January 22nd, 2018
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My Recent Tailspin by Jade Lee / Kathy Lyons


For the Bear's Eyes Only
Kathy Lyons



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Grizzlies Gone Wild #3

November 2016
On Sale: November 15, 2016
ISBN: 1455540978
EAN: 9781455540990
Kindle: B01G1K1RSG
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Also by Kathy Lyons:
Heart of Stone / Rock Candy, April 2017
For the Bear's Eyes Only, November 2016
License to Shift, October 2016
The Bear Who Loved Me, September 2016


A few days ago, a friend of mine sent me a political cartoon. She was blithely unaware that our politics are polar opposites. Usually I ignore her political commentary, but this cartoon hit a nerve. It insulted President Obama and glorified Trump’s pussy grabbing comment. I emailed back that she needed to stop sending me such things because I don’t consider sexual attacks funny, and certainly not ones bragged about by our current president. She responded by saying that was rich considering the trash/filth I write.

This woman has known me for years, has read my books and said she liked them, and I even named one of my heroes after her husband. Her one emailed comment destroyed me. I know she was lashing back, I know it’s a reflection of her generation and upbringing. I know that, but she sent me into a tailspin nonetheless.

Why? There’s the obvious dismissal of my life’s work, but that’s not unusual. The world is full of people who dismiss romance novels as porn for silly women. They’re wrong and I’m not going to waste my breath arguing with them. There’s the unexpected attack from a friend, but let’s face it, we’re not that close. She had no idea that I despise President Trump and cannot wait to vote him out of office.

So why have I spent so much time obsessing over this? It comes down to this:

I believe that words matter. I believe that my stories have the power to lift spirits and change hearts. Every book rings with the message that love strengthens, love heals, and that loving someone may be scary hard, but it’s so worth it. Since this woman has read my books, I believed that she heard my words and felt my message. And maybe she had, but obviously not in that exact moment. Which led me to this realization. Brace yourself because it hurt me a lot.

Maybe my stories aren’t enough to change the world. Maybe I should do more than just tell good love stories. Maybe I need to get out of my office and do something more.

Oh hell. Her comment got me straight in my complacency. Sure, my books are filled with the power of love. Even better, I try and live from the place: loving instead of lashing out, understanding instead of building walls.

But what if that’s not enough? What if I need to march on Washington or something? Or get involved in local politics? I’m not going to quit writing. God, no! That’s my calling and it comes straight from my heart. But what if I should…um…I don’t know…volunteer at a soup kitchen?

Help me! Make a suggestion of how I can change the world in my spare time. One lucky commenter will get a free e-copy of THE BEAR WHO LOVED ME by Kathy Lyons.


Grizzlies Gone Wild #1

The Bear
Who Loved Me


Between single-handedly running her bakery and raising her teenaged nephew, Becca Weitz thought she had a decent grip on “normal.” Then her nephew vanishes, and life as she’s known it changes forever. Local legends are true: bear shifters exist . . . and her nephew is part of their clan. As is Carl Carman, the sexy, larger-than-life man who has sworn to find her nephew-and the other young shifters who’ve gone missing.

As the leader of his clan, Carl is surrounded by enemies. He’s learned the hard way that keeping a firm leash on his inner beast is key to survival, though his feelings for Becca test his legendary control. Then danger stalks too close, and Carl realizes he must unleash the raging, primal force within to protect everything he holds dear. But can Becca trust his grizzly side with her life-and her heart?

Romance Paranormal [Forever Yours, On Sale: September 6, 2016, e-Book, ISBN: 9781455540914 / eISBN: 9781455540921]




6 comments posted.

Re: My Recent Tailspin by Jade Lee / Kathy Lyons

I think you are doing a wonderful job! I LOVE shifter romance
novels! I read them all the time. They definitely do lift my spirit!
Now as far as the changing the world. I think you should do
volunteering at places around your town. Or maybe do talks at
schools to get kids into helping the community, recycling, helping
other, picking up trash and reading. This generation is being
destroyed by social media and the mainstream news. Telling kids
that its cool to be gay, when they dont even understand any of it (I
am not anit-gay) I just dont like the way the media is pushing this
agenda onto kids. This generation needs help. I'm not quite sure
how exactly to help them but I think reading is a start.
(Jaclyn Kolhoff 7:43pm March 2)

I know exactly what you mean Kathy/Jade. I am careful with my FB posting because I have
"friend and family" who don't get the healing and positives of the romance book genre. Your
attitude is exactly why you are on a favored author list. Keep up writing your stories of
love and the healing joy it brings. I try to pass smiles and joy to others and seek to find
ways to help others. Today I was the recipient of that from two women at our local BN
Bookstore. I can tell you I felt uplifted when I left. Get involved in what's important to
you by supporting others and encouraging those who are effective to act. If you look the
opportunities will appear when you seek them. I have faith.
(Lenna Hendershott 6:35pm March 3)

I love your plots! Can't wait for more.
(Amber Niebaum 12:52pm March 4)

To change the world you have to start at the bottom no
matter how small, it will matter. Recycle, don't litter, be
courteous to other people, lend a helping hand to others.
(Sharon Extine 1:36pm March 4)

It's always eye opening to find out what people are really
thinking, or I think case, "not" thinking, but reacting
Sorry you had to deal with that.
Just carry on doing the best you can. Your stories are
redemptive and translate into you life as you live it.
(Kathleen Bylsma 3:32pm March 4)

I love your books! How dare she use "trash/filth" and call herself a friend. "grabbing pussy" is now a phrase my nephew knows - that's trashy! I like volunteering at Meals on Wheels -delivering to those who can't/shouldn't cook while making sure they are still in contact with the world.
(Beth Elder 6:51pm March 6)

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