October 17th, 2017
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Suspense, thrills and love in October Best Reads

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If only life came with instructions.

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There is nothing in the universe the cursed dragon, Falcyn, hates more than humanity . . . except Greek humans.

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No bodices were harmed in this historical romance.

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Together we'll save the world...Unless we kill each other first.

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“The Wrath Is Coming.” But They Don’T Know Where—Or When.

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PREORDER this sexy & emotional story about a single dad wild with grief and the strong survivor he hires as his nanny!


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Emma in the Night
by Wendy Walker
"Suspense filled novel that will keep your head spinning and shock you at the end!"
Posted October 17, 2017

This novel wins the thriller of the year in my book so far! The novel, EMMA IN THE NIGHT written by Wendy Walker will be one that you tell yourself you have to finish before putting it down. The suspense, the surprises, and the family secrets will have you obsessed Read more...

What She Saw
by Gerard Stembridge
"What She Saw may be the last thing she sees!"
Posted October 17, 2017

WHAT SHE SAW written by Gerard Stembridge is an intriguing story that will remind you to mind your own business. Stembridge created a character that not only comes across mentally unstable at times but also determined to get answers without thinking of the consequences. This combination makes it a great Read more...

Look Behind You
by Iris Johansen
"Look Behind You; if you dare to read the most intriguing crime of them all!"
Posted October 17, 2017

LOOK BEHIND YOU is an incredible novel that involves one of society's fears when it comes to unsolved serial murders, but you have to read it for yourself to see what I mean. In this fictional novel, LOOK BEHIND YOU, written by Iris Johansen you are left with goosebumps Read more...

99 Red Balloons
by Elisabeth Carpenter
"Shocking, mysterious, thriller that you can't put down"
Posted October 11, 2017

There is always that one story that keeps you awake wanting to finish it because you know you can't sleep until you do. 99 RED BALLOONS by Elisabeth Carpenter is definitely that one book for me this year! Though I was interested in the story at first by the Read more...

Asking for Truffle
by Dorothy St. James
"Feast yourself on Asking for Truffle and enjoy this delicious mystery!"
Posted August 10, 2017

Asking for Truffle is the first in the Southern Chocolate Shop Mystery for Dorothy St. James and a splendid one it is! An easy reading cozy mystery that keeps you hooked from page one with delicious characters and a delightful story. Oh, and let's not forget all Read more...

It's Always the Husband
by Michele Campbell
"A suspense that will not end as you expect! Seriously... it'll leave you hanging off a cliff!"
Posted May 21, 2017

IT'S ALWAYS THE HUSBAND written by Michele Campbell is a suspense that will have you not knowing who to trust, and who to dislike in this captivating scenario. Three unlikely young females become roommates in college and are forced into secrets their freshman year. This story is like none Read more...

Don't Turn Out the Lights
by Bernard Minier
"You will most certainly want to keep the lights on for this thriller!"
Posted March 8, 2017

DON'T TURN OUT THE LIGHTS written by Bernard Minier will leave you frozen in your seat! This story line is so unnerving (In a good way.) you will not want to move a muscle. I love mysteries that keep you wondering through out then at the end, wham! I Read more...

The Occupied
by Craig Parshall
"A supernatural thriller that you will not want to put down!"
Posted January 11, 2017

THE OCCUPIED is a supernatural thriller novel with all the features that will keep you awake at night until the very end. The author, Craig Parshall, has a dynamic hit here and it is hard to put down. For all those who love suspense, you will love this novel by Read more...

Murder with Macaroni and Cheese
by A.L. Herbert
"This mystery cooked up more than murder!"
Posted January 11, 2017

In A. L. Herbert's latest Mahalia Watkins Soul Food Mysteries, MURDER WITH MACARONI AND CHEESE you will be served up delicious recipes and a brilliant mystery! As a lover of cozy mysteries, I found this Read more...

Reckless Creed
by Alex Kava
"Could this be the conspiracy that brings us to the end?"
Posted January 10, 2017

RECKLESS CREED is the first novel I read of Alex Kava's Ryder Creed series but it is not the first one of this amazing storyline. The series is about Creed who trains K-9s for Read more...

