July 14th, 2020
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Cowboys who thrill outside the arena as much as in.

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Spy school for young ladies in Jane Austen’s world.

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He’d give his life for her, but his heart was never part of the bargain

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Can happily ever after exist somewhere between virtue and valor?

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With his K-9 partner at his side, can he survive false accusations and a bomber?

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Two people inexplicably drawn to each other even though they have almost nothing in common.

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Rogues & Remarkable Women

Melinda Marks

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56 comments posted.

Re: A Cowboy Christmas Miracle (4:36pm September 8, 2016):

I read Christmas stories whenever I need a pickup me that reminds me that the Christmas spirit of caring is there. Live them all year but especially in November thru New Year's

Re: The Rebel Heir (2:59pm September 8, 2016):

When I celebrate, it involves calling my friend who lives in a different state and going out to get ice cream and sharing it with my Mom and Dad.

Re: Roadside Assistance (2:55pm September 8, 2016):

It sounds like a book that would keep my interest. Thanks for having the giveaway

Re: What the Duke Doesn't Know (2:46pm September 8, 2016):

Anything to do with a hint of history. I just have to check it out. River Runs Red which was about a river in Russia turning red. Only advice I give is how to study to students because most advice is ignored.

Re: Grilling the Subject (8:58pm August 2, 2016):

I enjoy the recipes you include as well as the mystery. I like the covers

Re: A Scandalous Adventure (8:50pm August 2, 2016):

Noe, I like reading my adventures. When I was growing up it was going to the boardwalk on Saturday night because we stayed until we could go to midnight mass. I enjoyed watching all the different people and their interactions.

Re: The Courtship Basket (5:02pm July 3, 2016):

I always enjoy Amy's books. I enjoy most books written about the Amish and their way of life.

Re: The Sea Keeper's Daughters (4:58pm July 3, 2016):

I have always enjoyed listening to the stories from the older family members and the family friends. We can learn that there is no easy road and no problem is new.

Re: Into the Whirlwind (9:20pm June 10, 2016):

Enjoyed the interview. I always enjoy your books.

Re: Jordan's Return (9:18pm June 10, 2016):

Any place near a body of water. the water seems calming to me.

Re: To Love A Wolf (6:04pm June 10, 2016):

Captain America

Re: The Bones Will Speak (6:02pm June 10, 2016):

Sounds chilling. Congrats on your book release.

Re: Vendetta (6:00pm June 10, 2016):

Thanks for the chance to enter this giveaway.

Re: Irish Stewed (11:28pm June 4, 2016):

Enjoyed the interview. Love the new mystery series because I like Irish and mysteries.

Re: Devil and the Deep (11:17pm June 4, 2016):

Sounds like an interesting story,

Re: Ring of Fire (11:08pm June 4, 2016):

I grew up listening to Johnny Cash because my father liked him. As I got older, I not only liked his music but found his story interesting.

Re: Sisters of Lazarus (11:02pm June 4, 2016):

I am inspired by my Mom who keeps going no matter what.

Re: The Firefighter's Refrain (10:57pm June 4, 2016):

Many heroes. All who put their lives on the line to protect and preserve life ,liberty and our way of life. Any hero would have a protective streak and believe in God for,

Re: Grace Triumphant (8:00pm May 14, 2016):

I have seen God's grace with people who have come thru horrible things but have a faith that has survived and is stronger at the end.

Re: Murder in Morningside Heights (10:17pm May 3, 2016):

I work- tech so grade and plan, clean house and read. No excitement which I am glad

Re: Close To You (10:08pm May 3, 2016):

the laundry basket is “Chocka" so I need to get busy and do the laundry.

Re: Hold Your Breath (9:10pm April 24, 2016):

Either high tea or a Pepsi or Coke made with real sugar.

Re: I Dream of Dragons (9:08pm April 24, 2016):

I turn on a portable radio. If the sun is out or it isight enough I read.

Re: Tide And Tempest (10:19pm April 1, 2016):

I would like to see more of the United States . I have always wanted to go to Cody,Wyoming. It has things related to Western history and Buffalo Bill.

Re: Ashes in the Sky (12:21pm March 7, 2016):

I look for honesty, loyalty, and the ability to know right from wrong. true heroes are people in the right place at the right time and just think that they did what needed doing.

Re: Her Fierce Warror (12:18pm March 7, 2016):

My special occasion would be celebrating at a restaurant with my parnets and a few close friends and their spouses.

Re: To the Stars (8:45pm February 18, 2016):

Sounds like a good read.

Re: The Bride Wore Starlight (8:40pm February 18, 2016):

I enjoy reading stories with animals,cowboys,ranches and family.

