November 27th, 2022
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This Christmas, the Carlyle sisters will rediscover the gift of family

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A Christmas to remember

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Porto, Portugal—the home of the powerful and deadly vampire who rules Portugal.

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Sometimes a Lady Needs a Villain.

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An action-packed holiday adventure in her Section 47 urban-fantasy world of secrets, lies, and superspies with amazing magical abilities.

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Pulsing with passion, adventure, and paranormal suspense and romance, an immortal hero and a dream come true . . .

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Susan May Warren brings her Sky King Ranch series to a climactic close with this high-stakes race against the clock

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Because there’s something connecting us. Something stronger than fear…and way more bloody dangerous.

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77 comments posted.

Re: My Best Friend?s Ex (6:29pm June 6, 2019):

I believe that kids can add to romance novels as long as they
are not "scene stealers" and can add something to the book.

Re: A Distant Heart (10:27am December 29, 2017):

I have faced a similar challenge, for personal reasons and by
choice. The challenge is, once things change, to find a
comfort level with being in "the world" again. That is
something I still have some issues with,

Re: Etched in Tears (8:23pm November 28, 2017):

A lot depends on the book itself, but if I were writing a
book, I would probably set it on a tropical island, maybe in
Hawaii or in the Caribbean.

Re: The Last Outlaw (11:10pm September 14, 2017):

One of my favorite romance couples is one of yours, Ms.
Bittner. That is Abigail Trent Monroe and "Cheyenne" Zeke
Monroe from your "Savage Destiny" series. Every emotion that
can be felt, I felt reading that series.

Re: Jordan Reclaimed (10:46am March 3, 2017):

Elaborating on my previous post, I have two favorite series:

Historical Romance:"Savage Destiny", by Rosanne Bittner.

Contemporary Romance: "" by Alison Kent.

Re: Jordan Reclaimed (8:21am March 1, 2017):

I love many series, but my favorites have been from Janelle
Taylor, Rosanne Bittner and Vicki Lewis Thompson.

Re: When a Marquis Chooses a Bride (6:32pm September 1, 2016):

Opposites can most definitely attract. I'm looking forward to
adding "When a Marquis Chooses a Bride" to my collection very

Re: For Love or Money (10:53pm August 10, 2016):

In the past, my ex-girlfriend and our four-legged "children".
Today, the fact that I can help others brings me joy.

Re: Ready to Fall (11:02pm June 22, 2016):

I love the interview, Ms. Dade. I too have major issues with
bike riding; I have terrible balance. I will be picking up
"Ready to Fall" to go along with your other "Lovestruck
Librarians" books as soon as I can.

Re: The Lady Who Saw Too Much (10:54pm June 21, 2016):

I have the first book Ms. Rappold wrote "The Lady Who Lived
Again" and am looking forward to acquiring "The Lady Who Saw
Too Much" as soon as I can.

Re: The Secret Life of a Dream Girl (11:53pm June 19, 2016):

In alphabetical order, here are my favorite Beatles songs:

"All My Loving"
"Do You Want to Know a Secret?"
"Eleanor Rigby" (although I admit I like Kansas' version
"Got to Get You Into My Life"
"I'm Down" (Aerosmith did a great cover of this song!)
"Lady Madonna"
"Penny Lane"
"P.S. I Love You"
"She's a Woman" (My favorite Beatles song)
"Yesterday" (I like Michael Bolton's version better)

Re: Ring of Fire (6:22pm June 1, 2016):

What this blog reminds me of is the fact that there are more
books in the "Caribou Crossing" series I need to add to my
TBR pile and buy (I currently own book #1 in the series,
"Caribou Crossing.)

Re: Within A Captain's Treasure (9:28pm May 24, 2016):

Thank you, Ms. Olech. I have "Within a Captain's Hold" and
this book looks just as good. I'm looking forward to getting

Re: Into the Whirlwind (9:26pm May 24, 2016):

I have the first book in the "Boss, Inc." series, "Into the
Fury", and I can't wait to get "Into the Whirlwind" as well.

Re: The Seduction of Kinley Foster (10:08pm May 10, 2016):

Among my guilty pleasures: eating fast food and binge

Re: Mayday (9:50pm May 10, 2016):

Not only women of all sizes, Ms. Dade, but also men. As a
male romance novel reader for decades, I will enjoy reading
Mayday just as I have enjoyed reading your other books in the
"Lovestruck Librarians" series.

Re: Murder in Morningside Heights (11:01pm May 4, 2016):

My day consists of getting up early in the morning to go to
school-I am studying Human Services-and when I get home, I
eat, and spend the rest of the day/evening/night on my
computer before going to bed and lather/rinse/repeat the same
daily routine every weekday.

