May 28th, 2020
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He's a kidnapper for hire...and he's just caught her.

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For all no-mercy heroines over forty. It’s Not Too Late.

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Read the Wild, Wild Regency everyone is talking about.

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Garrett had an irresistible charm and Julia knew she was headed for trouble.

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A perfect Mother’s Day story - free on KindleUnlimited

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When missing turns to murdered, one woman’s search for answers will take her to a place she never wanted to go…

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Opposites resist—and attract—under the Cancún sun

Kim C

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September 6, 2010

48 comments posted.

Re: A Wedding in December (10:42am December 9):

I look forward to being with family and I also enjoy listening to Christmas music.

Re: One Night Gamble (6:18pm January 16, 2019):

I enjoy playing poker with friends.

Re: Texas Legacy (6:13pm January 16, 2019):

Lorraine Heath always writes interesting primary and secondary characters.

Re: A Gentleman for All Seasons (12:06pm November 12, 2015):

I enjoy learning about different eras and how bits of history are interwoven into some stories.

Re: How to Plan a Wedding for a Royal Spy (4:23pm January 14, 2015):

Congratulations. I always enjoy an historical with some intrigue.

Re: Ain't She Sweet? (2:45pm August 21, 2014):

You can't go wrong with any book by Susan Elizabeth Phillips.

Re: Natural Born Charmer (3:24pm August 11, 2014):

I liked this book. so funny.

Re: Breathing Room (3:23pm August 11, 2014):

I think this is the only Susan Elizabeth Phillips book with a foreign setting.

Re: Breathing Room (3:21pm August 11, 2014):

Everyone seems to have their own favorite. I like several of SEP's books.

Re: Natural Born Charmer (3:17pm August 11, 2014):

Susan Elizabeth Phillips' books are always enjoyable.

Re: Playing It Close (1:19pm April 7, 2014):

Congratulations on the new book. I downloaded Knowing the Score during a recent sale, but haven't had a chance to read it yet. I've never really watched a rugby match, but the first word I think of is British. It seems to be a populat sport in that country.

Re: If Wishes Were Earls (1:41pm December 31, 2013):

Thanks for the giveaway. Happy New Year!

Re: The Scandal in Kissing an Heir (1:39pm December 31, 2013):

Thanks for the excerpt & giveaway.

Re: The Bad Boy Billionaire's Wicked Arrangement (1:37pm December 31, 2013):

Thank you for the excerpt. Is it difficult going from historicals to contemporaries?

Re: Have You Any Rogues? (7:17pm November 13, 2013):

I haven't read And The Miss Ran Away With The Rake, but this excerpt from your new project sounds interesting.

Re: It Takes Two To Tangle (3:55pm September 13, 2013):

A red dress looks good on almost anyone. The cover is no exception. Growing up, I never had a nickname. No one in my family did.

Re: True Spies (3:51pm September 13, 2013):

Who can resist a spy novel and marriage in trouble plot? The Scarlet Pimpernel was a terrific spy novel with a marriage crisis, so perhaps this one has a similar theme.

Re: Once Upon A Tartan (3:08pm August 15, 2013):

I've thought about writing a romance book, but I think dialogue is difficult to write. I am organized, however, and am good at sentence structure.

Re: It Happened One Midnight (12:23pm July 3, 2013):

I've been enjoying this series and am almost finished with this book. The initial scene between Tommy and the duke was heartbreaking. Also, the scenes with little Sara and Charles were sweet and really showed another side of Jonathan.

I have two questions: Will Lyon somehow get word that Olivia is moving on? Something will eventually bring him home. Secondly, I think it was in I Kissed an Earl that you gave us a glimpse of how Isaiah Redmond made his money. Also, there is the matter of his refusal to allow Cynthia into his home. So as you planned out this series, did you envision him as a complete villain or just a very flawed man?

Re: Sweet Revenge (12:42pm June 4, 2013):

I actually like both kinds of heroes depending on the plot.

Re: It Had To Be You (12:41pm June 4, 2013):

I really like the Kelly Clarkson and Pink songs, but not necessarily when I'm reading.

Re: Lord Of Darkness (1:18pm March 4, 2013):

With so many books with Regency and Victorian settings, it's nice having a novel set in 1730s London.

Re: Deck the Halls With Love (1:13pm February 6, 2013):

In Lisa Kleypas' contemporary book, Sugar Daddy, I always thought Liberty's little sister should have her own story as an adult.