A Dark and Stormy Murder
by Julia Buckley
"A new series that will end with you wanting more!"
Posted January 4, 2017

In the first of a new series, A DARK AND STORMY MURDER is absolutely a brilliant beginning! I love the lively characters that Julia Buckley created in this Writer's Apprentice Series down to the furry pets. With the setting being in a small town of Blue Lake, Indiana, Buckley Read more...

The Princess and the Poison
by Carol E. Ayer
"A fairytale murder mystery"
Posted December 18, 2016

THE PRINCESS AND THE POISON written by Carol E. Ayer is the first in the Storybook Park Mystery series! This is a great story idea for a mystery and different than many cozy mysteries. With the setting a theme park with sights of all your favorite childhood fairytale stories, Ayer Read more...

Silk Stalkings
by Diane Vallere
"A Mystery that will keep you stitched in place until the end!"
Posted December 18, 2016

I enjoyed reading SILK STALKINGS, written by Diane Vallere. It is the third book in the Material Witness Mystery series and has a load of suspenseful events going on that will keep you stitched in placed until you Read more...

The Readaholics and the Gothic Gala
by Laura DiSilverio
"Gothic Gala, book clubs, and murder! What more can one want from a great mystery?"
Posted December 18, 2016

Laura DiSilverio's next series in the Book Club Mystery will leave you entertained and at the edge of your seat in anticipation! THE READAHOLIC AND THE GOTHIC GALA is not only hilarious at times but also unpredictable Read more...

A Novel Death
by Elizabeth Ashby, Ellie Ashe
"A book from Dangerous Reads can leave you dying for more!"
Posted September 27, 2016

A NOVEL DEATH written by Elizabeth Ashby and Ellie Ashe, is another book in the Danger Cove Mysteries that you will be sure to enjoy from the first chapter. Like most cozy mystery it has your humor, a touch of Read more...

Grilling the Subject
by Daryl Wood Gerber
"A sensational cozy mystery not to be missed!"
Posted August 28, 2016

What an awesome cozy mystery GRILLING THE SUBJECT by Daryl Wood Gerber is! I enjoyed reading about The Cookbook Nook, a bookstore owned by the main character, Jenna, who has a knack for solving mysteries. With a country theme during a special event for the town of Crystal Cove, California Read more...

Title Wave
by Lorna Barrett
"A Mystery Cruise turns up deadly!"
Posted August 10, 2016

TITLE WAVE by Lorna Barrett is a delightful cozy mystery and the first in the BookTown mystery series that I have read. I enjoyed the pace and the storyline sounds like a cruise I would love to go on myself, one filled with lots of mystery authors, so you know Read more...

Sleuthing For A Living
by Jennifer L. Hart
"Fans of Gilmore Girls will adore SLEUTHING FOR A LIVING, the next hit in cozy mysteries!"
Posted August 10, 2016

SLEUTHING FOR A LIVING by Jennifer L. Hart will be one of my new favorite cozy mystery series! This is the debut for the series Mackenzie & Mackenzie P.I., about a single mother, Mackenzie raising her teenage daughter, Mac, all while she decides to go into the Private Investigating business Read more...

Warning Order
by Joshua Hood
"Can Mason Kane save his men and country before time runs out?"
Posted July 25, 2016

This is an amazingly written novel by Joshua Hood who was in the 82nd Airborne Division of his Military career. WARNING ORDER is the second of the Search and Destroy Thriller series and is easy to understand the main character's background even if you haven't read Read more...

That Wasn't Chicken
by Linda Kozar
"If THAT WASN'T CHICKEN, what else could it had been?"
Posted February 9, 2016

THAT WASN'T CHICKEN is hilarious with many twist and turns giving an unexpected ending, which I love in a cozy mystery. Whether you are reading or listening to the audio by Michelle Babb be ready for that outburst of laughs, which could be embarrassing in public. As the fourth Read more...

Teresa Cross

My name is Teresa Cross and I am a single mom of two grown children. Amber 26, and James almost 23. I teach First Grade to a class of active 6 and 7 years old. When I am not teaching I have a book in my hands every where I go. I will read almost anything but have a big love for mystery and suspense. I love to write as well and hope to soon write my own mystery novel within this next year.

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