Re: Always Watching (8:35pm February 18, 2016):

I love reading and making loop potholders. I also like being quiet.

Re: To Catch a Rake (6:30pm February 18, 2016):

I like when a rake reforms due to the love of his lady

Re: Love Walks In (11:01pm February 6, 2016):

She is trying to leave whoever she came with . Maybe she was leaving ransom money. Have to read to see what happens.

Re: Will's True Wish (10:56pm February 6, 2016):

Dogs are always glad to see you.They are loyal to a fault

Re: A Father's Second Chance (9:42pm February 6, 2016):

Passionate about teaching that history and current events are connect. I also am passionate about reading.

Re: Thin Ice (9:35pm February 6, 2016):

Visiting places that sell old books. My friends and parents indulge me in this but do put a time limit on me especially if there is nothing else for them to browse.

Re: In Search of Scandal (9:59am December 3, 2015):

My favorite type of hero is one that sticks it out when things look back and rescues those who need help.

Re: One Rogue at a Time (9:58am December 3, 2015):

D I think. Wonderful Blurb

Re: Rebel Bride (9:57am December 3, 2015):

Sounds good so there goes the to be read pile again.

Re: How To Seduce A Scot (9:55am December 3, 2015):

I like all of them but Jamie Fraser because he is complex bur simple at the same time.

Re: Here Today, Gone Tamale (9:50am December 3, 2015):

Sounds like a great series. there goes the to be read pile again.

Re: Forever And Always (5:07pm November 5, 2015):

I enjoy westerns and cowboys so looking forward to reading this trilogy.

Re: Duke of Scandal (11:07pm October 22, 2015):

I like stories with the bad boy redeem and good guys that are knights to the rescue whether historical or contemporary.

Re: Deadlock (10:56pm October 22, 2015):

We have had several dogs. Each was special. The one that picked us out was a stray that walked up our driveway in the middle of know where. We named her Tiffany but she was an older dog. She brought the family closer. Now we just spend on feeding the birds outside.

Re: Last Chance Cowboys: The Drifter (4:13pm September 5, 2015):

Always do your best no matter what the job. Treat everyone as you would like to be treated.

Re: From One Night to Wife (4:10pm September 5, 2015):

Marcus Latrell, Seal who survived Operation Redwing. Not only for what he did in the military but for all he has handled since from having his dog murdered to dealing with being the lone survivor.

Re: The Highlander's Bride (4:04pm September 5, 2015):

I like adventure or a little mystery in the story but I agree I like to have a heroine with a backbone but who is willing to get help.

Re: Midnight on the Mississippi (11:50pm August 6, 2015):

I would retire to a place near water whether a lake,river, gulf or ocean. Since we are dreams , I would like the winter at the beach and the summer at the mountains

Re: Fudging the Books (11:46pm August 6, 2015):

I like to go where the crowds are not so off season. I love museums that deal with history. I enjoyed Williamsburg but recent enjoyed the Museum at Camp Shelby in MS

Re: Red Blooded (11:41pm August 6, 2015):

Like how you put things down for him just like a real guy.

Re: The Assassins of Altis (11:38pm August 6, 2015):

One of the books that kept it real for me goes back to childhood. The Little House on the Prairie books(Series) by Laura Ingalls Wilder had the characters ie. her family reacting in ways that made sense to me and kept it real because everything did not go smoothly.

Re: Agent N6: Dylan (10:53pm August 6, 2015):

I prefer to have my own picture of images of the characters so no faces on the cover.

Re: A Peach of a Pair (10:49pm August 6, 2015):

I love a very cold Coke or Pepsi or Sierra Mist and a glass of ice water.

Re: A Radical Arrangement (10:43pm August 6, 2015):

The local food bank and Voices of Martyrs which help families of those murdered for their faith internationally as well as Samaritan's Purse.

Re: The Rescued (9:14pm July 12, 2015):

I like pie and usually peach or apple.

Re: SEAL Wolf Hunting (9:03pm July 4, 2015):

I am a settled down type. It is enough of an adventure to deal with the adventures in books. I love to travel thru the books but am a person who enjoys the noise of the water hitting the beach or watching a sunrise or sunset

Re: SEAL's Code (10:34pm June 20, 2015):

I love history in my reading books. It makes sense because I majored in history at college. It also makes the story more believable.

Re: Outlaw Hearts (10:26pm June 20, 2015):

I enjoy anything to do with history. I love history in a book that tells a story. I love series because you get to follow the characters. Currently rereading Emily March's Eternity Springs series but if I have to pick my favorite family series,there is a tie. I like equally Debra Clopton's Mule Hollow series and the series that branches off and Janet Tronstad's series, Dry Creek. Both deal with small towns which is like having a large extended family.

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