Re: When You Give A Duke A Diamond (3:09pm September 9, 2012):

I don't care for heroines who are doormats. Authors walk a fine line in historicals, because women didn't have much power. So while it's unrealistic to have a heroine who goes out and gets a job, it's important to give her some "strong" characteristics, such as standing up to the hero.

Re: Sweet Deception (1:05pm August 16, 2012):

Congratulations on your books. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, and I think this can be a form of stubborness.

Re: The Casanova Code (6:47pm June 18, 2012):

Hmm, my ad would be quite shallow in that looks would be important. LOL

Unattached wealthy bluestocking, looking for a titled & handsome gentleman. Must like dancing and animals.

Re: More Than A Stranger (1:21pm June 5, 2012):

I've never been to Scotland, but if you go, you should try a multi-country touring vacation. How many times will you get to Europe, so check out England, too. penfield716(AT)yahoo(DOT)com

Re: Bride By Mistake (2:28pm January 10, 2012):

I really like marriage of convenince stories especially if there are underlying feelings. However, there is no way I would enter into one. :)

Re: Wedded In Scandal (6:46pm December 22, 2011):

Sitting in front of the computer can be a time waster. I plan to be on for a few minutes and time slips away. Happy holidays.

Re: His Last Duchess (7:32pm October 27, 2011):

Congratulations on the book. Your dog is adorable. It must be nice to have his company when you are deep into writing and not getting outside.

Re: The Doctor Takes A Princess (12:22pm July 8, 2011):

Congratulations on the new release. It looks like a fun read.

Re: The Dark Enquiry (7:42pm June 28, 2011):

Interesting take on Victorian England.

Re: Night Veil (1:08pm June 27, 2011):


Re: The Dark Enquiry (1:07pm June 27, 2011):

I'm liiking forward to the next book in the series.

Re: Money Shot (1:07pm June 10, 2011):

I love good dialogue and witty banter. However, in Deanna Raybourn's "Lady Julia Gray" historical series, the author does an outstanding job with settings. Whether it's standing on the English moors or walking the streets of Victorian England, the reader actually feels as if she's there. The setting is such an important part of this series.

Re: Never A Gentleman (4:59pm April 26, 2011):

I haven't read this book yet, but I often wonder how authors deal with criticism. You try your hardest to write something, but not everyone is going to love it. Are you philosophical about it or does it bother you when this happens?

Re: The Devil in Disguise (4:56pm April 24, 2011):

Congtaulations on your debut. I like to read about how you came up with the idea of a the plot and characters.

Re: A Lot Like Love (6:18pm March 24, 2011):

Congratulations on the new release. Either plot is fine.

Re: An Unlikely Countess (3:32pm March 19, 2011):

I think you have to treat people equally whether rich or poor. Class distinction is what separates American and Regency historicals. However, if you lose all your money of course you want to get back your standard of living.

Re: What I Did For A Duke (7:45pm March 17, 2011):

I hope to read this books soon.

Re: Animal Magnetism (4:16pm March 5, 2011):

The cover is so cute.

Re: Scandal of the Year (4:53pm March 4, 2011):

Congratulations on the new release.

Re: Seducing The Duchess (12:26pm October 7, 2010):

Congratulations on your debut. If you're reading the book in a public setting, then the cover can be embarassing. Hardcover romance covers are usually a bit tamer than paperbacks.

Re: Knight Of Passion (3:18pm July 23, 2010):

Congratulations on the new release. I haven't read a medieval book in several years. Everything seems to be regency based right now. There's something to be said about a hero who lives by a code of honor. It sounds like an interesting read.

Re: His At Night (1:55pm May 25, 2010):

Hi, Sherry - Congratulations on the new release!

Sometimes romance novels can supplement information that I've already learned from history books, such as Guy Fawkes Day and Maypole dancing. In Eloisa James's, When the Duke Returns, she had some interesting information on who exactly cleaned the plugged water closets in the 19th Century. That was not a very appealing job.

Re: Demonkeepers (8:20pm April 14, 2010):

I've only read Jessica's harlequins, so please enter me in the contest. Thanks.

Re: The Betrayal Of The Blood Lily (4:27pm February 21, 2010):

During winter, I don't really go anywhere, but a cup of hot chocolate and a good book would pass the time.

Re: Promise Me Tonight (2:23pm February 12, 2010):

What a nice contest. I keeping hearing very good things about this book.

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