Re: Oh What a (Wedding) Night (10:28pm April 19, 2016):

I have many favorites: Friends to lovers. Enemies. Old
flames. Hero and heroine grew up together as children.
Arranged marriage. Mail order bride. Marriage of convenience.
Unrequited to requited love. It's up to the author to make
the storyline work. And, Ms. Bolen, you certainly do!

Re: Flickers (10:13pm March 31, 2016):

I have "Flickers" on my to-read list. It sounds like an
amazing book.

Re: Three Weeks To Wed (7:46pm March 31, 2016):

I have so many favorite things to see in books:

Strong, relatable characters, especially female characters.
I'm a heterosexual male and I read romance novels, so the
heroes really are secondary to me.

Supporting characters who speak in their own voices and
thoughts. I really have a problem when an author has a key
supporting character but only focuses on them when they are
interacting with the lead characters.

Animals: I love animals, so animals are always good in

Children are a mixed bag for me. It depends on their

Re: How To Please A Lady (10:15pm March 29, 2016):

Thank you for your post, Ms. Goodger. I own the the first
book in your "Lost Heiresses" series, "Behind a Lady's Smile"
and very much look forward to reading "How to Please a Lady".

Re: Cowboy Resurrection (6:45am March 23, 2016):

Not a country girl but a country guy, I live in a big city
and feel comfortable here.

Re: Shadowed By Grace (4:02pm March 12, 2016):

I see both sides of the issue.

On the one side, I love paper books. I currently do not have
a dedicated e-reader, but I do have a Kindle app for my
computer, so I can read e-books. Having said that, I don't
take my computer out of my home, so having paper books is
helpful when I travel.

On the flipside: e-books. They don't get dirty, they don't
get torn, they don't take up the physical space paper books

My verdict: A tie. Both have their high and low points.

Re: A Gentleman's Game (9:00pm February 17, 2016):

Off the top of my head, I can't recall a book where the
weather played a major role.

As far as favorite seasons, Spring and Summer are mine, for
one word: Baseball!

Re: The Bride Wore Starlight (8:58pm February 17, 2016):

I really like the concept for this book. A non-trad heroine,
animals and a hero with issues. That is more real than the
typical two perfect human romances. I would love to read this

Re: To Catch a Rake (9:24pm February 16, 2016):

To sum up Ms. Orr's post, Rakes have to have that "Bad Boy,
Good Man" thing going for them. If they're solely bad,
uncaring, unfeeling, cads, bounders of the first water, then
they are unlikable. Rakes need to have redeeming qualities to
make them good heroes.

Re: Two to Wrangle (9:08pm February 16, 2016):

This looks like another keeper from Victoria. I have the
first book in the "Hotel Rodeo" series, Hell on Heels, and I
would definitely love to get "Two to Wrangle" as well.

Re: The Improper Bride (9:22am February 15, 2016):

I've never heard of the term "smutted" like that. Of course,
I know of the term used in today's vernacular.

This sounds like a fun book I would like to read.

Re: Always Watching (4:22pm February 13, 2016):

I have so many favorite things:

Animals-dogs and cats in particular.

Re: Forever Dusk (6:41pm February 11, 2016):

There are so many emotions that can be used as weapons. Love,
hate, desire, envy, anger.

Re: Wrecked (7:03pm February 10, 2016):

I'm very glad to find writers like you writing books like
this. While I appreciate a certain type of heroine, I have
also discovered as I've matured that beauty and quality come
in all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, etc.

Re: Will's True Wish (6:10pm February 2, 2016):

For many years, I was the proud co-parent to 6 German
Shepherd dogs and a Golden Retriever-and a domestic
shorthair cat. For those years, they gave me companionship,
friendship and unconditional love. I and my ex gave them
food, a home, love and various toys, and no matter what we
gave them, they gave us so much more. It's indescribable how
much they helped me and made me a better, more loving

Re: To Win Her Trust (9:56pm January 22, 2016):

I'm a male, so I love a woman who knows sports. The uniforms
have little attraction to me; I'm heterosexual.

Re: Heartsong (9:54pm January 22, 2016):

What I love about a strong heroine-and like you I LOVE
strong heroines-is that they do not NEED a man to complete
them. They want one to complement their lives. I like
heroines who have their own identity outside of who they
date/are married to.

I admit I'm not overly fond of a too tough heroine. I want
her to show some vulnerability; I want the same thing for
the male hero as well.

Re: Remaking Ryan (12:03pm January 21, 2016):

The best part of a road trip for me is getting away from
home. The worst part tends to be if we get stuck in traffic
or have to veer off the original path to get where we're

Re: Enchantment of a Highlander (11:04am January 20, 2016):

I am working hard to become a counselor to help people
through their issues. I begin my classes next Monday, January
25, 2016. And yes, I would love to read your book.

Re: Linny?s Sweet Dream List (9:08pm January 19, 2016):

So many things, but I would want someone who would love me
for me and have a love for animals.

