February 27th, 2021
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Sara Rosett | Tales of a Reluctant Mover


I’ve moved a lot. I’ve moved so many times that I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve moved. I know it’s over fifteen times, which is rather ironic because I spent most of the first twenty years of my life in the same city. Then I married a man in the Air Force and life hasn’t been quite so settled. Ironically, I’m not a person who craves change and new things. I prefer to be in familiar surroundings. With each military move, I went reluctantly, but once the boxes were unpacked and we settled into our new life, I grew to like the new place—well, that’s a true statement for most of the places we’ve lived. There were a few locales I couldn’t wait to leave—and that’s the good thing about being a military spouse, if you don’t like the assignment, you know you’ll be moving on soon.

As painful as the frequent relocations were for me, they also provided a rich background for my mystery series. I grew up in Texas and, despite what you might think, I did see snow. Great wind-blown drifts of it would pile up next to our garage when huge snowstorms swept down from the plains, but I’d never seen snow like they had in Washington State. We lived in Spokane in the inland Pacific Northwest for several years and one winter we had endless rain. The next year we had endless snow. I’d never seen snow plows push the unmelting snow higher and higher along our street, until it rose above my car window and there was only a narrow corridor wide enough for one car. I’d never had snow tires or seen wires zigzagging along roof edges to melt ice. I loved writing about this very different world in the first two books in the series, MOVING IS MURDER and STAYING HOME IS A KILLER

For the third book, I sent Ellie on vacation to Washington D.C., where—surprise, surprise—I also recently vacationed. After touring the Smithsonian museums and walking the National Mall, I thought it would be a perfect setting for a mystery about a military spouse. Little did I know, in a few years we’d be stationed in both Maryland and Virginia. We lived in a rural area in Maryland where red barns dotted the landscape of corn and tobacco fields. That’s where I discovered that I’m a suburban girl. I like the grocery store to be ten minutes away and I really need a bookstore within half an hour! I loved the hustle and bustle of Virginia. We lived outside the Beltway, but we could hop on the Metro and revisit the monuments and museums pretty much whenever we wanted.

Since I’d already written about the D.C. area, for the fourth and fifth books, MAGNOLIAS, MOONLIGHT, AND MURDER, and MINT JULEPS, MAYHEM, AND MURDER, I moved Ellie to the south to a fictionalized version of Warner Robins, Georgia. I wasn’t too enamored of the humid summers, but I did enjoy the fall and winter in middle Georgia. I put all those quirky and interesting things about Georgia into the books—the roadside boiled peanut stands, the kudzu-draped power lines, the abandoned family plot graveyards scattered around the countryside, and the old-fashioned hardware store down the road with trophy heads mounted on the walls, rocking chairs by the stove, and a bucket of bubble gum under the counter for the kids.

When it came time to write the sixth in the series, MIMOSAS, MISCHIEF, AND MURDER, I decided to send Ellie to visit her in-laws in Alabama. I spent a very happy three months at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, avoiding snow and enjoying a balmy southern winter while my husband attended a military training course called Squadron Officer School, or SOS, for short. It wasn’t an SOS situation for me. I met the nicest people and would have stayed longer if I could. Alabama wasn’t the only short trip we’ve taken that I’ve wanted to write about. Being in a military family means we’ve been able to combine work and travel to Hawaii, England, Germany and even work in a weekend trip to Paris, which wasn’t nearly long enough!

Sometimes people ask me if I’m afraid I’ll run out of things to write about. I don’t think I will. For me, many of the stories grow out of the setting and I still haven’t written about Oklahoma, southern California, Texas, and Florida. And, there’s all those international destinations, too. The Eiffel Tower might be an ideal place for a murder…

Sara Rosett is the author of the Ellie Avery mysteries. MIMOSAS, MISCHIEF, AND MURDER is the latest title in the series. You can learn more about Sara and her books at http://www.SaraRosett.com.




13 comments posted.

Re: Sara Rosett | Tales of a Reluctant Mover

I don't think I could handle a life on the move!! I've had to move a handful of times in my lifetime, and each one was more painful than the last!! It is interesting to go to new areas, though, and enjoy new experiences. Your books are written about places that I've never been to, so I'm looking forward to reading about them, and I'm sure they'll be as enjoyable as your post was to read.
(Peggy Roberson 12:34pm March 31, 2011)

My sister & her USAF hubby travelled all over the world... Now that he's retired and they are in one place; all the things they sold to make weight limits for every move has misteriously reappeared in their Florida garage according to him!!
(Cate Sparks 1:25pm March 31, 2011)

My daughter lives in Spokane. I go there every Christmas, well since my Grandson was born 2 yrs ago, and it does snow. However I live in Utah and we get it worse than they do sometimes. Ick. I have moved a few times and have lived in 5 different cities since my adulthood. Am thinking Spokane would be a good place to settle since the daughter and grandbaby are there. Anyways, I love mysteries and now will have to look up the first 2 books that are taking place in Spokane. I LOVE it there.
(Vicki Hancock 4:33pm March 31, 2011)

(Silvana Moscato 5:34pm March 31, 2011)

I would love to travel but haven't so far; maybe once I'm retired we'll get to visit some family at each end of Canada.
(Diane Sadler 5:37pm March 31, 2011)

I've been in the same place for about 5 years, which is a new record for me since I began living on my own. Haven't livid anywhere exotic, but each place had it's own charm.
(Maria Munoz 5:59pm March 31, 2011)

If you move alot you can not purchase lots of furniture. If we end up moving again, oh boy, oh boy, decluttering is a pain. One one thing that helps any move is a good book to escape to!
(Linda Pillow 6:03pm March 31, 2011)

At least now with e-books, you don't have to get rid of your book collection when you move.
(Carol Drummond 6:40pm March 31, 2011)

I moved five times in four years, I stil have cluttered up my last home, and we may have to move for a job to another state, and I'll have to declutter again!
(Brenda Rupp 9:13pm March 31, 2011)

I've moved 15 times in my life - that I remember. I've been in this home/location for 7 years and I'm hoping this is the last move! Like Sara, my books always went with me and since the library kept growing, there were lots of boxes. This past year I bought a Nook so I could travel without lugging so many books; what a joy it is! I have to admit that I have not read your books, but now that you are on my radar ....
(Karen Cherubino 10:36pm March 31, 2011)

When you move, stuff seems to multiply and you end up shaking your head figuring out where to put it all.
(Alyson Widen 8:16pm April 1, 2011)

Just the word "moving" makes me quiver- and not with delight! I too have moved all over, the last one being to WI where I swear it snows until July...and yes, we are planning another move soon. UGH-but with new moves, comes the adventure of new things- so it's not all bad.
(Patti DelValle 1:52am April 4, 2011)

I can't move that much. I lose things wuithout moving so if I moved who knows where it would be
(Patricia Kasner 6:34pm May 8, 2011)

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