good lighting. In a small cramped apartment, everything is adaptable to being a cozy spot.

Re: Dominic: The Prince (9:00pm February 19, 2015):

I'm not searching for a hero because I've found him!

Re: Once a Wallflower, At Last His Love (9:23pm February 12, 2015):

The last hero I fell in love with...alludes me right now but the FIRST hero I fell in love with is from the classic drama "Return of the Condor Heroes 1983"

Re: As Gouda as Dead (9:23am February 5, 2015):

My favorite event I've attended so far is a Lunar New Year "Family Day" event where all the families gathered to celebrate the different cultures (Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Himalayan etc...) as well as sample the traditional foods served during new years.

Re: A Stitch in Crime (9:18am February 5, 2015):

It's wonderful to be able to combine both your loves and talents into one. And the comparisons that you've drawn shows just how much writing and quilting have in common and the love and effort you put into them.

Re: Beyond Limits (11:25am January 30, 2015):

I love reading books about the higher ups in law enforcement

Re: Ghost In The Guacamole (10:16pm January 26, 2015):

Traveling to haunted sites for research sounds like the best kind of homework

Re: Meow If It's Murder (8:11pm January 14, 2015):

I love animal-protagonists (we all know Nick is the main character in this book ;). ) that are too smart for their own good. Mystery-crime-solving cat? oh yeaaaaa!

Re: More Than A Duke (8:09pm January 14, 2015):

Flaws, most definitely. It's the imperfections that make heroes and heroines more relatable and the happily-ever-after endings more believable.

Re: How to Plan a Wedding for a Royal Spy (8:05pm January 14, 2015):

Lovely cover! I'd love to have a wardrobe of all the dresses in your covers, but having a copy of the book would suffice too :)

Re: Hitting on the Hooker (8:01pm January 14, 2015):

I went to a charity date auction for our local Rugby team just last month! Had no idea we had a local team til my friend invited me to the auction

Re: The Thornless Rose (1:28pm January 8, 2015):

It would be interesting to travel to the PAST anywhere in the world because it would be like reliving the (slightly true) history we've read in books. However, I think it'd be more exciting to travel into the FUTURE (again, anywhere in the world) because the future is unknown and that's what makes it so exciting!

Re: Ashwood Falls Box Set (1:24pm January 8, 2015):

Rogues and opposite packs of Shifters, mmm mmm mmm! Love the tension haha

Re: Two Week Seduction (1:22pm January 8, 2015):

Lucky that picture isn't of the oil spill you had cuz that looks serious!

Hmmm I don't think I'd want to control ANY market--it'd be too much work for me to hold back on the control haha

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