Re: Taken by the Highlander (10:13am December 30, 2015):

I will be at home celebrating quietly.

Re: Divorced, Desperate, and Daring (7:52am December 21, 2015):

How about a computer or television cord? Landline phones can
definitely make a good weapon. And there is always the old
standby, chairs.

Re: Shame of Thrones (11:35am December 16, 2015):

This sounds like a really interesting, fun book. I'd love to
read it.

Re: Love, Dogs And Other Catastrophes (10:13am December 11, 2015):

What I am happy about this year is still being here. What I
am looking forward to next year is a new opportunity that
begins in January which hopefully will lead to something that
I want very much.

Re: The Royal Conquest (6:54pm December 9, 2015):

It is absolutely possible to fall in love-or lust with
someone in 7 days. Yes, it takes time to get to truly know
someone, but it is definitely possible to fall in love with
someone in days, hours, minutes, seconds.

Re: In Search of Scandal (2:13pm December 2, 2015):

My answer will be coming from a different perspective, given
that I am a heterosexual male and I love reading romance

The best heroes to me are men who are strong, but not
arrogant. He shows physical strength when he needs to, but
is sensitive to the needs of those around him and is caring,
understanding, and aware of the thoughts, feelings, and
concerns of the woman he falls in love with. Not every book
has this type of character.

Re: One Rogue at a Time (6:11am December 2, 2015):

It sounds both funny and realistic. This sounds like a fun
book to read.

Re: Rebel Bride (6:07am December 2, 2015):

This is the kind of book I love to read.

Re: Here Today, Gone Tamale (11:43pm November 30, 2015):

This sounds like a really fun book.

Re: Midnight Wrangler (9:00am November 24, 2015):

I do appreciate the insight, Ms. Johnson. I am looking
forward to reading this book.

Re: An Honorable Wish (8:58am November 24, 2015):

I have this book on my radar as a book I definitely want to
read. Best of luck with it, Ms. Richards.

Re: Within a Captain's Hold (8:57am November 24, 2015):

I love reading books with strong female characters. I'm
hoping to read your book as soon as I can.

Re: Easton's Everything (2:24pm November 17, 2015):

I like both. It depends for me on whether or not the author
creates compelling enough secondary characters in the first
book to maintain a series.

Re: The Courtship of Utopia Miner (10:52am November 14, 2015):

I have so many favorite genres. In no particular order:

Contemporary romance.
Historical romance.
Regency romance.
Western romance.
Women's fiction.
Mystery-with a female heroine/heroines.

"The Courtship of Utopia Miner" sounds like a really fun
book, and I would be honored to win a copy of it.

Re: A Gentleman for All Seasons (9:47am November 11, 2015):

From an atmospheric perspective, I love the "Lady" and "House
of" delineations. I also like the fact that the books have a
gentility and class about them that is missing from a lot of
the more contemporary set novels.

Re: Hidden Impact (10:02am November 6, 2015):

Pizza and spaghetti.

Re: When Fall Fades (9:52am November 6, 2015):

I always imagine worst-case scenarios and am always surprised
when things work out.

As for what would be my superpower, I would have super speed
like the Flash; I dislike heights, so flying would be out!

Re: Forever And Always (10:26am November 4, 2015):

I would love to get this book. I am a huge fan of Leigh
Greenwood from way back.

Re: Stop at Nothing (7:30am November 2, 2015):

I do love "second chance" romances. Sometimes, people are not
in a position to appreciate what they have; when they get a
chance to have it again, they will treasure it more and be
more aware of working to keep it.

Re: Duke of Scandal (11:04am October 21, 2015):

Both bad boys and good guys have their purpose. I appreciate
the way you laid both ideas and philosophies out, Gaelen. I
don't have a preference either way, it depends on the story.

Re: First Time With A Highlander (11:03am October 14, 2015):

I have never been to a book-release party, but it might be
fun to attend one.

Re: Keeping Christmas (11:57am October 9, 2015):

There are so many types of books I like to read. Among them:
Contemporary romance
Historical Romance
Regency romance
Romantic suspense
Women's fiction
Cozy mysteries

Most of the books I read fall into these categories,
although I will occasionally read from another genre.

To answer the last question, yes, if I really liked an
author, I would take a chance and read something from them
that is different; I'm sort of doing that with an author who
primarily wrote gritty, violent westerns and later shifted
to romantic comedy type books.

Re: Nameless (10:16am October 7, 2015):

Regency England, and the Old West.

Re: This Love of Mine (11:02am October 6, 2015):

I went out of my comfort zone many years ago when I was with
my ex-girlfriend. She actually initiated the relationship and
I was reluctant to get involved with her, but I'm glad I did.
It was the best time of my life.

Re: Thunder On The Plains (11:00am October 6, 2015):

I'm still trying to find mine, but I know I will.

Re: First Season / Bride to Be (10:58am October 6, 2015):

They can be, but matchmakers come in all shapes, sizes and
other ways as well.

Re: Eye of the Ninja (7:45am October 1, 2015):

I have many things that could be considered "split-

I'm a male and I read romance novels.
I love men's and women's sports.

Re: Love Somebody Like You (6:08pm September 30, 2015):

Answering the questions:

Does music play a role in your life? Yes, it does. It has
since I was a child.

What kind of music do you like to listen to? Pretty much
everything except hardcore rap. I'm especially partial,
though, to 1950's-1980's music.

When do you listen? I try to listen every day, though I
don't always get to do so.

Do you think your choice in music says something about your
personality? Yes, I have many sides and my musical tastes
reflect those.

Re: Smart, But Dead (3:20pm September 29, 2015):

I'm not sure I would classify myself as "weird", but
certainly there are things about me that do not fit the
"stereotype" of what a person of my age and ethnicity
"should" be.

I read romance novels.
I listen to various forms of music that people like me
generally don't, including rock and country.
I collect books, both paperback and e-books.
I like women's sports.

Some people may find those things "weird" about a mid-
forties, heterosexual, multi-ethnic male, but that's who I
am, and if others find that "weird", then I will wear that
title proudly.

Re: Ties That Bind (10:51am September 18, 2015):

I am not a writer in the sense of writing a book, but I do
write reviews of every book I read, even though not everyone
likes the way I write and sometimes I get criticized for it
and rejected.

I try to avoid the simple things. I never say, "It's a good
book", or "Don't waste your money". I try to answer the six
questions when I write, and when I do that, I feel as though
I accomplished what I set out to do.

Re: Taming His Rebel Lady (9:40am September 16, 2015):

In response to Peggy Roberson, there are ways to read e-
books without an e-reader. I don't have a Kindle or Nook and
I can read e-books with the Kindle for PC app.

Now, on to the question posed by Lady Iona: How Do I Know if
My Husband is attracted to me? Does he have trouble being in
proximity to you? Can you tell if he is physically aroused
in your company? Many heterosexual men are in the company of
a beautiful woman.

Second: Turn Him On. Wear alluring things. Brush up against
him accidentally. Make it clear that you desire him and show
him that you will be his partner in every way, in and out of
bed-or other places for that matter. Make him aware that you
want him and you will have him.

Re: Every Bride Needs a Groom (11:29am September 11, 2015):

My morning ritual-trying to figure out where I am, awakening,
taking a shower, reaching for the coffee and breakfast, and
then making plans for what my day will bring.

Re: A Widow's Salvation (10:01am September 9, 2015):

I try to think things out, have a concept, sketch out the
concept and, if necessary, change things that don't work and
find things that will.

Re: Never Broken (1:43pm September 8, 2015):

My name, Edward, means wealthy guardian. According to, it is an acronym meaning:

E for excellence.
D for delight.
W for warm-hearted.
A for amenable.
R for rapport.
D for dashing.

With the exception of the last word, I feel that my name
describes me pretty well.

Re: The Highlander's Bride (12:15pm September 2, 2015):

Interesting question. I like to see a couple that most
importantly loves each other. But before that, respects each
other. There is nothing wrong with physically desiring
another person, but to me, there has to be mutual like and
respect for the other person for there to be true love.

Re: The Thorn Bearer (11:48am August 28, 2015):

Interesting question. It's difficult to put into words, as
I've never really pondered that question, but I'll try to
answer as best I can.

It's about the people, the places they go and the things
they experience. Are they good people, but flawed? Do they
do wrong, but learn from it? The best romances to me are
when the couple go through the stages from attraction to
love, without intentionally hurting each other most of the
time. I want to experience this through their eyes. I don't
want to feel as though I'm reading a book. I want to feel as
though I'm watching someone's life experience play out in
front of me, and I'm a participant/viewer of their love
being played out. Those are the best romance novels for me.

Re: A Ghostly Demise (12:05pm August 27, 2015):

I hope to be able to retire. Even if I can, I want to be as
active as I can.

Re: Newport (1:07pm August 21, 2015):

I'm mixed on the subject of "supernatural elements." I have
read books about ghosts and going back/forward in time and I
have liked those books, but to me, it depends heavily on the
story. If the story doesn't work for me, no amount of
supernatural elements can change that.

Re: At Ease (9:03pm August 18, 2015):

I'm not sure I have a favorite word as there are so many
that are important to me.

My least-favorite word? That's easier to answer. Selfie. I
wish with every fiber of my being to see that word expunged
from the world's vocabulary.

Re: Falling for the P.I. (9:01pm August 18, 2015):

I've read both types of stories. I've read books where the
children were infants and where the children were adults. A
lot depends on the lead characters, and the story itself. In
some books, children can add an extra dimension; in other
books they can feel extraneous to me.

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